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13 November 2014

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Oresund Bridge (c)

Oresund Bridge connects Sweden & Denmark

Bridging the gap

The idea of a link (bridge or tunnel) between Jersey and France is back on the agenda.

How would you like to be able to drive to France from Jersey?

Perhaps you’d buckle up and pop to a genuine French boulangerie for your Sunday morning croissants? Maybe you'd jump in the car and whiz off for a romantic weekend in Paris. Then again you could just fill your boot with fine French wine and head home again.

If you wanted to make that a reality right now, you’d have to invest in an amphibious car.

Not so far-fetched

In the past there have been ideas mooted and dreams dreamt about connecting the island to mainland France. Those idea’s have usually been met with responses such as ‘that’s just ridiculous’ or ‘impossible’.

But according to resident Peter Walsh it’s not such a far-fetched idea to look at linking the east of the island to Port Bail with a road bridge.

The structure would be similar to the Oresund Bridge, which links Denmark and Sweden.

Since that original suggestion the idea has been taken on by the Environment Scrutiny Panel - who will also be examining the idea of a tunnel.

They will also be looking at whether it would be possible to combine tidal power generators with the bridge or tunnel.

Growing the economy

Mr Walsh believes the bridge would allow Jersey to grow its economy without needing to build hundreds more homes on the island.

He said turbines could be attached to the piers to generate electricity, and oil and gas pipes included in the link. He added that freight prices would be reduced with the construction of a bridge.

The Jersey man, who has written to President Sarkozy of France to seek his support, believes the bridge could pay for itself thorough tolls over 35 years.

The Minister for Planning, Senator Freddie Cohen, said it’s worth looking into proposals but cost would be a major issue.

Have your say

Would you like to see a bridge between Jersey and Normandy?

How much would you be prepared to pay in tolls to use the proposed bridge?

Would you consider commuting from France to Jersey, or visa versa?

Share your thoughts on building a bridge to France.

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created: 08/04/2008

Have Your Say

Share your views on bridging the gap between Jersey and France

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Only one thing
worth saying - who is going to pay for this - will cost billions?Stupid idea

born in Jersey living elsewhere
Completely bonkers, mad idea, someone obviously spent too much time in the sun

leifur bjarnasaon

Kevin & Sharon
When the channel tunnel was built,the news reported two thousand illegal immigrants per week. you have a beautifull Island, be careful what you wish for.

basically there is anough polish and portugese on this island let alone french !!! and sid this island isnt proxy i always have stuff to do .. you just obviously have no life~!

born in jersey lives in london
Its about time someone had a good idea like this - Jersey Tourism is so far down the pan that this is both a sensible and a tourist boosting plan. Nice to see that people are having ideas to improve the island that stretch further than the KFC on the water front, maybe people would actually visit Jersey and boost its economy if getting there was can get to spain for half the price for better it do it, be brave jersey it will all ok. Get the train back too whist your at it !

smart 'E'
Good idea cannot afford boat or plane trip. Hard times

Oh! for goodness sake please get a grip on reality have either anyone of you, who are in favour of this Fantasy Bridge done any research on the cost to your islands wallet not to mention the destruction it would bring to a small island 9 miles by 5 miles i think you need to go out more and have a look at how small this little island already is with its concreted forests and its already overpopulated inhabitants. A bridge ye right!

i do not like Chris Scott's comment about turning Goery castle into ck! That building is hundreds of years old! the cheek of it!!

Andy Starkie
i think it's a good idea. it gives tourists (like myself)a chance to explore jerseys past heritage by access to france, the ferries are slow and to expensive.

it would be stupid because over here you have to be 18 to by alcohol, but in France it is only 14, so it would mean more wasted teenagers.

see you next tuesday
In the long history of rubbish ideas the jersey states has ever come up with, this is the worst, and the most crazy. To creat a bridge to france would cost jersey too much, and in the current climate, why not think of saving some money, and maybe coming up with some good ideas for once, or does that not come into the states vocabulary. Plus if you want fresh hot croissants, why not use a local backery, or is that too much of a cognitive struggle! Jersey would loose its independance and its unique island identity.

