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13 November 2014

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Inside the States

You are in: Jersey > Inside the States > Are our politicians paid the correct amount?

Inside the States Chamber

Lawmakers: The States Chamber

Are our politicians paid the correct amount?

A survey has shown people think States members are paid about the right amount. What do you think?

More than two thirds of people who took part in a consultation say States members in Jersey are paid about the right amount.

More than fifty people, including ten current politicians, sent comments to the States Members Remuneration Review Board.

Of the fifty-four people that responded to the review board's discussion document, twenty said politicians pay was about right, eleven thought it was too high, and just one said States members' don't earn enough.

Eighteen people also said politicians’ wages should be frozen this year in the current economic climate.

Several said they preferred it when members were unpaid except for expenses, but most acknowledged it was unrealistic to return to that system.

A quarter of people who responded believe politicians pay should be linked in some way to a specific index, such as the retail price index or cost of living.

The Review Body is holding two public meetings on Tuesday at St Paul's Centre to discuss politicians’ wages further.

It plans to publish two reports on members' pay by the end of next month.

You can still submit your own comments until Monday the twenty-seventh of April.

Have your say

Are our politicians paid enough? Would you like to see them paid more? Could we possibly pay our politicians more and scrap their expense accounts? Would you like to see politicians pay frozen in harsh economic times?

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created: 17/04/2009

Have Your Say

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Joseph Schultze
It is all very well to say that the 'politicians get paid too much', or 'shouldn't be paid anymore', because Jersey politicians are - as they are so often described, 'useless' etc. But wiser people might consider that if politicians' pay in Jersey was risen to a respectable amount, then it would encourage intelligent and competent people to take up the job. I know that if they were paid in the 80K range - like most other professionals on the island in the public sector at their age level - then we wouldn't allow morons like Geoff Southern to galavant around the States. It is very simple economics - which apparently, ironically, is too much to be understood even by Jersey's very simple people: offer a decent wage for elected representatives, and start enjoying a quality political life in Jersey.

You are in: Jersey > Inside the States > Are our politicians paid the correct amount?

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