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28 October 2014

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Jersey Anthem

Jersey's new anthem

Island Home by Gerard le Feuvre won the selection to become the islands national anthem.

After months of hard work the new anthem for Jersey was selected at a special event at the Opera House on Thursday 1 May 2008.

Island Home by Gerard Le Feuvre has been chosen to become Jersey's new official anthem.

The lyrics to Island Home are:

Ours is an Island home
Firm on rock and strong by sea
Loyal and proud in history
Our thankful hearts are raised to God for Jersey

The beauty of our land
Long inspired both eye and mind
Ours the privilege to guard its shore
So help we God that Jersey might through grace endure

Can you imagine singing this tune with crowds of other islanders at a ceremonial occasion or major sporting event?

The Jersey Festival Choir sang each of the five shortlisted songs first and then the audience joined in to test its crowd-pleasing singability.

Announcing the winner the Bailiff, who was one of the five Judges, says 'Island Home' won by a clear majority.

Festival Choir performing the anthems

In his summing up speech the Bailiff talked of Jersey as a nation.

He said "As we all know, there are occasions, both sporting and cultural, when we need a national song by which to identify ourselves.

"But it goes much deeper than that. We are a small nation with our own laws, history and heritage; our own parliament, flag and traditions.

"We are not England, nor the UK, nor France; we are Jersey. We have our own separate identity, and most of us are very proud of that."

Winning the competition isn't the end of tests for the new anthem however.

'Island Home' still needs to be ratified by the States and if a groundswell of islanders decide they don't like the choice, there is still the possibility of the anthem decision being overturned by States members.

Sadie Rennard singing at Liberation Day 07

The new anthem will be first sung in its official capacity on Liberation Day.

The politician responsible for the search for a Jersey anthem, Deputy Caroline Labey, thinks it will work well sung by athletes, crowds and choristers alike.

She told BBC Jersey: "It's got to be something you can sing along to in the right key. I absolutely love Beautiful Jersey but I can't sing it. Tere's something about the key that I cannot just sing in that pitch."

The composer of Jersey's new anthem says he hopes it will give islanders a feeling of unity when they sing it.

'Island Home' is by St Ouen's Gerard Le Feuvre and he says Jersey's other patriotic songs will always have an important role.

He told us that "when I wrote this anthem I wrote it in such a way that you could sing Beautiful Jersey and Ma Normandie and a childrens song and my anthem all at the same time.

"It was always my vision that we would stand united and we will never stop singing Beautiful Jersey. I will never stop singing Beautiful Jersey, I sang it with my kids yesterday."

There will also be a Jerriais version of the anthem made available soon.

Gerard Le Fuevre says the inspiration for his music is firmly rooted in Jerrais poetry and in traditional folk music, which he says Jersey needs to keep from disappearing.

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created: 15/04/2008

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Simone From Skipton
Land of hope and glory or beautiful jersey are my favourites

Ian, Dublin expat
Ruritania rules? All thet bleddy trompit fenfae? Somebody planning to invade Guernsey?The best of a bad bunch is 'Arise Arise' because it's actually about Jersey, not about last vestiges of Duty to the Jolly Old Empire and God's an Englishman Chaps. I'm not - "j'sis de l'isle de Jersé" Besides anybody connected with Cirque du Soleil must know what they're doing.What's wrong with 'Beautiful Jersey'? That really is a 'hymn' to the Island, not to self-congratulation.'Ma Normandie' is beautiful, fine, but all the Islands and more are Norman and we have to face facts that German never caught on but English has. Irish trying to sing "A Soldier's Song" in Irish is a cringeworthy sight best not inflicted on modern Jèrriais trying to sing French.Sometimes these things go by default. Nobody formally selected 'Flower of Scotland', it just happened and roger the 'Bluebells'. It needs something like that for a modern world saying "This is a great place and we're lucky to live here" - a bit of humility that the place makes the people, not the other way round.

shaun Ex Islander but still a bean my love
hedley lemaistre Anthem for Jersey should be our song not this drone on of verbal diahoria!!

To be honest none of the options were "anthems". And they are all rubbish - apart from that GREAT CHOICE!!!

How out of date is this!?!?!! Talk about OLD news. Shame on you BBC.

Continental man
I definitely prefer the great Geraint jennings's Island song in jerriais which hadn't be selected. Fortunately, we share it now in the "Grande terre".

Basil W
Another victory for the grey haired and boring most of whom were not born in Jersey. Sad.

I've just had an idea to resolve this anthem issue - why not a local referendum on the matter? That way, Islanders could actually choose what anthem to be played in official and sporting occasions.

The result of the plebiscite would be determined by popular will, not by some old trying to dictate terms to everyone else. How about it, folks, a modern, democratic method?

The Bailiff referred to Jersey as a "nation." In relation to the Island Games, would his counterparts from the Isle of Man, Sicilly, the Canaries, Sardinia, etc, refer to their respective territories as "nations?"I am, like other contributors to this site, starting to worry that our leaders are beginning to exteriorise their delusions of grandeur for our Island.Their vision of the Island does not reflect the opinions of Islanders, who are proud to be Islanders, British and, perhaps even, European. What next - the re-introduction of compulsory military service?!

