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31 August 2014
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Ballot Boxes

Ballot Boxes

Unelected States

Do unelected officials have a place in the States of Jersey? The Dean thinks so. Have your say.

According to the Anglican Dean of Jersey, unelected officials do have a place in the States.

A vote of no confidence against the island's Bailiff is due to be discussed in the States next month.

But the Very Reverend Boy Key feels non-political appointees like himself and the Attorney General can make a valid contribution to government debates.

Inside the States Chamber

He told BBC Jersey his "concern is not to worry about whether I'm there for the next 15 years until I retire or whether I'm there until a week next Thursday.

"The important thing is that while I'm there, and I hope I'm there until I leave Jersey, to make the best use of that.

"That is to make interesting and I hope informed contributions with reasonable expert research."

He also hopes he represents the wider community when he makes comments in the States and not just Anglicans.

He explained that he doesn't think he has ever made an "Anglican comment" in the States.

He explained that: "I make lots of Christian comments and lots of common sense comments, because that is what I'm there for.

"It is that tradition and history that makes Jersey what it is."

Have your say

Should the Dean, the Bailiff and the Attorney General have a place in the States Chamber?

If you think they should be there what restrictions should be in place?

Should they be allowed to speak only when invited by an elected States Member or should they be allowed to join a debate like any other member?

If the Bailiff were to be removed who should be the Speaker of the House? Should it be an elected official? Who should elect them?

last updated: 01/07/2008 at 10:53
created: 01/07/2008

Have Your Say

The BBC reserves the right to edit comments submitted.

The Dean is a disgrace he is not elected and certainly does not represent the average working person in Jersey Get rid of him and turn his massive house in David Place into a home for the homeles and down and out of the Island As he is a Christian I am sure he would happily agree and he could move to a flat in Le Marias!! That really would be a CHRISTIAN ACT

I think that there is no room for the Bailiff or the Attorney General because there is too much opportunity to abuse your position were as the Dean on the other hand I believe only has the peoples interest at heart.

Politics and religion should not mix. Why should the Dean interfere in politics - do our States members go to his church and get involved in his services. He should not be included in the States neither should the AG and I would also add that the Bailiff should not be included. The States should be made up of people voted for by the Public. To save money I would also suggest that the Constables are only called into a sitting if there is something that relates to their Parish - this would save us some more money and reduce the house accordingly.

Clear off Very Reverend Boy Key you're not welcome here

John D. Stebbings
There is no place in the states for a person holding the position of Dean as he is only reprenting a very minor number of people in the islandi.e. the Anglian cummunity. The largest religious body of practicing Christiane are the Roman Catholic, then there are the Methodists ,United reform Baptist and all the other denominations. Why should not thesesections be represented. The Idea of religios representation is in my opinion a call from the past with bulk of the poulation not caring. You do not have to wear a dog collar to be able to decypher between right and wrong. This is no a personal attack on the man holding the post but on the popst itself.

to the Anglican Dean of Jersey ... Bob , this island is currently in a state of real change , people are waking up to the politics that surrounds them and we are now experiencing a moral war. right versus wrong, good versus evil, corruption versus honesty ... what side are you on?

Actually dont know why we need a Dean in Jersy let alone the State Building. If the States has a Christian representative what about all other religions should they not be included as well?

There is no problem with these people making informed contributions at the appropriate time. There is a massive problem when this position of authority is abused nonchalantly with utter contempt for the average Jersey citizen.The Bailiff has had too many chances and time again he proves just how out of touch with reality he is. He is appointed by the Queen, he is not a member of her family, please can somebody tell him that? I agree with Deputy Pitman when she says 'if he wants to speak on political matters then he should put himself up for election'.Remove him now !!

You are in: Jersey > Inside the States > Other Business > Unelected States

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