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24 September 2014

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Talking Faith

Felicity Corbin-Wheeler
Felicity Corbin-Wheeler

Cured of Cancer

In September 2003 Felicity Corbin-Wheeler was given between five weeks and six months to live with pancreatic cancer. Now fully recovered, she attributes her cure to vitamin B17 and her Christian faith. Michelle Moffat went to meet her.

In September 2003 Felicity Corbin-Wheeler was struck down, literally overnight, with terminal pancreatic cancer and given less than six months to live.

The story of her recovery, based on vitamin B17 and her Christian faith, is the stuff of miracles.

Felicity is just one of thousands people who are claiming that vitamin B17, extracted from seeds and kernels such as those found in apricots, is a God-given cure for cancer first described in the book of Genesis. 

Talking Faith with Felicity

To listen to our interview with Felicity, use the Audio link at the top right-hand side of this page, or read the transcript below.

MM: Can you tell me a little about the background to your faith and how it's been part of your life and when perhaps first you felt that you had a calling to follow God?

FCW: Yes I'd always been a Christian and my father had been a Church Warden for many years in South Africa, and again in London. I have been a member of this church [Gouray] for 30 years and decided to become a Reader and train for full time ministry which I'm now doing and really feel that my life is being fulfilled in a way that it's never been fulfilled before. I think that a large part of that was doing the Alpha course through Holy Trinity Brompton, in London, which was my London Church while we were living over there.

MM: When we start this story about your health and what happened to you in recent years, you say it starts with a service that you held here at Gouray in 2003 can you tell me a little bit about that service?

FCW:  Yes, but before that I'll tell you about my daughter, Melanie, who died of cancer at the age of 20. She'd just gone to London University, and she got cancer and was dead within 16 months, despite all that orthodox medicine could do for her. Her stone is right outside here at this Church.   I was fired up after that to think that there must be a better way of treating cancer and so I did two nutrition courses; one in London and one in San Diego in America, and I came to realise that there was a  great deal of sense in the simple nutrition that we learn about basically in God’s word because in Genesis 1:29 the Lord God says, “ I give you every seed bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it, they will be yours for food.”

And the more that I got into nutrition, I realised that we have to get back to very basic food and fruit and vegetables and the seeds thereof, which are so important. There has been a grape cancer cure for many years which has been based on the seeds in the grapes and of course we’re now growing seedless grapes and we tend to throw away the pips in our apples and this is actually how we’re throwing away the very seeds that God has told us in Genesis 1:29 that we need for our health.

MM: You had already chosen a lifestyle of being a vegetarian and not drinking any alcohol, and that very much reflects what Adam and Eve would have eaten as the Bible tells it Genesis. How did that decision come about for you?

FCW:  I just felt better when I was living on fruit and vegetables and water, and there’s a precedent for that in the Bible as well. Daniel had this wonderful diet when they were in exile and Daniel and his friends were supposed to eat the King’s diet of rich food and wine. In fact they said that they would maintain their own diet and that after a few weeks that King could judge who was fitter, and in fact Daniel and his friends came out much fitter than the ones who were eating the rich food.

MM: So at the time you became ill, you were eating a good diet, you weren’t drinking; when did you start feeling that perhaps something was wrong with your health?

FCW: Well we did a service here for Bible Society almost exactly a year ago, 6th of September 2003, and I was fine, we had a wonderful service. I just brought a film back from the Holy Land, it was a film about our Judaic heritage in the Christian Church, so I had people from every denomination here. It was just a wonderful service and we preached on the Word of God, we showed the film of the Holy Land, and it was a terrific move of God.  I think that God enjoyed it but the devil didn’t. The next day I was hit with tremendous pain in the solar plexus, like a killer blow. The day after that I was yellow all over. I was in terrific pain from one side of my body to the other but it was centred on the midriff. And so I went to my doctor who looked at me, examined me and said, “I think we have a major problem here.” I said “Well do you think it’s cancer?” and he said “Well, only a scan will tell.”

The next day I had a scan, it was in fact cancer, there was a huge tumour, I have the X-Rays here to show you with the tumour, so I went to London to King Edward VII Hospital, and I was in that hospital a week. At the end of all the examinations they said that there was absolutely no hope and that I had about five weeks to six months at the most to live with pancreatic cancer. And I have found that the people who had pancreatic cancer when I did, have now all died, I am the only one who has survived and who is also looking better than I’ve looked for a long time.

MM: Well you certainly look extremely well. Now many people who are struck down with what they are told, or is diagnosed as a terminal illness, often actually turn round and feel and anger towards God. Now your reaction has been entirely opposite, how do you come to that position of saying, “I’m not going to accept this and God is going to heal me”?

