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13 November 2014

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A member of the youth group working on the project

Does a job interfere with schoolwork?

Children's working hours

What age should children be able to get a job? And what sort of restrictions should be in place for their working hours?

What age should your child be able to have a paper round or work in the local corner shop?

New laws in Jersey could set out the age at which a young person can work, and the hours that they are allowed to work for.

It’s all part of a proposal being brought to the States to bring the island’s legislation into line with a United Nations convention.

The convention says that children have the right to be protected from exploitation and work which harms their education or health.

The proposal suggests children would be banned from working under the age of thirteen, and no young person would be allowed to work before six o’clock in the morning or after eight at night.

There would also be a limit to the number of hours 13, 14 and 15-year-olds could work each week.

The Assistant Health Minister, Senator James Perchard, told BBC Jersey that the legislation would cover formal employment, not helping Mum and Dad around the house with chores in return for money.

The senator explained that the States wanted to sign up to the agreement to “show the world that we believe in best practice and adopting best practice…and our children’s legislation is of the highest standard”.

He  said he was unsure whether there was any existing legislation prohibiting children working at any particular age.

Senator Perchard added that he didn’t want to prohibit a child who showed initiative or independence in wanting to work and earn some money, but that the States had to ensure there was no exploitation.

Have your say

The States are asking your views on working regulations for children in a public consultation on the subject.

You’ve got until 27 February 2009 to give your opinions. Call Tracy Fullerton on 442277 for more information.

What do you think of the guidelines for working children?

Do you think all young people should learn the value of money and work with a Saturday job, or would you rather they stay out of the workplace while they are in education?

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Have Your Say

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If employers are going to employ young people they should test them first for a personality! My 12yr old comments how grumpy the 'young' assistants are.

Daniela Rusowsky
The topics that are being discussed for legislation bring me back to the 19th Century... but better late tahn never...

I think that it is good for children to work a limited amount of hours if they wish too, as long as this does not have a negative affect on their education such as getting homework done and not being tired at school due to their work. on the employers part I would like them to give children suitable training and customer skills. Some shops, such as Woollies, employ a number of Saturday kids. When you require assistance it is often a waste of time asking one of them, and worse still is there are no regular staff around either.

Cram Exam
I think having a job alongside school work is a great way to show young adults that both working and studying can go hand in hand. Yes it's hard work, however it gives sound grounding for the future: many may go to university and take jobs to boost their grants/loans along side their studies. Finally finally when they enter the big working world, they may have to take professional exams when they can draw from previous experience. If they don't have this experience then it comes of a big shock to the system. Just ask some of my friends who struggled working and studying (because they were spoon fed during school/uni years!)

You are in: Jersey > People > Your island > Children's working hours

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