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28 October 2014

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Friday, 2 May 2003
John Wesley's Diary
John Wesley

Thursday 16 August 1787

I had a very serious congregation at five, in a large room of Mr. De Jersey’s house.


John Wesley's 300th Birthday
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His gardens and orchards are of a vast extent, and wonderfully pleasant; and I know no nobleman in Great Britain that has such variety of the most excellent fruit, which he is every year increasing, either from France or other parts of the Continent. What quantity of fruit he has, you may conjecture from one sort only: this summer he gathered fifty pounds of strawberries daily, for six weeks together.

In the evening I preached at the other end of the town, in our own preaching-house. So many people squeezed in (though not near all who came), that it was as hot as a stove. But this none seemed to regard; for the word of God was sharper than a two-edged sword.

Friday 17 August 1787

I waited upon the Governor and spent half an hour very agreeably. In the afternoon we took a walk upon the pier, the largest and finest I ever saw. The town is swiftly increasing, new houses starting up on every side.

In the evening I did not attempt to go into the house, but stood near it, in the yard surrounded with tall, shady trees, and proclaimed to a large congregation, ‘God is a Spirit; and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.’ I believe many were cut to the heart this hour, and some not a little comforted.

Saturday 18 August 1787

Dr. Coke and I dined at the Governor’s. I was well pleased to find other company. We conversed seriously, for upwards of an hour, with a sensible, well-bred, agreeable man. In the evening I preached to the largest congregation I have seen here, on Jeremiah viii. 22 and they were all attention. Surely God will have a people in this place.

Sunday 19 August 1787

Joseph Bradford preached at six in the morning, at Mon Plaisir les Terres, to a numerous congregation. I preached at half an hour past eight, and the house contained the congregation. At ten I went to the French church, where there was a large and well-behaved congregation. At five we had the largest congregation of all; of whom I took a solemn and affectionate leave, as it is probable I may not see them any more till we meet in Abraham’s bosom.



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