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24 September 2014

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You are in: Isle of Man > TT > My TT: The B&B Landlady

Douglas Bay

Douglas: TT tourists' first destination

My TT: The B&B Landlady

B&B owner, Mrs C describes how she’s managed to keep the same TT visitors for almost forty years.

I’m different to everyone else. My prices don’t go up in TT. They stay exactly the same. Most of these TT visitors aren’t made of money. They just love the bikes and they want to see them race.

Why should they have to get ripped off for their boat ticket or accommodation or food? They’re not larger louts who spend their hard-earned cash in the pub all year: it all goes on their hobby.

"We used to have them in bunk beds in the cellar, down with the potatoes and the home brew. "

Mrs C

I know some people who have guest houses and they don’t take one booking before May. They wait until the visitors are desperate and then they up their prices to whatever they think they can get away with. They open for TT, make their money and shut their doors again.

Then there’s a lot of people who leave their own homes, rent them out for a fortune and go away on holiday for the TT fortnight. What they come back to, God only knows.

Here’s another thing: lots of  places will charge a fortune but they won’t give them breakfast. I’m up at 6 o’clock and I’ll do breakfast. Some places won’t do breakfast until 8 o’clock. But what’s the point of that if your visitors want to be up really early for a blast round the course before all the idiots come out?

My lot get breakfast, they get an evening meal if they want it and they get cocoa with their cheese and biscuits or flapjacks and cake before they go to bed. I normally have taped the Superbikes for them so I leave them watching that and I just tell them, “Right lads, switch the lights off and the TV before you go to bed.”  Here, it’s more of a home for them.

Cameron Donald

Cameron Donald by Ron Clarke

Most of them, they’ve been coming for nearly forty years. They’re from the Essex/Kent area. Robert has stayed with me since he was engaged and his eldest boy is now 23. Big John and Alan aren’t coming this year as they haven’t been too good. They’re in their 60’s now.  Old Bill has died.

Things have changed since they used to come to us. Nowadays, it’s all fire regulations, health and safety. Then, we used to squeeze them in. People used to put a board over the bath and have them sleeping on the living room floor.

We used to have them in bunk beds in the cellar, down with the potatoes and the home brew. Don’t you be putting my name to this article! I only take four now.

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created: 08/05/2007

You are in: Isle of Man > TT > My TT: The B&B Landlady

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