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13 November 2014

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Election Issues

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Changing time: Have your say

On 15 October islanders will get a chance to vote on whether they want the clocks to change or not. Have your say now...

Changing Clocks - Morning or Evening

Changing Clocks - Morning or Evening

Would you like an extra hour of sunlight in the evening after work, or are you worried about it being dark when you take the kids to school in the morning.

Well, your chance to have a say on this is getting ever closer. The referendum on C.E.T. is happening on 15 October 2008.

You'll be voting on whether you want to keep Jersey's clocks the same as those in the UK, or move them in line with France and most of Europe instead.


Senator Jimmy Perchard brought about the proposition for having a referendum on the subject.

He explained on BBC Talkback why he feels it is a good idea: “Society can take this extra hour of daylight at the end of the day and persue cultural, sporting, social activities and to try and improve the quality of life and the state of health of the nation if you like.

“To improve everybody’s quality of life by spending more time outside and using what is a lovely Jersey summer and shoulder months to our advantage.”

So Senator Perchard feels that the social improvements and lighter evenings is a good reason to make the change - but what about the darker mornings that we'd get if we moved to Central European Time?


That's something that worries Christine Vibert from the "No To Time Change" campaign group.

She said: “You only have to look at the sunrise times to see that you have to pay for it. So if we want to have our longer evenings – by the time you get to 22 October where again you are still enjoying a nice long evening – the sun is rising at 8:40.”


As well as the darker evenings Christine Vibert also feels that a move to Central European Time could mean we'd all end up using more energy in our homes.

“At the moment, probably, most people are getting up in the morning at 7am and it is not yet cold enough to put your heating on. You get dressed, you put your clothes on and off you go.

“If you are getting up at what will effectively be 6am when it is still dark and cold – I contend that people will be more inclined to change their time clocks so their heating is coming on effectively earlier.

“I don’t think it will affect offices very much because most offices have lights on most of the day and air conditioning most of the day.

“There is a contention in the winter that people will switch their lights on when they get up and go about their business before they go to work and leave the lights.

“As the natural light comes people forget to switch off and so you could actually loose the benefits because people will leave appliances and lights switched on all day because they have left their home.”

But Senator Perchard thinks lighter evenings would mean energy use would actually be reduced.

He told BBC Jersey that: “the facts are that there will be energy saving as a result of moving to European Time because of the opportunities in the evening not to use lighting and heating and accidents will be reduced. Those that have studied these issues are clear in their advice.”

Not legally binding

States Members don't actually have to listen to or take any notice of the outcome of the referendum though.

States Members WONT have to legally act on - or follow the outcome of the referendum but Senator Perchard says the results WILL at least help GUIDE politicians.

He said: "people can rest assured that if the referendum indicates a positive anti or positive vote in either way that States Members will be advised by that.

"There is no agenda here this is a genuine attempt to use the referendum mechanism we have to seek the views on a subject that is interesting but not vital on whether we did or didn't, it's not the end of the world."


So, you might be thinking what's the point?  Some might even think it's a waste of money. 

Senator Perchard explained that the cost of the referendum itself wasn’t that high. He told us that “It’s going to only cost £5,000”. However, he also explained that there would be additional costs associated with providing further information.

He told us that “I think the Chief Ministers department has agreed to pressure from the No to Change group to supply further information.

“There will be a mail shot that to islanders that will have an extra cost. But the referendum itself, as I said before, the cost will be nominal.”

Have your say

What are your thoughts on Central European Time? Will you be voting in October? If so what way will you be voting?

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Have Your Say

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Hahaha - i had to laugh at your comment Andy! Saying that the majority of people are small minded cracked me up when it's perfectly obvious for 73% of people (the real majority) to see, you are small minded and can't even come up with an argument to back up your view on CET!Im glad it was smashed in the elections by all us "small minded" individuals, and hope that it is the end of this idea!

Voice of Reason
Another ridiculous idea from the states! As one of the many thousands of people who work in the finance sector (Jersey’s biggest source of GDP at 60%) I can confidently say that moving to CET would impact the industry. As for questioning “why should banks run the way we get up or go to bed’ is just stupid. If it wasn’t for the banks we wouldn’t have an island. With regard to an extra hour of sunlight “rubbish” an extra hour of cloud and rain. On the odd occasion we do have a nice day sure more sun in the evening would be great but not when you think the sun would rise at 9:20amIf the only good reason for CET is boat times may I remind you that our ferry service (the infamous HD) are unlikely to even get their licence back next year, and with the Condor timetable the way it is, it would make no difference at all.Vote No!!!

This is stuff of nonsense and obviously the people proposing this are clueless idiots.As there are no obvious benefits from this proposal.Mr Perchard has nothing better to do with his time and so he thinks people will take him seriously with this proposal. In short it is complete nonsense.

