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24 September 2014

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Jersey win 2006 Muratti

Jersey won the 101st Muratti in an exhilarating game at Springfield this bank holiday Monday.

Cimandis Muratti 2006

Jersey 3 - 2 Guernsey

Jersey team celebrate winning the 2006 Muratti
Jersey team celebrate winning the 2006 Muratti

Just when most Jersey supporters were wondering when their team was going to make any impact on this 2006 Muratti, deservedly trailing to Matt Warren's 24th minute opener, Jersey scored twice in the six minutes before the interval to take a very fortunate 2-1 lead into the break.

First, Dominic Maher grabbed a fine equaliser following good work from Chris Andrews, and then with the final action of the first half, Andrews headed the home side ahead.

Jersey's 3rd and winning goal
Vincenti Jnr scores Jersey's 3rd and winning goal

Guernsey will certainly rue a whole host of missed chances throughout, and were made to pay dearly when Peter Vincenti Jnr scored one of the best ever individual Muratti goals.

He picked up the ball inside his own half, skipped past three players and blasted home from the edge of the box.

Guernsey refused to give up, and indeed kept playing their best football, despite rapidly tiring legs. They were rewarded when Daragh Duffy reduced the arrears 9 minutes from time, giving Jersey supporters a very anxious finale.

However,  Jersey held out for a thoroughly entertaining 3-2 win for their fourth Muratti success in the past five years.

It was a triumphant return for Jersey boss Peter Vincenti, who once again proved a thorn in Guernsey's side, was particularly pleased with his team's performance in the second half:

Jersey manager Peter Vincenti
Jersey Manager Peter Vincenti

"I think we played better in the second half, I don't think we played to our full potential but it was a hell of a game of football in the second half and all credit to Guernsey.

"I thought it was one of the best Murattis I've ever been involved in; a credit to both islands, I thought it was excellent."

It was a very forlorn Guernsey manager Steve Ogier, who had seen his side dominate for long periods of the first half, and felt that Guernsey had "gifted" Jersey their three goals:

"I'm gutted basically...we were well in control in the first half, but to be fair they've taken their chances and when we were on top we didn't take ours.

Davie Brodie, Jersey Captain and Man of the Match
Dave Brodie was named Man of the Match.

"But, I'm very proud of the lads and the effort they put in, but we've got to learn to put teams away when we're on top."

It may not be much consolation for Guernsey this afternoon, but that was probably the best performance seen for many years from a losing side in this fixture that is now 101 years old.

Jersey captain Dave Brodie, was deservedly named Man of the Match.

He said; "Honestly I'm a very proud guy - it means a hell of a lot to me."

last updated: 03/05/06
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danny swallows
Well le saux isn't going to the world cup as a pundit so he's got plenty of time this summer to get back into jersey for pre-season

What about Le Saux then? He must have enough spare time now that he is a bbc pundit!

There is now was Matt Le Tissier would be able to play. Did you not see the Legend's match between England and Germany. He could only make 1 run and then he was nakered. Plus we already have Gary Freeman!!!

I don't know why the organisers of the Muratti don't try and put a bit of marketing into the game for next year. Get Matt Le Tissier to play for Guernsey and Grame Le Saux to play for Jersey. Both are still better then any of the current crop, so not only will you have better teams but also some good pr. Simple!

The commentary was not biased - nor was the jersey summariser, who said guernsey were the better side for most of the first half -it was the guernsey summariser who was totally biased - then i find out he was the only non-bbc person on the team - but i like a bit of bias personally, especially fron a donkey -cos it means they've LOST!!!!

Jersey fitba fan!
I think G.Brodie should get him self fit as he would be a big asset to Jersey football just like his brother why the boy is'nt playing i dont no as he is a great player,his reading of the game is second to none!!!!!!!!!!

Someone well involved
Jimmy Young, do you really think that is a fair comment after all the players that have arrived at your club from other clubs in recent years? I certainly don't.

Adam, Jersey
Danny - I think you need to get a life - ashamed what are you talking about - all the credit has gone to Guernsey for their performance and as such credit to Jersey for winning against such a good effort - the underdog did not win on this occassion but that is what sport is all about - you should never, never be ashamed of your heritage, go back to the outback, sorry the Isle of Man is the outback!

Whatever. Facts are facts, when England struggled to beat Wales at home (and in fact lost to Northern Ireland away) as a half pomme (half manx, born in Australia) I was ashamed just like you lot should be when you can only just beat Guernsey! In fact whenever Australia lose to New Zealand at anything I am ashamed as they have less than a third of the Aussie population.

Adfam, Jersey
Jsy Fan - obviously not - have you ever considered "killing time" in a game - write in under Guernsey fan next time!!!

