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28 October 2014

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Jersey Investigation

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Royal Square

Royal Square

A Remembrance Rally

A group of people will be meeting in the Royal Square on Saturday to remember victims of alleged child abuse.

A rally's been planned in Jersey's Royal Square to remember the victims of alleged child abuse in the Island.

The event has been organised by a group who met through the social networking website Facebook and is being called a “remembrance rally”.

It’s scheduled to take place in the Royal Square at midday on Saturday, 8 March 2008.

Daffodils in bloom

Daffodils in full bloom

Organisers say there'll be a minute's silence in memory of the alleged victims, and that'll be followed by various speakers. None of these have been named to date.

Afterwards there'll also be an opportunity for members of the public to address the rally.

The event spokesman Montford Tadier - who's a member of the Jersey Democratic Alliance, but is helping to organise the event independently - says that'll take the form of an open mic session. 

Mr Tadier is also part of an online group that's supporting calls to "Vote Frank Walker out of The States"

He stresses the event is not linked to any political group - and he's encouraging people to bring a daffodil with them as a symbol of hope for the future.

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I take it Dickie Bean, from your response, that you have no problem with Shenton using email to criticise Lenny Harper (who has behaved exactly as we expect someone in authority to behave). You have glossed over this, WHY?I couldn't give a toss if Shenton and Kinnard et al want to behave like children and call each other names and try to make themselves look better at the expense of others. We expect this from our politicians.You cannot criticise Walker for 'off mic' comments and then defend Shenton putting things in email that weren't 'meant' for public consumption.You Sir, have double standards and as much as I agree with many of your posts, I will not sit idle whilst you respond so inarticulately.Power corrupts. Absolute power does not exist. I await your response

Montfort Tadier
Indeed, we have spoken to some of the victims, and some spoke at the rally. They were very supportive of what it was we were trying to do.

Dickie Bean
I take it Bobby,to make a comment like that, you have seen the entire email Shenton sent, rather than the cherry-picked bits the media pounced on. From what I can gather (and I haven't seen the entire email either) Shenton was rightly questioning the appropriate minister, Kinnard, about the manner which information was released by the police to the public and NOT the investigation itself which, I am sure, is being run entirely properly. Any one who suggests that a government minister should not have the power to question any public body about an aspect of such public importance has no idea about governance. All aspects of public administration must be open to scrutiny or corruption will ensue. The really serious issue for me is who decided to release a confidential government document to the press and why. I suggest the motive was to damage Shenton and the person who released it has to be part of the establishment. That is very, very worrying. Absolute power corrupts, absolutely.

Well said Richard! I wonder has Mr Tadier even spoken to any of the supposed victims of the abuse. Would they agree with this rally? I doubt it! He is using this investigation for his own political gain. It is disgraceful. This rally is a joke and is based on unproven suggestions rather than facts.

The alternative to a rally would be a continuation of the apathetic, look-after-number-one philosophy that has characterized Jersey for so may years. The issue of child abuse, and the blind eye that has been turned to it, are inseparable from the political culture that dominates Jersey politics, which places the importance of 'wealth management', tax avoidance and financial self-interest way ahead of any social responsibilites and the protection of the disadvantaged. In light of this, how could the rally possibly be non-political?

I hope that Senator Shenton will not be in attendance at this worthwhile meeting.He has shown his true colours and should step down now.

Jersey Student
A lovely sentiment, if I could be there to show my support of the excellent work the police are doing in this investigation and my support of the victims I would be. However I am outraged that this is ultimately double edged by nature. Mr Tadier wrote on the facebook group "The time has come for the people of Jersey to take control". Frankly I don't think what the island needs right now is somebody who sounds like he is trying to incite a coup hosting well attended rallies in Royal Square. I have already spoken out on the facebook page and feel that the attitude some people are taking is just ridiculous and not helpful whatsoever. To those who have been hurt or abused in homes in Jersey, I hope Mr Tadier apologises to you for using you as propaganda.

Spare a thought for those who worked in the care home, which closed 22 years ago. Are all social workers past and present, likely to be implicated in a guilty until proved innocent Orkney Island satanic abuse scenario? It is shamefull that Mr Tadier is seeking to make political capital out of this ongoing investigation, which so far has been concentrated on suggestion, rather than factual evidence.

Dubious Intentions
Well if it is political then why masquerade as it as a rememberance rally? Surely that's an inappropriate vehicle for political commentary?

Dicky Bean
I can only endorse the sentiments of Carl. The issue is political as much as it is human. The allegations are not only of abuse but of cover ups 'at the hightest levels'This investigation has opened up a can of worms which is wider than the abuse and people are fed up. how that pre-empts the police investigation is beyond me.So what if it is being arranged by a member of the JDA? Does that make it any less valid? I think not.Jon - Jersey politics hit a new low on Paxman's show - cheers Frank!I think, now that the Facebook thing has become very public, the members of the 'kick Frank Walker out' brigade will rise dramatically..Where else in the civilised world can a government leader take power in a secret ballot and then be able to put his cronies in top jobs!

Why have a rally for 'ALLEGED'child abuse victims.Although I do not dismiss the fact that something 'may' have been going on that islanders were unaware of but, surely it would be more appropriate to stage something after the police have finished with their investigations.

It would appear to be a political rally by any other name! The very fact the organiser is mentioned as a JDA member and wants Senator Walker out of the states is a bit of a tell tale sign. Well done for taking Jersey politics to a new low!

I think its good idea as it shows respect to the victims. It might give them some strength and encoragement. It would also create a positive message to the world that in Jersey there are ordinary people who care.

if one child is abused is one child too many, so yes lets remember those who were abused and lets show the world that jersey does care

Political gain?! The issue is as much about coverups and the culture of secrecy as it is about the abuse itself. I don't believe Stuart is trying to gain anything for himself - only justice for the victims and a change in the system that will prevent all this happening again. As much as some people would like to keep politics out of this, it's too closely tied into it because the abuse continued for so long **because** of the culture of coverups - you can't seperate the two.The rally *will* be political, as it was originally intended.

Dubious Intentions
Agree with Clive. The headline says "to remember victims of alleged child abuse". What exactly is being remembered? At the moment no one knows the scale of this thing. Have the victims been consulted? Is it what they would want? This smells highly political to me.

clive moore
Whilst i agree that the alledged dreadful happenings should be remembered, would it be more significant to allow the police to complete their investigation before jumping to conclusions and most certainly not use these dreadful happenings be used for political gain.

You are in: Jersey > Jersey Investigation > A Remembrance Rally

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