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24 September 2014

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You are in: Features » All Smoked Out?
Young ,an & woman about to  light up
National No Smoking Day and Still Lighting Up!

Every March there’s a national No Smoking Day. We all know the cons of smoking, but haven’t we heard it all before?

The time has come around for another national No Smoking Day, but it was business as usual for one local tobacconist;

‘It’s been a busy day so far. In fact, a man came in and bought twice as many cigars – just out of protest of No Smoking Day’, say Chris from Dennis & Co. in St. Helier.

So are Jersey smokers bored of the long running debate? Did you even know it was national No Smoking Day and did it work? Ben Marshall hit the streets of St. Helier to find out your views…

Pawel, St. Helier, (22)

‘I didn’t even know it was No Smoking Day. If I did, maybe, it would make me think about giving up. I’m too young to be smoking.'

Laura of St.Helier
Laura had two cigarettes by lunchtime!

Laura, St. Helier

‘I’d forgotten it was No Smoking Day. Anyway, I’ve broken it twice already and it’s nearly lunchtime! I don’t think it really makes much of a difference – nothing much seems to have been done about it.’

Nicky, St. Helier

‘I wouldn’t stop smoking just because it’s national No Smoking Day. I am too stressed to give up. No Smoking Day doesn’t make me feel pressured to give up.’

Lucas, St. Helier

‘I don’t smoke anyway, but I don’t think a non smoking day would make people give it up. They’re addicted aren’t they?’

Kerrie of St. Helier
Kerrie prefers the graphic adverts

Kerrie, St. Helier

‘Yes, I know today is national No Smoking Day. I hasn’t made me stop, but it does make you think. There are always going to be the rebellious ones, but, it hasn’t made me smoke any more than normal. I think the adverts are far more effective, especially the ones with the breathing machine and the fat dripping out.’

Michelle, St.Helier

‘I didn’t know it was No Smoking Day. If I did, I don’t think I’d feel pressured to give up.’

Richard, St. Helier

‘It doesn’t take national No Smoking Day to give up. If I wanted to stop smoking then I would. The ads on TV are better – the lungs on the table is the worst one.’

Brett, St. Lawrence

'No Smoking Day is a good idea but it just raises the same old debate – but nothing much seems to be done. It’s an individual’s responsibility. Maybe cafes that normally allow smoking should ban it for the day – or even just the morning.'

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arrowThe Big Smoking Debate

Did you know that 25% of Jersey's population are smokers?

Channel Islands' Health Authorities estimate that there are 200 smoking related death per year in the islands.

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