What a crazy idea. Nature gave us a beautiful island and we just want to destroy our island. Let´s talk about the millions of immigrants just wanting to get our jobs for less money, our life ruined by thousands of cars landing here. What about our life ? our pubs? entering a pub and just can´t be there cause there are too many people around. HELL ON EARTH !!!!BRIDGE? HELL BRIDGE! NO WAY!

Mary Magdeline
do it! condor is rubbish times and expensive

Amy Dorey
I don't think that the bridge is a good idea,don't just think about how much it might cost think what could happen may-be if one of the French brought over a dog who had rabies and it got passed around or something, and say some one was driving along and they crashed it would take along time to get to them? What if it took to long?

in english we are doing a bedate about this

hugh jass
holidays would be crowded

Chris Scott
£25 for Motorbike and Rider?Would be cheaper then condor!!!We could turn Mont Orgueil into a multi story ck!In all honesty it is the way to go. Further away from England the better!

This is Hilarious, you should right more comedy in the the future.

Ken Turner
I do beleive that this would be a great asset to Jersey and it's residents

great idea. certainly i would commute, i think a reasonable price would be £10. i do not understand the peoples reluctance to this. seems to interfere with their ideological and elevated view of themselves in the greatr scheme of things. lets face it, its a tiny island, tourism is dead, nobody can afford to live here. ok, house prices may fall, GOOD!

good Idea but i not like a bridge i like a under ground tunnel instead

Artic Monkey
The only time a bridge would be of any use is when there is fog and the passengers can be coached to another airport.

James Miller
I'd love to just off to France for the weekend, and so would many other people I know. The bridge HAS to be built. Don't just flirt with the idea!

People must understand that a bridge to France would have far greter costs than just the money and environment. Jersey's nature would change forever. Once an island is ioened up, it is no longer an island. This sounds obvious but people should think about it for a minute. Property prices would plummet, plunging thousands of families into economic ruin. Our ability to self-govern would be under a huge threat as Europe over the decades that followed. Our Island culture would disappear forever. As someone who cares about Jersey and who also loves France, I'll be sticking with the Ferry. A bridge is just 'grand projet' that tickles the fancy of Ozouf, Cohen and friends.

I seem to recall the famous quote of British Lt. Gen. Frederick (BOY)Browning, deputy commander of the First Allied Airborne Army, who told Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery before the OPERATION MARKET GARDEN at Arnham, "I think we may be going a bridge too far." This is a truly crackpot idea, this island needs more vehicles like a hole in the head, never mind what else decides to use the bridge...and one last thought a marine structure of this size will require constant maintainance not the pathetic attempts by our various states departments, don't waste any more taxpayers funds on this rubbish!! and if Mr. Walsh or any others are so keen on France go live there!!

Rhydian Harris
It would ruin the Jersey economy - house prices will plummet, local businesses would suffer etc. A bad idea

It's not going to happen but, if it did, what about the environmental consequences of all these people commuting every day to work in Jersey? How would this help people who can't afford to buy in Jersey - you are no longer living here? In what way is it better than moving to France and getting a job there?

Joker C
All academic I’m afraid. The bridge would not be economically viable because no construction company is going to invest £100’s of millions in a project that would probably take longer than the life of the bridge see a return on their investment.

This would be hideous and ruin the island. I have spent many wonderful holidays on the island, and can't think of anything I would like to see less. Surely it would leave the island open to a huge influx of undesirables?

Sqn Leader C Gull
In theory, a good idea. In reality, lets face it – not going to happen.

A few things to think about.

1. The cost – who will pay for this – should Jersey issue government bonds or raise taxes. The crossing fees would have to be enormous to pay for this. The QE2 bridge near London is a mere 2,800 metres long, cost £86 million to build and took 13 years to pay for. This was by using part of the revenue from the 73,000 vehicle a day which use the crossing! We would have to be charged a lot of money for a long time.

