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24 September 2014

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Jersey Live 05

Abi Harding (Zutons) at Jersey Live 2006
Abi Harding (Zutons) at Jersey Live 2006

On with the Show

by Ryan Morrison
Read our review of the 2006 Jersey Live music festival and see some photos from the event.

deNova Blues
deNova Blues

Another fantastic Jersey Live has come to a close with two days of first class bands and a crowd the island can be proud of.

deNova Blues

The second day of the festival kicked off with some fresh, funky blues from one of Jersey’s best blues bands, deNova Blues, who comfortably got the slowly growing crowd into the mood for live music.

The Jersey bands did the island proud, easily showing they deserved to be on the stage with the main bands from across the UK.

The Merge

The Merge
The Merge

The Merge came on second with a couple of new tracks that really show the benefit their Manchester move has had on them.

With the new Merge material, and the way the band are playing together on stage you get a sense of maturity in their music, a readiness to move on to another level.

The Valentines

The Valentines were third on playing a mix of the better known material and a few adapted tracks.

The Valentines
The Valentines

It was everything you’d expect from a Valentines performance, one that moves more into having an experience than just watching a show including Jegard throwing a rose at the crowd.

It was great to see so many people moving to the front for the Jersey bands and enjoying the best of the local scene, in fact there were more people there for Kudu than the On/Offs.



Kudu were the last of the Jersey bands to take to the stage having won the Battle of the Bands to play the festival.

Despite a broken bass strap and a frantic hunt for another, Kudu played a storming, high energy set full of confidence and passion.

Their songs are written to a standard and style well beyond their years and they play as if they own the stage.

Security & Rain

In the Hot Tub
In the Hot Tub

Security at the 2006 festival was a lot tighter than in previous years but it didn’t seem to affect anybody’s enjoyment of the festival with thousands of people moving to the front and getting into the spirit of live music.

It did rain but that didn’t seem to bother anyone either, people just found themselves anything they could to cover their head and clothes and got on with the show.

A few took the opportunity to go into the bar tent while it was heavy and enjoy the sounds of the Gambia Beat Band or head for the Dance Arena where one of the best DJ line-ups ever to come to Jersey could be found (I didn’t make there personally but if you did why not send us a review).

The On/Offs

The On/Offs
The On/Offs

The On/Offs probably had one of the hardest jobs of any band playing the festival this year as the least well known of the ‘main’ bands it meant people didn’t know what to expect.

They didn’t disappoint playing a set full of funky rock tunes including the brilliant 54 hours they managed to pull back the crowd that started walking towards the food after Kudu finished.

The Paddingtons

Not as good as I was expecting but still a great opportunity to see them in the middle of a fantastic festival atmosphere.

The Paddingtons
The Paddingtons

The running order was changed last minute because of Get Cape replacing Hope of the States, he was swapped with Forward Russia.

Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly.

This guy was a real highlight for me and a lot of other people at the festival. A late addition to the Saturday bill after Hope of the States split up, easily fit in with the heavier bands surrounding him.

Get Cape was originally booked to play on the Friday as it’s a much lighter, more acoustic style than the other bands playing on the Saturday but it worked really well.

Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly.
Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly.

The songs were strong enough to fit with heavy bands but acoustic enough to provide a bit of light in the shade of heavy rock.

The Editors

The highlight of the festival for many people, Mercury prize nominated Editors played a stonker of a set, tighter than the security to the band area backstage.

Every song had the fans at the front of the stage arms in air singing the lyrics at the top of their voices and Munich was almost an ‘other world’ experience.

The Editors
The Editors

I went backstage for a quick drink between The Editors and Forward Russia and saw guys from The Merge, The Valentines and journalists from at least one national music magazine enjoying the hot tub – full of foam.

Forward, Russia

Of all the headline bands playing, Forward Russia were the ones I was most looking forward to, the energy and power in their songs while listening on a stereo is enough to get the blood pumping, so to see it performed live was bound to be something to behold.

It was no disappointment, front man Tom moved around the stage like a man possessed. One photographer described it as “like trying to photograph a cockroach”.

Forward Russia
Forward Russia

The band played like their lives depending on a good performance and the island crowd lapped up every minute of it.


