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28 October 2014
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Bergerac series 1

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john nettles is superb,wether hes in bergerac or midsomer murders or theatre.he proves that you can act without swearing every five seconds.well done jim!!

SHOCK NEWS for BERGERAC FANS! Windward House (the pink one with white columns), Le Mont Sohier, St Brelades which was in all 9 series of Bergerac as Charlie Hungerfords house has a planning application to demolish it. See the Jersey Evening Post website for the article on 31 July 2009. As it is iconic and in a green zone please object if you feel it should be saved. The Planning Application no is PP/2008/2711 and listed as "Land at Windward" (the owner is trying to be discreet perhaps?)

bergerac is my favouritetv programe and i like watching it

Steven Clarke
Bergerac is the best detective series ever.. Jim is hilarious the way he is with Charlie and Charlie's general character is also great! the show is also so good because it is so simple. My fave exchange is from one of the early series when a guy in a bar says to jim "he didnt show up for work last night".. Jim: "Well he had a good excuse didnt he.. He was dead!" Classic.

John Brady
I remember one of the first episodes of Bergerac,was shot outside the place that I was renting a room in at Jersey. Saw this bloke with torn & blood soaked trousers, I asked him if he needed help, got a big laugh from the camera crew, hadn't noticed them, was getting over my "hang over " that morning! Became sort of friends with him after that as he would usualy dine in the restaurant that I worked in while he was doing the Bergerac series.

Gordon Nutt
Fantastic series great signature tune,wonderful scenery and Jims girl friends not forgetting the beautiful Cecile Paoli

Jihn Nettles I am so loving Midseomer Murders so much and I am so a fan.

See for the biggest fans in germany. We love him.

Daniela from Italy
John Nettles, you make me dream when I watch the Midsomer Murders series. Your appealing Englishness attracts me a lot... . I wish I could watch in English, to enjoy your voice too, but they are dubbed in Italian. I also love the series itself and I would like to give my appreciation to the other actors as well. Although I am fond of John.

I just admire him...he's oen of my favourite actor, lucky me having his autograph on a photo:)

Pam McGillivray
HiI have justcome back from Jersey and was delightedat Lion Park that bergerac's car is on display.My granddaughter and I love the series and that was the main reason why we took our holiday there this year and last year, it is such a magical island. I adore Midsomer Murders John is great in both of these, areal icon of mine.

So glad to see I'm not alone in my obsession with Bergerac! my husband thinks I'm bonkers. But he looks like Bergerac so I'm happy!!

Wonderful actor.

have you notice john nettles get sexier as he got older in bergerac from a skinny runt to a one hot bod hunk even now looks geniel and kindly that man s got it all

Carol, British Columbia, Canada
I have just discovered the Midsomer Murders and am enjoying them so much.John Nettles appears to be a very nice man and not an egotist. Thank you so much for the great entertainment

i love midsummer murders every time i come home i always wach it i think john u were very good lukin n still are :)

Michael Schreiber
I would like to see Bergerac in the TV again too.

I miss Bergerac. Please sent it on TV again

When I met my husband he stared at me a lot at a party. My friend said "did you notice that guy who looked like Bergerac looking at you all night ? No wonder why I subsequently became a fan ofthe show!

I love the Midsummer Murder series. He does look so much better with a little weight on him than when he was younger. Pity he made no movie films. His wife is a very lucky woman. I hope she realizes just how much. He is a great actor and should be in more series. He might be older now but he is still a great performer and so what...Its the talent that counts, not the years of someone. Don't retire John, you have a lot more in you to give. With much thanks, I remainMarjorie, Canada

Géniale la série "Bergerac". C'est d'ailleurs lui qui m'a donné l'envie d'aller à Jersey. J'ai vu tous les épisodes de la 1ère saison à la dernière. Il me tarde que cette série sorte en DVD en version française. Pour l'heure, elle n'existe qu'en version anglaise sous-titrée. Vivement la suite. Je trouvais John Nettles sensationnel à l'époque, je n'ai pas changé d'avis à le voir maintenant dans Inspecteur Barnaby.

gunn wennerholm
My best TV-day are mondays when Midsomer Murders comes.You never stop make this program. I even loved yor earlier films.You are greatToday I bought an DVD so now Ì will have a nice evening.English TV films are the best in the world my family never lokk att American they are so unnatural your film family are more like other of usin Sweden. You hade very high lookpublic Hugs to you and your familyRegards from Gunn in Sweden

Kay Tanner
I have been a Bergerac fan for many years so when we visited Jersey in October (2007) I thought I would recognise some of the locations from the series. Alas, I didn't. I was very disappointed. I would have really liked a conducted tour of the Bergerac locations but none was available.