Andy Haire
I have heard so many arguements for and against on this and heard so much bunkem its absolutely unreal. CET is not going to cause too much trouble and change and the small-minded people of this island, and I believe there are many of them, need to accept CET has a necessity and not raise fear and lies into people. Vote YES

Stupid Idea!
How stupid is this idea??? I know i am agreeing with the majority of Jersey. Where do people get these stupid ideas from. Concentrate on the important things that always get left behind because we're too busy worrying about Steam Clocks and wether we should move to CET! I can't stress enough how stupid this idea is, i will be gutted if we do change, we'll be working later in Finance and TV times will be wrong! Please everyone vote agqainst this rubbish idea!!!

I'd love some extra daylight in the evening. To me the pros would easily outweigh the cons.

Roger Noel
I think this is a stupid idea. I am old enough to remember what it was like in 1970 when the clocks did not go back and i walked to Grouville primary school every morning. In those days we started school at 9.10. I recall quite vividly walking to School in the pitch dark at 08.55 am,now the schools start at 0845 am, this will meaan that school children are walking/cycling to school in the pitch dark for about six weeks a year and someones child will get injured, there is always one child whose bike is not lit properly!, besides if we must have a referendum let it be about something important like the new incinerator at La Collette and not a complete waste of taxpayers money that this is going to be.

Pathetic idea
I really dont understand what the some people in the states are thinking about wanting to move to CET!! An extra hour in the summer (when the weather is actually nice - that doesnt happen that often at the moment) may be beneficial but probably on a scale of 1 in a million - obviously perchard must be in some sort of fantasy and is not with the real world and cant see that majority of the population of jersey do have to work long hours as it is to make a decent living to support their families, on a island that is getting more expensive as each year comes. If you knew what was best you would say NO and then the states can perhaps get on with some important issues that need addressing and stop this nonsense, is the Island actually safe in the hands of certain idiots in the states? As they said IF ITS NOT BROKEN DONT FIX IT!!!

I think that it is a rediculous idea. There are no advantages to it so what is the point? As many of you have mentioned we would be completely out of synch with British television and radio - Friday night with Jonathan Ross would be held on a Saturday - and that's just one minor example! Everybody would have to stay up later for the news and instead of getting home in time for the evening news, we would get home in time for Blue Peter instead! Therefore we keep all the children up later as well.

Many of you have the magical fantasy of longer summer evenings. This is Jersey... we have just had one of the worst summers thinkable weatherwise. Our weather is not reliable - and if we do have a nice summers day then it is light till t0:30/11 anyway.

There was one comment that particularly worried me earlier in this discussion, that we should switch to CET to synch in with the ferries to France. Of all the things to worry about! Is that the best advantage we can come up with??? Who cares that television times that we use everyday are out of synch? Atleast we can get on a boat! Rediculous!

Also the person who commented about the fact it would not affect finance is completely bonkers! It is not just the UK we deal with - our financial companies deal with clients around the World so a time change would definitely affect our biggest industry - if that fails Jersey fails.

And on that cheerful note it may come as no supprise when i say i will NOT be voting for CET. :)

paul haynes
just leave it as it is unless england want it then i would be happy to changeotherwise no way

this is just another go at playing god from our over powered states members that have no idea wot is going on in the real world. if they like the french time so much maybe they should move to france like i imagine most will after draining this loverly island of everything.wake up people this can have a very bad knock on effect to everything that goes on in jersey.

Quite right. We are British, we are part of the British Isles. Thereforewe should have BST OR GMT. I am very confident that the people of Jersey will vote NO.

David Esterson
There is no reason why we cannot simply stay on our current GMT for winter and then change 2 hours to 'Double Summer Time' for March to October. English time for Winter, Continental for Summer, best of both worlds!

Not a left wing hippy
Changing the clocks again is a stupid idea for many reasons already outline. Also we are a Crown Protectorate of Britain, not a French asset.

Manx Bean
For those who think this would be a good idea. Please think again. This could well cost the economy of Jersey many millions. Think I'm kidding? Just stop and think for 5 minutes. And when you agree I'm correct - stop to think who will foot the bill....taxpayers. YOU! It would seem to me that States have more critical things to sort the state of the island's finances, housing...yeah, I know, all the same stuff that STILL hasn't been sorted out. Why not build that bridge to France, be owned by Brussels, be over-run with illegal immigrants and be done with it....last one out switches the lights off....

i think that the move to central european time will make a lot more sense, also it will fit in too, with the ferry times with out having to adjust your watches any more as well, as making a lot more use of daylight hours and saving millions of pounds more on electricity bills and, not forgetting to turn of your lights.

i always remember to turn of all the lights before leaving the house because it will save a lot more money.

the nights here gets dark enough during the winter months with the nights drawing in now, never let a lone putting back the clocks back an hour to greenwich mean time, which is one hell of more people being run over and even killed too, on the roads by traffic every year and, also a lot more crime going on after dark.

i don't like those darker winter afternoons. if it means people first with learning disabilities before anything else in this country.

i certainly disagree with those darker winter afternoons because of more and more people being at risk of being attacked after dark.

it's no, no, no to greenwich mean time, that old civil time of the year must be scrapped right now, especially for the safety of out goers with learning disabilities.

more use of daylight hours will benefit a lot more adults with learning disabilities of getting out and about much more like with disco's, gateway clubs, trips out by the seaside also for more blind dates with stars in the sky and, other social events going on all over england as well.

i just hope that the referendum on wednesday october the 15th 2008 will be a success with the move to central european time with longer summer nights for out goers as such.