FCW: Well the first thing I did was to say the Gethsemane prayer, in which Jesus says to God that His will will be done and whether I was going to die or live I knew that I was in God’s hands. In fact I was never so glad to be a Christian. Because we know that through the blood of Jesus we do have atonement and that we can live forever with God, so I felt that I had his salvation whether I died and if I was going to be miraculously healed that would be of his will as well. There is, in Malachi 4:2 it says “For those that revere My name, the Son of Righteousness will appear with healing in His wings” and I just felt entirely at rest, people just couldn’t understand why I was so calm and why I was so positive because I just felt all along that God has His hand on this. And having seen Melanie die of cancer I thought that it was another Satanic attack on the Church, as we know there are many attacks on the Church and I just felt that God was going to prove something out of this and I just completely surrendered to him and said “His will be done.”

MM: Can you explain exactly how this B17 remedy that you were given, how it’s received and how you take it?

FCW: Well Emmy Wilson told me that I should really go to Mexico because there is a Christian Cancer Hospital there called the Oasis of Hope where 150,000 people have been cured from cancer.  And the reason it’s in Mexico is that it’s unorthodox medicine; you must understand that there is consensus medicine as to how people should be treated for cancer, at the moment that is surgery; radio therapy and chemotherapy, these things do have their limitations, because if cancer is a deficiency disease, as is the theory of B17, then when we’re low on B17, then we’re not going to be cured of it. You might cut a cancer out, or you might radiate it and burn it up, or you might poison it, but if the body is still deficient in B17 that cancer will return sooner or later, in another form.

MM: Now B17 as you say, consensus medicine has almost entirely rejected it. There is a huge fuss about this internationally and certainly there is a large body of people on the internet who are claiming that it is the thing that we need to be looking at now. Why do you think it’s been so subverted?

FCW: Well I have read two very interesting books on B17, one is called World Without Cancer by Edward Griffin and one is by Philip Day, Cancer: Why we’re still dying to know the truth. And the truth seems to be that there is a vast amount of money, they say $85 billion a year made out of the cyto-toxic chemicals that are put in chemotherapy. Because there’s so much money being made out of it they actually fund a lot of the cancer research and the Oncology chairs of the Professors throughout the world, and it’s not the fault of our Doctors, because our Doctors have been trained in how to try to take care of cancer in orthodox means and they do not know the natural means; they’re afraid of doing it. We also live in a very litigious society and doctors are afraid of being sued if they try something natural and they haven’t given the patient what they think is the benefit of all the orthodox treatments available.

MM: B17 is present in a great number of very natural foods, actually I take a B vitamin supplement and I looked on the jar this morning before I came to see you and B17 isn’t present in that. It seems to have been very much put aside and it’s also documented that there are people who’ve been saying that this is a cure for cancer and they’re now actually in jail for various reasons. What’s your reaction to that?

FCW: Well if you look back in history you’ll see that vitamin C, which we now all take, was discredited very much, there was a man called Linus Pauling who really did the first research on Vitamin C And we now know that without Vitamin C we can die of scurvy, in fact a million British sailors did die of Scurvy back in history. It was only when they started taking limes on board with them that they discovered that the sailors who took the limes and the lime juice actually did not get the scurvy when the rest of the sailors did. It took 300 years for the truth to actually come out.

I believe that cancer is a deficiency disease. I know that for myself a few weeks ago I had a bit more pain back in my pancreas because the tumour is still there. The whole essence of B17 is that it shrinks the tumour right down and the tumour stays as a vaccination in the body against further attacks of cancer. So when I had more pain I just took more B17 and it has completely gone again. So it proves to me again and again that this is right, and I’m the only one surviving after just a year now.

MM: All through your illness and through your recovery your faith has been a huge part of this and B17 has been a huge part too. How would you say the two have combined together to bring you to where you are today?

FCW: Well I think that we have to live in the Word of God and that I know was just the most tremendous support to me. Psalm 103 was just constantly with me “I am the Lord God who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases. Your youth and your strength will be renewed like the eagles’.” I just knew that God was going to do something really good.

MM: You talk a lot about ‘God-incidence’, you clearly believe that God’s been working all the way through this, is that a phrase you’ve come up with yourself?

FCW: Well I think it’s a phrase probably God has given  me because  people were talking about co-incidences like me going back to Holy Trinity Brompton, and the fact that Emmy Wilson was the one Pastor who prayed for me in there  out of many pastors, Nicky Gumble was standing there, but Emmy was the one who happened to know about the B17 and that was a God-incidence and there have just been so many in my life through this cure that I just feel that life is full of God incidences. In life there are many co-incidences but I believe they’re God-incidences.

MM: Now all through you’ve very much sort of turned against, had a great determination that death was not going to claim you and that you had work still to do. How do you feel your ministry is now directed, given that you’ve had this great reprieve?

FCW: Well we’re all going to die, you know that’s the thing, I’ve been healed for another few years and God may allow me to live until I’m great in years, as the Bible says, but the whole point of Christianity is that through Christ we do have eternal life and so death is just part of that; I’m not at all afraid of death.

last updated: 26/08/04
Have Your Say

Remember i told you about this some months ago?