2. The electricity generated would indeed be of great benefit to the people of Jersey. However, do you honestly think that the JEC would charge any less than they do now. Also, France is a committed nuclear energy country with a huge coastline. If tidal electricity was a viable option, they surely would already be using it – funded by the EU ( which Jersey is not a full member of), so they wouldn’t be overly interested. In fact don’t forget that they sell us surplus energy.

3. If people could theoretically commute from France, those Islanders with houses would see the value of their properties nose dive. On the plus side, rents would indeed fall in proportion to the above, which would be of great benefit to those in rental accommodation especially as you could rent in St Malo, but expect any gains to be wiped out by the crossing charges.

4. We would all shop in France. Fantastic for us. But what about the retailers here – they would be out of business pretty fast. Also, we would use mainland European plumbers, builders, decorators and any other service which can drive here. So no work for the local tradesman. Unless you work in finance, expect large scale unemployment. That is of course assuming that we have a finance industry in the future.

5. Tourism – yes tourists could drive here. But not everyone wants to come to Jersey and maybe they would not want to pay the crossing charge to visit an island. The Skye bridge in Scotland did cost over 11 quid a crossing before the Scottish Executive abolished the toll due to public pressure ( it was subsidised and they had to pay some £27 million to break the toll charge contract ) – nb – this bridge is a miniscule 500 metres long and cost £39 million to build . Plus, could we cope with a huge influx of traffic on our already heavily congested roads.

6. Where would the bridge be located – the obvious place is the north coast. A lot of the coast is National Trust land and of specific beauty containing rare fauna and wildlife. Which politician would put their hand up first to have, say, Rozel or St Catherine concreted over and a terminal built with the surrounding countryside flattened for the entry roads.

I am absolutely in favour of this connection. It would open up so many more possibilities than we could possibly presently envisage. Apart from the fact that many people who cannot afford to buy in Jersey, would be able to purchase a property and commute (and they would), I am convinced that it would also breath new life into our dwindling Tourism industry. Those visiting for a daytrip may well decide to stay for the weekend. We may like to shop in France but I think that the French would also like to pop over and stock up on their British goodies! We don't need anymore people saying "leave it is it is, it's always been that way!" We need to move on as a community! I for one am sick of being held to ransome by the airlines & ferry companies when I want to get off the rock for a break! and if more people had taken the time to go to the talk by Peter Lundhus at the Parish Hall last week, they may well be more versed on the pains that are taken to protect the environment etc when a project of this kind is undertaken. I would consider that currently between £25 - £30 would seem a reasonable toll, which would then decrease as the loan is paid off. As for carbon emissions, apparently a ferry hauling a full cargo of cars emits much much more to power itself through the sea than those same number of cars traveling under their own steam! Interesting.

Jonny T
I've just been reading the article about the 'Confederation Bridge' in Canada (see link above) which touches on many of the same issues raised so far.I would be cautiously supportive of a 'link' to the French mainland but my preference would be a tunnel rather than a bridge, although I don't about the relative costs involved for either option. The Canadian bridge was subject to a public vote and I think the same should be true of this proposal if the feasibility study becomes serious and is taken further.

Yeah get it done so I can spend all my hard earned wages in france where theres a hell of a lot more to do than on this poxy little island

In general I think it is a nice idea in relations to food prices and ferry crossing etc. I actually wonder if people do realize that the brigde can not be open 24/7?? Looking at the damage on the sea wall in March this year I guess this can be fatal if people cross the bridge with this high winds and natural forces. Something which has just crossed my mind: Who would decide on which side of the bridge we would drive, left or right? or would we change the lane in the middle of the bridge to make it fair towards France and Jersey ?

Maybe the environment scrutiny panel should look at the example of the bridge linking the isle of skye to mainland Scotland and the controversy that caused before embarking on such an idea.

Marc Mitchell
i think it would increase tourism & make it cheeper to import essentials for the island from europe .. but top of my list, is it being an escape route from our insular paradise if "cape de la hague" goes up.. When the wind blows & all that... at least we could drive away, rather then frying from the inside while watching channel TV.

Daniela Rusowsky
That would be so great! It will open the economy and will give the possibility to many people to realize that there is a world out there...

