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24 September 2014

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You are in: Isle of Man > TT > My TT: The Anti-Fan

Peter Shimmin above Laxey Beach

Peter Shimmin above Laxey Beach

My TT: The Anti-Fan

Not all Manx people embrace the TT Races. In fact, Laxey man Peter Shimmin gets as far away from it all as the boat will carry him.

I was born in the Isle of Man on 4 July 1958 and have lived here all of my life, so far.

What is it like for me living in the Isle of Man during TT fortnight?  I cannot answer that question because for the past few years, I have left the Island for the duration of the festival. 

What was it like for me living in the Isle of Man during TT fortnight?  Well that’s a different question.

"How can the death toll be justified?  Money, I suppose, is the answer.  "

Peter Shimmin

I hate the TT.  Not the TT as such.  I think the racing is a wonderful thing and I admire immensely those people who have the courage to take part (as opposed to the hangers on and the people who simply want to make money out of others, some of whom die in the pursuit of their love of racing).

I hate what comes with the TT. 

I hate the disruption, the inconvenience, the road closures, the amount of litter created, the downmarket entertainment put on and, worst of all, the deaths of competitors, spectators and locals. 

How can the death toll be justified?  Money, I suppose, is the answer. 

Too many people who are not brave enough to do it making money out of those people who are brave enough.

IOM Steampacket boat

Ben my Chree courtesy of

I can do nothing about that but I can do something about the disruption and inconvenience – by leaving the Island before the TT starts and not returning until after it has finished -  which is what I now do. 

I well remember the last time I had the misfortune to be on the Island during TT, trying to get home from work, stuck in traffic and taking an hour to get 2 miles along the Promenade. 

It becomes impossible simply to go about one’s everyday business.Two weeks of that is unbearable.

Other people will consider the Island to be the best place to be during TT but not me.  For me, the Island is dreadful during TT. 

Ah well, each to his own.

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created: 08/05/2007

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Are you an anti-fan, like Peter? This is a view of the TT rarely discussed in the IOM. Take this chance and tell us how you feel!

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DJB of Norfolk
This was my first ever visit to the IOM and a the TT was fantastic. I came over on my bike, stayed in a homestay and was made very welcome by everyone I met. Yes, I sympathise with the locals that don't like the racing, but you cannot appreciate the skill and bravery of them riders until you've been their and seen it for yourself. I used the trams and buses for 5 days i was there and went on plenty of long walks. It doesn't have to be 'all bikes' for two weeks. Fantastic little Island

Greg Carlton
Can someone find out how many people die mountaineering a year please? This would be an interesting fact to compare to see if we should lobby for all climbing to be stopped around Britain. Even better, how many deaths there are a year in car accidents, then maybe we should ban all motor vehicles in Britain too. This would be a real step forward right Mr Shimmin?

john blake
i grew up in New Orleans - i did not like Mardis Gras - others loved it and still do - you go to Mardis Gras - i will go to IOM TT

I live right on the course, front door virtually opens onto the road. If you feel you are a 'prisoner' in your own home, why not go out for the day? maybe go down to port erin for the day? People who visit the island at TT also travel round the whole island to find its beauty spots. And the death toll? in the 102 year history just over 200 people have died. More people than that die skiing or hill climbing every year - so why aren't they stopped? And to who asked the question 'Why aren't events like this held anywhere else?' Well infact in 1907 the UK dismissed a road closing order for road racing, only a road closing order - it wasn't because of the dangers. So they came here, and thank the lord we said yes. Because to be perfectly honest not much happens over here for the 48 other weeks of he year. Also across Ireland road racing is almost seen as a national sport. Events on road circuits take place nearly every weekend over the summer, and this year a totally new circuit was introduced onto the calender - thats how alive and kicking road racing is!.

