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13 November 2014

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Liz Warden and Alan Head

Reflections on a TT wedding

For some people TT 2009 is not just about bike racing. Liz and Alan from Rugby have been planning their TT wedding ever since Christmas.

It’s the kind of wedding every biker chick dreams of.  Liz will arrive at the Douglas registry office in a glamorous red dress on the back of a bike ridden by a TT star. The stag and hen nights will be spent at the beer tent on the promenade and the honeymooners will be marshals for the fastest road racing circuit in the world.

Bikers helmets and gloves

Liz and Alan have alot in common!

When Liz opened her presents last Christmas she was pleased with the second hand camera her boyfriend had wrapped up for her but it wasn’t the only gift sitting under the tree.  The second present, according to her husband-to-be Alan, contained an engagement ring.

“The second box I gave Liz had a ring in it.  She tried the ring on every finger apart from her wedding finger.  She told me it didn’t fit so I told her to put it on her wedding finger.  She looked at me and said that it was bad luck to put a ring on her engagement finger.  I just looked at her and she started to cry!  I didn’t care where we got married as long as we got married.  That was it.”

It was Liz who decided the place she wanted to tie the knot was the Isle of Man, and the time she wanted to do it was TT week.

Liz Warden and Alan Head

The Happy couple

“I could have any wedding I wanted.  I could have had the big white wedding in a church but I just wanted to get married here.  I want there to be lots of bikes, lots of people and lots of beer! We’re going up to the registry office and then down to the beer tent where the burger vans will provide the wedding feast!”

Since Christmas there has been a lot of planning to make sure the big day goes smoothly.  The bride will be picked up by one of the TT riders and be escorted to the registry office by a travelling marshal.  Alan says they have been coming to the Island as marshals for years and have made a lot of friends in that time.

"I could have any wedding I wanted.  I could have had the big white wedding in a church but I just wanted to get married here"

Liz Warden

“The TT Marshals Association has been absolutely stunning.  A lot of our friends have just organised the whole thing.  There is no way we could have planned all of this without them.  We haven’t really had to do much at all

The big secret of the day is which TT racer will pick up Liz to take her to the registry office.  Liz says she doesn’t really mind who it is.

“I have no preferences.  There are a few of the bikers I would like it to be but whoever it is the most important thing is getting there on time!”

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Nice one! Well done you pulled it off! bestest wishes for the future, Still wana ride your bike liz! x

alan kinninmonth
i ve known alan liz for for long time they know mw well lol but just know they meant to be together and i even said to alan one day ya get hitched he use to go mad at me !! but there nice people ! i even helped liz with her electrics on her bike but will see them soon been to long i think enjoy ya lifes you two see you both soon from Alan in yarmouth xx

nice worki guys. I guess you will be married by know so it remains only for me to wish you both a long and happy life together. Congrats.

christina collister
what a great idea - i hope you have a brilliant wedding... the best of luck.

Helen Gibbons
My sister Ella got maried during the Isle of Man TT. She had a brilliant day although she wasn't lucky enough to get a rider to take her to the church!! Have a great day. Congratulations!!!!

Brilliant idea guys. Have a great day and a wonderful life together. You are obviously made for each other.

Congratulations Liz and Alan. Can't wait until the stag night!!!


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