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28 October 2014

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Sir Phillip with HRH The Prince of Wales

Sir Phillip with HRH The Prince of Wales

Sir Phillip Bailhache

Jersey's Bailiff has completed a decade in the role. Sir Phillip Bailhache has given an exclusive interview about reaching this landmark to BBC Radio Jersey.

The role of Jersey's Bailiff is an appointment by the Queen. Sir Phillip Bailhache is the President of Jersey's government and acts as the speaker in the House. He does not have political power but can have the casting vote in the event of a tied vote. In this case he votes for the status quo. Being Bailiff is a dual role because he is also president of the Royal Court.

Sir Phillip Bailhache was a politician in his own right as Deputy of the parish of Grouville in 1972. He went on to be the Solicitor General, Attorney General and Deputy Bailiff before being appointed by the Queen as Bailiff in 1995.

On the future of Jersey's government Sir Phillip hopes 'consensus politics' will continue as the island moves to a ministerial system. He believes the Bailiff's role continues to be important and he will still have to ensure balance in the new-style government.

In terms of the legal side of his work, Sir Phillip hopes to establish a College of Law. He is working with others to provide more training for people taking up a legal career in Jersey which has its own laws and legal system.

Although he holds high office and is a very well known figure in the island, the Bailiff is quite a reserved man. He enjoys the moments of humour that arise is the House or in court but Sir Phillip admits it's sometimes difficult to be himself completely in a small community and holidays are important to take time away from the island. 

He is now 58 years old and continues to enjoy the role of Bailiff enormously. In theory he could continue up to the age of 70 but Sir Phillip is not saying at the moment whether he will step down before then.

Listen to the interview by clicking  on the 'Sir Phillip Bailhache Interview' audio link on the top right of the screen.

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At a time when the UK media were publishing articles saying Jersey (i.e all of us)is a "cradle of rampnat paedophelia" (The Times!) when no one had yet been charged, let alone convicted, and the police investigation was and is ongoing, and criminal trials might and still may be prejudiced by irresponsible and speculative reporting, it was entirely right for the Bailiff to speak out as he did. He made it absolutely clear that he condemned child abuse and whilst the words he used to critise the international media might have been improved, his meaning was 100% clear. I find the reaction of some people to his speech frankly bizarre - a silly distraction to the real business of bringing offenders to justice.

Sir Phillip is truely out of touch, He also needs to understand that our children should all be educationally / financially helped regardless of what carer that choose and not only if they choose Law or finance. There should be a place for all children to develop and progress accordingly, not just for the elite few. Jersey's children are Jersey's future , so open your eyes and see the bigger picture.

Marc Sowden
I am disgusted with the Liberation speech from the Baliff. He played down the abused and insulted the Liberators.Go NOW!

Since the crown has responsibility for appointing the bailiff, is it not time the Crown actually practised what they preach and sack this man along with the majority of senators in the States of Jersey for their willful maladminastration, their failure in "Duty of Care" and the lack of support to the victims of rape, abuse including sexual, physical, mental suffered by over 100 people over decades.

The attitude, lack of support given to Lenny Harper in his mammoth task in bringing people to justice for the offences committed against persons.

I and many others who I have spoken with over last day or so,are becoming very concerned about the Bailiff hijacking the liberation day celebrations to give what amounted to a political broadcast .His involvement in some of the issues with regard to recent child abuse scandals is also under question.Who is he accountable to?

Well, Sir Phillip Bailhache managed to upset a good number of Jersey people on the 9th of May 2008, with his rather hideous Liberation Day speech.I for one would like to see him removed from office.

Having listened to Radio 4 this evening I really feel that it is time this man stood down, the people of Jersey deserve better.

Tara Le Feuvre
I think Sir Phillip Bailhache is an excellent man and should continue with making Jersey a better and safer place to be. Also, about his idea on the college of law is brilliant. Tara xxxx

Charles Arthur Bailhache, USA
It has been 5years and one month since the BLHIM2000 family reunion was held at Eton Wick. Sir. Bailhache was keynote speaker at this occasion and as most of the attendee's were French his ability to converse fluently, and eloquently in both English and French was most appreciated by the two Bailhache's from the United States in attendance. We hope to tour Jersey in the not too distant future. Best of luck to the establishment of a College of Law, presumably also in Jersey. Charles A. Bailhache

You are in: Jersey > My Island > Island Info > Sir Phillip Bailhache

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