Someone well involved
Well done Vincentis, Peter snr, Peter, jnr and Catherine for her comments. I too was told the radio commentary was biased, that should be addressed next year. Guernsey contributed to a fine game and had they taken their chances they would have had the glory. Jersey boys bounced back beautifully in the second half and therefore deservedly went on to win with three fine goals. Well done to the players and the management and outfield and goalkeeping coaches

Jsy Fan
Vincente is clueless !! Look at the lads he had on the bench and he brought Craven on left wing and Freeman on... making one !!

Danny you said it "from a team that should do much better". Jersey hardly played to their full potential and still won! what does that tell you? Everyone keeps going on about the population but that counts for nothing as not everyone in Jersey plays footbal just as not evryone in guernsey plays football. I would presume that the two island have similar amount of players to choose form and therefore population means nothing. Just look at Lichestien. Only 2000 people but still oly lost to The England national team 2-0. And the comment coming from you after your Island has only won it once!

Jimmy Young
Jersey did stuggle but they scored more goals,Scott Devlin would have made all the difference if he was playing,although if he signs for St Pauls he may never get another chance to play for the Island.

Adam, Jersey
To Danny - just like when we thrashed you 5-1 in the final of the Islnd Games we had a good team, our manager hs had to re-buil our team in the space of 2 games over 5 months - anyway Guernsey were not in it in the second half so any jealousy you have you need to get over.

Danny, Isle of Mann
You lot struggled to beat a team at home who have a substantially smaller population and thus lower player numbers to choose from, Guernsey dominated the game and you were lucky to win. Come off it a 3-2 victory at home is a bit pathetic really. Its a bit like when England struggle to beat Wales, a rubbish performance from a team that should do much better!

Lee De La Mere
Well Done Jersey!!! G. Brodie learn to spell Jersey before considering to play for them. your past it, in fact you never had it so stay in the stand and watch your brother play. Dave played well but I dont think anyone really stood out for Jersey, it was a good team performance but Vin should of got MOTM for his goal.

Well done Jersy! I would just like to give praise to my brother as i thought that he had a great game considering he is 35 ( joke Peter also had a great game he took his goal very well,Jimmy was also solid between the sticks,after watching the Muratti i think i will get myself fit for next season as watching football pisses me off.

dave pearson
i think that the boys on the drums were amazing they should do it every year they got the cheers at the end going well done lads.

the muraati was beast HA te gursenys lost a beast !!! well dun jersey .. made the day a beast ;):) xx

Jersey struggled to beat an island with just over half its population. Woo hoo. Get over yourself Cath!

Jersey Rule
How many Vincentis are there??Fair play to Catherine I ws working and listened to it all over the radio as well and I agree that the Guernsey man never gave any credit to any of the Jersey boys, when Vincenti summed it all up he criticised his players and praised Guernsey how many times have you heard thatsort of thing from any Island managers? Guernsey might have played well but so did we in the second half and we scored 3 times and according to ome mtes who went young Vincenti' goal will take some beating so good for him and good for Catherine standing up fo all us Jersey Boys and good for the Jsy Footy fan I think he is spot on as well- Jersey Rule OK

Chris, Jersey fan
Corbet's commentary was bias to Guernsey and he should have given credit to Vincenti's goal as it was the best goal i've seen in a long time!!!!!And well done jersey for bringing the cup home where it belongs

Catherine Vincenti

Unfortunately I wasn't able to be there but I listened to it on the radio and my stomach was in knots the whole way through!! What a brilliant game!!! I think it is fair to say that Guernsey were unlucky however in regards to many of comments that Guernsey should have won, I think it is important to remember that this is another game that Guernsey just haven't delivered. According to the radio commentary, this was the third match that the team lost and therefore I would question where the Guernsey team go from here. Unlike the 'new' Jersey team, Guernsey has been playing with these set of players and under the current management for the past couple of years. Jersey however, has not only brought in new players but have a new management team and if they win and produce games when they are (to quote my dad) 'not playing to our full potential,' what sort of game will they produce were they are at their peak?!

One final point I would like to make is in regards to a number of comments made by Phil Corbet throughout the radio commentary of the game. Undoubtedly his commentary is going to be bias considering he is the ex-Guernsey manager however I feel he should have given Jersey credit when it was due, as my dad did to Guernsey. Throughout the commentary he continuously criticised Jersey, perhaps this was justified in the first half however even when my brother scored (to quote the media); ' Peter Vincenti Jnr scored one of the best ever individual Muratti goals', Corbet response was that he had seen goals like this from other Guernsey players that he had previously coached. Could he not just be man enough to give credit when credit was deservedly due? Anyway, unlucky Guernsey but well done the Jersey boys and especially well done to my dad and little bro!!!!!

Jsy Footy Fan
Vincenti got his formation and starting eleven spot on. A good blend of experience and age. With this one under the belt he can now start to bring in younger players which is crucial to the development of Jersey football. Well done the Jersey boys!

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