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24 September 2014

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Underage drinking: Have your say

After police have been called to two teenage parties in two weeks, does Jersey have an underage drinking problem?

There have been more calls for a crack down on underage drinking after police were called to break up a teenage beach party for the second time in a month.

On a summer evening many islanders enjoy a few drinks on the beach with friends, but when around one hundred and fifty youngsters gathered at Le Braye on Saturday two teenagers ended up in hospital.

Police were forced to close down the party in St Ouen’s Bay because of concerns about underage drinking, when two teens were admitted to A&E to have their stomach’s pumped.

Three honorary officers and a States police officer were asked to deal with the 15 and 16-year-olds who were celebrating the start of the school holidays.

Two ambulances were called and St Brelade centenier John Traford said a third teenager needed to be hospitalised but the ambulance service were unable to take him because they were already stretched to capacity.

Sunset at St Ouen's bay

Around 150 teenagers gathered at St Ouen's Bay

The latest incident happened just two weeks after police were called to a large gathering of teens at Grouville beach.

That prompted the Grouville constable to suggest teenagers caught underage drinking should receive more than a warning. He said he was fed up of teenagers causing havoc at the weekend.

Mr Traford agreed, saying he was very concerned that underage drinkers tied up so much of the police and paramedics time.

He said he’ll be seriously considering pressing charges against those causing disturbances in the future.

Have your say

Do you think the police should be harder on underage drinkers, or are they just youngsters having fun?

Luke Cook

Is underage drinking harmless rebellion?

How accountable are parents for their teenage children’s behaviour?

Do you believe that if large gatherings of teenagers don’t disturb people they should be left alone?

Do you think underage drinking poses a big problem in Jersey, if so how would you stop youngsters from drinking excessively? Or is it just harmless teenage rebellion?

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created: 30/06/2008

Have Your Say

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i don't see anything wrong with the occasional drink, its part of growing up. the problem is that noone teaches the kids how to drink responsibly. banning alcohol for teenagers is wrong, one should rather teach them how to drink responsible and safely

13 yr old
as a teenager myself i think that the reasons for most of us drinking is that there is nothing better for us to do!! i mean i come from just outside belfast and there is nothing for young people to do! so if we did have things to do that are interesting then maybe we wouldnt have to go have a drink to have fun!! we also hate it when adults go and get the police involved most of the time its pointless!! bye xxx

l totally oppose the youth underage to drink alcohol-containing beverage,they may harm their health and affect the deveopment of brain.the police and government should implement and amend the policy that to avoid the youth to drink "toxic".the teenager is the contributor of the countries.Without them,without the hope.Regaring the health,the doctor should advise them immediately to stop the from drinking it.

Drinking is Wrong
Most world religions claim that drinking alcohol is wrong. 2/6 of the world is christian. 1/6 of the world is islam. Most of the rest are smaller religious groups. With so many 'under 18s' (I know them) today who are not religious, it is perhaps only these people who should morally be allowed to drink.

UK law states that you must be 16 to drink alcohol. UK law states that you must be 18 to buy alcohol.

Why is it that 15 year olds enjoying a drink (which is legal in most of Europe) is so frowned upon when only 10% of rape charges turn in to convictions?

Shouldn't the boring 'you're not allowed to do that! ammm i'm telling!' type of people be whining about the lack of rape convictions? Which does more damage out of the two??? THINK -for your own sake please.

take them to a morgue, or let them sit in an open court and listen while the families and attorneys fight for the rights of their lost loved ones. Undoubtedly, underage drinkers end up in vehicles.

i found my 14 yr old daughter extremely drunk she ran away and tried to asault me well enough is enough iv got her arrested myself. this must end. Teenagers have no respect and all kinds of health problems can follow also can lead to teenage pregnancy god this scares me to death..........

Leave them to it. Its part of growing up.Its better than them sticking heroin up their veins. You telling me that all these big wigs never got drunk under the age of 18? Of course not.

I have read some of the below comments with great interest. I was at the Grouville Breach as an officer, the young lady that was report being there was in a bit of a state. Poor girl didn't know who or where she was. Took a while to get anything out of her, so that her parents could collect her. The Grouville event that happened was split into two group, one of 15 - 16 y/o and one of 17 - 18 y/o. I chatted to the 17 - 18 y/o and asked them to enjoy himselves but keep the noise down so that no-one had a reason to complain about them. I am pleased to say they were very polite and said no probs, but we have nothing to do with that lot over there, ie the 15 - 16 y/o. When we went to chat to the other group they all decided to run and then play about. Just so you know we had to stop ppl stealing golf flags and shouting etc. If they had stayed there and let us chat to them like the other group I am sure they would not have got the bad press. Basically they brought it on themselves.

harry milf
why do people always get the police involved it really annoys me as somone who goes to these partys and dosnt always drink having the police close the whole thing down. we worked hard all year now when we get a break we take it and have a good time so stop ruining our fun its not like you didnt do it when you were our age !!!!

Congratulations to all you guys and girls who achieved such high grades in their GCSE's and A levels, I have seen first hand just how hard my son worked and fretted during this stressful time. You are all great kids, try to forefill your potential cause harm to no-one and nothing and continue to enjoy yourselves x

There's no God, and morality is based on nothing more than numerical majority morés. It's a trivial irrelevance. Let them all rot.

Troy if they fall ill though drinking then thats their problem along with the parents. Like i commented below my friend needed a kidney transplant by the time he was 25 and has now lost his leg all though drink. I was young as well so i am not going to be a hypocrite but when the teenagers start causing trouble and wrecking things then that cross's the line of the law. If they kept it respectable and within the law then leave them to it but they can not handle the drink and end up been loopy and stupid. If i lived anywhere where these teenagers were causing trouble i would have no hesitation to go out and sort them out.

There is a lot to say about the subject which frankly I think is a waste of time discussing because even if you condemn us drinking we know that you all did it when you were younger, and as for those of you who say that you regret it, well how about leaving us alone to learn those lessons for ourselves? Like enna I am quite shocked that " a message to all you idiots " was allowed to be published. When previous posts by myself have not been posted even though they contained no swear words and no mention of "wishing people would all get cancer" As for your point about spelling and grammar, I advise next time you use spell check. P.S. I'm sure there are many mistakes in spelling and grammar in my post, but frankly I don't care, i'll even put one in four you.

