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28 October 2014
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Jersey Investigation

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Time4Change Rally

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in response to trevor: i meant no disrespect in my earlier (somewhat flippant) comment to those that have suffered in the tragic events that occurred in the island's childcare system in the past, and sincerely apologise for any offence that my comment may have caused..

i sympathise strongly with those who have suffered and others who may continue to suffer from such abuse in jersey (at home or in care) and you are correct in stating that if only one person had attended, the act of remembrance and reflection at the rally would still have been a 'success'..

i am simply concerned as to the politicisation of the revelations that have transpired in recent weeks and take offence to how an event "about hurt people who want both support and to ensure this can never happen again" has resulted in people using this as an opportunity to voice their (unfortunately, often naive) opinions of jersey's government.

many people have created and joined groups on facebook and other sites showing their support or indignation of current members of our political establishment, but where are the groups showing support for the victims of this abuse? i am not saying that jersey's system is in anyway perfect and i have my own reservations about the handling of this case by our various authorities, but i feel that now is not the time to be airing these opinions.

allow the police to do their job, complete their case(s) and bring those responsible to account, and in the meantime support those directly affected by these events that happened years ago under a different governance.. now is a time for unity, not division..respect to nat for her comment and best wishes to you..

btw, as for the numbers who turn out to protest, 2 million people marched on london several years ago against the war in iraq and were ignored..

John S
Yes Simon, 600 IS a low turnout. But look at it as the tip of the iceberg...and the majority of the iceberg is actually below the surface. Its the bulk of the berg that sinks the ship and it will be the rest of the people who had to work, look after their children or other things that will sink the Flying Dutchman that is our archaic government. Remember, elections are coming soon and the people of Jersey will NOT stand for another whitewash masquerading as democracy.

I have sent many comments that dont get printed on this site, whose vetting the content? frank walker!

Reference Simon: Simon please go and live in a cave somewhere until you learn to show some respect and see the REAL issues. It wasn't about numbers, it was about hurt people who want both support and to ensure this can never happen again. One woman approached me personally at the event fighting back tears. She wanted to speak because she said that this rally had been the thing that had finally made her realise she needed to speak out. I was both moved and horrified by what she told me. From this that person now has been given a direction to get the support she needed. My point is, Simon, that if this person had been the only person to attend it still would have been a success. If people like you can't see that then you are both sad and irrelevant. Try and grow up a little, mate.Of course, perhaps you're like our Council of Ministers who seem able to convince themselves that 19.000 signatures against GST is also a 'low turn out' and that everyone else must think its a spiffingly good idea...

Bob Stephens
A lot of people I know spoke of wanting to go, but were too worried about the "implications" of doing so. In other words, would the very people they want to have removed from government the owners of the firms they work for! I'm not talking about staff working for banks and finance houses who have come from the UK, but honest low-paid Jersey people that feel they have too much to lose by speaking their mind. Another factor is that people believe protest or speaking out achieves nothing as the government can not and will not listen to the people.

This is a letter of hope , from a survivor. Hope! Eleven years ago I broke the silence on my childhood abuse. At 26 years old I could not even fight for myself, but the thought of my children being harmed gave me the courage. I was sexually abused by two men from 4-13 years old. By 13 I was drinking heavy to block out the feelings of self hate, shame and dirtyness I felt.

11 years on I am thriving in all aspects of life. I have three beautiful children a great job as a carer and I plan to travel the world. Please do not get me wrong my journey of healing has been the hardest achievement of my life. I can only describe it being like a 100 miles of dark tunnel, having to walk 100 miles in the dark, scared and alone, to reach the light. I have been plagued with depression, hopelessness, and sucidal thoughts.

Then one day I leapt from bed, shouting I want to live. Once I was able to tell and was believed I gained the respect became strong and took control of my life. I am a humanitarian whom wants to heal the world and make a difference. Finally I have become the person I was destined to be.

My abusers took the first 26 years of my life, they're not getting the next 26. I have self respect and dignity and feel no shame. I hold my head with pride that I am a survivor and in all has has taken to survive this. I can say NO in life and I can love me. To all the survivors of child abuse, I wish upon courage and strengh to find inner peace and healing on your journey.

*One day I stood on a hill top shut my eyes, felt the wind caress me, the sun's warmth on my face. I took the deepest breathe,I was free Life in itself is beautiful. There is life after abuse

erm, 600 people out of a population of 90,000 = 0.66% of the population.. if that's a high turnout, what's a low turnout?

I agree with trevor his quote Senator Walker to try and dismiss the 600 members of the public who turned up for this event as a 'low turnout' and imply that this suggests the majority of islanders are happy with his shambolic handling of these terrible revelations is truly disgusting. GET WALKER OUT HE IS AN IDIOT.

we should rememeber in victorian times was a time of corporal punishment, povety, strict religious atitudes and hard times. Life was very difficult. Children were seen and not heard... they were NOT heard.

Well done to all of those involved in organising this event. Great courage was needed by those who spoke of their suffering, regardless of the length of time that might have elapsed. Stories told to me personally on the day were deeply shocking.For Senator Walker to try and dismiss the 600 members of the public who turned up for this event as a 'low turnout' and imply that this suggests the majority of islanders are happy with his shambolic handling of these terrible revelations is truly disgusting. The Chief Minister's reaction also highlights starkly exactly what is wrong with the 'establishment party' running our island - arrogant, out of touch, uncaring, self-interested and amaturish. Go Chief Minister and take your your sychophants with you!

Gerald Howell
Let the police carry out a detailed investigation. Then bring all the wrong dooers to justice. mean while all those politicaly motovated please disragard. I am 70 have lived in China Hong kong Canada england ulster.We have going for us here a Island full of many advantages Please do not cry wolf on a system where you can see easily your representitve walking in the street pub or resteraunt with out the need for protection.Thank you.

Alexander Mitchell
The Rally Photos are fine but, there is nothing specific in reference to the people being interviewed. It would be good for BBC to have their comments..Thanks for your attention.

You are in: Jersey > Jersey Investigation > Time4Change Rally

Phone numbers

Police say it is vital that any alleged victims still unidentified contact the incident room as soon as possible, on 0800 735 7777.

There is also an NSPCC helpline on 0800 169 1173 within Jersey, or + 44 (0)20 7825 7489 from outside.

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