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13 November 2014

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Jersey Wonders

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Jersey Wonders Recipe

The Jersey Wonder (Des Mervelles) stall is a familiar sight at fund-raising events around the Island.

Traditionally, Jersey housewives cooked their Wonders as the tide went out. If they cooked them on an incoming tide, the fat in which the Wonders were cooked would invariably overflow the pan!

The nearest English equivalent to the Jersey Wonder would be the doughnut, although Wonders are never coated in sugar, nor filled with jam.

Jersey Wonders

Jersey Wonders

This makes 40 Wonders (Des Mervelles)


1 ½ Ib self-raising flour
4 oz butter
8 oz caster sugar
6 eggs


Sieve flour and sugar and rub in butter, chopped into small pieces. Add whisked eggs to make a light dough.

With floured hands make the dough into golf ball sized shapes. Place these on a lightly floured tray and cover with a damp cloth for two hours.

Then roll out each of the balls into oblongs two inches x four inches.

With a sharp knife slit the centre of each oblong and twist the top end (of the oblong) through the slit.

Drop four to six Wonders at a time into a large pan of hot oil, cook for 2 minutes on each side until golden brown.

Drain on kitchen paper.

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created: 21/04/2009

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I think the tradition was to fry them in lard - it seems to me that was what my grandmother did.

Anne Perchard
It's interesting that recipes are not quite the same island wide. The recipe we at St Martin's use is slightly different from the above one. The method is exactly the same Our recipe is 1 1/2lbs SR Flour, 15ozs caster sugar, 12ozs Jersey butter, 9 large or 10 mediium eggs. When making large amounts the tide going down is of a great help! We also like to make our dough and leave it rest for at least 4 hours and even overnight in a cool place

Liz Grimes
Such memories of my grandmother making them for me when I was a child. My grandfather came from St Peters originally although married and lived the rest of his life in Hertfordshire.

Julie Myatt
Aaaaaah, fond memories of my mum making these. She was a demon Wonder baker! Probably a bit too stodgy and greasy compared to modern cakes.

You are in: Jersey > Jersey Wonders > Jersey Wonders Recipe

Jersey Wonders


Jersey Wonders (photo Man vyi)

Wonders were traditionally cooked as the tide goes out...

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