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13 November 2014

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You are in: Jersey > Inside the States > Election > Senators > Ian Le Marquand

Ian Le Marquand

Details and manifesto of Senatorial candidate Ian Le Marquand.

Ian Le Marquand

Ian Le Marquand

0Former chief magistrate Ian Le Marquand is also standing for Senator. He believes his work as an advocate and magistrate has made him an expert on social issues and law and order.

His proposer said Mr Le Marquand has a keen sense of justice and can communicate with people from all walks of life.


Most of you will know that I am an advocate and have worked in the public sector as a chief officer as a judge for 18 years, and that I have recently given up my post as Magistrate to stand for election.

Over the years I have gained a great deal of experience as an advocate, a chief officer (the judicial greffier that was), and as a judge.

I have worked in business and in government, but I have also seen the problems which ordinary people face and their struggles.

I always listen to people and try to be fair, open and honest, and I speak up when things are going wrong. I’ve always brought gradual but positive change and would intend to do the same in the States.

I now believe that the time is right to offer my skills and experience to the island in a new way. I have had growing concerns, which I think that many of you share, about the quality of our leadership.

Some years ago I realised that 2008 would be a challenging time for the island, although I did not expect this would be in so many areas; GST, house prices, Haute de la Garenne etc. I believe I can help my island at this time, and that is what I want to do.

But you’ll want to know what I stand for. Here is a brief summary of some of my policies:

I am in favour of GST exemptions for all food, drinks and utility and heating bills for homes, with GST to be gradually phased out as other States income allows.

I am in favour of better control of public expenditure with firm but realistic financial targets.

I am in favour of ministers being made accountable to the public and to the States.

I am in favour of better control of immigration to avoid the recent large increase in population and a corresponding damaging increase in property prices.

I am in favour of the courts having the right powers to deal with youths who keep offending, I was of course the magistrate for a number of years.

I am in favour of firmer enforcement of licensing laws and new provisions to deal with knife crime and the problem of youths drinking in public places.

I am in favour of finding the best and fairest way to provide residential care for the elderly.

I have looked recently at the income support system and I believe that there is a need for their to be a greater incentive for people on income support to find work.

And I am very much in favour of ensuring more training and job opportunities are available for young people in practical areas of work.

For more information about me and my policies please look at my website

To summarise I am a new face in politics but I have had a lot of experience and a proven track record for serving the island. Thank you.

last updated: 03/10/2008 at 13:10
created: 29/09/2008

You are in: Jersey > Inside the States > Election > Senators > Ian Le Marquand

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