Everyone drinks... Face it, its never going to stop.. you will never in a million years stop kids going out and drinking.. Just give them some respect and leave them to it.. Nothing that bad has probably ever happened and if there stupid enough to have to have their stomach pumped then touch luck really! Yes it costs the hospital money but how much does it cost the hospital each weekend because of adult drinkers! Leave them to party hard! peace out!

kelvin 12
my dad buy me m booz but i prefer da house party,grown ups need to get a life man

The teenagers have just finished school and are doing what every teenager does in the UK, having a few parties and enjoying there time off. I dont agree if they become anti-social through negative behaviour. However if they are minding there own business having some fun like kids do, why bother them? If you keep on bothering teenagers in gatherings that arent disturbing anyone else, there just going to 'rebell' more! Out of 150 youths only 3 was hospitalised!! (Not bad going) compared to if you take a look at the records on a friday/saturday night of how many adults get hospitalised through drink! Leave the majority of youths alone, concentrate on prevention, rather then cure.

anotha 15 yr old...
i just want to say that its our choice whether to drink or not which means we have to face the consequences so i think that you should stop trying to tell us what to do and let us get on with it because in the end there really is nothing you can do about it because we will go and still do it anyway even if you try and put more rules it will make us want to do it even more. Also the article at the top makes what we do sound so much worse than what it actually is and 2 people didnt have to get their stomaches pumped cause i no both of them. All we really want to do is enjoy being a teen which means to experiment with different stuff i mean its not like we are going out and trying to cause trouble just let us to it and stop interferring.

please can you bring this message board up to date

no matter what problems teenagers cause and how much education is put in schools to stop people from drining underage, i think that teenagers will stil drink. I would anyway as i am a teenager and regularly drink alcohol. I think that teenagers are very well aware of the risks of alcohol but being a teenager is all about trying new things and 'rebelling'. Teenagers who drink such as myself are not trying to cause trouble but just want to have fun on weekends. There is no point in trying to stop teenage drinking because they will always find a way to get their hands on it. Teenagers should be allowed to drink as they will have to pay the price, whether that be in the mornng waking up with a hangover and very embarassed about the night before or in 20 years time when they have health problems. I say that if we arent causing any harm or disturbing people then we should be left to get on with it :)

A message to the idiot belowWhat planet do you live on? Firstly incorecctly spelt? its incorrectly & as for " I hope you all get cancer" what a sad pathetic ashole you are & uneducated at the same time by the sounds of it. Have you ever seen a person dying of cancer? Just hope it turns out that none of your family members end up with it, cause then you will know the meaning of the illness you sad, pathetic waste of space!!! Are you on drugs by the way???

Your average teenager. :)
The fact is, in Jersey you can eithier:a. Go and milk some cowsb. Sit on a ferris wheel for 20 minutes at ridiculous costsc. Give more money to the states.What is there for us to actually do? Jersey is too expensive for us to 'afford a good time' so if alcohol is available teens will willingly take it.I wil admit that I frequently end up a little 'worse for wear' after parties most weekends, but me and my friends have learnt to take it in our stride by not getting too out of control. I agree it is totally pathetic when you have idiotic little 12 year olds who manage to get completely paraletic on a night out.But we can't help who turns up at these parties - as I said, once word gets out that there will be something actually happening at the weekend, don't be suprised if a hell of a lot of youths turn up.The majority of us are just having fun and causing no harm, and will remain that way.:)

GETTIN WASTED IS GREAT!! if you wanna join go ahead evryones invited to the next party!!!!

15 Year old Student
most 15 yr olds are guaranteed to drink!!! noones trying to deny it or hide it... evry1 no's and yes it may be a problem but a problem that has gone through generations just like theiving, murder,rape etc. the only real problem is drunken youths getting attacked, raped or worse on their way home on their own... the large group of teens therefore is good, afterall there is safety in numbers!!!! i like to stay out on a weekend and yes have a few drinks and stay at a friends house, not cause im hiding it from my parents, if i get caught i get caught, but because im scared of walking home on my own, surely thats more worrying... the fact that i cant even walk home feeling safe!!!

Harmless fun :) and we WONT stop
adults dont understand there actually is nothing to do, theres no jobs so we have no money to pay for expensive trips to the cinema or out for dinner etc so we have to have beach parties and buy vodka etc cos its cheap! also its fun cause it helps us meet people etc. at like a youth club we wouldnt talk to people other than our friends at parties tho with a bit of drink we can all like chat to new people and makes friends. granted it isnt the best way to make friends but it works :)and its fun!police dont seem to understand either that whatever happens we wont stopalso i wouldnt blame the parent cause to be honest none of my friends parents or mine have any idea we drink, we just drink and come home and act sober, and it works so those who blame the parents its stupid. ive been baught up well and i dont think my parents could influence my decision to drink. ive been grounded for it like 2 years ago and i still do, they've tried and it just doesnt work, so dont blame our parents

Having wasted more time reading through the ranting of the author of 'A message to all you idiot' I cannot beleive that the BBC allowed it to be printed,I thought it reserved the right to 'edit the comments submitted' the fact that he condems the youngsters and their parents and suggest that they are all 'executed' a 'waste of life' and wishing they all get cancer is surely enough to have had the comments 'edited'. Also as regards the spelling, you should be made aware that your own leaves alot to be desired, I have counted at least 3 errors and also you seem unable to distinguish between your 'To' and your 'Too's', shame on you, and 'Grow up!'

Just to point out that during 'A message to all you idiots'that there is absolutely no need for swearing on this site, also you have spelt incorrectly wrong, and as for wishing these youngsters to all get cancer, it is unbelievable you could even think this let alone print it, you are the 'ignorant and stupid ' one here, grow-up you weirdo!!

a comment to " a message to all you idiots"
talking of incorrect spelling. There is spelt T-H-E-R-E not THEIR! Just thought i would correct this grammatical error (im 15 by the way)

I KNOW that underage drinking is for teenagers that want to feel older and more adultish. They believe that drinking doesnt harm your body or your brain. Teens have seen the hard facts and this will not stop them from drinking. Parents are Not accountable for when teens drink as they will USUALLY say they do not want them drinking, but do teens ever listen?I dont think much can stop teens drinking. It is a choice that is made by a person and the people around them (peer pressure).As i am a 15 year old teen i know why teens drink and when they do it. I have drunk alcohol a couple of times and have now stopped to think of the long term effects and really... What is the point in doing it??

