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28 October 2014

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Inside the States

Senator Terry le Sueur

Le Sueur takes Treasury

Chief Minister Walker had eight of his ministerial nominations approved without contest. Read on...

Walker gets eight

Chief Minister Frank Walker announced his ministerial nominations in the States on Thursday 8 December.

Of the nine nominations, just one was apposed, that of Transport and Technical Services where Guy de Faye was nominated against Senator Walkers suggested Len Norman.

The two candidates stood up to give a 10 minute speech that was followed by a question and answer session from members of the assembly.

Deputy Guy de Faye got in with 31 votes compared to 20 for Senator Len Norman, this means that Chief Minister Walker has had eight out of nine of his nominations approved.

Senator Walker stood up in the house after the vote to thank members for approving eight out of nine of his nominations.

Find out more about the ministerial system and what each of the ministries will be responsible for with our guide to the ministries.

The following will make up the Council of Ministers:

Chief Minister - Senator Frank Walker
Economic Development - Senator Philip Ozouf
Education Sport and Culture - Senator Mike Vibert
Health and Social Services - Senator Stuart Syvret
Home Affairs - Senator Wendy Kinnard
Housing - Senator Terry le Main
Planning and Environment - Senator Freddie Cohen
Employment & Social Security - Senator Paul Routier
Transport & Technical Services - Deputy Guy de Faye
Treasury and Resource - Senator Terry le Sueur

Click the link below to listen to the nominations, speeches, debate and results of the vote for the Ministerial positions.

audio Ministerial Nominations and Vote >
Audio and Video links on this page require Realplayer

It starts with Senator Frank Walker announcing his nominations, includes the speeches and debate for Transport & Technical Services and ends with Senator Walker's thank you speech.

Privileges & Procedures

The States Assembly have voted for the Chairman of the Privileges & Procedures Committee.

Constable Derek Gray has been elected with an absolute majority gaining 26 votes. Deputy Roy le Herrisier secured 20 votes and Deputy Geoff Southern received just 5 votes.

According to the States guide to Ministerial Government: “The Privileges and Procedures Committee will ensure the States Assembly runs efficiently and effectively.

“It will monitor and enforce the new code of conduct for States Members and prepare an annual review of the work of the States Assembly.

“It will also oversee matters such as electoral issues and the future make up of the States, and it will be responsible for the budget of the States Assembly and the Scrutiny function.”

Click the link below to listen to the speeches, the debates and the vote as originally broadcast from the States of Jersey with BBC Radio Jersey’s Hamish Marett-Crosby.

audio Listen to the Privileges & Procedures Vote >
Audio and Video links on this page require Realplayer

You can listen to more from the States of Jersey by tuning your radio to 1026mw on the days the States sit.

The results were:

Stuart Syvret - 14 votes
Frank Walker - 38 votes
Spoilt papers - 1

Senator Walker will now nominate nine Ministers for the new governing Council.  They'll have to be individually approved by States Members on Thursday and if he fails to get enough support, he could face another vote for his position.

Watch & Listen

For the first time video cameras were allowed in the Chamber to film the speeches and result, they weren't allowed to film the debate.

BBC Radio Jersey were allowed to record the debate so below we have audio of the speeches, debate and result as well as video of the speeches and result. And if all that isn't enough we have audio and video interviews with both candidates after the vote.

By clicking one of the links below you can either listen to the speeches and debate or watch the individual speeches.

You will also be able to watch or listen to the results being read out by the Bailiff or an interview with each of the candidates after the results were announced.

All video links require a broadband connection to work properly, an audio only version has also been provided for users without broadband.

Have your say

Senators Walker & Syvret shaking hands
Senators Walker & Syvret shaking hands

Do you agree or disagree with the States? Who would you have voted for as Chief Minister? Should the public of had the opportunity to vote or where the States the right people to elect their leader?

What do you think of the member that spoilt their paper? Use the form below to have your say.

last updated: 08/12/05
Have Your Say
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The BBC reserves the right to edit comments submitted.

Those in this forum who have said that is us, the public who voted in the 38 politicians who voted for Frank are slightly mistaken.

