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13 November 2014

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You are in: Jersey > Inside the States > Election > Senators > Mark Forskitt

Mark Forskitt

Details and manifesto of Senatorial candidate Mark Forskitt.

Mark Forskitt

Mark Forskitt

Mark Forskitt is a member of the 2020 group, who already has political experience as a former county councilor in the UK.

He's opposed to an increase in population saying Jersey needs to strike the right balance between growth and sustainability. He believes it's vital to protect the environment and the island's open spaces.


What is this election all about?

It’s not simply selecting six senators to send to the States. Its not even about picking preferred policies.  For me this election is all about the strategic direction of the Island for the next ¼ century or more. Its about whether we face up to the looming challenges and difficult decisions arising from Peak Oil, climate change and world population growth.  OR do we continue to party like first class passengers on the Titanic, ignoring the risks, believing our vessel is unsinkable .

Already we have made decisions to deliberately increase population on our small island without considering the implications of those momentous forces. Increased population implies increased consumption, more CO2 emissions, additional building activity, extra strain on infrastructure all accompanied by loss of open space and agricultural land.  This contradicts all we know we have to do to avoid, or at least ameliorate, the impacts of climate chaos and oil depletion.

Take food. Prices have soared, even before GST is added. Last year wheat stocks reached a 50 year low, and the UK harvest this year will be poor again. Rising world population and changed diet will add to the pressure.  Oil depletion will make matters worse. Agri-business runs on oil. Not just tractor fuel, but artificial fertilizer production, pesticides, grain drying , storage, refrigeration , distribution too.

We are at the end of that chain, we import most of our food; we have to take the price that’s offered,  and as oil depletions starts, and supplies fall further behind demand, oil prices will soar further, and with it food prices, and much else too.

Jersey needs to build an economy resilient to these external pressures.  We have to make full use of our resources in a sustainable way. We should diversify our economic base. Eco tourism is a possibility, and the early adopter opportunities of ecological economics should be actively perused.

We need a food security policy. The States should provide allotments across the island.  We need to adopt a dynamic organic market garden food production model supplying the local population. We need to protect our agricultural land from further development.

We need to become self reliant in energy.  The French have already made it clear they will hold down internal prices.  By implication prices to us will rise.  Widespread micro-generation and the early adoption of marine tidal power are the best prospects we have.

We need to make urgent and challenging changes in society, in business, and in our personal lives. Imposing those changes will only produce resentment and resistance. The States must win back the trust of the people, engaging in genuine, open and informed debate so we can move forward in a consensual manner.

It is not simply about selecting six senators for the States, it’s about the actions we all must take to secure our future. 

As Ghandi said – ‘be the change you want to see in the world’.

last updated: 03/10/2008 at 14:50
created: 29/09/2008

You are in: Jersey > Inside the States > Election > Senators > Mark Forskitt

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