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13 November 2014

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Bergerac on DVD

Some said it will never happen, others said it shouldn’t happen, but it has, it’s coming soon, it’s Bergerac on DVD.

When Bergerac left Jersey in 1991 the island went from having one of the highest crime rates in Europe to having one of the lowest – the high crime moniker seems to have followed the great man to his new home town of Midsummer.

There have been calls from certain sectors of society, including top comedian (and Jersey boy) Will Smith for the release of the crime fighting maverick to be let loose on DVD – up until now nobody thought it would actually happen.

John Nettles as Bergerac

Is Bergerac your icon?

Last July BBC Worldwide announced that the first series of Bergerac would be released on DVD in October of that year – 10 months later, Daniel Hall of BBC Worldwide announced on BBC Radio Jersey this morning that the first DVD will be out on 8 May 2006.

BBC Radio Jersey’s breakfast presenter, Joe Pignatiello asked Daniel Hall, commissioning editor for BBC Worldwide what the team chose for the cover of the first release.

Daniel said that “We actually decided to rest on John Nettles in front of a jersey backdrop; I think we will probably save the car for future releases because we are planning on releasing the whole lot eventually.”

According to Daniel, who is responsible for the release of Bergerac, one DVD will be released every few months, with the whole lot released within two years.

The first release will be of the first series and features the following episodes:

1. Picking It Up
2. Nice People Die In Bed
3. Unlucky Dip
4. Campaign For Silence
5. See You In Moscow
6. Portrait Of Yesterday
7. Last Chance For A Loser
8. Late For A Funeral
9. Relative Values
10. The Hood And The Harlequin

For those of you living under, instead of on the rock, here is a brief explanation of Bergerac from the back of the DVD:

“Jim Bergerac is a recovering alcoholic, divorcee and father to a young daughter. He is a Detective Sergeant with the Bureau des Etrangers, a department for non-residents on the Channel Island of Jersey.

“Jim, a true maverick, likes doing things his own way and consequently doesn't always carry out his investigations in the traditional manner, the way his boss might like...”

According to Daniel Hall Series two will be out in August and that will be followed by Series three in November with the whole lot released within two years.

For those of you into extra features we can also confirm that there are commentaries on the DVD from the shows creator Robert Banks Stuart and star John Nettles.

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created: 11/04/2006

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Ryan (Host)
OK I've spoken to 2|Entertain the company responsible for the release of BBC (including Bergerac) DVDs and have been told Series 8 should be out in April and Series 9 by the end of the year.

I have just been visiting Amazon the other day that the 9 Series of Bergerac is combined into the Complete Collection on DVDwhich will be released in late November. I'm thinking about ordering Bergerac for Christmas, it's the best detective drama series back in the 1980s. John Nettles is a good actor for his roles of Bergerac and DCI Tom Barnaby of Midsomer Murders. I have been a fan of Bergerac when I was a kid, I watches it sometimes on channel Alibi.

jamie wright
my dad was in an episode of bergerac just the 1 show i know of,it was in between these dates.11th oct-20th dec 1985 series 4.or series 3 between 3rd dec-4th feb1984.he played a singer in a club scene and a street entertainer.i am trying to find him his name is sandy scott.if u can email me at

J Roberts
Windward House, Le Mont Sohier, St Brelades to be DEMOLISHED! Charlie Hungerford's iconic white-pillared and pink wall house and stunning gardens are to be demolished to make way for 5 houses. See thisisjersey website 31 07 2009 for short article, or Jersey Evening Post same day for front page and full page 3 story and photos. Please object to planning on where it is listed as "land at Windward" if you loved this stunning property and want to save it!

Vincent Orme
The time is right for the return of Bergerac...come back Jim you are wanted..

Series 8 has now been released,hope series 9 soon follows...which means the complete set!I just hope series 1 will be re-releaed unedited as it's badly cut,still worth purchasing though.

Bryan Bayfield
2Entertain is a company that was part of Woolworths, wasn't it? And the BBC held a stake in it.I have series 1-7 on DVD and will be absolutely gutted if i can't get 8 & 9.All my mates think I'm sad, but there's something about that TV series I really like.

Ryan (Host)
I imagine you'll be able to get series 8 and 9 from all the usual places.

