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28 October 2014

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You are in: Isle of Man > TT > Quarter Bridge

Quarter Bridge

Riders approach Quarter Bridge flat-out in top gear and have to brake heavily to make sure they knock off as much speed as they can to slow down quickly enough to take this slow right-hander.

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Have Your Say

What memories do you have of riding or watching the TT through this section of the course in years gone by?

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Darren Flanagan
I was sitting here the first time that john mcguiness road the course.

Tom Poole
Saw my first ever TT here in 2007. 100 years of the TT, it was an honour to be there and cover this event for the BBC. Saw McGuiness pass me at warp speed on his way to victory. Sunshine, a can of coke, bacon rolls and the sound of an engine goes by. Nice work if you can get it :O) Tom Poole.

Eric Williams
Justb up the road from Quarterbridge, I well remember being sound asleep, tucked under the hedge - having travelled over, with my wife, Glenda, overnight, when I was rudely awoken by the banshee scream of Derek Minter's 250 Honda Four - followed in quick succession by several others including Bob Mac and the one and only Mike Hailwood! Magical! Beautiful! The most electrifying and mind-bending wake-up call I've ever experienced! Don't tell my wife but probably the most exciting one of my life! D'oh!

Bill Higginson
I remember how sad we all felt in 1981 when Mike Hailwood rode past for the last time and we all realised he was not going to win his last race on the Island. He was obviously trying so hard.

Dave Lampard
1967 Diamond Jubilee Lightweight 250cc TT. Hailwood and the Honda 6 take the bend on the 1st lap.He overshhots the corner slightly and nevers slows as he maintains his line and speed on a section of grass run off. Just a quick glance down at the rear wheel.

Steve Buckley
Standing on the inside of the Quarter Bridge corner was the first time I saw the late, great Joey Dunlop on a public roads circuit.

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You are in: Isle of Man > TT > Quarter Bridge

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