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13 November 2014

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The Issues

You are in: Jersey > My Island > Election 2005 > The Issues > Le Sueur is new Chief Minister

Senator Terry le Sueur

Senator Terry Le Sueur

Le Sueur is new Chief Minister

Senator Terry Le Sueur will take over from Frank Walker as Chief Minister after a States vote.

Jersey's next Chief Minister has been chosen after two 40 minute debates and a secret ballot.

Senator Terry Le Sueur will replace Frank Walker as the islands chief policymaker and representative of the island abroad after a secret ballot of States Member.

Senator Le Sueur won by 19 votes. The new Chief Minister received 36 of the 53 available votes. Senator Breckon received 17 votes.

He thanked Senator Breckon in his closing remarks and Senator Breckon was the first to congratulate his opponent.

Listen to the speeches.

Politicians had to choose in a secret ballot between Senator Terry Le Sueur and Deputy Alan Breckon.

They were voting for who they'd like to replace Senator Frank Walker as the chief policy maker and representative of the island abroad.

Your say

Meanwhile, islanders were being asked who they'd like to see take up the post.

Pressure group Time4Change organised a mock election in the Royal Square between 13:00 - 14:00.

Statue of George II in the Royal Square.

George II presides over Royal Square

Deputy Monfort Tadier says it'll be used to get a sense of how the public feel.

"It will be good to juxtapose the will of the people against the choice that the States have made.

I should emphasise that it is not scientific at all, we could well see a difference with what the public want, certainly those that participate and what the actual States choice is."

The speeches

Each of the candidates gave a speech to the States Assembly and then had to answer questions from members.

With thirty six years of experience between them Senator Terry le Sueur and Senator-elect Alan Breckon are both hoping to secure the top job.

Senator Terry Le Sueur says that if he was elected he would select his ministers on their experience.

Deputy Breckon who has never held a ministerial position says it doesn't mean he hasn't got experience in high levels of office.

The candidate who receives more than half of the votes cast will be selected as Chief Minister designate.

There will then be another sitting on Thursday when States Members will vote for each of the Ministers in turn.

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John N
Bobby! I have already given my opinion but if you want a reply then you will get one!In reply to your first comment - find me a politician who has never backtracked and lied. I'm not condoning him going against his word but i think you'll find it pretty hard to find me a politician who hasn't...And in response to your next question - it is blatantly obvious that we are not inhabiting the same planet (as you like to call it) - but i'm on the one called "Earth". Try visiting sometime.I'm not saying that Terry Le Sueur is ideal because there are many things i don't like about him. However, he is Jersey through and through, knows what is good for the Island and will, in my opinion, do a good job as Chief Minister.

He is still going to use Le Main in his council of ministers knew he would go for Le Marquand so basically no difference just a Walker puppet

John N, thanks for your insightful answer. I work in finance so am fully aware of its importance and the threats we face. You seem to share the mentality of most finance workers that anyone other than walker, le seuer, ozouf, etc would drive away the finance industry. I remember an email from a Manager at work before the 2005 Sentorials telling everybody who the "finance guys" were. I once had to sit through a Terry Le Seuer presentation, he is an appalling public speaker, this alone should have ruled him out of the running.

How can it be good for Jersey John N? Le Sueur has stated in the past that he would never stand for Chief Minister. He has gone against his word, he has backtracked, he has lied.If that is the calibre of man you want representing us then I honestly do not know which planet you are currently inhabiting and this says more about you than anything you could ever type in mitigation.Go on, try and reply and save your face.

I think Basil Brush would make a better Chief than Le Sueur. Boom Boom!!

John N
I am neither a property developer or an 11k resident - just for your information Dave.The main problem that people have with Le Sueur is the introduction of GST. Unfortunately there are many people who don't quite understand why it was necessary to introduce it. It is was financially vital to Jersey as believe it or not it is the finance industry keeping Jersey going... and finance is something that T le S definitely understands.Ok, he's not the nicest man in the World but he's better than anyone else for the job - and anyone promoting the JDA quite frankly needs their head testing!

Jersey's answer to joe pasquale... lets hope the joke's not on us!

Another kick in the teeth for Jersey people ,just like the last time ,we outside the states dont count till they want our votes

John N, why is this good news for Jersey? Are you a property developer or 11K resident by any chance? Jersey needed a fresh face at the helm, not more of the same. Terry Le Sueur has no idea how hard it is to make ends meet in this Island. This was a missed opportunity for the States to show they actually cared.

Mr Realist
One horse race. Terry Le Sueur is correct choice. Alan Breckon, Stuart Syvret and JDA jokers are only in there to get £45K a year. They couldn't earn half that if they did a proper days work.

It says something when the only two options for running this island's parliament is a new senator with no ministerial experience - but an honest man with the people of Jersey's hopes and wants and the centre of his ideals - or the same old face who is "supposed" to follw Frank into this job and who's beliefs are set with what has always been done in this government.People like Terry not only shouldn't be in the the Chief Minister's role but should not even be in the States!Boat in the morning, anyone?

John N
This is good news for the Island. Contrary to your opinion Bobby it is good for Jersey...


Alan Breckon would have made a better chief Minister. He would not have been in it for the glory! The ballot should not be secret.

This is the final nail in Jerseys coffin. RIP Jersey.

Oh Jolly good another part of the establishment is the chief minster. What is the bet he will make the island more expensive, over-populated and finance lead.It is no surprise though, what is worse though is that it was a secret vote.

Terry Le SueurWe need stability, integrity and intelligent thinking in these difficult times.

I agree with Ol' big Ears

1) Ministry of Finance & Fiscal Development
2) Ministry of Education, Sport Culture
3) Ministry of Health, Youth & Social Services
4) Ministry of Home Affairs & Social Security
5) Ministry of Planning & Environment, and Housing
6) Ministry of Public Services Stuart Syvret should be Chief Minister, of course, but we all know that won't happen YET!

Time for change in the Ministry of Change.

We desperatley need stability in these times. We also need experience in dealing with other Governments. Given the choice of only two it really must be TLS.

Terry is like more Bush,

M Reynolds
Terry Le Sueur has integrity and experience for the role of Jersey's Chief Minister

Alan Breckon

Alan Brekon

Terry. No doubt about it, he's got experience, intelligence. He's a caring and kid family man. Just the type of person we nee to lead us. Breckson may be good once he's had some more experience, he's really not yet qualified to be a head of state.

You are in: Jersey > My Island > Election 2005 > The Issues > Le Sueur is new Chief Minister

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