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13 November 2014

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You are in: Jersey > My Island > Time > Future Time Changes

Martha Jones and the Doctor

Agyeman with co-star David Tennant

Future Time Changes

When do the clocks change in years to come? And more to the point, why do you need to know? In case this information is a must for you, look at our table below.

If you were Doctor Who it wouldn't matter what time it was, you could jump in the TARDIS and go back or forward in time at your own leisure, seeing the end of the Earth or the dawn of civilization.

Unfortunately unless you are David Tennant or Matt Smith and have a large BBC Wales production behind you, the only way of seeing the future is on TV.

The Tardis

The Tardis

You can still experience a type of time travel with daylight savings time.

There was a referendum last year to move Jersey's time in line with CET but that was lost 17,230 votes to 6,564.

We can't tell you for definite that British Summer Time will remain until 2010 but if it does here is a guide to when the clocks change between now and then just in case.

We were able to work this out because in February 2002, the Summer Time Order 2002 permanently changed the dates and times to match European rules for moving to and from daylight saving time.

Sunday 29 March
0100 GMT becomes 0200 BST

Sunday 25 October
0200 BST becomes 0100 GMT

Sunday 28 March
0100 GMT becomes 0200 BST

Sunday 31 October
0200 BST becomes 0100 GMT

Mark it in your calendars now!

Around March and October, just before the clocks are due to change a debate rages across the country about whether British Summer Time should remain or not.

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created: 22/03/2006

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I hate when the time changes i just lose track of time

time should not be changed

I'm dreading this time change. At the moment although i get up in the dark it's light by the time i get my train and light when I get home (just) but from Monday morning's will be plunged back into darkness to day nothing of feeling as though I'm getting up at 4am! For the many many commuters in this country just leave it how it is now.

Sue Connell
Dark nights are a misery! Lighter evenings should lift everyones mood. Keep B.S.T. all year

Keep the clocks on BST all year. Let's just work shorter hours in winter.

Just leave it all as it is and get on with it. So much talk about something that really on the face of it does not make a differnece to world as a whole. If you don't like the system here, move abroad!

David Hughes
I have come up with another idea that the clocks should go forward one hour not by the last sunday in march, but by the last sunday in february and, then go on another hour either by the last sunday in march, or by the last sunday in april to make it a bit more easier for those living up north of england.we in england and wales should be on the same time zone as with the rest of central europe put together and letting scotland and northern ireland decide for them selves will make it that much easier both for busniss and pleasure trips abroad by ferry and by eur-star trains. yours, faithfully, david hughes

Wajiha Amin
So I just read all the comments and seems as if NOBODY is happy with the current practice of going back one hour in the winters. I think its a terrible terrible idea and I cannot fathom why Britons have to put up with this for so long. If anything you guys should be increasing an hour in the winters. They are so dull and depressing I'm almost suicidal during January and you guys just add to the misery by taking away an extra hour of sunlight. I think any sane person would prefer sunlight in the evenings rather than early mornings when they are in bed or at work. Please do away with this abhorrent practice.

kate eldon

Tim Freeman
I put my clock forward last spring and it fell off the shelf,ha ha

BST should be the Time to remain and NOT GMT.Why does it get dark so quickly during the whole year comparing with our neighbour countries otherwise?Definitely I prefer the light in the evening Does it make any difference in the energy saving?Why so many worries about changing the UK time zone?It shouldn't make any difference with what we are already suffering when changing Time.

Darrel Thompson
We have changed our clocks and done our own thing for years. Why let Europe take another piece of England away from us. If it's not broken don't fix it.

Me the Dave
What is the matter with you all? Longer nights from October mean we can put on our Christmas lights earlier than normal. Optimism rises though you might need to do a lot of overtimes at work in order to get more money to pay for your higher electricity bills at the end of depressing January.

Student Time Lord
Why are the dates 30 March and 28 October used for daylight saving when they are not equal in time from the winter solstice?

h. bierman
thanks it took me 35 minutes to find your site to tell me when the clock will change.

One very important reason for NOT changing the clocks is Climate Change. We already spend time asleep in the mornings when its light outside, but then stay up in the evening with lights burning energy when its dark. Putting the clocks back in Autumnm, makes this worse with more hours of the day being artificially lit. This would be an easy and not cost way of saving masses of energy, that most people seem to want anyway.