Richard Briffa
I think the only benefit is that I could go over the bridge at will and pick up some nice French cheese and freshly baked bread - Yum Yum!!

think about it this way,it would cost £50 per crossing, agreed. that is cheaper than the ferries, but what is wrong with the ferries? this is one nice idea, a great opportunity for architectural success but this is a classic reason for hiding the real issues of the channel islands, we have more to worry about, such as the legal issues regarding the abuse enquiries. for god sake, if we can;t handle these correctly, then we will have copious amounts of inflatable canoes crossing this bridge, albeit with parish authority cards

Oh, and when are they going to import some mountains so the beans don't have to leave the island to go skiing? Surely there should be some sort of priority made when considering which stupid idea to put forward for consideration.

Sheer stupidity. If the States fund this, where will they get the money? Will they halt the research into developing an army of monkeys with wings?

Whilst I can see the possible advantages for Jersey people in terms of a link to Europe, I think the drawbacks far exceed the benefits. Where on earth would you ‘join’ it to in Jersey, unless there was to be a new reclamation site on the East coast? Also, the bridge would be longer than the Island itself – is that not a bit bizarre?!! I think the money that Jersey would spend on this bridge could never be justified – I would rather it was spent on improving the roads on dry land before we build one across the sea!!!!

monica conlon
yes please!as we cannot afford to buy a house in jersey,like alot of other jersey people we have bought property in france.At the moment we are tied to one very expensive ferry company, and we have had ferries cancel crossings at no notice at all. Even if the toll was a foot passenger price, it would be worth it. Then perhaps we would get some realistic prices in housing, food, and ferry crossings!

Build at your peril. All those lovely immigrants taking jobs off everyone and causing the policing to be more costly than ever whilst making life in general worse because they work for less thus bringing the average wage down. Lovely stuff eh?Let's talk about proper things. I wonder if my opinion will be posted for a change?

Great Idea!! But put a train running on it aswell. Make the money back sooner and its easier for those who dont drive to comute.

Stop deliberating and just get on with it. Access to France when you want to go, no high ferry fares. A cheap option to get to the UK. Just price the toll at an affordable price. Lower freight costs (and harbour dues), more choice of products coming to the island. Don't debate it in the States Chamber though - it would be built quicker than the time States members would take all having their say.

Manx Bean
Just one serious thought (as the whole idea is hilarious). How are shipping going to navigate this? Will they have to go the long way round Jersey to get anywhere? Or will there be a section that lifts? Sorry, I can hardly contain my hysteria whilst writing this!

Yes, Jean-Marc, a bridge would mean that Jersey would lose its insular character. But I don't know if you have been following the elections in Jersey recently but it may be a good idea that Jersey was not so insular! So controlled by religion and a chosen few that people will not choose to get people out of government who throw unwanted taxes at the people of this island and replace them with people who genuinely care for the wellbeing of their home. I say lose the insular nature of the island and embrace the world rather than be content with the small minded bigot views that people feel it is OK to harbour here!

Ian McLean
Jersey's main appeal is that it is a small island which can only reached by boat or aeroplane. Building an expensive bridge would all but destroy this image - to say nothing of the impact of all the additional traffic on the island. Do the bridge builders envisage a gigantic car park on Grouville Bay?

No, just no.What is with all this thing about linking us with France, we are an independant island, keep it that way!

Interestingly its mainly the tourists that visit the island that want it kept how it is, the locals who want it. So Micheal has a good point in that those tourists who take about a beautiful island and should stay that way are selfish!

Being French I think this idea of a bridge is absolutely ludicrous because Jersey would lose its insular character and would therefore be of no interest to foreign tourists and tru Jersey people would become as bland as a baguette bought from a hypermarket on the French 'mainland'. Besides, the Isle of Wight isn't planning to build a bridge across the Channel to Portsmouth so I con't really see why Jersey should.

james waters
I think its a good idea we then may get a lot more tourists comeing over

no way ....ho can you possibly think that this bridge is a good idea

NO, no. Shame on you, Frank Dickinson - Shipley, West Yorkshire. You honestly believe that the peopole on here - myself included in case you hadn't read my earlier post - are morons for thinking that this bridge would be a good idea?Please explain how, living in Shipley, West Yorkshire you can decide that those of us who actually live on this island would be stupid to think of the benefits that this would create? If I could be so bold as to assume that you are an elder gentleman who enjoys rambling holidays and thus are simply worried about yourself whereas this could benefit so many in other ways. Our opinions may be ridiculous to you but yours seems selfish to me

Concrete all the seas/oceans etc then anyone can drive anywhere.

