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28 October 2014

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Blue tits in nest box

Feeding time for baby blue tits

Homes for young families - no qualies needed!

The BBC handed out more than 200 nestboxes in Jersey in 2007. We want to know if any feathered friends call them home yet.


Well that probably grabbed your attention...and it’s true so long as you’re covered in feathers!

In the Spring of 2007 BBC Jersey gave away over 200 nestboxes to tempt the islands wildlife into our gardens.

I have one such box and would like to say it produced a brood of chicks guaranteed to save the islands bird population, but it would be a fib!

Having heard our breakfast team at the time assemble one live on air, I thought if the girl Foley could do it anybody could. So one Sunday afternoon I set to work with my free BBC box and the best electric screwdriver money could buy.

John Uphoff

John's waiting for feathered friends

The excitement was heightened by the arrival of BBC Jersey’s assistant editor, Matthew Price, and his daughter turning up just as I was about to screw it to the pergola.

Who better for an official opening than somebody with such a star studded career behind him? He’s done the lot! Supermarkets, Autumn fayres, jumble sales, envelopes etc!

So my nestbox was declared open and I sat and waited………and waited ..and waited! My fickle feathered friends showed no interest whatsoever!

My nestbox has sat there for over a year without so much as a passing asylum seeker showing any interest…..But I’m told by Twitcher Scriven in the newsroom that I shouldn’t despair as quite often they’ll be occupied the following Spring.

Keen to encourage the path of true romance in my box I now have a bottle of best champagne and Barry White warbling away on a stereo in there, so here’s hoping.

This is where you come in! Did you put up a box last year? If so what happened? Was it so successful it was like a scene from a classic Alfred Hitchcock movie, or did the same happen to you as it did to me?

We want to hear from you. You can email us via the website or call Twitcher Scriven on 837260. If you have pictures (to really rub salt in my wound) so much the better.

I’ll keep you posted on any developments in my garden this Spring!

last updated: 09/04/2008 at 14:57
created: 27/02/2008

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You are in: Jersey > Nature > Nature Features > Homes for young families - no qualies needed!

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