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24 September 2014

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Text the bus

Text the bus

You can now send a text message from a bus stop to find out when the next bus will arrive.

I’m not a big bus user, but as I don’t drive, on the rare occasion I actually leave St Helier, a bus is the only way of getting home, or at least the cheapest way.

But, as I’m not a regular bus user I never have a bus timetable with me and very few bus stops have a timetable available.

Bus text

You can get the bus timetables on your computer or on your mobile phone through wap – but they’re not particularly user friendly.

If you’ve been standing or walking past a bus stop in the last few months you might have noticed the four little numbers printed under the word BUS.

This is for the Text My Bus service.

If you send a text message containing nothing but those four numbers to 66556 you’ll get a text back with information on the next bus to arrive at that stop.

In fact it goes one better than that. It will tell you next few buses due to arrive at the stop.

The message you get back after texting the number printed at the bus stop, includes this information:

3A Bus Station 1min
23 Bus Station 12:20
23 Bus Station 13:20
3A Bus Station 13:50

It basically tells you the next few busses due to stop there and when they’re due to arrive.

The service was due to start earlier but there've been technical problems.

Bus text instructions

Staff at Jersey Telecom, Connex and Transport & Technical Services has been testing the system over the last month.

When it first launched, the service only worked for Jersey Telecom customers, but it is now also available to Sure customers.

It's hoped customers from Jersey Airtel will soon be able to use the service.

Matthew Morel, of Airtel-Vodafone explained that the company are committed to making the service available to its customers and hope to implement it in the near future.

Customers of O2 and Orange in the UK will also be able to use the service when visiting the island.

Over to you

Have you used the Text My Bus service? Do you think this is a good idea? If you haven’t used it will you use it in the future?

last updated: 07/02/2008 at 17:16
created: 01/02/2008

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Clive Pearce
I am a new user to the bus service, having just come of age and received a bus pass. What I have to say is that I can only praise the service for its punctuality and pleasant drivers. I use the 15 route and although they have the times posted I always carry just the 15 page in my wallet. Job Done.

Ryan (Host)
J - I've just spoken to someone from Connex who assured me timetables WILL continue to be issued and are now free of charge.

This is just a service in addition to the timetables not instead of.

It's also a service avaiable in the UK on most routes as well.

This is such a terribly thought out idea!

1. How will tourists know what number to send to?

2. Why do we have to pay to find out when public transport arrives? Surely its the responsibility of the bus service to let you know there schedule and are just trying to save money on timetables!

3. Why would you need more than one time? If you know the number to text, surely you're already at the stop waiting?

4. I will never use this. It's a terrible waste of my money since I can find out bus times online and would never remember the number to text to as it is not written with the road code.

Well done Connex, you have given me another reason to hate public transport.

You are in: Jersey > My Island > Features > Text the bus

Text the Bus


  1. Go to a bus stop
  2. Type the number show on the floor into a new text message
  3. Send the message to 66556
  4. Wait for the reply message


The cost of the service will depend on which mobile provider you use and whether you have free contract minutes or are pay as you go.

JT (7p), Sure (7p), Airtel (5p)

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