A message to all you idiots
I am 17 years old, so firstly don't go thinking that I am an old person. You are more ignorant and stupid than you make the police and such out to be. You think you are all so cool with your parties and getting drunk at the expense of the general public. In my opinion the comments on this articel make me feel sick, they are incorecctly spelt and give you no credibility whatsoever when trying to communicate your point. The problem is that you are all to rowdy, and their are to many of you. Therefore we should execute you all, your a waste of life. And your parents who willingly take you to and from these hellish goings on. I hope you all get cancer.

15 year old
When the government make more FREE things for people our age to do (like, not roller discos or float sessions in swimming pools please), THEN they can have a go at us for drinking. Until then, they need to accept that we only do it because theres no other way of having fun in England.

Teenager 123
Frankly I am shocked at the adults who have been accusing us of illegal crimes! You listen ''adults'' it's ur fault for global warming and it's your fault the world is heating up and it's your fault that polar bears are dying and it's you fault that we are all going to drown from the sea levels rising. So how about you let us enjoy our last years on earth before we all die from the rising sea levels you all have caused because it's not us that drive around in big 4x4's! Parents you have killed your children not alcohol, you and your carbon dioxide vehicles!!!

i was at both parties - gorey and st ouens and whenever the police turned up i ended running away from them and i agree with so many of the other people who have commented as if the police took a more relaxed attitude then we wouldn't run away and they could asses the situation more efficiently and stop anyone from causing so much trouble! we have so much to deal with...exams, family arguments, peers and trying to fit in that sometimes we need a break and this just lets us forget about everything and i do agree that some people take it too far and end up in hospital as two of my friends did at the st ouens party but unless they're really bad then they'll survive!

They'll have friends around to look after them as long as the police haven't scared them away and so the only consequence is that they'll wake up with one hell of a hang over and probably smelling of sick and with a night of what? That's their problem! Anyway people aren't going to stop but the situation could be made better if a more relaxed attitude was taken. Leave us alone we're good kids just trying to have a break............

I totally agree with 'Genius' if the police were to take a much more relaxed approach to the gatherings,keeping a presence and 'fatherly/motherly' eye over proceedings the children would not feel the need to run away as they approached with the possible concequence of groups becoming parted from each other when there really is safty in numbers.Let these great children be,there will always be the odd non-conformist, but in the end the majority will tow the line and end up just as 'boring' as their parents!!

We were all young. Some good, some bad. Teenagers never listen. Leave them to it and when they fall ill or have a fatel acciedent let the parents pick up the mess as its thier responsability to look after their child.

Tedious youth
I do not care if you get so drunk you fall over, hurt yourself, need to have your stomache pumped or anything else. What I object to is the trail of rubbish - bottles, cans, fast food containers thrown everywhere.Pick it up and put it in a bin

Ashley F
The kids have nothing to do nothing to look forward to. There are no decent underage activities for them so of course they're going to arrange their own.When I was 12-16 I had a choice of two places I could go on a friday and Saturday, 3 if you included Funland for some pool. These days all the kids can do is hang around and come up with ideas like the beach party. It only takes one of these chavs to have a brainwave and the rest of them will follow like they did last week. Just give them something to do!

To: Voice of the Youth
I quote from you: "We are only kids for a short while so let us live our child hood."

Since when was getting drunk a 'childhood' activity. Is it right up there with barbie dolls, scalectrix and playing cowboys and indians?

I'm in my mid-20s now and ten years ago me and my friends used to hang around parks and beaches getting drunk. We never intended to cause any trouble or disturb anyone (and rarely did), we were just looking for somewhere to hang out with our friends, flirt with people we fancied, and pretend we were more mature than we were.The trouble was we felt too grown-up for youth clubs and anything labelled 'under 18s' - they were for kids. Yet we were too young to be able to spend time in the pubs and clubs. So where do you suggest this age-group go? All those hormones raging and arguing with parents they are desperate to spend time out of the home. Surely the best option is to head for somewhere like St Ouen's beach which is about as far from residential areas as you can get in Jersey.

Yes I agree underage drinking is a worry, if I could go back a decade and tell myself how pathetic it was to deliberately get as drunk as possible and throw up in the bushes then I would, trouble is I know my 16 year old former self wouldn't listen. You think you know it all at that age don't you.

Me and my friends were all well educated and are now all in good post-graduate jobs with no adverse effects of having spent a couple of years binge drinking in various locations around the island.Let this teens be, as long as they stay well away from residential areas, don't vandalise or leave litter all over our beautiful beaches then they're out of harms way.

No matter what facilities you provide them with at 15 or 16 you want to feel completely idependant and don't want to conform to 'organised' activities. Teenagers want to rebel, let them to this extent. One day they'll wake up and realise they were acting like idiots, I did.

I love the people who underestimate the the IQ of the younger generation. I can't wait to use my great GCSE's and A levels along with my business savvy attitude to make a semi-legal deal and screw them out of their retirement fund. That'll show them.The reason that party got out of hand was the police. If the police hadn't have shown up it would have been a quiet night on the beach instead of a trashing of a golf course and a now exploited girl having too much to drink.

The solution is not giving police more power but in fact making them more approachable to youths so parties will be better monitored making children safer as well as the community at large. I mean, what makes it so dangerous for the teens drinking is because they're all scattering and very drunk people are losing their friends in the process which (although i don't know all the details) may be why that poor girl was on the road in the first place.

I have to be honest. I am most annoyed about this underage drinking and big parties down at Grouville beach. Where was my invite! I know I'm not a teenager but if you are going to have a party at least let me know in future! Sounds like I missed one hell of a night!

23 with fond memories
I don’t feel that these kids should be given such a hard time when the issue of alcohol is brought into question, I know I drank at that age and I know my parents did, added to that, when and if I have children I would probably be more concerned if they weren’t out and about, socialising and assessing their own physical and mental boundaries. In most cases you have to get to a quite unacceptable level of drunken debauchery before you realise it’s not that fun, I know I did.

