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28 October 2014

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Jersey Live

Jersey Live stage

Playing with the big boys

by Ryan Morrison
Jersey Live gave our local bands a chance to play with the big boys on a serious stage, and they more than held their own. Read our review of the afternoon.

To borrow a phrase from an ageing variety legend “didn’t they do well” and that is a line that has to go to Warren le Sueur and Warren Holt for organising the event, as well as the sensational Jersey bands who really gave it their all and showed the world just how good the islands music scene really is.

The Merge

The Merge were the first band to play, and what a welcome for the people just arriving. They gave it there all and believe me the Merge’s all is a hell of a lot.

The Merge
The Merge

Described as the Original Indie Innovation, the Merge continue to set themselves apart as a band with great material, a strong image and a sensational indie sound that leaves you wanting more.

They were unlucky to be cut short by two songs because of an Irish band that were set to thrill the festival, who shall remain nameless. This band over ran their sound check by twenty minutes.

Despite all this  the Merge still played an awesome set of memorable songs, to an audience that was just waking up. In a few years we could see this young band coming back to Jersey as the headline act.

Benny the Moth and the Erogenous Zones

Benny the Moth and the Erogenous Zones were up next and didn’t disappoint. Although there style of music was very different to the hyper indie guitar bands that were set to play after them they still gave a good show.

Benny the Moth and the Erogenous Zones
Benny the Moth

With a strong brass section, and Benny’s usual funky jazz sound they got the liveliest of the crowd bouncing to tracks like Down Town and their final track Lovely.

Every festival needs a band that is a break from the norm and Benny really offered this, the only issue for me was possibly placement, they should have been on either first or just before the UK bands to break things up.

Every Jersey band that played stood out, with a sound all their own, and a massive enthusiasm for what was the biggest gig they would have ever played.

Bothered Face

Bothered Face brought their awesome heavy rock sound to the stage with their real rock look including big beards and piercing.

Bothered Face
Bothered Face

They owned the entire stage even though they stood relatively still and there were only three of them, personality and music alone allowed them to stand out and bring a big crowd to the front of the stage.


Repeater chilled things out a little with their indie supreme giving us a chance to sit back and chill to the awesome, almost surf sound of a band with bucket loads of experience playing live.

Repeater are one of the most established local bands and it shows in the way they place together, there is a chemistry and enthusiasm for their music and to coin a phrase that makes me sound like an ageing hippie rocker "it’s all about the music man".


Wilmor always rock a stage, they have fans there to scream their name and they play a set that makes the biggest of bands shake in their boots.

They have really made a name for themselves on both the Jersey and Guernsey music scene and are able to fill any venue they play, a band that, before long will probably leave our shores to make a name for themselves on the UK circuit.

With their instrumental, progressive rock style Wilmor owned the stage and the ear of anyone listening. They are a more than competent band with great songs and style/chemistry that makes people watch.


This is a band I hadn’t heard or seen before today but will happily look out for again, a word to describe them is eclectic. Rapping their way through the first song wowing the audience and UK bands watching on, they played the final Jersey slot before the mighty subways took over.


Soon to be short of a keyboard player and looking towards the UK for inspiration, Velofax are a band that might well make it in the not to distant future.

Front man Chris is everything you expect from the leader of a band that can steal a stage, energetic, enthusiastic and supremely talented.

In the end

The Jersey bands were right at home on the massive stage, it would be impossible to pick out just one band as the best performance, the best songs or anything that would separate them.

It was worth the entrance to see our local talent alone and plenty of people came out early enough to support them.

The dance tent was fairly empty throughout the morning but the one pull out of the local sets was Hi-fi Sushi supported by two of the guys from Suzy’s Field with guitar and vocals, the attraction of live music seemed to pull a few people in.

last updated: 21/04/05
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eleanor o'connor
heyy we love the velofax when are they on jersey live ? x bye x

faye doo
it ROCKED!!! i cant wait for next year, i will wear my jrsy live wristband forever! (probably because its stuck there, but ah well!) thanks brook!! hehehaha!! x

razorlight kiked ass.

Sorry Marie, but Suzys Field didnt play at Jersey Live...u need to pay a bit more attention eh! Good band though!

I thought Suzy's Field was most excellent, such pure talent, I could listen to them all day. It is a band like this that surprises me they don't have a record deal as to have a cd of Suzy's Field at home, would make my day to be able to listen to them all the time.

benny the moth will go far they were the best by far - i love their muisc and they are all sexy

i thought bothered face ruled especially when they played sinking ship. whackro bought some love to the festival with velofax and razorlight were terrible

I thought Ryan was sport on with the Merge..they were amazing, just a shame we couldnt hear the epic ending I have heard so much about! There time will most certainly come - this is not the last of the Merge. Finally, "The Smiles Remain" - what a tune - a chart topper for sure!!

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