I hope that local athletes who don't/can't/won't sing this religious anthem aren't going to be considered anti-Island by the local body politic.

I amm Jersey Man through and through, the only anthem I will ever use is the British National Anthem not a silly dirge chosen by FW and a few cronies at the Opera House How dare they!!!!!!!!

jersey man
absolute RUBISH!!

You what
Oh my god i can't believe the Bailiff believes Jersey is a NATION!!! ("nation" is commonly used in informal discourse as a synonym for state or country, a nation is not identical to a state.) is he off to provide troops for the Jersey TA (ahum) to NATO then? as for the song, well politcians they say are deaf (to our wishes) and it sounds like they are tone deaf too.

I much prefer "Ma Normandie", which is a far more moving piece and much more regal. Jersey is historically Norman. The use of Ma Normandie does not imply that Jersey is French, it just reflects the island's geographical and cultural heritage. Why does Jersey need a new anthem? Who decided that the old one was not good enough? I hope people will protest and that the old anthem, part of the island's heritage, can be retained.

this was an absolute joke! the majority knew james tabeners was the best even the choir loved it! it was a fix !anoher muck up by the states why we let them do anything i dont know! let the people make the vote not old man frank walker

If that was the best one, hate to think what the rest were like ! Very droll, unexciting and basically crap

Once again we see the Typical Jersey Way come into play - a small number of self-judged experts ignore the wishes of the crowd (the audience last night) - in true Jersey Anti-Democracy Spirit. I would have thought it was self-evident that an anthem has to be a crowd pleaser, yet the crowd was roundly ignored.. as usual. The States will obviously rubber-stamp this through, not wishing to embarrass the judges, and we'll be stuck with this erratic dirge.

Maybe we should have a sex offenders register before we get a national anthem?

Sue Curwood
A very high standard but Number 1 must go toBeautiful Jersey

None of the 5 are worth a thought, all slow cannot see anyone singing at a football match or any sports event so our states members will love em all

Theyre all utter crap and quite frankly, embarrassing. Please see Le Marseillaise or Star Spangled Banner for how National Anthems should sound, this shouldnt even be on the internet let alone attached to the island love. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!

Where is 'Jersey, Mon Vie'? That dinosaur Philly Bailhache has no taste in music.Syvret was right. Get him out!

Isn't this just typical of our island establishment and all those that subscribe to the ostrich habit of burying ones head in the sand? When we are faced with a morally corrupt and inept leadership who daily put their collective foot in it.

Who deny there responsibility for our present calamitous position. Whose senior figures can't even admit to being inept in nearly everything that they do. These people who consider our 'reputation' as more important than the people whom they govern.

Isn't it just damned pathetic that all they can channel their efforts towards, is a competition for a peice of drivel, an excuse for an anthem so that some smug Jersey establishment sorts and others that think themselves important enough to warrant such pompous tosh, can stand with pride at a sports event and think 'well,i'm truly proud to be proper Jersey me'.

Do any of you honestly think that in a community that puts a musical ditty before a sex offenders register, that visiting overseas dignitaries / teams etc will think of us in a new and better light? Well if you do then i suggest you go out and get a life people!

Together with a ludicrous bridge to France, a daft yellow banana (and an even dafter slogan) and a tax that will hit the less well off in the island, then this really shows off this rock in its true light! I hope this all fills you with pride. Pathetic!

Cara L Billot
There is only one Jersey song, called Beautiful Jersey, which is quite perfect in every way and serves the purpose very well. Such a competition is quite unnecessary.

Steve Newton ( Hon. Secretary 'The Harmony Men'
I really think it has to be 'Beautiful Jersey' if not'My Jersey, My Home', which is an 'easy sing'.

If you read Frank Walker's comments on this issue, you'll understand that a new local anthem would not supersede the British national anthem; it is only intended to create an anthem that Jersey could use in local events or in sporting fixtures against teams from the UK and other dependencies.This may sound odd, but England, unklike Jersy, doesnot actually have an anthem and reverts to the UK national anthem.

I thought we already had a national anthem-'God save the Queen'? We are British after all! If we are forced to choose then Nick you're right.Hedley wins hands down maa cock :>

Give it to Hedley - Jersey Mon Vie!!

Depressing old hymns! If we must abandon the perfectly serviceable God Save the Queen (our Monarch!), we need something cheerful, majestic, and easy to sing along to.All the ones I've heard so far are way too complicated.. up and down the scales for the sake of it like Whitney Houston!Can we vote for None Of The Above before one of these overblown dirges is foisted upon us all?It looks like, once again, something deeply unpopular is going to be dumped upon us without proper consultation or democratic agreement. Typical Jersey! Might as well have a simple limerick about GST :)

You are in: Jersey > People > Your island > Jersey's new anthem

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