As for the idea of bringing Jim back - I'm working on an article/discussion page on that topic as we speak - trying to get hold of people to interview.

Maybe Jim's daughter could play the central character with Jim as the old and wise retired detective they go to every week for advice and who ends up solving the crime?

Bring Back Jim

Gary Bennett
Hi Ryan & fellow bergerac fans, have been scouting for series 8 & 9 for ages, so great to hear that they will be released, can we get from BBC shop website? Is the time right to resurect Jim et al now that Mr Nettles has decided to retire from Midsummer? and before all the previous actors have left this mortal coil!!! You could do a new tricks type of show with Jim, Barney and Willy that could work, but NO KILLING OFF of characters, what do you think? Could this be a new topic for Roger Barra to discuss on his great show

Thanks Ryan - I was beginning to think we weren't going to get them released...I would not have been happy!

Michel Hoekstra
Does anybody know when serie 8&9 will be out on DVD.

Thanks Ryan for the info on release dates for s8 and s9. I very much look forward to obtaining these! Greatings from Holland.

Paul - Jersey
Where is series 8 and 9Please?

Sue T
Not sure when series 8 out but hopefully soon. Please, please please anyone - when is it due to be realeased?

Andrew - West Sussex
Come on! We're ready for Series 8 and 9 now but they seem to be out of sync from the previous serier releases. Are they coming - we have the right to know!

Joyce - Manchester
People keeping asking about release dates for series 8 and 9 but still no one answering! When?

Steve from Derby
Bergerac is the best please can we get a new series made "BRING BACK BERGERAC"

Have tried to find this series on DVD and while this indicates it available I have had no success here in the US. LOVE John Nettles as Barnaby and would love to find this...
are the bergerac dvds available in canada?

Judith Potter
After living in the UK with my English husband for 8 years, I developed a taste for many English TV shows. I order the Pal formatted DVD's and play them on my computer. Bergerac up to series 7 is great, but where is season 8 and 9? I am ready to order them.

We are now over two years since Bergerac DVD's were first released, where is Season 8 & 9? i would also like to buy the Out of Season Episodes for my dad. Please help!? Thank you!

Neil H from West Midlands, UK
I'm 24 years old. I think Bergerac is the best TV show ever. I never got the chance to see them in order when I was younger so I bought them on DVD (waiting for series 8). I love it. Best ever TV detective. Please, please, please Mr BBC, do another series of it. John Nettles could be the Chief Inspector. I think I speak for every fan of the show when i say "Bring back Bergerac!!!!"

Franklin N. Taylor
I 2nd the comments of those requesting a USA version DVD of Bergerac. After living 18 years in Jersey prior to 2006 and viewing most of the TV presentations I would hastily purchase the complete Bergerac series. I still keep looking for its availability in the 'BBC America Shop' publications.

Terry Ellen
Please put Bergerac on DVD for United States viewers! ASAP!

Emma from Norway
I'm so glad Bergerac has come out on DVD. I love John Nettles and I didn't see this first time round.

angela waters
I live in the States,am English would love to buy a dvd of Bergerac--is there anywhere in the Us where I could do this.HELP

Jan Titcombe
I am living in Australia and would like to purchase the DVD set of Bergerac please? Could you please point me in the right direction. Have tried the ABC here with no luckregards and Thank-you

the pointless editing ruined the dvds only poeple of acertain age are interestd in them have you seen whats on in the middle of the day bergerac is tame compared to it cop on

Please bring back Bergerac the tv series as an up to date series, we just don't get quality programming like the original series any more on the beeb,

Chris Woods
Any idea when series 7, 8, and 9 will be released? Can't wait.

Gerard Schotgerrits
I'm Dutch and can't wait

m.schuurman, from Holland
I will buy Bergerac, but when comes Jewel in the Crown, on dvd with Dutch subtitles

Dr. Raymond A. Winters
I still don't know how to rent or buy these DVD's in the U.S.

Jim Capps
HI. I'm a "Yank" who was living in the UK during the Bergerac "hayday". My family absolutely loved that show. I hope it makes it to the US in the near feature.

Natalie K
When will we in Australia see the release of Bergerac. I can remember watching the series many, many years ago so am waiting anxiously to seeing it being available soon!!!