Kate from Grouville
After lisitening to the show on Sunday i am now convinced Perchard is going into the selling of BBq's. Silly privillaged man maybe he has time during the week and to climb trees the rest of us work for a living. We wern't all born with a silver spoon in our mouths. By the time we get home we have washing, cooking, cleaning and a duty to our family I should imagin when he gets home it is all done and ready for him. Wake up to the real world with the real people who are paying your wages.

Well said Phil - it would be easier to change our working routine than meddle around with the time zone. Let "9 til 5" become "8 til 4" and nothing else needs to change - we'd get all the advantages and fewer of the disadvantages - much much easier!

I will vote AGAINST.We may not be part of the United Kingdom but we are part of the British Isles. We are integrally linked to the rest of the British Isles through commerce, trade and family links. As many people have already commented our TV and Radio schedules (apart from BBC Radio Jersey of course) would be out of sync. Many firms offer flexible working hours and if that were encouraged instead then people could take advantage of lighter evenings without all this disruption. If it's not possible then the employer would probably adjust working hours to coincide with London in any event.Frankly the whole idea is ludicrous and should be thrown out - as should its proponents.

Mr Sensible
There will be a change of time in the UK in the next few years or so, let us get in front of them, as for people who comment on things like the news will be later well it seems so sad people let their lives be run on what is on TV, switch off your box and get outside in the fresh air, also why should the banks run the way we get up or go to bed, the banks are open 24hrs a day now anyway, get on with the change

This is the most ridicules thing since the steam clock!!! Since the advent of British standard time in September 1847 there has been no problems, The reasoning for standardising time is to avoid transport and communication problems, however switching to CET will only cause chaos with shipping and supplies from the UK mainland and communication the old saying goes ‘if something aint broke it doesn’t need fixing’.

Biggest load of rubbish I've ever heard!! Just keep it as it is!! The most annoying thing would be TV scheduling....News @ 10 @ 11.... absolutely ridiculous idea...

Please don`t vote for the change, Jersey needs to keep the Business with the UK to survive and everyone would have to work longer if so

Vic and Chris Charman
We are definitely FOR the change in time. When in France one can see the advantages of using more daylight, it is a waste to be sleeping when the sun is up. Also it is better for us to be awake and taking advantage of the light evenings. The stock exchange opens at 8 a.m. so there will be no problems as far as finance is concerned, in any case the financial world works for the whole 24 hours these days and people adjust their working hours accordingly. For God's sake let us, for once, make a decision and stick to it and stop all this stupid woffling!

Open shops at 8am, schools at 8am, banks at 8am, then you get to finish between 2 and 4pm. This gives you the same extra light after work as moving the clocks, without any of the hassle. Radio and TV stay the same, no transport problems. Saves energy at no cost.

Geraint Jennings
If there is one thing to boost the economy of Jersey painlessly without damaging environmental and social downsides or massive investment, moving to CET is it. It's a tourism-friendly measure, in terms of attracting more tourists and encouraging greater tourist spend through improved transport link timetabling. It's a green measure, in terms of energy saving. It's a road safety measure, in terms of the benefits of more light when more vulnerable road users make more trips over a longer period in the evenings. It's a social justice measure, in terms of giving more freedom of movement to the young and the old in the evenings. It's a crime prevention measure, in terms of making streets feel safer when most people are out and about in the evenings. Yes, darker mornings will be a bit of a downer, but we will have more of a bright side to look forward to. Moving to CET is progress without pain - and as a long-term proponent of CET, I'll be voting Yes!

Do we honestly want to be part of the united kingdom anymore? They are pulling out everwhere else.I would prefer lighter nights to mornings. I will be voting to change

Well if I didn`t have to work YES, but this would meen I would have to stay at work an hour later as Buisness Partners in UK so whats the point. We have lived so many years with this time so why change it

Manx Bean
Absolutely barking mad idea. Enough said. Go tackle some real issues...

Ashley F
This could well be one of the greatest things to have ever happened to the island. There must be many more people who wish they had more sunlight in the evening than those who do not. If anything stops this it will be fear of change. As for the people who are moaning about dark mornings. . . well would they rather that it's dark before work and light afterwards of vice-versa. It;s a no brainer for me. Bring it on as soon as possible.

We are not part of France; we are part of the British Isles and therefore should not move to CET. I agree that longer evenings would be lovely but the darker mornings aren’t. Surely darker morning means more accidents on the roads? As most of the finance industry deals with and works for UK companies, most firms will have to adjust their working hours so there staff are there till 6pm, so bang goes that extra hour for leisure time and enhancing everyone’s quality of life.Even little things like being out of sync with television and radio scheduling would just be a pain. I can’t see any possible benefit of changing to CET time and I will be voting not to change.

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