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24 September 2014

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Benny the Moth and the EZs

Benny the Moth @ The Joiners

Read a review of the Benny the Moth gig in Southampton in the bands own words.

As part of our new ‘Playing Away’ feature we asked Benny the Moth to tell us about their gig at the Joiners in Southampton.

If you’re from Jersey, in a band and ‘play away’ whether for a one off gig like Benny the Moth or all the time like Velofax then why not write a ‘playing away’ review for us.

April 29 2006

''The Joiners in Southampton is said to be the best live music venue in the south. according to nme anyway: we dont care so much about accolades we were just pleased to be on tonights bill.

Rival Joustas
Scott in action

Gotta say i've always liked the place tho, just the right size for 200 muso fans to bounce around in and a nice big stage u can throw yaself around on without kicking over drum mics or trippin over ya leads! All the greats have played there and drunk themselves blind in the backstage area, the walls are scrawled with names from years back, Manics, Oasis, Pistols, name em!

Tonights gig was headlined by by our mates Dead! Dead! Dead! and they'd as good as sold the place out by the time doors opened at 7.30 and the first people came flooding in.

Tonight we had an extra lighting rig for atmos and the pleasure of Rival Joustas on the bill too, who are being courted by a bunch of majors inc Virgin and Island, so we were very excited when they took to the stage and began throwing themselves into the crowd, climbing the amps, leapin off em onto the stage and basically playin like their lives depended on it.

Benny the Moth and the EZs

We followed them at 10.30 and as the crowd was well warmed up, the groovin began as soon as the first bossa rockin chords of Tu Cuerpo kicked in over that mighty PA. By the time we played The Dream I already had so much sweat in my eyes from tryin to keep the tempo up after the Joustas that I couldn’t see a damn thing...and I'd spilt my finger again, ouch!

The place was sweltering and packed to the rafters tho with kids goin nuts and movin around havin a good time to the music: the biggest romp of the night came when (surprisingly!) we played 'Think Ya Luvvly'.... an theres nowt like seein 200 kids from a city u've never played before, who have never even heard your music, leapin about like nutters all over each other and screamin their heads off, rapturously applauding each tune ... absolute blimin great stuff, if only we could get a tour like this I thought, ha ha, well I can dream!

Dead! Dead! Dead!
Dead! Dead! Dead!

Apparently not many people had ever heard a band quite like us before but fair play they weren’t afraid to go head on in and boogie their asses off, which was nice coz I forget how different from other bands we are most of the time, but when your playin in front of unknown crowds and they're diggin it, who cares!!

So a result, we sold all our CD's and made some new mates and I gotta say, it was a way better response than we thought we'd get from the soton crowd - I guess it was just that kinda night! By the time Neil was cavorting on the stage as tho he owned it during the Dead! set, the whole venue was a swirling torrent of bodies locked in a violent storm....young white boys n girls are very enthusiatic in soton ha ha!! I was just tryin to be careful not to hurt myself, big sap that I am lol!

After mashin it up in the basement with the other bands after the show, it was off to Club 22 where we DJ'd until 3.30am before grabbin our coats n smokes and heading off into the night, knackered but very content with another UK show under the belt...and a darn good un at that, lets hope theres more to come before the years out!!

Until next time, peace


last updated: 04/05/06
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ONE COOL and talented bunch of songwriters and performers..u shul hav been going to LIVE2006 ROBBD!

maysie may
yos are so original and cool guys.THINK YA LUVVERLY ROOOOOOOOOOOOCKS!!! roll on next gig xx

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