Many of those are deputies who are only voted in by a minority of the voters of Jersey. My parish didnt even have a deputies election so there was nothing I could do about who my deputy voted for.

In the senatorials, I only voted for those who confirmed they were backing Stuart Syvret. The Chief Minister has to be voted in by the public in the future.

The way it was done this time round was really not at all democtratic The States Members need to read forums like this to gauge what some of the voters think and feel about this and other political issues.

Well here we go again the establishment have done the job ecxtremely well "in finishing any democracy we had left. is it no wonder why the vote turnouts are so low when once again the polititions have totally ignored the people, so the people out there in cloud coo coo land that believed there vote didn't count and didn't vote I PUT IT TOO YOU what happens next is of your own making and the rest of us will have to suffer with 5% gst on everything, the food prices the highest in europe, lets wait for the waste tax and you never know we may be charged to use our own beaches


What a suprise! like we didnt all see that coming, another example of the old boys network in full swing. It would have been a much different result had islanders actually had a say in our own future!

The spoilt paper shows the quality of people that are in the States. This will be remembered as "Black Monday" - just when you thought our so-called "politicians" couldn't sink any lower... I won't be voting for anyone in the future as it doesn't make a difference.

Nick Clough
The Chief Minister in the UK is elected by the public, why can this not be so in the Island of Jersey? Or is this another case of the "Old Boy Network" at work again!!!

Ryan (Host)
Thanks to everyone for their comments and contribution to this debate.

Just to point out that a poll on any website (including this one) should NOT be taken as representative of public opinion but as a just for fun look at what the users of that site think at the time the poll was up.

Bob Williams
What's with the comments about democracy? - who voted for the people who voted for Frank? as far as I can recall, it was made clear by each candiadate at the recent elections which way they would vote on the issue of Chief Minister, ( apart from Mr. Cohen) who refused to comment. Jersey democracy works, stop moaning!- the best guy won.

Thank Goodness there are 38 sensible people in the States!

At least after this stitch up I will have some free nights as I wont vote again as those in the house dont listen to the people radio jersey , ctv ,channel 103 ,all had polls and walker didnt win one so what is the point? as once in the states they do what they want or as they are told

Steven, do you honestly believe that had this vote been put to the people of the island - that the result would have been the same? I suggest that it would not and all the polls conducted so far overwhelmingly agree with this arguement. You can disagree with this point all you like - the only way to prove either point however, would have been to have a public vote - so there!!!!!!

Was the question to difficult for the one numty who spoilt their paper. Oh dear who elected that person for a £40000 a year jackpot. Well done Frank Walker, and well done to the 38 members who voted correctly and according to the mandate given to them by the people of Jersey.

Congratulations to Frank Walker on winning the election for Chief Minister. At least 38 members of the States can see that the businessman is a better choice than the carpenter.It is amazing that the people of this Island cannot see that to do this job you need tact diplomacy and the ability to take the difficult decisions that do not always suit the populous. By the way who was the idiot who spolit his/her paper, two names , one cross, not that difficult.

Er, I hate to point out that the 38 members who voted for Frank Walker were all democratically elected. Most of them either declared for one or the other candidate, or it could be assumed from what they said. It is therefore equally valid to say that Frank Walker was the democratic choice of the people.

You can also argue that Stuart Syvret stood for election as a Senator and the majority of people want him in the States for what he does best, keeping everyone on their toes. But a lot of people who voted for him as a Senator would not want him as Chief Minister. So there.

Although many people appreciate the work that Stuart Syvret has done and continues to do, I think that the result of this vote is appropriate for the Island of Jersey, as we will have a Chief Minister who can represent Jersey at all levels on the International stage.

Sorry very poor result. If this had been a public vote than I think we would be looking at a different result, not one that relied on money

James Le Cornu
This result is an absolute travesty of democracy. To go against popular opinion to such a large degree astounds me. This Island is now being run by a man who if he had stood at the last Senatorial Elections would no longer even be a politican by now.

Yet another occassion when the States Members have ignored public opinion. We would have seen a completely different result if public would have been given the opportunity to vote for the Chief Minister.

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