Frank Dickinson -Shipley, West Yorkshire
Ridiculous!! Whether or not this is possible is not the main issue. Jersey is a beautiful island and that lovely benefit should be maintained - to go ahead with this soulless idea would be to destroy the mystery of islands. The Isle of Skye has already been similarly clinicised. Let's keep some romance in life and in travel. Why should we always kow tow to the modernists, the cheap wine buyers and those who do not appreciate the island of Jersey as it exists. How fortunate you are to reside in Jersey. Leave it alone. Shame on you Chris, Richard Callan, Eillen and all the other morons - shame on you all!

Amazing idea! I believe the island will be all the better for it. Lets bring Jersey out of the dark ages and give the islanders more choice and more freedom!!

Richard Callan
Was Natalie really asking a serious question? "will we have to pay?"

Richard Callan
When can they start building and how quickly can they get it done?

see the facebook group.. 'Lets NOT build a bridge from Jersey to France'.. gained 150 members in a matter of 24 hours..

I think it is a brilliant idea! but it will take time.

Roger Noel
Lets face it, this is the most daft idea i have heard in a long time. Firstly the damage to the Enviroment whilst it was being built would be dreadful. You would also have to build a terminal at la Rocque or where ever the bridge reached Jersey and we do not have room for that!!. The only bit i liked was the idea of turbines in the sea to make electricity. Jersey should have been doing this for years.

Sounds fantastic! no more sick bags or cancelled boats

I visited Jersey for my holidays every year for the past 11 years, i go to jersey for the peace and quiet of the island. Iknow it would help the islands tourism but like someone said jersey is an island please keep like that.

I do love reading the comments on these stories. They really are more entertaining than most of the article - and that isn't a slur on you guys, Ryan!

Small minded and petty are words that sum Jersey really well. It wasn't long ago that loads of you were happy to complain that you would love to stay in Jersey, work here and school your kids here but can't afford the price of housing.

Well surely this would be an opportunity for those people. A quick drive - and I mean quick as there would be no necessity to turn up an hour before crossing as is currently in place - and you would be at work.

As for illegal immigrants and such; a bridge like this would be manned at both ends - how else would tolls be taken. If an immigrant wants to get to Jersey that much then there is nothing to stop them jumping in a small boat and landing on any one of the beaches here.

Tourism would benefit. How anyone could say that Jersey couldn't cope with the increase obviously has no idea that more tourists means more money therefore more money is spent on increasing services.

As some people have pointed out this is a good diversion from the other things that are happening in Jersey - but hey, even though these things are happening we still have to move on.

In all reality this bridge would be a great asset to the island. The addition of power generation equipment and the ability for companies to attach cabling should encourage these providers to invest in it's creation.

The down side is simply the cost. It would be so expensive to make and the comments that the bridge would be extremely quiet are quite true. People would want to look at no more than around £10 to cross in their car and there probably isn't enough profit in that alone. If the transfer of services such as telecoms, electricity, gas and mail can contribute to its being then I say go for it! - a day out in France at the moment ends up as a couple of hours.

This way entitles people to have a full day out with only half an hours travel. It's a brilliant idea if it's financially viable.

If the correspondents watch National Geographic, Sky Channel 526, on Sunday morning of 20th April 2008 at 01:15am on the building of the Oresund Bridge, I wonder if any of the comments below change.

Yes a very good idea, would love to see this done in my life time. Would commute between the two. Would certainly paid a toll each way. Also would create competition for the ferry routes and also would give cheap clean power using wind and underwater turbines incorporated into the bridge.

How about extending the runway and upgrading the ILS to Cat II standards so I don't have to sit waiting for the only cloud in the sky to move away from Jersey

Jono H
Hows about Dandara Build it then........

