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24 September 2014

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Elections 2005 - Here we go again!

With the dust only just beginning to settle after the Senatorial elections its time for election fever again - this time we're choosing Deputies. Find out a bit about the role of Deputies, who make up over half of all States members...

Chief Minister Poll

Senator Frank Walker topped a poll on asking users who they would prefer to be Chief Mininister. The options were Senator Frank Walker and Senator Stuart Syvret.

The poll shouldn't be taken as representative of public opinion as a whole.

We had 306 votes cast in total between Wednesday 26 October and Friday 28 October.

The results are below:

Senator Stuart Syvret got 45% with 139 votes
Senator Frank Walker got 55% with 167 votes

Frank Walker
Senator Frank Walker

Today was the last day to register in order to be eligible to vote in the forthcoming Deputy elections, so if your name’s not on the list then it’s too late – you’ll have to wait until the next set of elections to have your say.

Stuart Syvret
Senator Stuart Syvret

Deputies have been in existence for well over 100 years and represent districts in the island. Presently there are 17 districts in Jersey, leading to 29 Deputy seats available as some districts are represented by more than one Deputy. Districts correspond to parish boundaries and, in larger parishes there are several administrative districts within one parish. The design of districts is such that each deputy represents an as even as possible number of voters.

Ministerial Government >
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Tuesday 25 October is the last day in which candidates can come forward to stand as Deputies in the elections which are to be held on November 23. The deputorial elections take place for all 17 districts at the same time. Some deputorial candidates are uncontested in their district, whilst others, especially some St Helier districts can see many candidates standing for Deputy.

The role of a Deputy is very similar to that of a Senator; the only obvious difference is that Senators seek an island wide mandate whilst a Deputy is only voted for by electorates in their parochial district. Half the Senators are elected every three years and sit for six years, whilst all the Deputy seats are stood for at once, meaning elections occur every three years, as a Deputy’s term lasts for a period of three years. 

The Deputies make up over half of the 53 States members. With the new Ministerial government coming into play in Jersey a maximum of 23 States members will be in Ministerial positions, either as one of the ten Ministers (including Chief Minister) or as an Assistant Minister (up to 13 positions available).

The first job for States members as they enter the Ministerial government will be to elect a Chief Minister. So far, two candidates have put themselves forward for the role of Chief Minister – Senator Stuart Syvret and Senator Frank Walker.

Although the election of a Chief Minister is the responsibility of States members, we would like to know who, out of the two candidates that have declared their intention to stand so far, you would like to see as Jersey’s first Chief Minister. Let us know by voting in our opinion poll.

last updated: 28/10/05
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Jersey needs Change Jersey does not need any more of the dictator that is Frank Walker.

Theresa green
Stuart Syvret is a hard working person and he can sort out the island and its residents he deserves to do well!

Terence Roger Tanner
Stuart Syvret should be the first CM I belive he has the right principales to run the Island Government he not only follows his head he also has compassion which Frank Walker has never demonstrated unless you are in the same social club so it seems?

He is hard working, dedicated and continues to fight the rights of this Island and it's Residents; Frank Walker is the only way to vote!!

Lisa & Sasha
It was obvious who was going to be the best for Jersey and mop up all of the damage that has been done. Stuart Syvret!!

I would vote Stuart Syvret for CM, who has, in my opinion, matured considerably and learnt much over the years.
Hopefully he will deal with one of the problems of high spending/waste buy the states departments. Importantly low output from the public sector work force, ie three persons for two persons work.
The private sector could not survive with such blatent workforce overload and under achievement. No one in the past seamed to be able or willing to take on the unions threat and intimidation to bring the island to a standstill, if they donot get there way.
Gone are the days when families could not put a loaf on the table or shoes on their childrens feet. Unions were needed then.
This island has been spending far too much for to long and is now reaping the results, including voting apathy. The next few years will certainly be interesting for the island.

I have heard that there is a candidate who is standing in the deputies who would shine as our Chief Minister. He has not mentioned that he would do the job even if asked, but he is highly respected by people in Jersey and also by many UK politicians. He is also highly qualified in law and has been seen to be unbiased in his decisions. If he gets in, someone should persuade him to stand as chief minister. I don't believe we are being given a reasonable choice with the two that have declared.

Willy Nieuwburg
Stuart Syvret The only way to regain credibility in our government is to start the new type of governing with a Prime Minister who has not sailed too close to the wind. He should be whiter than white with total integrity and with respect from the general public. Hopefully he will be able to unite all States members and make a new and positive start

Senator Frank Walker
Stuart Syvret needs to mature a lot more before he would get my vote

Julie Carnegie
Senator Stuart Syvret for Chief Minister

The fact that SS topped the poll should not be used as an indicator that there is popular support for him as Chief Minister.

You could equally argue that the majority if not all of the other 5 candidates voted in would be expected by the public to support Frank Walker for that position.

I think SS topped the poll because people like the idea of having someone in the States who will challenge the status quo -not because they want him taking the senior office.

If the latter was true then you would have seen the public voting for the candidates who said they would support SS for Chief Minister - but they didn't.

I can see pros and cons for both candidates which would make it difficult to vote for either. I take Peter's point but the popular solution is not always the right one. It seems to me that Senator Walker performs well for the island when he is away from it so why does he have so many issues at home which make him so unpopular?

Senator Syvret has, to an extent, been a blocker over the years but has matured recently but upset many with his comments concerning the IMF. If he regrets those comments why not say so openly? It will be a very interesting vote and will show what the house think of popular opinion.

I think that the vote shouldn't be the same day as new members are sworn in. As the new members do not have time to get to know each candidate this could actually determine the outcome and the public might actually get what they seem to want!

I think the latest election results say it all. Stuart Syvret is much more popular with the public. He received many more votes then Frank Walker when he stood for election in 2002. Long Live King Stuart I !!!

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