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28 October 2014

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Omerta are a metal band from Jersey drawing influence from the biggest and best of the Metal scene.

Description:Omerta are a metal band from Jersey drawing influence from the biggest and best of the Metal scene.
Members:Adam True (bass, vocals)
Kieran Heaney (lead guitar, backing vocals)
Jamie Hegarty (guitar)
Blair Allison (drums)
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Start Date:Sat 25th, December 2004
Genre:Rock & Alternative music

We asked the band to write a little bit about themselves and how they got started, this was their response:

All about the band

Omerta are a metal band from Jersey (not that any one who doesn't live in Jersey is going to care). We started out for the Hautlieu christmas show, playing Creeping Death by Metallica as our first cover.


At this point, the band consisted of Kirean Heaney (lead guitar), Jamie Hegarty (guitar), Blair Allison (drums) and Tom Bailey (bass). The band were without a vocalist, and so Adam True stepped in to fill the position.

Shortly after, Tom Bailey pulled out, leaving the bass player position to be filled by Matt Daily, who played with the band for the Christmas Show, before Tom stepped back in to take back his previous place.

However, Tom taking priority in seeing his girlfriend over coming to band practice saw his departure from the band, leaving Adam to play bass well as singing.

By this point, we had a few covers from Avenged Sevenfold to Pantera, and including Slayer, and Black Sabbath inbetween.

This is when the first self written song crept in, written by Adam and entitled 'Bleed'. The first performance of this song caught listeners' attention at a Charity gig in aid of Fair Trade, and the band went on to write their second song, written by Kieran, entitled 'Burden of You’.

"If we were a signed band, I wouldn’t want more people to buy my music for the money."

Before we knew it, we were playing our first proper gig at the Q-Bar, supporting bands like Bothered Face and S R-O, and playing a full set of six songs, having dropped two covers and introducing another, Like Light to the Flies by Trivium.

The set went down well ("wow what gleaming shoes you have!") and we seem to have made a good name for ourselves amoungst the minority (hopefully to soon expand) amoungst the Jersey live music scene. – Adam (March 05)


We asked the band a few questions about themselves:

Q: Describe your style of music, who do you sound like?
Metal, baby!! We’re very Disturbed/ Killswitch Engage/ Metallica influenced. 


Q: What are your main musical influences?
Metallica, Trivium, Killswitch, Disturbed and Avenged Sevenfold. And of course Pantera (fool!)

Q: What/Who have been your biggest influences in life and on your lyrics?
Not girls. Sack that poo, we’re not emo! Probably stuff like realy bad past experiences. They seem to come out a lot. 

Q: Who is your favourite band of the moment, what's in your CD player?
Favourite band at the moment is probably System of a Down, after just having got their new album. But Slayer seems to stay in my CD player most of the time. Except Jamie listens to Funeral for a Friend. What an idiot.

Q: What are your feelings on peer 2 peer downloading of songs; do you see
it as a good way of getting exposure or pure theft?

If we were a signed band, I wouldn’t want more people to buy my music for the money, I’d want more people to get my music so more people can hear it. Anyone who goes out of the way to make sure people can’t download their songs should be shot.

Q: How did you meet?

Q: Is there an interesting story behind the name or did you choose it because you thought it would sound good?
We thought it sounded cool before discovering its cool meaning!

Q: Big or small? Would you prefer to play a packed festival or a small pub?
The more people there to hear your music the better. And screaming is cool too.

Q: You are the first Earth band to play on an alien world that doesn’t know our music, you can play any song ever written, what would you play?
Oohh, that’s a toughy… Probably some Slayer, then those alien wankers would think twice before trying to kill us! Mwahahahaha.

last updated: 08/06/05
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whoever that cris guy is go do one omerta rock

You guys really need to listen to metallica and van halen cause those guys would school slayer and system of a down in guitar solos

children of bodom !!
u guys' music rules !!....would be cool 2 hear some bodom covers soon though....awesome at chicago rock btw !!

Darren the Mouse
I agree with Aye! Robot! but I dont like metal music because it makes my mouse hole collapse....sqeak

omerta are awesome and they are trying there best to give us what they got, and if u ask me they hav succeeded!! keep goin guys!!

Stop bloody winding ya emo! Get with the times man, this thing was written in June '05, (by Adam, I should add). It doesn't represent all of our opinions. Yes, Jamie listens to FFAF, and yes I've been guilty of listening to them at times and many other bands/artists that can be categorised as "emo". Don't get so insulted that you have to make a "faceless internet" insult about our singer. Listen to some Hawthorne Heights and chill the fook out. Peace Kieran (guitarist from Omerta). p.s. - a new track is up, and more to follow.

Aye! Robot!
Yes, by all means bash 'emo'. Faceless internet genre-bashing makes you look extremely hard. So hard that I shudder upon reading this very page. I like 'emo', AND metal. Is that so bad? I sing in an 'emo' band, but I know that I can do better metal vocals than your vocalist can. Is this irony? Possibly so. Yes Slayer are brilliant, yes A7X are brilliant, but why do you have to be derogatory towards FFAF just because they are slightly different to the rest of the stuff you listen to? I'm sure all of the groupies who post on here will attempt to tear me a new hole, but what the hey, I could care less.

They kick ass!!!!!

Omerta Rules
You Guys are Brilliant

cheers guess who i love u too lol

Guess Who...
I LOVE YOU JAMIE!!! hehe xxx

OMERTA RULE!! i got there EP and it rocks! well done guys keep at it your awsome!~!

OMERTA RULE Omerta are absolutely amazing, there all very musically talented and will wipe the floor with any metal act over here.... PS Rikkis band are a bunch of weiners who can just about play "pop goes the weasel" with out making a mess of it !!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!

oi im not in a band

yea blair rox my sox lol

BLAIR IS A MOON HEAD. Only jokin. Never heard u, but Blair is aces high on the drummoniums.


omerta rox

Kieran Omerta
Debut EP will be out before xmas

Random pub crawler #1
Dudes! i must say your victory at chicago rock was most deserved! I look forward to the final and seeing you guys kik sum emo but! peace out

wow we actually have some fans, thanks for the positive comments guys,and the not so posative ones lol

Official Number One Fan
Omerta are ace, so just mosh foo's! Or dance in some other way if moshing isn't your scene....and scream, shout go crazeh have fun to the mental talent that is Omerta

Omerta are absolutely amazing, there all very musically talented and will wipe the floor with any metal act over here.... PS Rikkis band are a bunch of weiners who can just about play "pop goes the weasel" with out making a mess of it !!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!

John seriously get some original alias. And how would you know as we both gigged at the same time? Got some sorta cloning machine to get two fat ass copies off your body to two places? Stupid prick

Well thats rich. the crowds at the q bar to see them were just that bit better than the crowd for ure band at milbrook.

omerta suck apart from blair

Omerta rule, great live band, go see them! METAL!

Chris whats your problem fool? Obviously youre not musically talented enough to make your own 'musical opinion'. These guys are something fresh and inspiring. Omerta will soon be reconisgned as the best Metal act on this Rock.

shut up chris there only havin a laugh and anyway these guys rock!

Chris loves munchin on a certain sausage
Hey, thats just ridiculous ya plank. Omerta Rule!!! Theyre not useless at all. not one person with any musical knowledge would say that.

You guys love yourselves too much and after what i heard, you are a useless band. Nice try guys but give up!

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