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13 November 2014

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Deputy Le Twotte

Deputy Le Twotte

The new sound of Gorey

Could there be a new rival to BBC Radio Jersey? Radio Gorey 24 is here...

Gorey 24 fm

Gorey 24 fm

Could it be the rival Station to BBC Jersey - Gorey 24 FM - bringing a lighter look at life in the island and an alternate view of things?

Unfortunately not, but it did provide three minutes of much needed light relief on a gloomy Wednesday morning.

Radio Gorey 24 FM is a spoof radio station set up by Mick McCarthy, broadcasting from a virtual transmitter on top of Gorey Castle.

Unfortunately, Mick explained that: "Our transmitter is on top of Gorey castle and it only really reaches Longueville so we need to hook up with the BBC to extend our broadcast."

Well, where better to extend that broadcast than right here on the BBC Jersey website.

We asked Mick what gave him the inspiration to create this spoof, he said: "I've always loved radio and I just thought, wouldn't it be brilliant if there was an incredibly amateur local station that was just so local and so amateur but it took itself really seriously.

Mont Orgueil Castle

"I thought it would be brilliant if it took itself seriously but it was completely ridiculous.

"If you took the idea of making it more and more local and then the people manning it and the people ringing into it became more and more ridiculous."

He went on to explain that he: "had all these characters in my head already and was just looking for an outlet for them."

The name Gorey 24 came from the old St Saviours Hospital phone number, Gorey 24.

One of the characters featured in the first episode is Deputy Mike Le Twotte, Head of Health and Safety.

He has some interesting ideas for the island; one of his initiatives is to have more initiatives’.

Radio Leicester History

His first big projet is to get the Parishes more involved in the time zone movement.

Deputy Le Twotte wants to see the Parishes more involved. He said: "If St Brelade want to go back 25 minutes, let them go back 25 minutes. If St Martin want to go forward an hour let them go forward an hour.

"If you go from St Martin to St Brelade you'll get there before you left and you'll be younger."

And the presenter of the shows main programme is Clarry Le Brock. Mick explained the inspiration behind Clarry.

He said: "We were thinking of making Clarry a little bit depressed and sleeping in his Jag and doing that sort of thing."

And finally what inspired Mick? He said: "I've always liked satire; I've always liked radio comedy." And when will we hear more from Clarry and the gang: "I don't know where to go with it but I'm open to offers."

last updated: 19/02/2009 at 21:00
created: 18/02/2009

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More More More from Gorey 24Oh bah cree it's so good!

awaiting more episodes

vote le twotte
pure genius, the weathe rbit made me laugh so hard i spat coffee all over my screen

Timmy the blue kangaroo
Le Twotte sounds like a viable alternative to the real life Le Twotte, Terry Le Sueur.Let's face it, even a Le Twotte wouldn't buy an incinerator or put a stealth tax in place during recession... oops sorry, Jersey is not affected is it !Le Twotte isn't Frank Walker in disguise is he ?

Mike Hunt
I know just where he can go with it! We've already got enough Deputy Le Twottes thank you very much and what's wrong with sleeping in your car, eh?

Stop the rot, vote Le Twotte!

rosie p
am listening now, brilliant. phone no.east 24, haut de la garenne was east 27

Eli Le Moignard
I haven't laughed at the radio so much since I got my head stuck in the bucket with the crystal set in it that I could heure Lord Haw Haw with, you had to get right inside cos he spoke quietly.

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