Davie Jones
Bergerac is special to my family. As children, my brother, sister and I would refer to our father as BergerDad. With his suave manner and love of classic cars and leather jackets it is easy to see why. I love Bergerac and hope the Beeb release the DVDs up to '91. After all can TV boast such an iconic theme tune and titles these days??? I think not!!!
Enjoy Midsomer Murders, and we're so glad we found this. How many are there? And how do we get them?

Tony H
I only saw a couple of episodes of Bergerac in the '80's, but decided to check out the DVD of Series One before a recent walking holiday on Jersey, mostly to get some idea of the scenery that awaited me.Since then I've become hooked on both the series and the island (there's a synergy it seems), and am now steadily chomping my way through the DVD's. Great acting, great scenery.How about a follow-up series once John Nettles has finished Midsomer Murders? A retired Bergerac solving crimes a la Miss Marple?

Daniel Rampton
I do wish the BBc would show Bergerac again, it was great

Bonnie Seay, Tennessee
LOVE the "Midsomer" series!!! I've just recently upgraded my cable and have fallen for several British comedies and dramas I was unable to receive before. Looking forward to investigating "Bergerac" after reading the comments provided here and seeing the photos. Thanks for such great entertainment, John Nettles!

Ruthann Christy
My husband and I have been enjoying your Midsomer Murder series for several years now, and I absolute love John Nettles. On researching him, I see that he had a prior series, Bergerac. Are you planning to run the series here in the US? Would love to see him in his prior works. Your BBC America channel is one of our very favorites. Thank you for the excellent programming.

Lisa Paul
I must be Bergerac's biggest fan. I loved it as a child and,love it now. John Nettles was the first man I had a crush on and I still can't resist him!! Now I have the DVD'S I can drool over him whenever I like!!! Release the rest of them BBC!!!

sharon b
i have visited jersey 5 times first time when i was 17 and bergerac was my favourite programme john nettles is gorgeous

teresa conlon
i didn't like bergerac first time round but wanting to find out more about jersey watched itnow i love it reminds me of great times

Etienne St Helier
So glad Bergerac has been released on DVD. I am a huge fan of John Nettles, but his role as Detective Sargeant Jim Bergerac has to be his best. Love you John, you're gorgeous!

alex dolan
my mum got her arse pinched by bergerac in one of the clame to fame

Simon James
Took my brother and his family to Jersey again and they loved it! Also found Noirmont Manor (used for Charlie Hungerfords house only in Series 1). Now have all 3 series DVDS and the GOOD NEWS is that shows the first CHRISTMAS SPECIAL is on the Series 4 boxset coming in 05 March 2007.

I'm a great fan of John Nettles since getting hooked on the Midsomer Murders here in the States. Would love to see the Bergerac series. Will it every cross the ocean!!

Steve Daly
Just cannot wait to have the whole series. Just one question - will we get the Christmas editions on DVD as well - I do hope so !!!

Bruce & Anne James
We've just got back from Jersey - first time. Wonderful place. So relaxing and laid-back. Such politeness! Why isn't Bergerac available on Video? We stayed at Hotel L'Horizon and recognised a lot of places. And what DID happen to Windward House?

Simon James
I have just visited Jersey for first time ever and LOVED it. Bergerac was our family favourite show years ago. Why was it never on video like everything else? UK Gold helped but they NEVER played any of the Xmas Specials. Will the BBC be releasing them - can someone find out? Also WHAT is happening with Windward House, St Brelades (Charlie Hungerford's house in the series). I drove past and it is empty and neglected, almost ready to be bulldozed. Can anyone help me with the history of the house, previous owners, uses, is it for sale?

Paul Wallis
Its about time ive been waiting for the release of bergerac for years as I grew up watching jim and they do not make cult dramas like any more apart from bodies/casualty & holby city I can't wait until they release them on DVD AS I have an episode of them PLEASE HURRY UP!!!!! many thanks Paul

alan white
As an ex.islander bergerac is and has always been like dejavu in returning to many many haunts and it also envokes many memories great to have the DVD I know many of the purists will and have remarked myself included about edited episodes, but it is still good to see the show and Jersey in marvellous digital colour. Am looking forward to other series coming out also especially the Xmas Special and also the presence and interaction between Bergerac and Philipa Vale

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