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24 September 2014

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Temple Review

by Anna Carlson
Read a review of Temples gig at the Live Lounge on Friday 17 February by Anna Carlson.

When was the gig?

17 February 2005

Where was the gig?

Live Lounge

Who was playing?


The Review

It's rare that you see a gig that leaves you open mouthed by the end of it. You just kind of look around at your friends and once the bands left the stage you just kind of go, "what the hell was that?!"

That’s how I felt the other night at the Live Lounge after seeing Temple. I saw them last summer cos a friend of mine knew the guitarists sister so I went along, and I really liked them then, but it felt like another good up and coming band, and that was that. But on Friday it really felt like something special.

I don't know all the song names but I know that their second song was “Ghost Story” cos I’ve heard it on a demo. That song’s just epic. The singing at the start of the song it great and edgy and his voice is just so authoritative you just got to listen. Their songs are just huge, epic songs, they're edgy and aggressive, but even then everyone in the crowd was just singing along I couldn't believe it, cos hardly anyones even heard of them when I speak to people about them.

They played a Beatles cover, “Tomorrow Never Knows” and I've never heard anything like it. It's one of the best covers I've ever heard, it’s got the dancy feel of the original but it’s really aggressive like the rest of their sound, so rocky and sexy really!

Another song I've heard on a demo is Mother Said and again, the whole crowd were singing along. It was so haunting, it sounds like a love song, and it sounds really sad, but it sounds really sleazy at the same time, and the music is just massive, their drummer is fantastic and, well all the band are, the music's just so exciting and big.

That's another thing that struck me; the euphoria that greeted the end of each song, like Come in Me. This was their second last song, (played after a burst of Billy Jean!). The cheers at the end of this song were like if you'd just seen Oasis or something, everyone was so excited and just loving what they were seeing.

Im not sure what their last song was called, but it summed up everything that happened before, a great tune that everyone was bopping along to, then a vocal that just ripped through the song, followed by this amazing ending with guitars and drums just getting faster and faster and bigger and bigger until it all descended into a fantastic mess of noise. It’s the kind of song you just wanna scream out loud to!

I’m so excited about this band. It seems ridiculous that a band that’s played in Jersey like this could go all the way but Temple are just amazing I just can’t wait for them to make it cos they will. They’re fantastic.

Rating: 10/10 - they were brilliant

A bit about you?

I've recently finished A-levels and im going to uni in September to study biology. I love animals and music and going to gigs and going out and going to the beach and stuff.

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last updated: 21/02/06
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What a sexy Drummer!

These guys are awesome, saw them last year in London and there music is just so much tighter now. The lead singer has amazing vocals but the rest of the band are just as brilliant, cant wait to see them go all the way and make it big.

the authors made them look ordinary? they were a little MOR i thought. Love or hate Temple at least they invoked a reaction. although im being a little harsh, i liked the authors. but it was just background music, as nice as it was.

What?! If the author looked as good as they sounded, they'd be ok i guess, but does that mean temple were pants? I doubt it!

hot rox
come in me sounds like it should be played in front of millions of people with everyone just going nuts! keep up the good work lads and come back soon.x

what a fantastic gig on friday if you werent there you missed out. These guys are gona be huge!!! Great bunch of lads aswell.

i thought the support band (the author)made temple look like a very average band

great review!! didn't make it to this show but can't wait to see these guys if they ever play around here again. really hope so!! it would be a nice change to have some exciting music in jersey! x

i thought they were mega, saw them on the saturday and the friday. interesting band. a good mix of britpop and grunge. yeh the crowd wasnt as big as id expected, but they didnt seem to care and fairplay. a really exciting band.

Joker C
What do I think of Temple? Yeah pretty good - I also heard them at the Live Lounge last year & was impressed which is why I went on Friday What did I think of the gig on Friday? Well clearly I was at a different one to everyone here - very disapointed! Up until I left (about 1/2 way through) I have seen more atmosphere in a morgue - the place could have only been 10% full. May be Temple weren't at their best or may be the system was set up all wrong but it was not a patch on their Live Lounge performance I'm afraid.

yeah, exciting stuff - you can check out the band on myspace here;

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Great review Anna! This was an awesome gig. Watch out for these guys - they are going places!

yeah i also missed Coldplay to see these guys at Glasto last year....didnt regret that decision! Temple are ace...def a band going places! Arctic Monkeys who?!

damn, i'm going to miss them. saw them last year at glasto, in the middle of the night. i missed coldplay to check them out!! hope they play some more dates - in london!!!

saw these guys at the splash last year and they were pretty damn good! The drummer is a nutter and his drumming is pretty mental !

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