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22 July 2014
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Jersey Investigation

You are in: Jersey > Jersey Investigation > Solidarity in Our Community

Deputy Sean Power

Solidarity in Our Community

Deputy Power is calling for islanders to believe in the independence, competence, ability and integrity of Jersey’s Crown Officers.

If you would like to have your say on this or any other issue why not write a Speakers Corner article.

Sometimes in the life of a community, an event occurs that shakes and tests it to its very roots and core. This is happening now in our much loved Island of Jersey. 

Whether you were born here or moved here as I did, we all love Jersey and know it to be a good place to live and work.

Haut de la Garenne

The events unfolding at Haut De La Garenne by the work of the Police and forensic specialists are horrific to behold and almost unbearable to watch.  I try to imagine the pain and suffering that occurred in this Home to those unfortunate few children that may have paid the ultimate price.  We will know the extent of that in a few weeks and months.  We are now beginning to see the extent of the alleged suffering by those children, now adults who are now coming forward.

Of the thousands of children that went through this Home, there are also thousands of stories of those that were happy there and went on to lead useful lives. 

We are now witness to a media driven focus of negativity and analysis of Jersey in all the worst possible light.  Some of this is justified as it exposes the wrongs of 30, 40 years ago and maybe longer. 

Some of us feel helpless, frustrated and appalled by the turn of events. 

However, as in any community around England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, what we see unfolding here has happened elsewhere.  It with this in mind that we must now, as Jerseymen and women, Islanders and those that love this Island, focus our attention and make sure that our day to day lives are not taken over and influenced by the worst excesses of the UK media reporting.

Haut de la Garenne

I have watched the Newsnight interview, Channel 4 News, and have read some of the national press. There has a great deal of unfairness, inaccuracy and downright sensational reporting.  There are those in the media that think this is an opportunity to cast a shadow over the whole Island and damage the stability and ability to self-govern.

Jersey and our Island community now need to believe in its strengths and in itself. Our community now needs to realise that the biggest threat to our peaceful way of life is not from outside the Island. This wave of interest will pass to the next big story somewhere else when the satellite trucks and the serried ranks of cameras, microphones and reporters will be gone.  The threat will not come from the mandarins in London’s Whitehall. It certainly will not come from the national media.

In my opinion, the biggest threat to the Island is from within. There are those who are born here and living here that would strip our individuality, independence and self-governing sovereignty and turn us into part of a UK constituency. There are those here that would like the Channel Islands to send one MP to Westminster. There are those that would like to tear apart the venerable institutions of the Island and replace them with a Westminster and Brussels variant.

Haut de la Garenne

Aaron was in care in Jersey in the 80s

So, I say to my fellow Islanders.  This is a time to mourn and pray for those children that have suffered. This is a time for calm collective thoughts. This is a time for collective responsibility and justice.  We must believe in the ability, competence integrity of the investigation taking place.  Above all else, we must believe in the independence, competence, ability and integrity of Jersey’s Crown Officers and especially the Attorney General and his department.

It would be very easy now to turn inwards and attack all our institutions. That is not the correct thing to do, nor is it the Jersey way. 

This is a time for solidarity and fellowship.  We will share pain, anxiety and grief.  However our fellowship as an Island community is strong.  We will see our common responsibilities pull us through this.

I believe that the clear solidarity in our community and that life in Jersey will go through a turbulent period but that it’s resolve and democratic ways will see it and us pull through.

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created: 06/03/2008

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Frankly, I agree
To be honest, I agree with deputy power. Absolutely. It doesn't mean that states members should not be hold to account. Heads should roll, perhaps even walker. But Power makes sound points. This has prompted genuine internal threats to our (relative!) sovereignty.I applaud the deputy. He clealry has more courage and conviction than many of the commentators. And I say this a genuine bean myself :)

Matthew Shepard
"Above all else, we must believe in the independence, competence, ability and integrity of Jersey’s Crown Officers and especially the Attorney General and his department."After the Roger Holland affair, that belief has surely been stretched to breaking point, especially after listening to the BBC Radio 4 Investigation programme.

A.N. Other St. Lawrence
Alf and John, are you completely insane. This isn't the class of 2B all chirping in. No one knows each other here. It's post for free speech of the readership. And here is my point of view, Mr Power is talking out of his backside. Complete and utter tosh!!!