How can you blame these kids when everyday they see the effects of alcohol in adults, good and bad, it’s absurd to think they wouldn’t want some of the action. One issue I do have with theses kids is that of respect. I wasn’t born in the 1920’s but I do feel that respect should be shown to your elders, no matter how cool and original you feel its been done, adults are not grumpy dinosaurs, they simply have things called jobs and responsibilities that one day will no doubt turn your smiles upside down also. If a 15yr old is to ask an adult to show them respect then they should really ask themselves what for? What exactly have you done to deserve respect? Completed your homework on time? Managed to not play truant in a week? Eat your vegetables? Respect has to be earned not just expected, these dinosaurs feed you, cloth you, educate you, transport you around to your little parties, provide you with a warm home for when you get bored and it all comes at a cost to them, financially and physically. Maybe kids should show some more respect to adults, they might find their late night drinking escapades are taken in better spirit.

the picture is stupid. we dont stand around with pint glasses!

sheggg (= and shagggg (=
bonjour... do1 !! leave us alone we wanna drink an u aint gna stop us :) enuff sed :)

a different 15 year old who will try not to be rud
can i just say to "Tired Of Stupid Children" that not all teenagers get out of hand when they have had a few and also to that other person that said we are "too butt ugly to get laid" that many of us dont go out for a quick shag and actually go out to socialise with our friends and not to cause any trouble. we just want to be able to catch up with friends from other schools and have a couple of beers. also there is so much exam pressure on kids these days that they need the weekend to calm down and relax. yes there are a few who cause trouble but dont punish the ones that dont. dont you remember what it was like to be young? please just leave us to get on with it.

There is quite clearly a division of opinions here, with both sides of the argument feeling that they are in the right. Unfortunately, everybody is at fault, from the youths to the parents to the police.The main fault in our current system is the associations that parents and teachers make towards alcohol. Parents and teachers make the subject of alcohol to appear shocking, placing a taboo over it. This only adds to the appeal of alcohol for youths, breaking boundaries and exploration is part of their nature so if a major barrier is placed around alcohol, children are going to do everything they can to find a way around it. With all emphasis being placed on an attempt to stop youths consuming alcohol, there is no guidance for how much alcohol it is sensible for a youth to drink.

Once a minor has begun to drink, they are immediately encouraged by their friends to drink excessively because they are only educated that the purpose of alcohol consuption is to get drunk.This is the reason Jersey and the UK suffer the youth-related alcohol problems which arent seen in the rest of Europe.

In most Western European countries, children can consume alcohol responsibly, safely and sociably because they are introduced to having moderate amounts of wine/cider/ beer with meals and friends from a young age, they do not see excessive drinking as part of their culture like we do in Jersey.It is not solely the fault of the older generation, children are filled with a certain level of ignorance which prevents them from seeing the broader picture.

Examples of this can be seen in this discussion of 'txt talk' and the 'nobody can tell me what i can and cannot do' attitude which renders the child deaf to any moral or social message that any source of authority may give to them whether it be parent, teacher or police offier. It should be accepted that children need to realize and consider the problems they cause for others whilst intoxicated or gathering in large intimidating groups.

The States of Jersey Police take completely the wrong attitude towards the way they police children, youths in possession of alcohol are treated as serious convicts, a reason for this may be because the level of serious crime that is commonly seen in the UK is extremely low in Jersey. The seriousness of the crime is blown well out of proportion, providing the reason for why Jersey youths have such a negative attitude towards the police.

It can therefore be concluded that all parties, in some form or the other as explained in this discussion, are at fault for the apparent problem in Jersey. Nobody should be in a position to complain because it offers a balanced opinion from all perspectives, should you feel there is an important perspective that i have missed then feel free to comment but in some form or another this group of people will be a contributor to the problem.

Unfortunately, there is no simple solution to this problem, and all complex solutions are not feasable because they come under heavy opposition from one of the major groups concerned. The youth-related drinking problem in Jersey may be one which may just have to be left to run it's course.

My daughter was at Gorey on the night in question, I collected her,as arranged, at 11pm, drove over to the Hon police who were in the car park and said that I had come to collect my daughter and her friend,His tone was not a friendly one, he accused me of letting my child bring drink with her to the beach, I hadn't and she didn't,told me the going's-on of that evening and how I was instrumental in it by vertue of my child being there. I told him that before he could accuse either me or my girl of anything I would phone her to say I had arrived and we could then assess their condition,as I had expected neither had been drinking, admitting that some of the youngsters had been but thought that the evening had been fun, I stopped to allow the Hons to shine the torch into my car to see the 'state' of my passengers, he admitted they were fine and let us on our way. My kids do alot of sport, music and other activities, but we all need to spend time with our peers and chill, the youngsters do suffer alot of stress, and even amongst the 'best' families their homelife is not always a happy one, lets not forget when we were their equivillent ages, we all have done things which annoyed the 'older generation'haven't we?

This is and always has gone on, from the 60s onwards. Whats changed is peoples attitudes towards this policy of no drinking under 18. Times passed you could have a casual drink and not get moned at by everyone regardless if you were aover 18 or not. The case is not the fact that young people are drinking but that the social presures and demands of society lead to them drinking excesivley and causing trouble. There has to be an acceptance of these facts and not direct punishment. Anyone will drink if they become violent or cause damage then arrest them, not for simply having fun and making noise as many complaints I have herd of are simply teenagers being noisy. And from what ive seen in town w arnt much better. (20 year old last teenage days last week)

Darren Hogan
I think the price of beer should be lowered and they would be drunk earlier and therefore tucked up in bed by 9pm

Richard they aren't held in public because you would arrest all the teens on the spot for being involved in under age drinking..

Just a quick reply to comments made (just how many forums like this are held in public? just wondering)...anyway1. Why do the kids not turn up to 'meetings'?2. Who's calling you stupid?3. True adults do get drunk (see court for details)Pot calling Kettle black!And just for information;4. 'Damaging your liver' does affect everyone not just you (the taxpayer ends up paying for your new liver!)5. Have fun by all means, but 'react' like 'organisers' and make sure if you do have some 'entertainment'have someone clean the area up (if it needs it) simple really :)

To add to my comment below.I have a friend who when we were teenagers loved to go out and get drunk all the time. 5 Years ago he started dialysis and last year lost his leg.All down to drink.Teenagers do not listen to Adults. I say carry on and we will talk to you in 10 or so years and see how many of you are still around.

