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13 November 2014

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Airport Duty Free

Airport Duty Free

Developing the departure lounge

Work has started on a £4 million redevelopment of the Jersey Airport departure lounge.

Work has begun on a £4 million redevelopment of Jersey Airport's departure lounge, with £1.6 million coming from taxation. What are you getting for that money?

The project, which will be completed in stages over the next four months, includes a bigger duty-free shop, three new shops and an upgrade to the restaurant.

Senator Alan Maclean

Senator Alan Maclean

It's hoped redeveloping the departure lounge will leave visitors with a good lasting impression of the island.

Jersey's Economic Development Minister, Senator Alan Maclean, says if you don't have modern passenger facilities you run the risk of looking like a second-rate destination.

"I think you've got to keep modernising with the business, you've got to keep moving forward. If you don't you run the risk of being deemed a second rate destination.

"As far as Jersey is concerned we don't want to take those sort of risks. There are a number of reasons underpinning the success and the reasoning and rational behind this decision."

Senator Maclean went on to explain that extra money generated by redeveloping the departure area at Jersey Airport could help keep passenger charges down.

Airport Departure Lounge

He told us: "We're delighted that both WH Smith and others have shown the confidence not only in Jersey but it Jersey airport to put a significant investment in here.

"It's very important for Jersey, it is very important for Jersey airport because it allows us to keep our passenger charges down by generating additional revenues from non aeronautical sources."

Senator Maclean explained more about the development, he said: "It's a fairly major redevelopment of the facilities here, it has been made possible since the relocation in 2007 of the security facilities.

"It has opened up approximately 50% more space which can now be used to enlarge the current retail facilities and add additional ones.

"Which we believe will be to the benefit of the airport in terms of increased revenues and also the experience of departing leisure and business travellers."

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And what happens the next time? 1.6 million, think about that folks...1.6 million to make the duty free shop bigger and the school canteen look like a berni's inn. In the World that is halting irrational spending etc...Jersey is out to prove that nothing can touch them. One final point when have you ever used any of the desks number 1-10, or 20-23? 23 desks, tell me how many flights (not inter-insular)is there on a daily basis! Airports are dismal places at the best of times, and Jersey's is not aesthetical or modern to say the least! It looks dated already and how old is it?

Yet they had to bring security forward meaning non passengers will not be bringing any custom to the shops.How many sales did they lose now that we cannot walk in with our departees and buy something if we so choose?I even liked to go watch the planes take off and land as I waited for people, can't even do that now.Backwards decisions from backwards management.

jsy rich
what the departure lounge needs is a smoking area. East Midlands has a fenced off area outside and Jersey could do the same.

You are in: Jersey > Places > Place features > Developing the departure lounge

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