Willy N
I have nothing to do with the JDA eitherThis man's "piece" is blatant electioneering. Many other politicians will be doing the same in the near future as they are worried about losing their job in the autumn. This time 16 yr olds can vote and many intelligent young people will make a difference. The call for change is gaining momentum. Most of our politicans are keeping their head down now as they do not wish to bet on and be associated with the wrong horseSome will suddenly change sides as they see the tide turning. Interesting times !

bill w
Unbelievable, still idiots in Jersey that think that this is all a conspiracy to 'stir up trouble!Pathetic!!Glad I got out, feel sorry for all the decent people I know there that have had these people running the island for decades.And look what they've been up to!!

I have nothing to do with the JDA.

Dickie Bean
Actually Alf, we should read 'character assasination' into whoever it is in Walkers clique, sorry, ministry, that decides to release internal emails to the press in an effort to damage the reputations of those who challenge the party line. Furthermore, for those who do not like the sentiments of us who are sick to the back teeth of our system of government and so post our frustrations here or elsewhere, so far as I know free speech just about still exists in Jersey... much to the disgust of the establishment. I am not a member of the JDA but still, to date, entitled to my opinion - as you are.

Alf, I am not a part of the JDA. I have no urge to join them, I have no desire to listen to them. I don't even know what their manifesto would be. But I have to disagree with you slightly in your post. I have read the article above and I have to say I find it amazing that the politicians of Jersey - including "the saviour" Mr Syvret - feel this is a good time to make the comments they are making.Jersey is not a well-like place in the UK at the best of times, we are a tax haven and a drain on the UK economy. Yet these "educated" men feel that what they are doing is helping to make us look better.I don't know, in fact I doubt very much, that the JDA would be a suitable replacement for the people that govern us but what I do know is that these people do HAVE to be replaced. The nepetism and "back-scratching" methods that have been used to allow these people the comfort that they now enjoy not only has bred greed but also complacancy. There is not enough thought put into decisions which costs more and more money which ultimately comes from our - the voters - pockets.A time for change is surely upon us. Certain members of States would be wise to do the decent thing and retire before being forced out. I am sure they have made enough money to allow them to do this comfortably. I apologise Alf, I have digressed. My point is simple - I do not hold myself as a supporter of the JDA but I must admit; this piece of literature really does not do Mr Power any favours and I am sure that as much of a supporter of him as you may be you must be able to see the points that the people are making are at least relevant!

Alf of La Perruque
The responses to this article seem to be a well-orchestrated effort by the JDA. For Democratic perhaps we should read read character-assassination.

To Sid HormanOn the contrary, the sentiments expressed by Sean Power equate pretty closely with what I've been told by "the ordinary people of Jersey" over the last couple of weeks. I am sickened by the obvious axes to grind wielded by your fellow correspondents.

Sorry to disagree with most of your respondents but may I say how disappointed I am with the venomous bile to which they feel necessary to resort. There clearly is an internal urge to self-destruct as evidenced by their scurrilous postings. Heaven help us all.

Willy N
I read Mr Power's "piece" a second time and suddenly felt the urge to throw up

Dickie Bean
Dear Mr Power, if you are reading this page you must be overcome with emotion at the stength of support your letter has prompted. You wanted solidarity? You have it. 100% of writers think you are a deluded, arrogant tool (of the establishment?) Now THAT is what I call solidarity!Congratulations Sir.

Sid Horman
I have never read such a nauseous article from such an obnoxious little man. He is so far out of touch with the ordinary people of Jersey it is unbelievable. The part "Above all else, we must believe in the independence, competence, ability and integrity of Jersey’s Crown Officers and especially the Attorney General and his department" is astounding! Is that his own work or did someone write that for him?

well said Ritchie - St Helier.We await your response Mr Power.You were happy to use this site for your own self promotion now you can use it to defend your indefensible position.You probably believe that every commentator on here is wrong and you are right though.Self deluded little man.

James H
Well... Comments are not required. It speaks itself.......

A really disappointing piece of rhetoric. The biggest threat to the Island is from within, and it's not from those calling for a fair system, it's you lot in the big house. Next time you pass such comment, try a little harder to hide your political ambitions.

Ritchie - St Helier
Ah yes, the Jersey way? This will be the way that the Chief Minister gets elected by secret ballot despite coming last in the public elections?This will be the way that the head of the judiciary, the Bailiff site in the states unelected?This will be the way, the Bailiff takes legal advice from the Attorney General who just happens to be his brother?This will be the way, the current Health Minister (who’s father was a politician from 1969 – 1999) tries to sabotage the current investigation by insulting Lenny Harper who is probably one of two or three people who have acted professionally.This will be the way that our politicians complain that “I didn’t know the microphones were still on” and “It was an internal email”. As if the content and implication don’t count of it is secret!This will be the way, our politician’s state “not on our watch”, “before I became a states member”, “the previous committee(s), etc. etc.This will be the way, our politician’s have managed to employ what is possibly the planets most useless PR and communications dept.This will be the way, our politician’s start press conferences with the new exhibition sport of chair wrestling !Conflict of interests, incompetence, the list could go on and on………………………The Jersey Way – who needs it.