Tell you What if you young un's come round mine and cause trouble i will clip you round the ear hole! No one wants to spoil your fun, we were all young once, but you are breaking the law by buying alcohol then getting drunk and then causing damage and trouble."15 yr old =P" you come around here i will slap you and send you crying back to your parents. Mommys Boy!

The voice of the youths
I think That the Police Are stupid What do they think That just By stopping Us Drinking That there Will Be No More Trouble. Taking people to parish hall for being drunk is stupis because there would be about 100 youths in there everyday ! We are only kids for a short while so let us live our child hood. You know what all adults say is dont do this dont do that but they did it and the best way to find out about something is by doing it yourself so let us do what we have to do to learn from our mistakes ! And Anyway half the policeman on this island our crooked anyway. so i dnt care what any off them have got to say about anything because there just stupid !

a good person
i am not an old person sipping earl grey...i'm a 15yr old. i'm not a geek but im not a boozer. y?y?Y? do kids my age feel the need to get happy with alcohol?did any one know there is another "one off" at beauport next friday?parents: your kids lie through their teeth to you about where they are, what they're doing and who they're doing it with. People who go out and get drunk and smoke and get high:what the hell is wrong with you? at the age of 15 we are still classified as children. stop trying to be taken seriously and act like adults because we're not adults! there is a reason alcohol has an age limit and that is because children like you abuse it and step over the line. think before you act and remeber:you're only 15 just chill for a bit.

yet another 15 year old... again
I'm in the same mindset as most of the other teens who have posted here ( leave us alone etc), but I just think it might help our case if your comments weren't written with txt talk. I mean I use abbreviations and there's always spelling errors when I'm on msn and things like that, but no one will take you seriously if ur constnly talkin lyk dis ye? I don't mean to say you shouldn't post, as without everyone's input this discussion would be pointless, but rather I just think it would help our case a lot if people structure their replies correctly; it doesn't help the stereotypes when arguments are filled with errors, emotes and other things that just aren't appropriate for a discussion like this.

sheggg (=
just leave this now it was last fri ... 4 god sake it was a bit of drinking and partyin...the girl is sound now an no one is hurt .... th litter has been cleaned up so wots the prob... leave us alone .. we are nothin to do with u anyway .. we wert distrubin u ... so.. u jus wanna find an ecuse to hav a go ... good wannn jus leave us alone ffs... were onl,y kids havin a bit of fun :P

how dare you write it in the paper.... without permission ... its happened to every teenage girl.. its just a lesson tha t needs to be learnt.. but why did u have to write about this one?.. like it wont help the situation that this girls in with her probably already stressful life

If they want to have a party why not let them? People seem to forget they were teenagers themselves once. Girls getting wasted and thinking its cool to brag about is nothing new, we all know girls who used to be like that and they're the ones with reputations and names now that they will never get rid of whilst they live in Jersey. Ask them whether being known as the party girl or local bike was worth it. Its all part of growing up. You live and learn. Telling someone that their not allowed to do something is the best way to ensure that they do it !!!

Blithering Idiot
Lets face it, the reason teenagers drink on the beach is because it's a laugh and its great to meet up on the beach as the beach is one of the few decent places you can go on this island! You better watch it Jersey, i actually know more people who are emigrating because they hate this island than people that aren't, so you don't want to be annoying future tax payers any more than you have to because you'll find sooner or later that there will be no one to pay your precious 3% GST!The people who complain about these sorts of things are exactly the kind of people who phone up Radio Jersey and complain about the state of the public toilets (I'm talking to you BRIDGET!), the same people who phone up Ofcom complaining that Joan Rivers swore on TV. People who moan for the sake of moaning. Yes drinking underage is 'illegal' but sometimes you just have to let them have a laugh. Give and take. If you give them a little they'll respect you and the police more in return. If you constantly try and stop them doing ANYTHING they'll rebel and why shouldn't they? Stopping someone leading their life, of course they're going to be annoyed! I would be! Leave them alone to get drunk every once in a while, and you'll probably find that they'll respect you more at the end of the day!Though to be honest, some of the weak responses by teenagers on here aren't really helping their stereotypical reputation! Not all of them though :)

Ls __ **
Well . . . okay . . yes tennagers drink . . yes they shouldnt . . x but the only reason for this is because they cause havoc ? Surely adults do the same if not worse when they're drunk ?! Teenagers do it as a social thing and do it as a release of all the pressure they're under and to let their hair down and have a bit of fun . . i think that yes okay police should arrest them. Not for being drunk though. Only if a person say is causing havoc and is disturbing people and vandalising things then yes by all means arrest them. But i think that if they are a little tipsy and just generally having a little fun then i believe let them do so. However if they are very drunk . . to the point where they start throwing up I believe they shoudl be taken home. But to the person that calls them zit popping teens who are dumb and ugly

parent from st lawrence
the kids should be able to do what they want. we did when we were their age and if you didnt get to then dont take it out on them

17 year old
To be honest, if teenagers gained the respect they deserved in this island, I'm damn sure they wouldn't be causing so much trouble. It is very hard on this island to find anything else to do, the cinema costs to much, bowling costs to much, theres hardly any youth centre's I know of in this island and half of the ones I do know, as soon as you start enjoying yourself, they remove you.

Teenagers seem to have no choice but to enjoy Jersey's beaches, to drink, to socialise and have a good time. Your only young once, so let us be young? There is ALOT of stress put on teenagers these days, I don't think you will ever find a teenager who doesn't say that. Exams, Family, Friends, finding a job, what you are going to do in the future. As soon as you start secondary they start asking you that, and I still don't know what I want to do. It's very hard for teenagers and as most of you adults do probably drink surely you understand that drink helps you relax?

A chance to relax and socialise is basically the main reason why teenagers drink these days. Leave us to it, let us congregate with our friends! Banning us from being with our friends? That is crossing the line. The only reason I see the police should get involved is when things get out of hand, such as being paraletic or violence.But the ones who cause that, are very irresponsible and I will admit that there are some teenagers who do that, as you all know.

