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29 August 2014
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Talking Jersey

CCTV camera

Would "talking" CCTV cameras be a good idea in Jersey?

By Jono De La Haye
With moves to extend "talking" CCTV cameras to 20 areas in the UK, how would you feel if they were introduced to Jersey?

"Civil liberties that will be lost due to the intrusive Blairite Nanny State are amongst the negatives that outweigh the positives"
Joe Luksza, Jersey resident

The Government in the UK aims to install cameras fitted with speakers to scold people for dropping litter or committing anti-social behaviour.

Home secretary John Reid has allocated £500,000 for the scheme, and argues that "the vast majority of people find that their life is more upset by people who make their life a misery in the inner cities because they can't go out and feel safe and secure in a healthy, clean environment because of a minority of people," arguing that this would override the feelings of reduced civil liberties.

The idea of safer and cleaner cities is one argued by Downing Street's "respect tsar", Louise Casey, who states that the scheme is worth the money as "Half a billion pounds a year is spent picking up litter."

Surveillance society?

John Reid in Nuneaton
John Reid has allocated £500,000 for the scheme

Britain currently has about 4.2 million CCTV cameras, and the moves to extend the "talking" cameras have sparked deeper controversy about Britain becoming a "surveillance society".

Issues about whether the money allocated would be better spent recruiting more policemen, and if people will respect and obey the cameras have led to the scheme having a muted reception by many in the UK.

What do you think?

So what would the reception be if the "talking" CCTV cameras were introduced to Jersey?

Jersey resident Joe Luksza believes that "although it could potentially help reduce anti-social behaviour, the civil liberties that will be lost due to the intrusive Blairite Nanny State are amongst the negatives that outweigh the positives".

So what is your opinion of these "talking" CCTV cameras? Could they have a place in Jersey? Or should they be avoided?

last updated: 04/04/07
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this would be a good idea because it would frighten people off not knowing who said it.

if those camera`s saved one member of your families lives would you regret it??

Steve St Ouen
CCTV cameras in St Helier do not intrude on peoples liberties in any way what so ever. Whilst they do not prevent people from offending they are very productive in identifying offenders and are much more productive then having a Police Officer on the beat.

ken meyer
Looking at Jersey from across the "Pond" It's not the same as I knew it 50 years ago.Do you feel safe walking down And around Snow Hill 11/12pm on a Saturday night?Bring on the CCTV's

Brian from St Clement
This could yet be another intrusion into our peaceful lives here in Jersey. No thank you!!

The only people who disagree with such cameras are those who have something to hide.But, on the other hand, it totally depends on how these cameras are going to be used. If they are anything like the CCTV cameras we have in place now, there is no point. I have lost count how many times people have valdelised areas around the waterfront, mainly near the puddleducks and La Fregate and whenever the police have been asked to view footage of the cameras that SHOULD be pointing to that Actually they've all been turned around to monitor the traffic on the Avenue because they can get money from catching people speeding.Typical money money.

I would rather see Jim Bergerac back on the beat ;-)

jean michel eid 8B
i think its a bad idea coz there been rarely any criminals in jersey so if u put cctv people will feel guilty so NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Sqn Leader C Gull
Oh my good Lord.Whilst I agree that a “talking” camera may temporarily deter those with a low IQ, I hardly feel that this will solve any problems. Those who wish to hang around needlessly or vandalise will soon learn to go where there are no such cameras. In fact this may turn out to become quite a sport for the local hooligans as they will simply approach the known areas with their faces concealed in an attempt to bait the controllers into a verbal response. These of course will be either Parish police or civilian contractors. The paid police will be summoned in due course but as these cameras would have meant less time for them on the beat and more time at the all you can eat donut emporium they will have become morbidly obese all therefore unable to respond in less than one hour.End result = less visible police presence, more crime in outlying areas. Real solution = get those tubby coppers out and about. Not poofing about in their flashy police cars or sleeping in vans in quiet lanes, but actually walking and talking to people.

You just know that this is going to irritate some yob who, due to having no brain cells, is going to pick a fight with a camera for telling him off and break it. At least there will be enough evidence to confict the Chav!

It's Big Brother gone mad! Keep it away from the Channel Islands.

Andy C
It's a great idea, why would anyone other than criminals be against it?

I don`t like it. But we live in society where distrust prevails and everyone is suspicious so I have to accept the sad fact that the majority wants to use tough measures against potentialmisbehaviour. How did we get that far I wonder. I hope that at least my grandchildren can live without cctv´s again like it was in a time not that long ago.

Given the amount of apparent corruption within the States of Jersey Police, perhaps they should have talking cameras inside the police station.... It's enough of a nanny state as it is - let alone being shouted at by an over zealous camera for walking on the cracks in the pavement...

A development which extends the natural deterrent effect of the cameras; not only will their presence be more noted, but they will also get those engaging in anti-social conduct to desist.

I think it's a great idea as well. As other people have said we spend our lives being filmed by CCTV anyway - we might as well put it to good use

I think its a brilliant idea. If implemented the States of Jersey Police will actually be required to speak to the general public. Something they are not usually known for.

I don't see why people worry that it's an intrusion into their lives. I bet in 99% of the cases the cameras were there already. Now they can be used more efficiently by dealing with problems as they occur and before they esculate.

I'm up for anything if it'll stop young kids hanging round street corners doing god knows what at night!

I think talking cameras are a great idea. We're being watched on CCTV cameras anyway, so why not make them more of a deterent than they are!

What next! Cameras designed to register cynical expressions when a governemnt announcement of good news is made on the (impossible to turn off) media. Now, where did I put that book, 2007 I think it was called.

carl birkin
i totally agree with mr luksza, if i understand his quote correctly. this is another intrusion by the states into honest working people's lives!

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