Sue in Tenerife
Just returned from Jersey after visiting my 4 Jersey Beans (grandchildren) managed to get hold of DVD series 1-5. Always a reminder of that superb island. 14/12/07

When will there be a reunion episode as with Auf Weidersen Pet ? The best police series BBC ever produced. Bring back Jim !

My friend in San Francisco would love to be able to watch Bergerac on DVD in their formato Any chance?

This series is one of the best and started my love of Jersey. Hurry up and get the whole series out on DVD and don't forget the specials too! Some DVD extras would be nice...

Paul Hynes
Like the series, never saw it first time but decided to get the fist dvd set after midsummer. Lets have them on tv and them all on dvd to collect.

When are the 19 million people living in Australia going to get Bergerac on DVD? Midsommer is HUGE here and we are all keen to see Bergerac. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...

David James
I've been a fan of Bergerac since my childhood. I have 3 DVD set, when can we have all of the series.

Larry watson
Bill holland says that he has got all the xmas specials,could he let us know from where?

Laurence Nash
Im aged 24 and i think Bergerac is the best programme ive ever had the pleasure to watch, roll on all 9 series on DVD

Charles-E. Dupont
It would have been so nice to get the series in French as it appeared in France years ago ! I'll be waiting...

Carol Ayers
So, is it available in the US, where can I buy it? Grew up in England, visited Jersey many times as a child, loved the series.

great series but what's the car.?

Rose Banks
am hooked on John Nettles in Midsummers am looking forward to see Berqerac

mike chevalier
how many series of bergerac were made i have series 1,2,3, on dvd only

Is it likely that the Bergerac DVD collection would be released in Australia? I would love that. Have always liked John Nettles, love him in Midsomer Murders now.

Nicolas Lignon
I hope that DVD with french speach of Bergerac will be available too !! Many thanks

Elisabeth Holmen
I live in Denmark an because og the serie Bergerac I have been so lucky to visit Jersey several times in the past. So I am lokking forward to buy the DVD

Bertie Lindquist
Will there be a US release?


Does anyone know if the Christmas Specials will also be released??

natalie bickerton
i am absoultle happy that beregrac is on video will we able to get in the music shops such as hmv

Peter Hawkins
The first two releases are excellent and it's good to have the commentaries on Series 1. Is there a possibility that the Jim'll Fix It footage (mentioned by John Nettles in his BBC book) could be included as an extra, with one of the future releases? Wonder if Daniel Hall at BBC Worldwide could secure this - extra's like this really are appreciated by DVD buying fans.

Rodney Summers
About time, already got the first two issues, pre-booked the third, demand is high! bring out the whole series.

steve matlock
great news bergerac on D V D, watched most episodes with our children, but not a real fan until visiting the island two years ago.i am about to place my order,even though i have seen all the repeats on sky !

After years of hearing about Bergerac and especially seeing John Nettles in Mid. Murders [and loving it] could hardly wait for the earlier series...we have not been disappointed.. its been worth waiting for... now hurry up with 2nd series..its August already...

BERGERAC ON DVD ? GREAT... I was watching Bergerac in the 90's in French, I liked it very much.. Maybe we will have Bergerac in France. I hope so.

Angela Burns
Great news, but please make sure the DVD is also available in North American format. And market it, since almost no one here has seen it (I watched it in Hong Kong.

Martin Rogers
Jim, please return to Jersey in your advancing years and solve another crime....with your car of course!

Gary Bennett
Great news - Jim & Charlie back together - can't wait to get a copy - makes the visit to Jersey more enjoyable again!! Here's to great memories of the Royal Barge and Diamante Lil.

Paula Keenan
I'm delighted that Bergerac Series 1 is out on DVD at last! I've bought it and will be buying any more that are released. Fantastic.

Lloyd Clark
I have always enjoyed bergerac and am pleased to hear that it has been released on DVD. I will be ordering my copy!!!

jan fielding
Great news !! i have pre ordered my copy. it will put JERSEY back on the map !!! where you belong

Warren O'Brien
I love Bergerac, can't wait to get the DVD and visit the island!

That is great news for Bergerac fans, cant wait to buy it.

paul haywood

You are in: Jersey > Entertainment > More Entertainment > Bergerac on DVD

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