Far from being a “poor mans Arctic Monkeys” as I heard on festival goer describe them on the way in, indie punksters Milburn have the makings of musical legends with poetic lyrics and memorable riffs.

They look slightly static after the Forward Russia performance but it was an altogether different experience. Milburn’s music does all the talking, dancing and leaping about like a frog trying to escape a French chef for them.


With this being their second time in Jersey a large chunk of the crowd already knew what to expect from their music so it made for all the more exciting atmosphere.


After Milburn left the stage there was, what a festival photographer jokingly described to me as “the longest sound check in history”.

However, that lengthy sound check only served to get the crowd more and more excited for one of the biggest pulls of the festival.


The Zutons teased, taunted and played with the Jersey crowd, performing to thousands as if it were to an intimate pub, playing their own brand of funky rock tunes that made you forget it was raining.

In a day of highlights this is one set that really stood out for me and a number of other people, the Zutons seemed to be loving every minute of it and with that, so did everyone else there.

Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol are… well Snow Patrol really. Not the band I was most looking forward to, in fact probably the band I was least looking forward to but I was pleasantly surprised.

Snow Patrol
Snow Patrol

They are a great festival band, they know how to play the audience, how to get them worked up and into the spirit, and their Irish charm came across as they made jokes, dedicated songs and dealt with a number of technical hitched.

Front man Gary Lightbody said “it wouldn’t be a Snow Patrol gig if something didn’t go wrong” but it didn’t matter to anyone in the audience and mattered less to the ones that hung around for their two encore tracks.

Zane Lowe

Zane Lowe played a short 50 minute set from 11 to 12 and a number of people hung around at the front of the stage to enjoy a great mix of tunes.

Zane told that he loves Jersey from what he’s seen and would love to come back on holiday with his family.

Zane Lowe

He said he was “honoured to be asked to come out” and that “I have friends in bands who’ve played and talk about how good it is”.

When asked about the rain he told us “I always think that when it rains at a festival you have to commit to rock.” He went on to say “rain can work to the benefit of a festival”.


All in all Jersey Live 2006 was a massive hit, the lights leading out of the festival were a massive help to anyone walking home, coaches were better organised and there was more security and police to make sure things went smoothly.

There were your usual cues for toilets but the wait was no longer than you’d expect from any other festival and the food was fantastic.

The Big Screens were a massive enhancement to the grounds as well, meaning people could stand back from the stage and still enjoy the show, which made for a friendly front of stage than in 2005.

Jersey music fans
Jersey music fans

All credit to the festival organisers for putting on what was easily the best show of 2006 – here’s to Jersey Live 2007.

What about you?

Why not share your thoughts, feelings, memories and experience of the 2006 Jersey Live music festival with the island.

Send us a review, photos or even video of yourself and your friends enjoying the event and we will publish them on (within reason).

Why not send your photos, video & comments to us. Just email:
last updated: 03/09/06
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told u I was right about the coppers!

The paddingtons were the worst people I've ever met in my life. They were rude and obnoxious to all the girls backstage, and they look and sound like snails. Paddingtons go away. Otherwise, Great Day! One two fours next year.

la la cornwall
had great weekend.jersey lovely and jersey live really rocked.small festival with BIG names-editors milburn zutons-fab,and snow patrol were truely tent and zane nice touch.i,ll be back!

wos wkd, shame on the weather but bring on artic monkeys or kooks nxt yr!!!!!!!!!!& cheaper bev!!

the groin man haha
yo it was sound yall im in all dem pics i love charlie sooooooooo much ! by the way who seen brontis foam party hehe

Holly Davids, Devon
I came over to Jersey with my mate to watch Jeresy Live and it was awesome. Shame sunny Jersey didn't live up to its name but it didn't matter too much, although I was hoping to top up the tan at the end of the summer. Hopefully I can make it back over for next year (if I can afford it).

Haggis the Automatic weren't even there!

Crawf; I don't see the problem with having lots of security there. If you aren't going to do anything wrong then what is your problem with having them. It's only if you are going to do something illegal, like drink underage and start fights that they will bother with you. If you don't give them any reason not to then security will stay well away from you.

