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28 October 2014

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Band H-M

Halfway House
Halfway House

Halfway House

An all girl band with a passion for 60s and 70s rock, Jimi Hendrix and hobbits...

Halfway House
Description:Halfway House are a four piece girl group drawing influence from the classic rock acts of the 60s and 70s including Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix
Members:Louise Morgan (Band - Drums)
Sinead Brennan (Band - Vocals (lead))
Amanda Jury (Band - Bass)
Megan Langlois (Band - Guitar)
Start Date:Tue 01th, April 2003
Genre:Classic Rock/Pop music
Rock & Alternative music

One of the islands latest up and coming bands are Halfway House. They formed at school with the original line up of Megan and Stix. After a few minor gigs and a few months of doing mainly instrumental songs, the band recruited Sinead to sing and Amanda to play the bass.

We asked the band to tell us a little bit about themselves and put a few questions to them.

"Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and George Formby"

Since then, we have rocked the Aurora pub in Cattle Street on many a night.

Recently the band played at the Royal Hotel Tsunami Appeal gig and in front of 700 Celtic supporters at their annual bash at Hotel de France.

Stix has recently won the title of Young Musician of the Year for her percussion. We don’t intend at this stage to introduce her ten-foot marimba into the set, particularly in the Aurora where they would think it was just another bar!

Sinead’s other interests include acting, which have an influence on her stagecraft and Scottish stuff. She is currently single and looking (and will kill me now).

Amanda’s other interests are dancing, singing, Jesus, peace, love and understanding. She has a great love for ska and Christian music and would rather attend Soul Survivor than Reading Festival. ( She won’t kill me…see above)

Megan’s hobbits include Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, Merry Brandybuck, Jimi Hendrix and Pipin Took….. oh sorry did you say ‘hobbies’?


Q: Describe your style of music, who do you sound like?
60’s, 70’s rock. We sound suspiciously like Halfway House, because Hendrix was a man!

Q: What are your main musical influences?
Our main musical influences have to be Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and George Formby…..

Q: Who is your favourite band of the moment, what's in your CD player?
Robert Johnson, the Osmands

Q: What are your feelings on peer 2 peer downloading of songs; do you see
it as a good way of getting exposure or pure theft?
Art is to be shared. Many obscure recordings are unavailable in any other media due to their former independent status (the Redskins for example). If that’s the only way you can get the songs, take them.

Q: How did you meet?
Through school.

Q: Is there an interesting story behind the name or did you choose it because you thought it would sound good?
Private Joke…..

Q: Big or small? Would you prefer to play a packed festival in front of thousands or  a small pub full of fanatical music fans?
How much would we be getting paid?

Q: You are the first Earth band to play on an alien world that doesn’t know our music, you can play any song ever written, what would you play?
It would have to be Johnny B Goode or the Birdie Song.

last updated: 23/03/05
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You guys kick ass.. reli love your music! keep rockin!

Highway House
we r doin a school newspaper and i am using u for an article in the mag!

is the band free on 6th oct 2006 and what do they charge

Meg Williams
Amanda is the best girl ever..........she rocks my world baby!!!!!love ya xxxx

calum brennan
the talent is unbelievable. must run in the family... :)

Kuda (Andrew Keith Dominic Mark)
We all really enjoyed jamming with you girls and your friends at Reading Festival we can't wait to see you all again, keep rocking, hope to see you all soon lol

Its refreshing to see an all girl band every now and then, but in Jersey too? Great stuff looking foreward to the Battle...

Yes There was another all girl band called the supermodel spunksuckers they were hardcore metal lol

wow. u guys are amazing! i love u guys!! u rock!! best thing thats ever happened to me an my blind step grandad! dont ever leave me

saw u gals at the royal hotel thing a week or 3 ago, but only just found this site, u wer pretty dam good!!!!

Is it true that this is Jersey's first ever all-girl rock band? I can't think of another. Can anyone?

Got the crowd really going at the Tsunami gig, definitely one of the highlights of the night. Needs more advertisment and will definitely be a huge local band

hahaha jimi we love you :)

If I was still alive I would be dead impressed...

What I can say?? Great band... Thanks for the picture stix.

This band does in fact rock ... Kick ass!

Jimmy Page
Honestly, my old band couldn't have done it better

great bunch of girls who love to yourself a favour and check them out!

Sean O'Brian
News! Halfway House are playing a the Town House pub next thursday. Come down all of those who havnt yet experienced this band!

Julie Marie
These girls are clearly v talented. Megan Langlois in particular is multi talented cos she is also a fab babysitter!!!! Well done Megs - remember me when you are famous!!! Julie xxx

Steph Crolla
WELL DONE you were really good.. and im from your schoolxx

jonny (skies + 500 channels)
i would like to concur with these statements and say that this band does indeed own. i would like to participate in watching them in the future...rock on! :P

Nickyboy (The Merge)
I agree, they rock! Make sure you advertise all future gigs!

Jonny MooG
Saw these Ladies at the Tusnami appeal gig at the Royal Hotel...... Qualitage really good check them out when you get a chance.

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