Another reason people aged 16/17 drink, is that we all have older friends, who can legally drink and are all allowed in clubs and pubs and allowed to enjoy there drink. That leaves us behind. I believe I am mature enough to be able to go into a pub or club at least and not even drink. It would be somewhere to go.Maybe it is a radical suggestion but maybe people aged 16 or 17+ could go to pubs or clubs and not allowed to drink? It would take a huge amount of teenagers off the street.Just a thought.And my opinion.Enjoy taking the teenagers off the streets, it will be a tough job and I doubt anyone can do it.

a 'zit popper' apparently..
well tbh, i think this is really stupid.. yeah sometimes we cause trouble but not all teenagers are the stereotype you think we are.. you just make assumptions about us when all we really want to do is have funn and enjoy our lives outside of school and exams that stress us out!!we know its illegal but really, not many of us care, our aim isnt to cause, how you say, 'havoc'.. we just want to have a good time and make the most of our young years like i am sure everyone has done, unless you're some 'boring old fart' who has nothing to do!well yeah, so basically leave us alone, show us some respect and most probably you will get something back..most of us arent 'drinking ourselves to death'.. just to have fun at partys with our friends..

Leave them too it tbh. As long as they don't get to steaming and leave places looking like a mess then what does it matter? Just be responsible about it eh. If you don't give them anything to moan about then they won't. Think about it!

another one of thoose "zit poopers"
ok, let people have fun while they can all we want is a good laugh and chill out from exams.. ok arrest people who are causing fights and trouble we dont want poeple like that ruining our nights either! for once the police should catch the poeple in the wrong, 99% of the people there just wanted a laugh and to meet new people and have fun with friends (if you look they arent all "zit poopers" ).. my answer is you oldies get out of your head out your ass and for once chill out! and for the police, you need to put more time and effort into finding out why we drink and how we as teenagers think you should deal with it. If you are going to tackle it you wont get anywhere if you're not on our side, to be honest if you go against us that will cause people to rebel more and do all we can to annoy you, like you have to us.. its not rock science!

yet another 15 year old
I do understand why most of the adults here who have posted get very irritated at these kind of incidents, obviously if you live near by having 150 teenagers on the beach could be slightly intimidating. But to me it seems that the older generations are just completely ignorant of teenager's attitudes; there is a ridiculous amount of 'scare mongering' surrounding teenagers, that just creates an atmosphere of distrust and discrimination towards youths. having talks and meetings is not the solution, and neither is cracking down on the sellers of alcohol; the solution is to leave kids alone unless there genuinely is trouble.

we do not go out to organized events like this with the sole intentions of winding up the public and creating a disturbance. We're just going out to have a good time and be social amongst our friends and meet new people. Obviously someone collapsed in the road paraletic is pretty bad, and that calls for something to be done, but as far as i recall, there were no fights, no stabbings, no rapes, no old biddies mugged and no bins set on fire. all that happened was a large group of people had a lot of fun, and a few people took it to complete excess. That is what most people don't seem to comprehend; we are having a huge amount of fun at the time, and so what if alcohol is involved?

Yes, I do understand the consequences of drinking large amounts at once/ binge drinking/whatever you want to call it ( i do enjoy drinking every now and then)and i will readily accept its my own fault if my liver collapses when I'm older. the difference being, is that contrary to what seems to be common opinion i am not some dead end no future idiot. I go to Vic and am proud of the fact that I am in the top sets for all subjects that are streamed. I already have four GCSEs taken a year early, and i have been predicted A* in all of them. So even though I may be just another boozed up 'yoof' in the eyes of the kind of people complaining, i am confident in the knowledge that I will leave school with 13 A/A* GCSEs and four A and AS levels.

I probably sound arrogant, but i am confident i will be able to pay for private health care to deal with the consequences of having an absolutely awesome time, so just leave teenagers to do their own thing; some times it will get out of hand, but most of the time, we do nothing wrong. It might be breaking the law, but really the only purpose of the law is to protect and serve the people, so morally i do not see us infringing the rights of others, and if anything they are infringing on our right to have fun and congregate together.

Having lived all over the UK and Europe, having beaches is what makes jersey special, so the way i see it is which would you prefer, drunk teenagers on street corners, or on a nice secluded beach where we are not actually causing a huge amount of trouble

Im a teenager but i do agree that leaving a mess with wine bottles ect was wrong, but the police are not going to stop any of it until they are respected. Confiscating alcohol.. what's that going to do? They are either already drunk anyway or they just go and get more! its not hard. Police moaning at teenagers every week just makes teenagers want to do it more and more to annoy them. They are never going to stop under-age drinking no matter how hard they try.

Youth Worker
I believe the term kettle and black comes into contension here. I bet all those people who complained sat through their teenage years with their hands on their knee's, straight back sipping earl grey tea? yeah ;-) I believe kids should be allowed to drink at an earlier stage of life, in portugal/spain if you can hold a bottle parents let them drink at home, they don't seem to have problems. However Us adults are no worse because we have shove booze down our throats before the 11pm bell rings. Nothing will change no matter what education is in place, because all the people in power have no clue about being a teenager or do not remember being one as it was so long ago. Mine's a pint and tequila chaser please

harry and george
let me think bout this one what you could do is leave us alone and get back to the knitting

Let them do what they want...we've all been there and done it!

Sheggy Doo
Hearing about this party (which I must add I was not at), I must say that my cohorts and I were very amused at 1) The comment from Mr Murphy saying "We did not confiscate much alcohol as they had drunk most of it" which is the most ridiculous comment I have heard which will never give the honoraries much respect in my eyes. 2) We were also amused at the coverage of this "small" (by comparison) social gathering when other parties went on over the weekend involving many hundreds of people. Just leave teenagers alone. There are at least 100 deaths nationwide from teenage gun and knife crime, but when was the last time a person was shot in Jersey by a teenage assailant? A long time ago I presume.

