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24 September 2014

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Man abseiling
Should Jersey become an adrenaline destination?

We all know that the days of Jersey as a bucket and spade holiday destination are gone. So should we be tapping the expanding adrenaline tourism market?

With more and more tourists looking to raise their pulse rather than simply work on their tan, the gloabl trade in adrenaline tourism is booming. So should we be trying to attract adrenaline junkies to Jersey?

Jersey has some of the best sailing and surfing in Europe, spectacular cliffs which could accomodate climbing, abseiling and fly-by-wire attractions.

Zorbing, an activity which involves being rolled down a hill inside a giant inflatable ball, could be offered on Glacier Fields. Fort Regent could be redeveloped to provide a panoramic base for a range of activites with an ariel link to the Waterfront.

Tapping into the disposable income of young thrill seekers could be of considerable benefit to Jersey's economy. After a full day of pushing themselves to the limit, local pubs, clubs and restaurants could be filled with the adrenaline crowd looking to wind down in style.

We're probably all agreed that Jersey should be making the most of its natural assests and inviting the world to come and play; but is this what you want to see in your island?

Countries like New Zealand which boast world heritage areas alongside bungy jumping, climbing and extreme sports have been able to successfully balance adrenaline tourism with the preservation of their natural environment with ecotourism initiatives. So could it work for Jersey?

If you're a thrill seeker, or want to share your thoughts about the possibility of turning Jersey into an adrenaline destination, please use this page to have your say.

Your Comments:
The following are the views of members of the public who have chosen to submit their comments and may not represent the views of the BBC

steve from Birmingham
As a regular visitor to the island i'm horrified by the large number of off road vehicle's that clog the tiny lanes! If the island needs to increase tax revenue then slap it on the selfish owners of these cars. They kill and injure more people and do nothing for the environment. It's just another example of where keeping up with the Jone's or should i say Le Brun's has gone too far.

Yeah okay you could, but as Tom states these attractions exist other places in the UK already. Namely Cornwall and Devon who are for a start more accessible and who also match Jersey's tourism product like for like.

Simon L
Bill there are more gay people about then you may think. They don't all appear like Larry Grayson! Perhaps you already know some, without knowing. Also, with greater disposable income, they are worth attracting. Jersey can't afford to be hostile or live in the dark ages any longer. Many parts of the UK find this business highly profitable.

Jersey has always been apathetic towards doing anything. It comes up with grand schemes but always goes for the safe option with turns out to be a pale comparison of something that can already be found in Europe.

It wastes money on giant holes and a clock that tells the time to no-one (Weybridge). Having left the island because of these stupid mistakes I laugh every time I hear about YET another “Bright Idea” When is anyone in the island going to realise that the States only gives money to their friends and other cronies?… AND Andy when I left the island the price of beer was 1 pound a pint (approx half of the cost of England)… How come it’s now the same price….?

Everyone in Jersey is being taken for a ride by the States and the big Companies. Tourists do want fun and sport etc…. but they are going to get bigger, better attractions and far better weather in Europe… for cheaper.

As for the Pink Pound (Simon L) are you kidding … Homosexuals might as well be an alien race as far as the people of the Channel Islands are concerned!

Simon L
Its about time Jersey looked beyond the traditional visitor and started to attract the pink pound (does anyone know at Jersey Tourism what that is). A lot of disposable income. Also the licencing hours should be extended far beyond 2AM. Wakeup Jersey!

If you can't afford a beer don't drink....personally I can so I don't care. If you don't like it here leave. Simple as that!

Paul Kennea
Great idea and long overdue. will never work though until the idiots we elect work to reduce the cost of travel, accomodation and cost of living, what with sales tax coming in you'll need to be a 1k resident just to buy a beer!

Yes good idea. You have to be careful however as a lot of the UK have been doing this for a while there is some catching up to do. Cornwall is a fine example as it has everything that Jersey has to offer in terms of scenary and the sports, rock climbing to surfing. One of you said that nothing beats Jersey in the summer, i'm cornish and I say the same about Cornwall. Go for it, but whatever you do, do not make the same mistake of Newquay and become a place for teenagers to go surfing and then puke up all over the town after a heavy night. I avoid it like the plague!!

It's a great idea, but we all know that it will never happen, it's far too radical for the plods who run Jersey tourism - they'd much rather tweak the Battle of Flowers or invest in the Battle of Britain - the events loved by the generation who used to come 20 years ago! Jersey is loosing touch with what the outside (real) world wants.

Its an interesting concept - many of the comments on your other debate site, The Waterfront, are based around the real need that Jersey has to modernise its tourism sector. - We have great raw materials here, but very few people with the vision to use them. Come on Jersey, move forwards !

Having lived in NZ for several years I think all these ideas are brilliant.I would love to see a climbing wall here at least. Lets not forget that Fort Regent was left for the people of Jersey, a great space that is currently just a waste

Great ideas here. I spent six months of 2003 travelling around New Zealand and Australia. I did the zorbing, the white water rafting, sky diving and three bungy jumps.

This formula works wonders in these countries and, as wisely pointed out by other comments, the natural environments are intact in these Antipoedian countries.

I loved travelling there, but we should be making people who can't afford the half-way-round-the-world trip a chance to appreciate these brilliant sports in our fantastic island.

I'm at uni on the mainland now, trust me, nothing compares to the bliss of island life during the summer months and the special atmosphere that the beaches, coasts, cliffs and countryside have. Lets do something about it.

I have just been to Queenstown, New Zealand and, unlike Jersey, it is heaving with tourists from all over the world. Queenstown is know as the adventure capital of the world. You walk into the tourist offices and you have the choice of hundreds of adventures for all ages from bungy jumping, 4x4 trips into the mountains, helicopter flights to Lord of the Rings locations, jet boats, and more than you can imagine. The hotels are full, they are certainly providing toursts with what they want, unlike Jersey.

Interesting comment by Mike - before people move to Jersey, they know they can't buy, they know the rents are high - but they also know that they earn more than they can in the UK (and pay less tax) Jersey is a great place, I moved here 5 years ago (mainly for the environment, and the possibilities it offers) I think Jersey should do more to support sports tourism - it's a huge growth area.

Well said Martin, Jersey is a great place, with fantastic, world beating natural facilities, I'm sick of people moaning - if people don't like it - go somewhere else - or can't the moaners hack it in the big-bad world.

I walked the Pennine Way in the UK many years ago - when I tried to do it a few years ago -it was full - seriously, every hotel/b@b or pub on the route was full - you need to book six months in advance - same story for many distance walks thouroughout Europe. If Jersey tried - it could probably double the size of the Itex walk simply by advertising it in the UK - and bring in 5,00 families for a week. Jersey has to accept that it's best assets are it's natural resources - building some kind of visitor attraction won't work -

Mike - why don't you go back to wherever you came from ? No one makes you stay

Its a great idea. The Island is full of Heroin Junkies already.

I think that the tourism industry in Jersey needs to try everything. This at least seems to be feasible. And not only will it attract tourists but it'll also give islanders something to do. Most of the activities are available already - come on tourism - organise it properly and get people to Jersey.

Come to Jersey, try to settle down paying enormous rents (can't buy), scrape a living with enormous costs... try to raise a family without going broke - that's enough adrenaline for anyone!

Yea! i think it would b really cool, and would attract more younger ppl to the island. it's such a waste that too many ppl think jersey is just for old ppl, so they don't wanna come here! jersey does have a lot to offer, esp if these ideas become reality!

Jo D
wow! great idea! we haven't got many interesting things to do here anyway, it'll be exciting to try!


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