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13 November 2014

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You are in: Jersey > Inside the States > Election > Senators > Tevor Pitman (JDA)

Tevor Pitman (JDA)

Details and manifesto of Senatorial candidate Tevor Pitman.

Trevor Pitman

Trevor Pitman

Trevor Pitman, the second JDA candidate standing for Senator, is a youth and community development worker and wants to support young people through affordable homes and education opportunities.

Mr Pitman was proposed last night by seventeen year-old Laetitia Prior who said the current government doesn't listen to islanders.


So why am I standing for election?

Firstly it’s a deep-seated concern over the direction of ministerial government in recent years.

I really feel policy is leading us towards a two-tier society, which we just can’t afford in a small island like Jersey. There’s an ever widening gap between the haves and have-nots and we have to act now to put and end to that.

There seems no accountability in ministerial government.

There seems to be no will to take on desperately needed government reform.

And population, we really must get to grips with population growth; this is the key to everything long term, if we do not we are just storing up problems.

Let’s talk a bit about GST. This really could be rescinded over reasonable time if only we’d be willing to look at some of the alternatives.

And there are alternatives; changes to social security payments, land value and development tax, 11Ks as has been pointed out actually contributing, not more than they should but what they are actually meant to pay.

And then we’ve got the issue of increased tax revenue from economic growth; £60+ million for 2009.

And another issue, something very close to my heart, young people. We’re in dire risk of loosing this generation due to lack of affordable first time buyer homes, and vocational education opportunities. We have to do more in this area and we can.

We have to help small business by making it easier for them to train and recruit young people, because if we don’t and we do lose our young people that’s a death nail for a small community.

Also we have to do something about ensuring that the elderly do not have to live in fear of loosing their homes to pay for care.

So what do I bring to government if I’m elected?

Well 30 years experience; 15 years in business management and 15 years in youth and community development.

I think I bring the ability to think outside the box and I know I also bring commonsense, something that is severely lacking I feel in government today.

So please on 15 October consider one of your votes for me.

I don’t make lots of promises like some other candidates, one promise I will make is that if you elect me I’ll give you six years of total commitment and total hard work.

I’d just like to end by saying how proud I am to have just received the endorsement of former Senator Ted Vibert. If only we’d listened to Senator Vibert back in 2005 Jersey might be the place that we want it to be.

Let’s get out there, vote for Trevor Pitman and Geoff Southern, let’s make this island the that Jersey really can be again; a place where everyone is valued.

Thank you.

last updated: 03/10/2008 at 13:30
created: 30/09/2008

You are in: Jersey > Inside the States > Election > Senators > Tevor Pitman (JDA)

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