Harry Sutton
Sadly, as brilliant as this would be, Jersey just wouldn't be able to handle the massive rise in tourism. This might be considered a bonus for Jersey, with tourism being one of our main sources of income, but no amount of new flats/hotels on the waterfront would be able to handle it.If Jersey was a bigger place, maybe. Would certainly get rid of all the hanging about at the harbour.

Ian Le Sueur
It's all a big plan by the French to declare France as an offshore tax heaven.

aileen smith
a road bridge would definitely assist inkeeping the balance of payments for Jersey"in the blue"

Jersey Student
It would attract a hell of a lot more tourists than the Living Legend, that's for sure!

OK, so this bridge is not impossible to build, so lets build a more realistic bridge main land uk to France.

Ryan (Host)
James - there are plenty of articles around the site on the islands political system, political reform and the debates surrounding it - it's just that this is a current story and has had many more comments than any of the political ones.

But if you do want to talk politics head over to our States Section - there are comment boxes on pretty much every article we create.

So the best comparison is the Oresund bridge between Sweden and Denmark... these are two huge contries why on earth would anyone even think of comparing this to a bridge between France and the tiny little island of Jersey.. its ridiculous. Looks like more garbage news to fill the pages as no one is talking about the issues that matter in Jersey like the archaic and currupt government system.

no jersey is an island , let it stay as one

I think a bridge would be an excellent idea. There is too many benefits to mention. As long as there's some sort of immigration control / passport control. Hopefully it will happen in my lifetime.

Montfort Tadger
Montfort - what on earth does this crazy but nice idea have to do with the government or GST? Stop trying to highjack everything for your own and the JDA's political gain - it is disgusting.Nice idea but the bridge would need private funding and it is unlikely that any company would see a return on their investment given the initial costs and maintenance that would be required. It's never going to happen.

i think it be a sweeet deal if we had a bridge to france at least we dont have to pay so much to go there then just spend our money on the good things fair play the guy who thaught this one up

Worth investigating further.Problem is the cultural negativity in Jersey towards any change.I can just see the regular callers to the BBC Radio Jersey Sunday moan in, with steam coming out of their ears just thinking about this!

Ashley F
The bridge between Denmark and sweden is used by 25 million people a year.Even if a bridge was made and was used by a million it would be the quietest bridge on earth and jersey would explode under the presure from all the visitors.

John H
How come there's still no bridge linking Hampshire to the Isle of Wight ? Maybe the Jersey bridge could "leap Frog" ( sorry for the pun ) via the Echrehous ...

Brilliant idea! Its about time our links to the continent were not dictated by condor... Will there be a footpath? I don't drive!

Easy conduit for illegal economic migrants and drug traffickers. It would have a traffic flow greater than Victoria Avenue. Imagine Customs trying to stop every suspect vehicle on that road. Now imagine even more traffic.Ridiculous idea. Will never get off ground. Funding would depend on "securitisation" technique which is a dead duck in current financial climate.

Montfort Tadier
The real issue is GST and the fact that the government is, to use parliamentary language, 'shafting us'. This bridge suggestion is purely to distract us all from real issues and it is working

clive Pearce
No, a tunnel to Wales otherwise all those ships traveling along the channel might hit it. Through the tunnel with the exit next to the Minellium Stadium me thinks. Result!!

Manx Bean
Oh please..a Liverpool newspaper printed a similar story about a bridge from there to the Isle of Man...on 1st April, naturally.Try writing a list of what the people of Jersey REALLY NEED and see how far down the list this sits...quite close to Stuart Syvret for Chief Minister I'd imagine.

Douglas Bisson
What an excellent idea. I have always hated taking the boat to St Malo, and twice have gotten stuck there due to bad sea conditions. And we all know that those Frenchies don't like traveling too far from home when they want to go shopping pour le weekend!

Dai Burton
I think they should build a bridge to Lovely Wales.

Bruce Wiling
While we are on a roll, why not also think about an airport off Seymour Tower and a marina at Havre des Pas?