Sarah Hawkins
What is Nick Jouault on about? How can you have longer evenings by getting up earlier - they are still dark and depressing! Is he on this planet??

mark stubbs
i prefer lighter evernings , i'd say we should join the CET time zone !!!

daniel stevens from london

Rose Richards from cardiff
I think the UK should become part of the european time , it will be much nicer to have lighter evernings :)

Bill Rolland
It would be pointless moving to CET because they change their clocks back and forward the same as us. In any case,it dosen't make the days any longer.

i think it is a really good idea

Time Lord
Why not put the clocks forward every day at 3pm so that we have lighter evenings and go home fro work earlier. Each evening put the clocks back at 11pm so that we have longer in bed. That should keep us all happy.

Malcolm Dent
The 4 year experiment was brilliant. I dread the changing of the clocks in Autumn, dark nights depress me.

Malcolm Head from Surrey
I think we should go to Euroean Time. There would be an enormous benefit for business and people in the North would soon get used to dark mornings, just like Poles get used to it being dark by 3.00pm in Winter. If Scotland is so keen to be different, let them opt out if they want to.

David Keenan
I think that we should keep the time with the rest of Europe and use CET.

John Elliott
Apart from moving the available daylight so people can enjoy their evenings more, it makes sense for european business and travel too. I vote we move to CET, join our European neighbours and stop being so independant.

I don't understand this time saving business will someone please explain it?!

when you are in Rome do as the Romans doing. Is uk an other planet? I mean do like the other centrale europians are doing,about the time.

Nick Jouault
Why the need to change? it is up to people to make arrangements how they use their day for work and pleasure. I find the summer and winter times just about right. For all those who want longer evenings get out of bed earlier in the morning!

reality check
Everyones saying keep with BST which is an artificial time.Why not just stick with the more accurate time of GMT.Let Europe do there thing and Britian ours.For safety reasons outwith the south east staying on BST would mean for much of Scotland and the north no sun till 10am in winter.

Cordelia Smith
I think the UK should have double british summer time meaning that will get dark at 10.50pm , i like the idea of that who wants lighter mornings we are still in bed !!

why should we follow europe

Johnny V
What the clock changes?

David Hughes
I would like it that British Summer Time will not remain between now and the year 2010 and, also that it should go one hour ahead into Central European Time just like as the rest of Central Europe is for instance. Because it will fit in a lot more both with flight and ferry times as well please.

Dave Salt
Totally for moving to CET to give us lighter evenings. Mid summer it is light at about 4.30 in the morning - apart from people delvering post who else will it effect. Lets have longer evenings where people can get out more and enjoy the outside life in sunlight.

David Hughes
My point of view is that i would like england and wales to go on to central european time between now and 2010 when i am blind 50 then

I think it would be great if the uk moved to european time, and in the summer it would be really good getting dark at around 11pm. I say change it :)

why cant we just be the same as central europe . the general feeling is we are all feed up with the long winter anyway

Wendy Parker
It is about time we got rid of this system as I can't see how we in the south can benefit. I believe in a two system time zone. Let the Scots have their own time zone especially as they want to be independent. I dread every October when suddently we are plunged into an extra hour of darkness and in the summer have to adjust to a lost hour. Time to stop it.

Jamie from miserable Glasgow in winter
The very first comment on this forum expresses my sentiments exactly. Scottish winters are miserable and depressing and it's made more so by moving back to GMT. It gets dark early enough this far north without making it an hour earlier. Personally I don't care if it's dark when I go to work for longer if it means less days in the year when it gets dark before I finish. As for the comments about France and other European countries having a non standard time, it depends how you look at it. I agree that we use GMT which, given our longitude, makes solar noon at 12 o'clock. Other European countries have solar noon closer to 1 o'clock. But so do we in summer. It's all about equilibrium. Most of us work from 9 to 5. Meaning the middle of our working day is 1 o'clock, not 12. I say move to CET and have lighter evenings all year round. Most of Scotland would see midnight sun at the end of June (as long as it's not overcast) and we would get an extra hour of daylight in the afternoon in December (taking us almost til evening)!

Jim Brooks from Aberdeen
It's miserable and depressing in Scotland when the clocks go back for winter. Most mornings I couldn't care less if it's light or bark when I go to work, but I could really use the lighter nights to work in garden. As for the risk to children, either they go to school in the dark or come home in the dark. What's the difference?

Mark Brookes
We should be on Central European Time, like the rest of Europe.

