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28 October 2014

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Bailiff of Jersey

Confidence in the Bailiff

States Members have shown confidence in the Bailiff voting against a proposition calling for his resignation.

A proposition brought to the States of Jersey by Deputy Shona Pitman (JDA) calling for the Queen to ask Sir Philip Bailache to resign as Bailiff of Jersey has been rejected.

On Thursday 15 July, in a very short debate that only saw four Members speak, States Members debated and voted on whether they have confidence in Sir Philip Bailache.

Deputy Pitman says he was negligent allowing Roger Holland, a convicted paedophile, to become an Honorary Police Officer.

Chief Minister Senator Frank Walker

Chief Minister Senator Frank Walker

She told the States: "To me and to the members of the public who have contacted me, that decision is not understandable. Not understandable and not acceptable. It should not be acceptable to this government."

Chief Minister

In response to Deputy Pitmans opening argument, Chief Minister, Senator Frank Walker defended the Bailiff, saying that he is an honourable man.

Senator Walker went on to say that Deputy Pitman's proposal is just a thinly veiled attack.

He said: "I hope members will not dignify this proposition by turning this into a lengthy debate.

"I hope members will not dignify it by speaking. I hope therefore that we can dismiss this debate in the shortest possible time and members will show their deep contempt for this proposition by not speaking and then comprehensively voting it out."

Senator Frank Walker says the Bailiff has admitted making a mistake, and says his council are united on the issue

Senator Stuart Syvret

The Senator told the States: "I respond on behalf of every member of the Council of Ministers who will show this view on their proposition by not speaking on it at all because they share my view that it is not worthy of debate in the first place."


Deputy Geoff Southern (JDA) followed the Chief Minister by criticising his suggestion that members should condemn the proposition. The Deputy felt that members should debate it fully.

The only members to speak in the debate were Deputy Shona Pitman, Deputy Geoff Southern, Senator Frank Walker and Senator Stuart Syvret.

After a short summing up by Deputy Pitman, members voted overwhelmingly to show their confidence in the Bailiff. The proposition was rejected three votes in favour to 47 against.

Senator Stuart Syvret, Deputy Geoff Southern and Deputy Shona Pitman voted in favour of the proposition.


Meanwhile more than two hundred people have joined a group on the social networking site, Facebook asking for the Bailiff to step down.

The founder, Milly Le Brun says it's unacceptable he hasn't already resigned after it emerged he'd allowed a known sex offender to join the Honorary Police.

Have your say

What are your thoughts on the outcome of the debate? Were members right to reject the proposition and not speak as the Chief Minister suggested? Or do you agree with Deputy Southerns suggestion that a full debate should have taken place?

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created: 15/07/2008

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Ashley F
Who is this man? Why does he have any influence over my life? It's run by morons with no back bone.

Deputy Shona Pitman (JDA) was quite right in calling for the Queen to ask Sir Philip Bailache to resign as Bailiff because his Liberation Day speech was very callous to say the least.

lady who lunches
It is a real disgrace that the States of jersey, particularly Sir Philip do not understand the damage they are doing to Jersey by clinging to office. The honourable thing to do would be to resign. These people are clinging tow power at whatever cost to the island. Shame

we all have to live in this island and a high level bureaucrats make it difficult. if your a le sueur or ballaiche who cares.there not in touch with the real world......GREED......

Catherine Dodds
Deputy Shona Pitman said that she wasn't targeting the present incumbent but preceded to do exactly that.I think the outcome was the right one.

well what a surprise that result was!

Dominic Brennan
I think that the decision by the States is entirely correct - there was absolutely no need to pander to Deputy Pitman's vote of no confidence and I am glad that 47 people didn't even Justify it with debate. The Bailiff does great work for Jersey, turning down what would probably amount to an extremely successful and lucrative career in law he has instead devoted all of his energies into making Jersey a better place. He should be afforded the utmost respect that he deserves, he is a marvellous ambassador for Jersey.

the back slapping self congratulation club wins again. incidently, how refreshing would it be if walker followed his own advice and stopped speaking.

As predicted, this man is untouchable. This is a travesty. Let nobody EVER forget that he does not think it wrong for a paedophile to be in a position of authority. This paedophile was given the green light to carry on by the Bailiff.Makes you wonder if the upcoming abuse enquiry will be a complete whitewash while this awful man heads our legal system.Shame on Jersey !!!!

Nick Le C
Yes, it was a stupid suggestion and a good example of the narrow mindedness of the JDA.

You are in: Jersey > Inside the States > Other Business > Confidence in the Bailiff

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