Richard, the bridge between Denmark & Sweden is actually 10 miles. What people are forgetting also is the fact that this bridge turns into a tunnel half way through the link.Would be a good idea, but then it pays to think Jersey is a British Island not French.

Michael Hunt
Rabies.Foot and Mouth.Colorado Beetles.There's always more to it than meets the eye!Still, we'd have hoardes of French visitors and that would be a massive boost to Tourism - just imagine the profits to be made there.

Sort the area around the new hotel on the waterfront for starters. Then just start sorting jersey out, it's a mess, and no one cares. You'll never be able to voice your own opinion in jersey. A steam clock which points in the wrong direction, reclaimed land that was sold from us. Jersey is going down hill big time, and is more secretive than the KGB and CIA put together, and it will always be that way.

Ashley F
Why haven't my thoughts been published? You could have swapped the word 'retarded' with daftest. Seems that you're mostly going for the 'yes' votes. . . how stupid are these people? Do they realise how deep the seas is? Even if you could be built it would be construction on the scale that no one has seen before - all so that a bunch of clowns can get fresh bread. Oh dear. Fix Jersey 1st I say. Give the kids something to do to keep them out of my way!

joe da costa
after been in jersey for 11 years and seen tourism going down every year and those bunch of old people in the states not doing enough for making this island more modern i really think the bridge would be a great idea bringing more europe tourists to the island without being riped off by condor ferries or jersey airport and making this island more alive for local business

The danish bridge cost £3.3 billion to build and it's only 4.3 miles long. it's 14miles to france at the closest point. Not sure where that states are gonna get that kind of money from. Would really like it to happen tho.

Lindsey Raine
I think this would be a brilliant idea. I am currently in france at the moment as my dad lives over here. Having a bridge would make it so much easier to come over more.

The ferries are crap. Let's face it. We pay through the nose for a substandard service. This could solve the island's population crisis as well as the (pointless) debate oversupermarkets in one go.The idea of high speed broadband/renewable enegry sources is another major plus point. Any proposed costs as of yet?

Digger Dan
Why not just start digging down from rozel meet up with the chanel tunnel instead. The opening could be near the Hungry Man which i hasten to add makes the best bacon sarnies in the world bar none!!!

Ha ha ha: Build a bridge...get over it...

Cornish Maid
No way! Rather then connect to France, I suggest we buy a load of tugs and pull the British Isles (and its Islands) further away from the French!!!

Phill Rogers
It would also be reason to bring back the offshore power boats. And continue to increase interrest from cruise liners (maybe even add a docking point?).Perhaps even hide a big enough antenna in the Jersey end tower to not need so many mobile masts on our door steps.

Phill Rogers
Why not add a wind turbine on each tower in addition to the tidal generators underneath?We could never agree on an iconic building like Sydney or Dubai but a well designed bridge could bring world recognition & all the benefits.

Ashley F
It's the most ridiculous idea I've ever heard of. The man's quite obviously retarded and should be taken out of circulation before someone in the states commissions him to build steam powered stairway to heaven - at any cost!The idea of cheap booze is agreat one!! How about getting some sea worthy boats to travel betweem Jersey and France? just an idea.......

A Great idea... It is cheaper to buy property in France so we could commute to work...

This would not be economically viable. The Oresund bridge system between Denmark and Sweden conveys a lot more people than this would. However, it is at least remarkabkle on paper.

Russell Evans
It's more likely that you'd build a tunnel to guernsey! And that aint gonna happen either!

Julie Marie
It sounds nice in writing but I am sure it will cost a fortune to use it. Cheaper to fly or sail no doubt.

Believe me - it is an advantage to be an island for many many reasons. A bridge would be the destruction of many things. Just trust my judgement being someone who lives in the shadow of the channel tunnel. I can assure you that the problems that Jersey would let itself in for are so huge that you wouldn't be able to even comprehend or cope.

Other than the changing time zones proposal, this must be the most ridiculous idea I’ve ever heard. Jersey has more important things to concern itself with.

Mr Suspension
All you have to look at is the bridges that link the Keys (lago&west)with mainland Florida for any answers, or ideas but don't let arnie blow them up like in True lies.

