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13 November 2014

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You are in: Jersey > Inside the States > Election > Senators > Paul Routier

Paul Routier

Details and manifesto of Senatorial candidate Paul Routier.

Paul Routier

Paul Routier

Senator Paul Routier, the Minister for Social Security, is also seeking re-election. He too joined the States as a deputy nine years ago and became a Senator in 2002.

He's proud of developing and overseeing the move from parish welfare to the new income support system, dropping prescription charges and getting legislation passed which gave workers benefits like the minimum wage.

He says if he was given another term as Senator he will continue to focus on social and health issues and thinks in particular long term care for the elderly needs to be looked at.


After 15 years of serving our island, several electors have asked me to continue because of my ability to take on challenging tasks with enthusiasm, hard work and dedication.

During the last six years I have been entrusted with the transformation of the benefit system. I successfully lead the debate which introduced the new income support scheme, which has helped many people to achieve a fair and equitable level of support.

I was also pleased to be able to make GP subscriptions free for everyone, and also recently persuade the States to support my proposal to increase the winter fuel allowance by 28%.

My commitment to develop the employment legislation has put in place protection for workers with minimum standards, and this has also been balanced with a fair structure which guides employees and employers to resolve differences without the recourse to industrial action.

I hope that I have shown that I have the ability to focus on real issues and take forward positive suggestions to the States.

If re-elected I would want to see progress with community health screening and prevention though a co-ordinated provision between consultants, GPs and pharmacies.

The ageing population is one of the highest priorities that the island faces, and I want to ensure that the value of the State pension is protected.

With regard to long term care I would bring forward an insurance based system which would help people to afford any care but also be able to retain their homes.

I recognise the importance of having a thriving and buoyant economy, and believe that now we have made the major fiscal changes required we can now move forward with support for all our industries.

A strong economy must benefit the natural and built environment together with the social needs of our community. I want to ensure that the environment wins out across the island, but especially at Plemont and the south east coast Ramsar site.

During my time in the States I hope I have shown that I have a strong social conscience backed up with a real understanding of the need to have a strong economy.

As a businessman who has been involved for over 30 years with voluntary organisations, campaigning and providing services for people with learning disabilities, I hope that I have shown a true commitment to serve our island.

I believe that I can provide a sound, commonsense approach to the issues facing Jersey, and I have the ability to debate and fight for the environment, the economy and social issues.

If you would like me to continue to serve our island, please vote Paul Routier.

last updated: 03/10/2008 at 13:46
created: 30/09/2008

You are in: Jersey > Inside the States > Election > Senators > Paul Routier

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