I just heard from my Aunt about B17. She does not have cancer. She takes the seeds out of the fruit and makes her own B17.

Bev Waring
I was diagnose with breast cancer 6 weeks ago. Since then I have had a lumpectomy and sentinel node removal. My consultant wants me to have radiotherapy, chemotherapy and 5 years on Tamoxafen. Thankfully a friend sent me a copy of 'CANCER WHY WE'RE STILL DYING TO KNOW THE TRUTH. You must read it!! I am now taking b17 daily and have altered my diet completely with the help of a nutritionalist. I will not be using the orthodox method of treatment but will work at the replacing the missing b17 in my system. I am convinced this will work and I am spreading the b17 news wherever and whenever I can.

My mother is curresntly using the b-17 and Pricot seed regimen. She was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer i njUne she has underwent chemo alo with taking her vitamin. The Dr cannot believe that she is doing as well as she is. She had stage 3a. Now they tell her her blood work for the cancer marker is perfect. Thay say her blood is as healthy as somesone who never had cancer. I know it has only been a few months but I do believe that due to God and the vitamin my mother is healed.

constanza farias
Do you have any more information you could sent me about the b17 treatment? my e-mail is many thanks

Shawn Robits
Hi just found out about b17 i just need to know does it works for all cancer as i got a groth on the top of my cheast bone?

iain millett
I feel that the greatest gift in this is to live in hope - but to die in faith

Rachel Bailey
This is a real inspiration to me. God really is good and faith will never fail you. Thank you for sharing this life encounter with us.

John Redding
Is there any way I could bring my wife to meet you, she has Pacsreatic Cancera having undergone Chemo/Radiation protcol in University of Maryland Hospital in Baltimore. The protocol ended June 2nd now is started ona second bought using Gemcitabin and Oxcyliplatin. I know you would be an inspiration to her. Her spirits were great until a Gentleman that she was keeping tabs on passed away from after a 2+ year battle with Pancreatic cancer now I feel she is having a hard time maintaining her faith. I plan on starting her on the b-17 along with other things I found to be promising. MGN-3, Grape Seed Extract and dried green Barley leaves.

g whittington
you can buy vitamin b17 from the internet , I get mine from a place called kernelpower, good luck and dont avoid alternative / complimentary therapies, as they have alot to offer

Eleri Watkins
My father has been diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer which has spread to the bone, where can I get b17 vitamins please?

Timothy Osman
When I read stories like this and hundreds more on sites like: I just feel angry - why is it that WE allow governments to consistently put the interests of multi-national corporations ahead of peoples lives ? Clearly laetrile has enormous value as a cancer treatment and should be being studied by the pharmaceutical industry rather than being suppressed or "banned" as it is in many countries. But as we all know, the pharmaceutical industry exists purely to make money and there is very little profit in a natural substance that cannot be pattented - that is REAL reason why millions continue to suffer and die unnessasarily.

jeanette quigley
my husband has just started chemo treatments,i would like to know where to get B17.he also has pancreatic cancer , a tumor.

God created Life. 'Life is of the mind and in the mind. The body neither lives nor dies because it cannot contain you who are life.' Amen.

P Brealey
Where can I buy b17? Does it work if a person has been burned as they call it? Thanks

john martin
where do i get vitiman b17??

Julian S
My mother is soon to start vitamin B17 treatment for cancer. We would greatly appreciate your prayers. Thanks very much.

life is full of surprises you never know whats round the corner

charles hughes
this is wonderful and i pray that others will be helped to. we must remember this in our prayers and our dreams. god bless. thank you.

Jeffrey Los
I have used green tea extract 4 grams Vitamins C to help my girlfriend, who had stage 2 cancer, lymph nodes 7 out of 20 had cancer, cancer came back. Then I was given advice for cancer and chlorestrol, by my Chinese usa physician,TCM. My step mother got b17 and survived leukemena? 25 years. I prayed a lot for my girlfriend, she was a non christian belief I was a minister once. I know God answers all my prayers, according to His Will, for others. This woman is not crazy, she has spoken the truth.

Felicity's witness above is wonderful. May God continue to bless her and the work that she is doing. God is very good.

Vicki Lavarack
God has worked in the most extraordinary way in Felicity's life. She is a great soldier of Christ and has withstood many attacks from evil powers in the heavenly realms and I'm proud of my sister in Christ.

Prisca Tremeer
I am thrilled that God has healed Felicity. I do wholehearted believe that, as it says in the Bible, God is the same yesterday, today and forever. If Jesus and his disciples healed people in the New Testament, God can still heal people to-day and Felicity's healing is wonderful proof of this.

Maxine Badrock
I was one of Felicity's fellow students on the Reader Training. I can't say how delighted I am to hear of her present state of good health and peaceful spirit. We have remembered her in our prayers as we have continued with the course. I found the interview inspiring and helpful and shall pass it on.

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