15 year old ... drinking is the muts nuts and peop
Ok, so this has obviously turned into another debate about underage drinking. I think most people have valid points from both sides of the arguement, although I might not agree with all of them yet nonetheless I understand some adults might agree with the ones which I don't. I don't mean to sound like every other 15 year old on this page but I should say that some adults aren't always on best behaviour and aren't showing the best of examples for those 'yoofs'. It is never difficult to find a drunken stranger strolling through the middle of town at certain hours, infact I've seen one be sick on the bus at almost 5 o'clock in the evening due to one too many drinks. So I'm sure that some adults have complained not thinking once to complain about those who are of the age limit and reach a bad state themselves. I'm not blaming those who do go out and enjoy themselves however it doesn't help, it just tempts us more.

Also, even though we 'yoofs' are being educated about drinking, it is simply just intoducing us to the idea at an earlier age so i recommend you to think that argument over and it just causes 'yoofs' to want to try it more. For example when a teacher tells you that most people drink it to gain confidence and if you drink enough you start to lose self control, it sounds like a good idea to try it and see what it's like, no? Anyways ... I think that some youth centres would help if: they were in town, open at good hours and were filled with things such as pool tables, arcade games etc. this could cut down the amount of people out on the streets and would give them somewhere to go in the winters. Most people drink because there is nothing to do. Enough said. Give us somewhere to have a good time and I'm sure the case would be a little different. Underage drinking will NEVER be stopped so let's not go into that!

Well I think I've said enough and just to say I drink all the time and it obviously hasn't effected whether I will be intelligent in the future or not seeming as I don't do it during school time and what gets me through the school week is the weekend. Also you can not label every single underage drinker to be ugly. May i also add that Jcg is known to have good GCSE and A Level results as do Vic and seeming as most of the people down at Goery were from both schools it seems quite inadequite to say that all drinkers are stupid, so we can wait for results to come.

the more that you try and stop these children the mo0re they are going to do to annoy you and do the oppisite to what you tell them too ... so leave them learn from what they do .. it is there lives and not yours !

Yeah, That girl found in the middle of the 'road' is one of my best friends -- she was NOT passed out, just drank wayy too much, WASN'T in the middle of a road, was next to it in the grass, ALSO you go and make the situation worse by announcing on the radio her mum couldn't come and collect her as she was also over the limit. It was her mums BIRTHDAY! what? shes not aloud to have fun on her birthday, when shes 40 odd years old. . gahh get a grip!Merr you annoy me! =\

Respectable Parent
Sorry, see us adults are as bad as those children! As long as they don't disturb anybody - they should be left alone to do what they like Us parents must know what they are up to and would not agree to them going out if we wern't okay with it. I'm sure you cannot change how they are, if this is what they called a 'one off' in the paper then why has it turned into this. I think it's time wasting for the constable and police.

a GOOD parent
personally i dont agree with anyone in this ardument.the person called " Sqn Leader C Gull" is a harsh, irational person who needs to calm down and not be so damn rude to children my daughter's age. people who were at that party (and beleive me i've known some since they were about 4) are extreemly intellent students who attend a very respectable school that i pay fees to! they arent stupid i agree, but they are young, naive and just trying to fit in. however, i still feel that they are being foolish by using alcohol as a way of having "fun" is a little excessive. what happened to the days when they sat and played with barbie dolls? granted, they aren't babies any more but they aren't adults yet and they shouldnt rush into things they may already regret. yes by all means have fun but dont feel the need to violate the law in order to do so! what i'm saying is: SLOW DOWN! and try to find a good way of having fun.

Sqn Leader C Gull
Goodness gracious - I am pleasantly surprised by the vivacious and eloquent responses from some our younger posting members here. To be fair to the police, both paid and unpaid, our litigious society forces those in authority to attempt to disrupt and disband such gatherings through fear of being blamed for any injuries and damage caused during an event such as this. In an island as small as Jersey it is very difficult for younger members of our community to enjoy and express themselves freely without upsetting nearby residents. The party at Grouville, whilst away from most properties, still caused anguish to some older residents who, quite frankly, find a gathering of teenagers a bit intimidating. Note that I am not one of these people, but someone who speaks to them. I am sure that in the very dim and distant future, you guys will also be quaking at the thought of teenagers partying near you! Without wanting to seem condescending, have you considered your own lobby group to make your voices heard amongst the political elite?

Respectable Parent
As long as they don't disturb anybody - they be left alone to do what they like

well first of all the girl WAS NOT 14.. she was 15!! soo id rather be drunk than a liar tbh.. andd anyway whats it got to do with all u all people!? get as life ye? :)

'Tired of Stupid Children' i DARE you to come say that to our faces -- we'll egg your house mate!At Least put your name up!Ahh see ya im off to a YOOF CLUB!!!

To be honest I don't see how we were directly disturbing/upsetting everyone! I can understand the fact that lots of bottles were left on the golfcourse but we wouldnt have been there if we were left to do our own thing on the beach and not chased away by police. Also, the girl 'found in the middle of the road' was actually on the grass near to the road, AND she was with a sober friend most of the time. So maybe get your facts right before the papers/radio start talking rubbish...Anywayy ... if young people are willing to take the health risks then i think they should be left to it.

We understand that underage drinking is illegal, we understand that we may upset and cause 'havoc' - but do we care ? we are teenagers living the best years of our life, and god danm it im enjoying them to the full, okay some people go to extremes and may collapse in the middle of the road HAHAAHAAHAH fair play to her, but we know who she is, she enjoyed it (well the parts she remebers HAHA) but still police people you r doing a great job, really useful, next time try not to scare us offf the beach on to the golfcourse cause that was jsut silly we caused more trouble up ther on the beach. i hope the golfers the next day had fun finding the golf holes i think i nearly pulled EVERY flag out. but anyways i think having a light hearted party and gathering on the beach isnt so bad you shouldnt be blaming us for the comsumption of the alcohol you should be blaming those half witted people which sell us the alchohol HA!

Right i am a teenager. This discussion is completely ridiculous. It was started to hear views from the public. So far it is an argument with the teenagers having a go at the older people, and the old people (note Sqn Leader C Gull) using stupid stereotypes about teenagers which makes his contribution invaluable. So you adults wonder why we have a problem with you? Probably because you are all too happy complaining and thinking we are one in the same its stupid. Health education is necessary at all schools so i don't think education about the subject is an important issue. If I'm honest i don't think anyone has ever taken it seriously. In my opinion drinking alcohol is just our way of having a good time and no we dont want to be treated like adults all the time we just ask for a bit of respect and we will respect you back. Final note, if the police hadn't come the golf course would have been fine as it was only when they arrived that the party was moved. We do try and keep parties in secluded areas where not many people will be disturbed but it is impossible to disturb nobody. P.S. '--' you are an idiot and the drinking is just a bit of fun. In my opinion anyone who is so drunk they should not be allowed to go to parties like that because it is ruined for them and for us. I think social drinking in small amounts, would be a good way of lowering the seriousness of the situation.

