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28 October 2014

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The animated character Digit Al

The animated character Digit Al

Freeview in Jersey

Freeview will hit our little part of the British Isles by 2013 according to Digital UK.

The great digital switchover starts in 2008 and is due to finish in 2012 in the UK. The analogue TV signal will be switched off leaving millions of televisions, video players and equipment obsolete.

Until now there's been a lot of uncertainty over when and if the switchover will happen in Jersey. Now it's been announced that Jersey will be switched after London in 2013.

Some of the things available on Digital TV

The digital switchover will be coordinated by Digital UK and Joe Smithies of the organisation told BBC Radio Jersey's John Uphoff how this would work.

The organisation will be going around the UK turning off the analogue signal and replacing it with a high powered digital signal meaning almost everyone in the UK and Jersey will get Freeview by the time they've finished.

The Channel Islands are the last place to switch because they're not part of the UK or part of the UK switch over programming. However the States of Jersey have said switch over will happen in 2013 and Digital UK will be working with the States to make it

There won't be a crossover period in Jersey. It will go from being analogue one day to digital the next and this is due to signal interference.

You need to make sure every TV in your home has a digital signal before switch off (through satellite, cable or Freeview) by about six months before switch off happens in 2013.

Digit Al

Get ready for the Digital Switch.

Switchover starts in mainland UK in 2008 and at the start they expect the average cost per household will be about £100. However it's expected it will be a LOT less by the time analogue is turned off in Jersey in 2013.

However we won't get all of the 40 or so channels currently on Freeview in large parts of the UK.

Apparently we will get all the public service channels including the BBC channels, ITV channels, Channel 4 channels and five channels.

Digital UK expects Jersey will get around 18 or 19 channels at switchover on top of all the BBC digital and Channel 4 radio stations through the TV.

Current Alternatives

If you can't wait until 2013 to see Torchwood on BBC THREE or Fear of Fanny on BBC FOUR there are alternatives.

Digital TV

Digital TV

You can get every BBC channel for free through Digital Satellite without having to pay a subscription to Sky.

You can get a freesat service from a retailer in the island where they will install a dish and box giving you all the BBC channels and ITV channels for a one off payment of around £120.

Alternatively you can go to a site like eBay and buy an old SKY dish/box for about £40 and install it yourself. You'll still get all the BBC TV and radio stations.

You can listen to more from John Uphoff every weekday from 09:00 on BBC Radio Jersey. Tune in to the BBC in Jersey on 88.8fm, 1026mw or live online.

last updated: 21/06/07

Have Your Say

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Anyone know if getting a sky plus box installed will allow me to pause /rewind etc my current freeview channels ?

I wouldn't be surprised if Freeview is close to redundant by the time 2013 comes around.You can get a load of free digital channels via satellite, right now.We're also likely to have much improved Internet speeds, before 2013, which could allow for better online viewing of many free channels. The BBC iPlayer is already some way down this road, even when using Jersey Telecom's current network, which is pretty slow!

I think its good that we can get a sort of freeview with a sky dish/box

Jo-Lee De Shannon
Satellite Protection is a company that deals with Sky Equipment.We are trying to find a local engineer that we could sub contract work to.Can you please help or advise. Thank you.

I am local installation engineer and we are already receiving a least 5 calls per day from customers seeking advice on the Freeview matters, many of the comments are When? How Much? Why? What do I need? are becoming a daily routine and this is 6-7 years before we get Freeview.

One thing that has jumped out to me it the rather alarming suggestion. That 1 day analogue and then a straight swith to digital, it is an impossiable task absloute abbsurd, i would suggest the person who thourght off that to come forward and speak to the local installation companys, we are already speaking in the trade and we would except to see the signal be phased in at least 2 years before, as every property would require some sort of upgrade work carried out, a straight switch would leave many people without TV, and please note there about 20-25 installers on the island, and remember what happened when Sky Digital was lauched a whole bunch of new installers poped up many of which left a trail destruction behind them for us full time installers to pick up the pieces and left many customers with poor installations, I fear a Freeview rush would give us the same problems over again.

Ryan (Host)
Janine. If you take into account the fact that Jersey has a local radio service, a local television service and this website from the BBC for an island with a population of 90,000 or so - then as a percentage of what the island puts into the BBC through the television licence we get a lot more out than pretty much EVERY other area of the UK.

There are large parts of England and Scotland that can't get freeview and won't until 2012 if at all and they don't get the local services Jersey gets either.

well seeing as we currently only get 4 channels (and not even channel 5 in many parishes)then cant the states do something about this themselves? we should certainly not have to pay the whole of the t.v licence fee for a clearly inferior service as it stands 2013 is 7 years away! as for "oh you only need a digital box, and a satelite dish .." oh is that all? and how much does that cost? and how much does it cost to get someone to put it up for you? and have you ever tried getting a reply or permission from the housing department to have a dish on the roof of your housing block? or how about getting housing maintainace to attend to unlock the padlocked doors and shin up onto the roof? and as for trying to arrange for them to turn up when they said they would...? and at the same time as the men u have to pay to connect it all up? some people live in little dream utopias here in jersey where money is no object nor are such obstacles a reality nor even a consideration, while the rest of us have to consider all of the above and do without.

Warren you don't have to subscribe to Sky to get the BBC channels. All the beebs channels are available on Satellite for free. All you need is a Dish and a box and you can get those on eBay for about the same price as a good Freeview box.

The States Of Jersey should be pushing to make Freeview available in the Channel Islands alot sooner. There are many people or families who might not be able to afford subscribing to Sky etc and want more than the extra BBC channels.

Ryan (Host)
Philip. You don't have to wait until 2013 to get all the BBC channels. Like many areas of the UK the only way of getting the channels at the moment is satellite.

A couple of years ago the BBC made very single one of their public service channels available free to air over satellite.

You don't need a sky subscription either. Any digital satellite box and a dish will do. So in the same way that you'd buy a new aerial and freeview box in 2013 to get the BBC channels you can get them now by buying a new dish (an aerial in a differnt shape) and a sat box.

As Ryan said, we will get all the BBC channel covered by the licence fee in 2013, SO WHY NOT A REDUCED LICENCE FEE UNTIL THEN? Hands up who are the 2000+ black and white tele owners in Jersey...Ha HA.

Lou Morgan
Fanastic - but why not sooner?

Why not put the basic channels (BBC1/2 CTV & ch4/5) on one digital multiplex using one of the 4 present analogue channels (replacing BBC2 for example), for a few months before our switchover? It will give everyone time to adjust without the chaos of everything changing on the same day!

Ryan (Host)
Ian, how to phrase this, I know - thanks for the smiley :)

Seriously though, although not all of the Freeview channels will be available EVERY SINGLE BBC Channel will be - so you will get all the channels covered by the licence fee, and the radio stations with it.

Jersey won't be the only area just getting the public service channels, it will be a commercial decision by mast owners whether they put other channels on in an area.

You will be default get every BBC Channel and every other public service channel available.

Ian Le Sueur
As Jersey won't be able to receive all 40 Freeview channels, I assume that we won't be expected to pay all of the annual license fee :-)

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