Dickie Bean
A very Churchill-esq speech from the oligarchy. Out of date and out of touch.Lets not have any more election apathy. We MUST vote this year and get these people out and vote for change. The system must be changed so that the people get to decide their own leader, who in turn will be answerable to the people.

I believe Mr Powers' words should be printed in the International media to show the outside world exactly the type of drivel that spouts freely from the mouths of the clowns that govern us.You are a joke Mr Power. Your comments are not welcome nor are they particularly well timed.You should hang your head in shame and use this same forum to apologise for your unnecessary behaviour.I doubt that you have the self respect to even see what you have done wrong.

mitch. st brelades
what alot of tosh.i thought more of you than have now become a tool of the establishment and all that is wrong with will not get my vote at the next election

Steve Burrows
Democratic ways? Frank Walker was voted in through a secret ballot amongst other senators. That is an insulting statement and stance that shows the typical arrogance of the government. How can an estate agent who profits from the sales and purchase of multi-million pound homes to wealthy immigrants know anything of the anguish of lower income, ordinary Jersey families? This is the Jersey way...a velvet dictatorship waging a campaign of ethnic cleansing against the poor. Trouble is, someone has to do the menial jobs in any society and those people can both think and vote.

Willy N
I believe Mr Power is electioneering and therefore will take his comments with a pince of ( Irish ) saltOne thing I am absolutely sure of : Things are likely to get much worse before they get better but Jersey will be a better place once it emerges at the other side of the dark tunnelPeople here are incredibly resilient and innovative and this whole sordid episode presents a great opportunity for Jersey to cleanse itself, renew and come back stronger. This can only happen when it becomes clear that greed is the reason for much of its present unhappinessBe yourself and get back to basics and the future will be bright

deputy power is no angel,he should examine his own past before he comments on others.All those who deposed Senator Syvret should resign in shame.

Edward Hazelton
"This is a time for collective responsibility and justice."No, it's a time for those responsible to take responsibilty. No more whitewash. No more cover ups. The only solidarity we need is the soldarity to bring about complete change of the political system so an event like Haute De le Garenne can never again happen.

cover ups?
The "Jersey way" stinks please don't mention "democracy" and Jersey in the same sentence. There is very clear solidarity in our community and it is against Walker and his cronies. After a letter like that Mr Power, you'd be thankfull we have no democracy because if we did it would mean the end of your career in politics!

Well,well,well Mr.Powers.You have,in one short piece,reinforced the general feeling rampant in this "beloved" island of ours of the fence sitting,cowardly nature of our political system.I am disgusted that a democratically elected person such as youself can not see further than the end of your inept hooter!If you had at least one decent bone in your body sir,you would be out there attacking the funny handshake brigade,who control our,lives head-on in order to rid us of the useless establishment that we suffer from.Mr.Powers.If you and your friends in the Big House continue to un-role your giant carpet under which you intend to sweep this sorry mess,then the REAL people of this island are going to deal you a grevious blow.In future, please refrain from placing your foot in your mouth and wake up and smell the coffee!

"Above all else, WE MUST BELIEVE in the independence, competence, ability and integrity of Jersey’s Crown Officers and especially the Attorney General and his department."How dare you lecture us Mr. Power and tell us what we MUST do?You just don't get it do you?You've got nothing to say and you're saying it too loud so please be quiet.

Bill W
"the Jersey way" stinks!!its a rotten borough and if a cover up of child abuse in Government 'run' institutions wasnt enough now you have clowns like you STILL more worried about your 'independence' than what happened to those poor kids!you cant run a tap, never mind a government!!

Dickie Bean
Hmmm, interesting. Syvret challenges the 'establishment' and certain private emails are LEAKED to the press to show us all what a nasty man he can be. He goes on to lose his job.Now, Shenton challenges the 'establishment' and and a private email is LEAKED to the press to show us all what a nasty man he can be.Is that the 'Jersey way'you are refering to Deputy Power?Watch your back Ben, your card is marked..

You are in: Jersey > Jersey Investigation > Solidarity in Our Community

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