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10 July 2014
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You are in: Jersey > Inside the States > Election > Basics > Registration deadline on Monday

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Registration deadline on Monday

You have until Monday to get yourself on the electoral roll in the island if you want to vote next month.

Have you been wandering through town recently and spotted the X balloons or seen people with clipboards asking you to register.

Election 2008

Or maybe wondered why a number of 'good' things like free nursery places and zero ratings GST on food are suddenly being offered by the islands politicians?

Well if you have then you've also probably worked out that there is an election just around corner.

And this time, over a two month period, all but nine of the islands Politicians will be elected. But to vote you need to be registered.

You have until Monday 15 September (one month before the election) to get your name on the electoral register in your parish.

Depending on the parish you live in, you will have up to three ballot papers on which to mark your cross on - a vote for Senator, Constable and whether the island should move to Central European Time.


Anyone over the age of 16 that has lived in the island for at least two years (or for a total of five years at any time if you've lived here for at least six months) has the right to vote in Jersey.

You also don't have to be a citizen to vote as eligibility is determined by residency and not citizenship - so regardless of where you were born - as long as you meet the criteria above - you can add your name to the electoral register and cast your votes next month.

However, you DO have to be on the electoral register to vote. To find out if you're on the register or not you just need to call your Parish Hall - the numbers are all on the right.

If you're registered then you don't need to do anything else right now. Just sit back and wait for us to publish all the candidate profiles - then read them and decide who you want to vote for on 15 October 2008.

If you're not registered then just print out the form (link below), fill it out and send it to your Parish Hall.

Then that's it. Read up on all the candidates as local media, message boards and blogs publish profiles, get to know who you intend to vote for and head to the polling station.

Ballot Boxes

Ballot Boxes

The polling station is usually in the Parish Hall but for St Helier, St Brelade and St Saviour it will depend on the district you live in - just call the parish hall (numbers on the right) to find out where your polling station will be.

Then just turn up anytime between 8am and 8pm on polling day - give your name and you'll be given up to three ballot papers (only nine of the 12 Constables are up for election).

For Senator you get to tick up to six boxes as there are six positions available and you get a say on all of them as Senators are elected with an island wide mandate (they each represent everyone in Jersey)

For those of you with a Constable up for election in your Parish - you only get to tick one box as there is only one Constable per parish.

Paper being put into a ballot box

And the third ballot paper will be the referendum over whether the island should move to Central European Time or not - this should just be a simple Yes or No.

If you want to keep an eye on the results as they come in just tune your radio to 88.8fm (BBC Radio Jersey) or point your browser to as we'll both be updating results throughout the night.

Then that's it until November when you get to do it all again for the Deputies. But you won't need to get yourself on the Electoral Roll again as you'll already be there from this time (unless you move Parish of course).

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Nellie Macon
It's because the people who end up footing the bill most often are the ones that don't vote that we have a government which does not reflect the opinions of the people. If you don't support new faces then you are bound to get the old ones returned unopposed. Go on - what have you got to lose? Even if the newbies don't succeed at least we will all have tried. Apathy is the death of democracy!

Why bother, seriously?The GST and Haut de la Garenne fiasco have demonstrated yet again that this island is run by power hungry despots who couldnt give a toss about the Jersey citizen or the future of the island.Whoever you vote will toe the line for fear of public ridicule and any common sense motions in the house will be ambushed by the Walkers, Le Sueurs and Ball-aches of the island. Theres too many inbreds who were either bullied at school or not shown affection by Mummy and Daddy and now its Joe Publics time to pay !!!

You are in: Jersey > Inside the States > Election > Basics > Registration deadline on Monday


St Brelade - 741141
St Clement - 854724
Grouville - 852225
St John - 861999
St Lawrence - 861672
St Martin - 853951
St Mary - 482700
St Ouen - 481619
St Peter - 481236
St Saviour - 735864
Trinity - 865345
St Helier - 811811

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