Bob the builder
Superb idea, great visionary concept to link mainland europe to jersey, you could be in barcelona driving your car in a day! The ferry companies would have something to say. Plus if this ever comes to fruit please for god's sake don't let dandara build it! My vision will say it will cost more to travel to france as it will do the other way! mark my words. Saying that, if they jersey goverment can't get the waterfront right, i wouldn't trust them with a model bridge let alone a real one

Yes i think that it is a great idea!!

Fantastic! This man should be in the Jersey States!!!

same old small minded people, ohhh we can not do anything that means change to jersey's wonderful lifestyle,wake and smell the roses drag jersey out of the dark ages build a bigger and better waterfront attract outside business's to the island what about the cruise ship market, come on stop keeping your heads in the sand and YES BUILD A BRIDGE anything that stops us from bieng ripped off locally.

It will NEVER happen. We can't even build a town park that has been promised to us for over a decade !!! The 'leaders' of this island have no interest in anything other than screwing us over time and time again.This island is simply not ready for such innovation or 'out of the box' thinking.Good idea Mr Walsh but you're wasting your time.

Nick Jouault
As we continue to spend millions on cable links to France it would also save money in this respect.The need to throw millions at the airport would be avoided as we could have a TGV rail link.I am not sure how the French would benefit and so contribute to paying for it, but perhaps the rail link may in some way pay for it.Wind turbines could be linked to the infrastucture as the French have already proposed a wind farm at the half way point.One concern is where it comes ashore and the related buildings.

Hmmm.....nice idea but quite simply insane! Gave me a good laugh though. Should have saved it for next April!

Hi!A have used Oresund Bridge between Denmark and Sweden, but it is not only a bridge, half of the motorway and the railway runs under the see in a tunnel. As far as I know it is cheaper to escavate a tunnel than building a bridge, although a bridge is much more scenic.

sounds great, I don't think there would be any loss of local identity, and the added bonus of generating clean energy would be great. I love going to france for a few days and to be connected to such a huge and beautiful landmass this way would be very practical. The problem arises with the simple fact that to many in the establishment are making far to much money for themselves and their cronies from jersey being an island economy to allow this to happen. Sorry folks, we will be economic hostages for a while to come.

Clive Pearce
Right on!! let's do it then we won't need Tesco as we could shop in France where they sell good quality goods, well presented and at the right price. Also I like the idea of harnessing wave power to help provide electricity. Let us use the resources that nature provides us. The sea is a powerful force which is constantly moving and hey what about some wind turbines connected to the bridge. A win win situation which could be paid for by tolls. Come on! Come on! let Dan O'Dara and the boys get the concrete mixer out quick smart.

Brilliant idea, all fresh produce and cheap alcohol

Paul Le Marrel
Pure diversionary tactics, so that people forget aboureal issues like Haut de la Garenne, GST and Government reform

What a crackpot idea, instead of even spending any money on any study the islands roads should be re surfaced, the roads in some areas are so poor we should have a minister for potholes.This idea is as bad as the suggestion made a few years ago that we should build an airport at La Roque

I think it is a good idea. But the problem is Will you have to pay to go across this bridge and to pay from Jersey to France.

John Stuart
Why not? Bold ideas are needed to push society in new directions. Such a bridge would change Jersey forever, as much as being split from France all those millennia ago.Socially, we may see an exodus of lower paid workers from the island as they live in Normandy and commute to Jersey. The supermarket question may be a moot point as people could shop in Normandy at weekends rather than the indigenous stores.Water, high-speed broadband and other utilities could "piggy-back" across the bridge as well. If the wind & tide power generators along the Alderney races go in, the bridge could be a bi-directional conduit for power to and from the islands, generating huge revenues for the communities.Yes, it is a big, bold idea but so were the Channel Tunnel, Jumbo Jets and space flight.As a society, we should have the courage and vision to do this, if it is viable.Just as we should have the wisdom to reject it, if it isnt.

mr d bailey
What a great idea im sure the poor and expensive ferry service will love it!

Get it done!!!

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