Another 15 Year Old
Look, we're just having fun, nothing else, so what if there was some litter left behind, so what if we were a little loud, im sure most people at some point in their lives have done the same, no matter who you are, so there's no point in trying to argue against it, because it isn't going to stop, all you're doing is provoking more and more teenagers to do the same, so just give up, i would if i were you.

annoyed teenager
To be honest i think that people should stop being so stereotypical towards teenagers as at that party there were loads of people so you can't say that everyone's stupid and ugly because we're not we just drink because it's fun and it's not as if we're hurting anyone so i don't see what the problem is. please just leave us alone and ok if we're do do something that's way out of order then ok arrest us or whatever but to be honest the more we get in trouble and on the news the funnier it makes it and the more we're going to do it just because we can and we enjoy it. We're just having fun! Adults are allowed to do it and if you expect us to be mature hen don't treat us like children!! Please just leave us alone we're not hurting anyone....

Live. Laugh. Love.
As long as we don't disturb anyone (E.g you old moaners watching Deal or No Deal) -- surely we should be allowed to carry on? Let us have our fun :)

and for your info that was my sister that was pareletic!!! ok wasnt good to get so drunk lol..but still had a good time.. shes now probably grounded but trust me that gunna make things worse i no out of experience.. let them get on with what they wanna do and they will learn from there mistakes.. by themself.. and jersey needs to get alot beter problem tha most boringest places to live!!!!!!

my sis went to that party i dont live in jersey anymore cuz i think its crap.. there is nothing to do for teenagers but drink.. what else is there to do go to the libray i dont think so..!! teenagers should keep drinking proud of you sis!!!!!!

I don't see the problem here... There appears to be a side of the argument drinking *us ignorant yoofs*Then another side of the argument that accept that we are drinking ourselves to death and aren't complaining.As long as no damage is caused in the process through vandalism, which is where i guess the police should be stepping in, can't we just be left alone to enjoy those few nights where we can actually forget the pressure of exams and enjoy ourselves?

-- One of the "Zit Poppers"
Why are we expected to be the next brains of Britain? Has it ever occurred to you people that none of us want that? So what we drink, like you never? Yeah, I do agree that we do get out of hand and that sometimes the amount of alcohol is ridiculous -- also a lot of people congregating in one place isn't clever. But let's be serious, even if you found a youth centre big enough to hold all of us we'd only want to find ways of wrecking the place – you can’t control us. The only thing you are all worried about is that we won't be around/rich enough to pay for your swish retirement homes -- give it a rest -- we don't care. In reply to Richard, holding talks with the kids won’t work – we either won’t turn up or just won’t bother listening and will eventually end up arguing with you the entire time – you won’t make any progress. The youth facilities aren’t big enough – but as I said before, we won’t stay inside it. Big open spaces are more ideal for us which is why beaches are usually the place we’re at. Have fun trying to get respect from us. We get it drilled into our heads about alcohol from school – it’s not because we lack in knowledge about alcohol abuse – it’s the fact that we don’t care. And to be honest with you, just because we drink – doesn’t mean we’re stupid. Just let us enjoy our younger years before we get old and grouchy like you.

Sqn Leader C Gull
The problem with arresting the little scrotes is that Mummy turns up to see them blubbing like a girl and they get let off with a light caution only to come back the next night. We have to address just why a bunch zit poppers want to get wasted …. Do they really want to go to a “yoof” club ? … probably not. Lets face it, most of them are so butt ugly that alcohol is their only chance of getting laid. In any case, like my esteemed posting colleague points out, they are hardly likely to be building rockets in the future. Those of us with an IQ higher than a bird are going to need brain dead zombies (such as below) to do our menial tasks as we age, so let them be.More Kleenex Kevin?

Also before treating us teenagers all like chavs. . realise where we come from -- most people from that party were Jcg/Vic 's so hush!

--15 yr old again =P
'Learn how to treat THEM' i'm sorry but if your going to talk about my use of grammar at least learn to do it yourself mate! Obviously when you were 15, when dinosaurs roamed, alcohol was not available!!AND don't you dare!! insult my smileys and kisses -- i am actually v. geeky!! Straight A student I'll have you know! [ED: xxxx removed for reasons of excess - and it made the page look funny]

Tired Of Stupid Children
Let them drink themselves to death, worst case scenario there will be fewer people to pump our petrol or serve us food at MacDonalds. Frankly anyone (im talking to you ANON and 15 Years Old) who uses that amount of smileys and kisses on a message board, as well finishing scentences with "yeh" clearly isnt the brain of Britain, or Jersey for that matter, so why bother? But seriously, if they think they're old enough and clever enough, let them get on with it, treat like they want, like adults, AND ARREST THEM EVERYTIME THEY GET OUT OF HAND.

Couple of points really:

1 Hold talks with the kids and find out why

2 What powers do the Police have3 What youth facilities are in Grouville + the Island

4 Until you get respect from the youngters you will get nowhere. Respect given respect returned.

5 What education do the young get about alcohol 'abuse' and the fact that (god willing) they will have loads of time to 'enjoy' alcohol.

Police should let us be and not talk to the parents we are just having fun, we should be congregating dont stop that yyou fools... we have a lot of friends... youth facilities wont be big enuf and u cnt drink ther ;).... nothing can be done ... you cannot stop us MWAHAHHAHAA x we can do wat we like. . and all 15 yr olds would agreeee MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!Seriously though, leave us alone yeh? Go watch countdown or something instead of sticking your nose in our buisness?!Much appreciated!!!

-- 15 yr old =P
Ermm f--- off??!The party on friday at Goreyy was classs! And bloody hell, if your gonna report the paraletic girl at least give her the right age =P you tards!Leave us the hell alone. . . boring boring old people with nothing better to do than try and gatecrash our parties >=(Bugger Off!!Much Love xo

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