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27 November 2014

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You are in: Jersey > Inside the States > Other Business > A 'super-hotel' for Gorey?

Mont Orgueil Castle

Would a new hotel attract more tourists?

A 'super-hotel' for Gorey?

Building a new ‘super-hotel’ in Gorey is just one idea politicians would like your feedback on, in a new public consultation on land use for tourism.

"I think self-catering accommodation lends itself very well to be pretty unobtrusive"

Robert Jones, tourism expert

Building a new ‘super-hotel’ in Gorey is a great idea, according to Robert Jones, who has had years of experience working in  the tourism industry.

The idea is just one question raised as planners work out how they are going to use some of the land here in Jersey to boost the tourism industry.

“In the Island Plan Gorey was highlighted as one of the jewels in the tourism crown in Jersey,” said Mr Jones.

“We’ve seen a lot of hotels drift away in the past few years and I think it’s a good idea.”

Jersey beach and flowers

Do we need more rooms with a sea-view?

He admitted working out where to site the hotel could be difficult, but suggested the outskirts of the Royal Jersey Golf Club could be a suitable location.

The Planning Department is asking your opinion on a new hotel in Gorey and other recommendations in a new consultation paper.

They’re also asking you if hotel development should be limited to St Helier, or whether it should be encouraged outside of town?

Mr Jones, who is director of Jersey Pottery Group, believed tourism development should be persuaded both in and out of St Helier.

“I think we need to look at sympathetically placed buildings in the countryside, such as Les Ormes with the lovely cabins in or homesteads on farms.

St. Helier Marina

Could tourism benefit from a new marina?

“I think self-catering accommodation lends itself very well to be pretty unobtrusive in some areas of the countryside.”

He also said although Jersey was a seaside destination there was not enough holiday accommodation with sea views.

Another of the consultation document’s recommendations was to protect hotel sites so they were used only for tourism, and not converted into tourism.

However, Mr Jones told BBC Jersey he disagreed with the idea, saying this policy had been tried before in the early ‘90s and “was very damaging” to the tourism industry.

Have your say

What changes would you like to see made, if any, to support tourism in Jersey?

Do you think building a new hotel in Gorey is a good idea? If so, where would you put it?

What about building a new marina somewhere on the island, or creating a new golf course.

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created: 21/07/2008

Have Your Say

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WHAT A BAD IDEAyes, as susan says - great for the Jones family and the Potteries - those comments from R.Jones are very transparent.Has anyone ever thought "let's go to this hotel on holiday?" and then look at a list of countries that those hotels are in? NO. its ridiculous, make jersey more appealing to tourists (i.e. keep the natural landscape, scenic views, etc (obviously there's more to work on than keeping them however) and they will realise there is enough hotel choice anyway.Keep Grouville Bay attractive and stop the spread of the Jones corporation.

We had Grouville Bay Hotel, The Trafalgar Hotel and the Links Hotel, all are now flats, so change one of these back to a hotel if its needed, planning need to stop the change of use if hotels are needed.

NO why not redevelope existing hotels and please no more golf courses

Great idea for Jersey or great idea for the Jones family?

OH MY GOD !!!! Why are we even discussing this? Tourism is DEAD, this inept Government have seen to that. The reason we've seen 'a lot of hotels drift away in the past few years' is because nobody was booking into them.This stinks of another building contractor looking to make a fast buck on the back of another greedy Jersey landowner.They knock down Hotels to build flats, nobody buys the flats so now they try and recoup some money by building Hotels again.Corruption, greed and the worship of money at all costs. Thats all this Island is about really!!

Theres no need. The politicians are just causing more and more problems wasting money on places average holiday makers will not even be able to afford to stay in. It would totally ruin gorey too just like that unsightly hotel that has been built on the waterfront. Jersey is being ruind and someone needs to pull there finger out and do somthing about it!

the island is like 9 by 12 and there is 6 golf courses i think - only make a new one of you get rid of a useless one

NO to any hotel that spoils any views or overdevelops any area.NO to any marina outside of St.Helier for the same reason.For Heaven's sake let's hold onto what charm the island still has left!Golf courses? I can't see how that would genuinely benefit Tourism to any significant degree - but I find them pleasant and wouldn't object inland (or at the coast so long as the public have some access as at Grouville).

Put it where the drive-in BBQ restaurant is. Anything is better than looking at that mess.

You are in: Jersey > Inside the States > Other Business > A 'super-hotel' for Gorey?

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