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21 August 2014
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Inside the States

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Question Time

Question Time for 14/02/06

Read Questions put to Ministers as part of Question Time and listen to the sessions.

Under the new system of Ministerial government there is a 30 minute session at the start of every sitting where members have the opportunity to ask questions, without notice, to ministers.

The session is split into two periods, with one Minister in each half taking questions. The Chief Minister has to take questions during the second period at every other meeting.

We will write up the questions asked in each half along with the full audio from each session so that you can hear the Ministers response.

The sittings take place every two weeks. You will also be able to read the written and pre-submitted oral questions on the Hansard section of the States Assembly website.

Guy de Faye


In the first half of the Question Time sitting, members had the opportunity to ask the Minister for Transport & Technical Services, Deputy Guy de Faye questions without notice.

Some of the subjects included street lighting, Gas Place, traffic delays and the Connex bus contract.

Click on the audio link below to listen to the questions as well as Deputy de Faye's response. You will need the free Real Player to listen to any audio clip on this site.

Deputy Jacqui Hilton

“No doubt the Minister is aware that the preliminary finding from the survey that has taken place on the gas place site recently has been very encouraging. This could possibly indicate that the extensive digging out of the contamination might not actually have to take place.

“The question I have for the Minister is; has the minister considered or will he consider actually citing the car parking element of the scheme away from that site to enable the building of the green park to happen sooner rather than later?”

Deputy Ian Gorst

“The Minister may not be aware of the traffic chaos that has last night and this morning taken place for commuters coming into and going from town from the East of the Island, in fact traffic last night was queuing from as far as Pier Road.

“In fact if it where not for the generosity of my wife in allowing me to borrow her scooter this morning I may now be stranded on the inner road.

“This has been caused by the road closure by Le Dicq which is due to remain closed for six weeks. Could the Minister give an undertaking that his department will review with urgency that his department will review the road closure and that it might be re-opened in at least one direction morning and evening?”

Deputy Geoff Southern

“I’ll use my slot as a supplementary to Deputy Hilton's. Will the Minister put appropriate and sufficient pressure on his fellow Minister for Planning and Environment to release the information in the Arup Rothwell report on Gas Place and Talbot Place pollution as soon as possible?

“I note in his written answer he is presenting that to the Council of Ministers but release that to this house in the shortest possible time scale.”

Deputy Deidre Mezbourian

“Will the Minister advise the house whether there are any plans to revise the current provision for Island wide street lighting?”

Deputy Roy le Herrisier

“Would the Minister identify whether he feels the current Connex bus contract is totally stiming his efforts to reform the bus service, and given the constraints it’s laying upon him was it not unwise to give EasyLink a contract for the summer and thus diverting more revenue?”

Deputy Rob Duhamel

“It was stated in a previous debate; indeed it was P95-2005, that the percentage of household and commercial waste to be recycled in the period 2008 to 2033 or thereabouts would be higher than 32%, although indeed the chart within the body of the report didn’t actually suggest this.

“Indeed in some local and UK County Councils the rate is higher. Will the Minister bring to this house in short order a report outlining his intentions for higher recycling rates during the period 2008 – 2033 and also outline what further measures will be taken should the recycling target set for 2008 should be met before that date?”

Constable of St. Helier

“Islanders would have been surprised to read in the paper that our figures for recycling are higher than England, or so I read.

“Could the Minister confirm that our figures for recycling include the diversion of build demolition materials in the form of secondary aggregate and therefore that our figures for recycling are somewhat skewed by the amount of demolition taking place in the island?”

Senator Jim Perchard

“Is the Minister concerned that the total number of personnel employed in the public sector work force continues to grow year on year? If he is will he be taking action within his department to halt and if possible reverse this growth or does he believe his department to be an exceptional case?”

Deputy Paul le Claire

“The temporary licence issued in 2003 for the composting operation I believe expires in 2006. What is the intention to extend this temporary licence, if there is, past the target date of removing the composting operation in May 2007?”

Deputy Sarah Ferguson

“The Minister mentioned that the number of workers, full time posts in the TTS has now been reduced. Is this a question of an overall reduction, or is it a question of customer facing workers and has the policy of replacing these by machines been value for money?”

Deputy Kevin Lewis

“Is the Minister aware that the present composting plant is causing difficulties in St. Helier, St. Saviour and St. Clement with many parishioners reporting severe breathing difficulties and does he not think that if this cannot be remedied immediately the plant should be shut down?”

Senator Frank Walker


In the first half of the Question Time sitting, members had the opportunity to ask Jersey’s Chief Minister, Senator Frank Walker, questions without notice.

Some of the subjects included ID Cards, the Human Rights Law, WEB, the Waterfront, the cost of government and the Communications Unit.

Click on the audio link below to listen to the questions as well as Senator Walker's response. You will need the free Real Player to listen to any audio clip on this site.

Senator Len Norman

“This morning the Council of Minister presented comments which stated the Council endorses the view expressed by the Minister of Health and Social Services that the proposal to build a private hospital is without merit.

“Could the Chief Minister say what evidence there is to support that view, what discussions have taken place between the Council and the developer, potential operator and their advisors to help them reach that view?”

Deputy Geoff Southern

Will the Minister guarantee that the Human Rights Jersey Law (200-) will be brought to the house this year not withstanding any outstanding problems with sexual offences, criminal justice or employment laws.