Re: Alan Wilcox remarks about the 21 miles between us and france making a difference. Spain actually has 2 time zones as the canary islands are on GMT like us. 21 miles is a massive gap compared to Portugal and Spain. Portugal is same as us and all they have is a border thats no more than a line drawn on a map. Could say that anywhere in the world were u have a time change on land, Finland to Sweden and Norway, Greece is 2 hours ahead of us on Eastern Euro time. We have BSt because of how far north we are. Also, we arent the only country to do this, most of the north do and the southern hemisphere as at this time of year, Australia has 6 time zones. Have a look at your windows XP time settings to show this.

John Church
Australia has three time zones and New South Wales also has daylight saving but Western Australia does not. The time difference between NSW and WA is normally 2hours but during Daylight saving it becomes three hours which is a nightmare for doing business. As WA starts at 09:00am NSW is on lunch and by 15:00 WA time NSW have gone home. This is even worse for business flyers. If you leave Perth at midnight for a three/four hour flight to Sydney via Melbourne it suddenly becomes 06:00am and time to start work without any sleep. And you think UK has it bad.

It's about time we put the clocks back. I've really been struggling to get up in the mornings recently.

Dawn West
Advance the clocks by half hour each year on a trial basis until we find a suitable time zone to live in.

Luke Goodwin
I prefer getting dark early, whats wrong with what we've got now?

those who want to go to CET (French/European time) Midday is when the sun is overhead. At Grenwich this happens (surprise surprise ) at .... Midday. The question should be why does France insist in keeping a non standard time. For those interested : for every 15 degrees you move EAST Midday moves forward by 1 hour. Paris is only 2degrees East so they should be on GMT too....

Simon Henson
I particularly disagree with the clock changing scenario, purely for the fact my own body clock takes 1-2 months to adjust to it and by the time it has, its all change again!!.... so i say do AWAY with it!!

b johnstone
why alter clocks 2 months before december equinox (dec21)and not put them forward until 3 months after the december equinox (Last weekend in march)

Abduraghmaan Charles (AC)
It does not make sense to me why the clocks go back in winter, effectively "shortening an already short day". Why can the clocks not be GMT+1 hour in winter, & GMT +00 in summer? In summer, the days r very long, which really upsets the kids' sleeping patterns especially. In winter the day is too short to do anything, esp. after school outdoor activities. Suggestion: End of March 2007, clocks should remain on GMT +00. End of September 2007, bring clocks fwd GMT +01 hour. Thanx. AC

If the clock stayed the same then the evening would be lighter but the morning would still be dark. I am hearing rumours that the clocks will go back this autumn? Is this true? I heard about this news on yahoo.

Barker James
If you Lived and Farmed in France as I do, you would find that only half the people change there clocks and most Farmers keep the same time all year round!

Timmy Robocop
Time is physical matter than spawns from the cartoons in scientology!

fridge magnet
Cherrie Turnball. If we didnt put our clocks back in autumn we would actually have darker mornings in winter. For example, if your alarm goes off at 7am, when the clocks go back an hour, the new 7am would have been 8am, therefore you are getting lighter mornings but darker evenings. Just thought I would help you understand a little. Enjoy

Rumours has it there will be one hour forward this October on trial basis. Is it true??

daphy Duck
Good idea

Chris Tolmie
Please can we stay at BST all year! It would be safer and we could all make use of longer evenings with outdoor hobbies.

Alan Wilcox
I would like to see us keep the same time as Europe, as a frequent traveller between both the 1 hr difference is annoying and unecessary. This 1 hr difference covers from Spain to the Ukraine borders of Slovakia so why make a change for the UK when we are 21 miles from France.

I reckon that it won't remain

Michael Courtney
I believe we should advance the clocks two hours and leave it at that. We should keep in time with Europe.

Alan Woodhouse
Lets have double British Summertime and have lighter nights and safer ones

isnt it better NOT to have all this messing about???

dave h
stay as we are i say

Now Scotland has its own Parliament, why can't it have its own time between October and March too? I find the dark evenings much more depressing than dark mornings. I'd like to to keep British Summer Time all through the year. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents has suggested this would reduce accidents.

cherie turnbull
if we did not put our clocks back in the winter wouldnt we have lighter mornings instead of those awfull dark dreary winter ones,i find it really hard to get up in the winter,my alarm goes off at 7am and it looks like its still the middle of the night! Its always confused me why we do this in the winter? I do have to say I enjoy the fact that I can spend up until 10pm in my garden in the summer but even if we didnt put he clocks forward that would be only 9pm, I dont actually see the difference? I would love to wake up in the winter while it was light,maybe i should work night shift then?!!!

I'd like us to go with the USA 2007 scheme for clock changes... it's much more sensible....

[Daylight Savings Link]]

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You are in: Jersey > My Island > Time > Future Time Changes

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