Ryan (Host)
You can vote for the Levellers on our Friday Poll on the Friday Review page.

Why are the Levellers not included in the vote for "best band" ?

I thought that the Valentines were just too drunk on their set. They kinda acted like idiots rather than rock n' roll cool. Sounded a bit unprofessional guys!

Bob, it was beer - the silly idiot that threw it hadn't even opened it. I may have got concussion but at least I got a free drink with it!

Fantastic day. Fantastic photos Beeb. Jersey Live is just fantastic - such a positive buzz to the whole event. Looking forward to next year. Rock on! ps. Bring The Killers over next year please!

i thought the automatic were the best

Rain wot rain, enough said..

Editors, Forward Russia & The Valentines did for me !! missed C2C though, please get them back to play at the splash xx



Katie, have you never thought that the cans might have been filled with piss rather than beer?! It's quite common at festivals. It's just the way it goes i'm afraid. If you get soaked by cold beer be thankful. If it's warm... well you can imagine how you'll feel...(!)

Jersey Live was fantastic - C2C were amazing - spent most of my day/night in the dance arena at the front - it was nice to hear some dark, dirty beats from early afternoon - well worth going. The Zutons were well good and dancing in the rain to their funky tunes was just spot on. Can't wait for next year.

c2c were by far the best !!! loved them

Those people throwing full beer cans were idiots. I was at the front of the crowd and was hit on the back of the head with one and it really did hurt, put a dampner on the whole afternoon for me. If you want to throw cans throw them empty - I can't understand why you'd waste £2.50 of alcohol anyway - you wouldn't chuck the cash into the crowd would you? In fact that would be great if you did - save queuing at the bar - just chuck the money!

I was really let down by the amount of police and security presense on sat. there was no need for it and i feel it ruined the atmosphere of the festival. A few beer cans thrown ! Cmon jl ! its a festival

I thought KuDu were amazing considering how young they are. Not sure how old they are but they look around 15, and to be that confident and talented at 15 is impressive - just mind you don't get too cocky as you grow older and more talented boys. From Lynne.

Excellent day. Same again next year please. Apart from Foward Russia, thought that their set was out of place, didn't enjoy it and thought that it was the wrong type of music for Jersey Live.

Snow Patrol were awesome - I was in the front row! I fought so hard to get a ticket and it was SO worth it! I hope next year can top it!

Grahame M
Jersey live was well good, well what i remember of it. C2C were absolutely amazing in the dance tent. Legends

The festival was amazing, with a generally excellent atmosphere, and even the 'violent chavs' which Tom refers to could not dampen proceedings. Personally, i thought that the Zutons and the Editors stole the show, and disagree with Ryan Morrison in that I think Forward, Russia were by far the weakest act, and that Snow Patrol served as an excellent big name finish to the festival. My only criticism of the festival is that security, althouh well carried out in most instances, was remarkably harsh and unneccesarily draconian in how the security guards were so unforgiving of people on each other's shoulders and a bit of jumping and pushing. It's a festival! I also think that this article has been poorly written and the journalist (who should go to the festival without preconceptions!) can not only not spell (see cue!), but picked on the most arbitrary quotes and happenings (zane lowe commenting on the rain instead of more of a review of his excellent set!!?). All in all i really enjoyed myself but feel I hav to suggest that this article does not do justice to how good the day was.

I liked the Ligers best!

big m
Jersey part of uk? Try thinking out of the box. Valentines are top Jersey band and should be playing among the other uk bands. Get them booked for 07 now!

omg! jersey live rocked dis year. it was soo gd. the editors were well good n so fit. cnt wait till next year!!!

Ryan Jacobs
Best one yet, cant wait till next year. Maybe the Killers next year cos they rocked in Glasto.

I loved the Vals so much Jagerd was on top form! Enjoyed Valerie so much highlight of my night! It was so cramped from Zutons onwards i was praying for nice cold rain! Scissor Sisters next year pleaes! ;)

jersey live rocked!!

It was really great! A fantastic day, except for violent chavs who seem to ruin everything nowadays.

class day !!!! wuldnt change ne of it !!! haha nice pic claire and megan haha !!!

Next year needs more bands like Forward, Russia to get the crowd going....

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