Senator Ben Shenton

“The code of contact for Ministers under compliance says any infringement by the Ministers must be reported to the Ministers and the Ministers will decide what action to take.

“Does he not think that it would be better to report any infringements to the PPC?”

Deputy Judy Martin

“In the Councils minutes of 21st January it was reported they are going to withdraw P201, it is also noted there are 27 actions that can go ahead without bringing them back to the States.

“Would the Minister, obviously he may not be able to inform us now of the 27 actions, but could he insure that the rest of the States Members know these actions as soon as possible.

“In the last minute it is reminded that all Ministers who have any concerns with the policy should contact Senator Kinnard as soon as possible in writing.

“Would the Minister please extend this to all other States Members who have any concern of the Criminal Justice policy and that we could also raise them?”

Deputy Andrew Lewis

“If and when a States employee is suspended on full pay due to a disciplinary issue, if that person is later found guilty, would the Minister consider it appropriate and indeed possible that any remuneration during the suspended period be paid back to the States?”

Constable of St. Helier

“The Chief Minister may recall that I attempted unsuccessfully to amend the budget of the then Policy & Resources Committee in respect of the communications or spin.

“Could he comment on the performance of the unit last year and in recent months and outline his plans to resource the Communications unit in the future?”

Deputy Paul le Claire

“Given the imminent departure of the Chief Executive of Jersey Finance, who I’m sure the Chief Minister will agree with me is going to be a sad loss. Does he have any indication of who will be taking his place given the importance of the role?”

Deputy Deidre Mezbourian

“Will the Chief Minister advise the house whether he has held discussions with the Treasury Minister on the matter of the States placing funds into ethical investments?”

Deputy Rob Duhamel

“It was recently reported the attention of the Council of Ministers to set up a citizens panel in order to assist with discussions of forthcoming policies. Will the Chief Minister actually indicate the level of funding that’s been thought about in order to service this worthy cause?”

Deputy Judy Martin

“On the 26th January the Council received a presentation from WEB and an updated report on the economic model on the 9th February from Price Waterhouse Cooper. Can the Minister please inform the rest of the house when this presentation will be available to all States Members?”

Deputy Roy le Herrisier

“Would the Minister acknowledge that, given the exchange that took place about how many new senior people have been recruited that, at heart, there is a serious problem.

“No matter how we define the level at 60 or 50 thousands and how we build in RPI. Would he be prepared to give us the figures and the positions where this growth has occurred and then we can confirm the Chambers figures with those the States are using?”

Deputy Paul le Claire

“May I ask the Chief Minister on identification cards recently approved in the United Kingdom, whether Jersey will be going along this route, will the Council of Ministers be considering this, and will they be considering issuing identity cards to members of the European Union who may require their own cards from their own countries and how that will link into the passport system with biometrics?”

Deputy James Reed

“How does he reconcile the fact that on the one hand we have subscribed and signed up to better, simpler & cheaper, and yet in the Council minutes for 26th January, the Minister for Treasury & Resources stated that the States had effectively spent the 20 million worth of savings achieved?”

Deputy Alan Brecon

“Can I come back to the Waterfront? The Council minutes for the 26th January show that representatives of Price Waterhouse Cooper where in the process of updating the analysis they had undertaken previously in relation to the economic impact of the proposed development.

“Their report would be completed in a weeks time, that’s to say it’s been done I would presume, would be reviewed by the economic adviser and his findings presented to the Council meeting of the 9th February 2006.

“Could the Minister confirm that was presented and if it was when it will be available?”

Deputy Geoff Southern

“Does the Minister consider that the decision of the previous economic development committee of the 13th October 2004, to abolish the economic benefit test, meaning that there will now be no requirement for a minimum tax contribution from an employer taking up office space and staff resources in Jersey if they are foreign principles.

“Does the Minister consider that decision fits in with his sustainable growth policy and his fiscal strategy?”

Deputy Paul le Claire

“Could the Chief Minister give us a view of how he feels the Council of Ministers is operating under this new system and how he feels, as I actually do start to believe it’s actually working a little bit better than, I never thought I would say it, the old system. How does he feel it is working now?”

Deputy Jacqui Hilton

“It is my understanding that recently the Education Sport & Culture Committee have employed a community football officer, and I think his remit is to reach out to those young people in St. Helier who don’t access the normal football clubs and associations.

“Has the Minister got a view on the fact that the facility which is best suited to facilitate that action is currently barred to young people for a good part of the year? I’m talking about Springfield and the fact that young people cannot access that facility.

“Has he got a view on that and if he has can he advise the house on how he feels that we might be able to address that issue?”

Next time

The next sitting is on February 28 2006 and Senator Terry le Main, Housing Minister will take questions in the first period and then the second period will feature the Minister for Planning & Environment, Senator Freddy Cohen.

The full text of the questions and answers from this session, along with the written questions and questions with warning will be available on the Hansard section of the States Assembly website in about two weeks.

last updated: 26/06/07

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i am a student at jcg and the bus services here are a major issue. i do not enjoy standing up when i catch my busses. i feel intimedated. it can get very embrassing. my mother and father are not happy about the srevices just like me. this is a very serious issue!

i am a student and i visited the states chambers even know all the seats on the bus are not taken this is because there are some emp-ty buses aqnd some which need more room xx

You are in: Jersey > My Island > Inside the States > Question Time for 14/02/06

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