Dave Redford
I have just returned to London from the Manx GP, I used the roads, trams, buses and trains and guess what? It took longer to get from the M1 to my house in South London, at just after midnight, than it took me to drive right around the island. Congestion during MGP? you must be joking. Free parking, no congestion charging. IOM is a paradise.

dave knight
is there any 1 older than the tt, doubt it,your a load of moaners having a gripe about a true sporting event that started b4 u were born. in over 100 yrs of tt history it has taken 2x world wars and ft & mouth to cancel event, do you think your selfish un-educated moans will get heard!!!!!!!!!!!!!

terry n.i
went to tt this year 09 my first time,seen nothing but fights, drunks, nutcases,seems to me to be the right place for it, on a island

Des Senior
People forget that the reason the TT came to the Island in the first place was as a money making oppportunity for a little impoverished island with few industries. In the years since 1907 the TT and Manx GP have brought millions of tourists and millions of pounds to the Isle of Man. Banking may have replaced tourism as the money spinner but the brave tradition of the racing persists. The Islanders have a lot of reason to be thankful to it for the Island it has built, and a little traffic disruption for 2 weeks a year is pretty trivial. Do we oppose all sporting events because we have to sit in a traffic jam once in a while? I'm sure the organisers of the Olympics, the Cup Final, or the Grand National, the F1, etc would have something to say about that.As a former competitor on the Mountain circuit (1986-2006) I am keenly aware of the safety aspects of the races, and the efforts made in recent years to improve this. The whole riding experience is incredible and makes the risks worth it. You simply have to tailor your riding style accordingly and ride at 99% not 100%. If you're that worried about the risks don't leave your front door. More people have died in air crashes in the last month than in 100 years of racing on the Isle of Man.To those who don't like it, like Peter, I can only suggest taking a holiday at TT time, walking or cycling to work, staggering your commute times......or simply practising live and let live!

Long live the TT
The TT is a fantastic event and yes it does cause lots of disruption to the island. The racers all know the risks involved and in all forms of sport death does happen. Hitting a wall at 100mph or more is a risk these men and women take but I am sure it is one hell of a thrill!!People who do not like it I can fully understand, it is the minority of drivers that cause the deaths away from racing. Bikers undertaking cars, over taking on bends trying anything to find space to open the throttle. Then you have the local drivers who think they can race the bikes too on the mountain road. IDIOTS!!(yes I live on the island)If the government actually reduced the prices for holiday makers to come to the island maybe the tourism would increase all year round. The cost to get on and off the island is ridiculous. If I lived in England I would fly into Europe for a holiday and spend a week in a hotel instead of spending it all on a boat or plane fare. Then you still have to find accomodation and pay for it.As for people moaning about the problems it causes to the locals the dates of the TT are known long in advance. Book a holiday, sort out a time to leave work so you get home without big delays. It is not like it is an event that you do not know about or when it happens!!!The locals whinge all year there is nothing to do then when entertainment does arrive and some life they whinge evenmore. You know where the boat is so get on it and leave to the mainland if you do not like it. Some people on this island just moan for the sake of it and it is pathetic.I hope the event continues long into the future and RIP all the riders, tourists and locals that have died during the TT fortnight in the past.

Rob Faragher
I agree with most of the points raised by Mr Shimmin. A lot of people who live on the Isle of Man, Manx or otherwise, don't like the disruption that comes with the TT or the downmarket entertainment. Moreover, it's the people who view the roads as a racetrack who cause the problems. The circuit is a public highway, the mountain road itself is the main trunk road from the North to Douglas and is always busy with vehicles of all sizes. Having said that though, it would be unfair to label everyone who thinks that way as a killjoy. Most residents, even the ones with an axe to grind against the TT, do enjoy the festival atmosphere of the TT.

Anthony From Bolton, Lancs
I love the IOM any time of the year. i have been visiting the island since 1960 something. I go every year for the TT and it's brilliant.reading some of the comments from so called "locals" they just don't appreciate the paradise island they live on, how intolerant can some people be. Embrace your islands history, culture and sport appreciate the bennefits tourism brings and stop being so stuck up and selfish!! your not true Manx if this is your attitude. Not everybody is who lives on the island is loaded, sounds like the main whingers are the wealthy come over wannabees.You want to live on the IOM 52 weeks of the year, count yourself lucky your able to, stop moaning about a slight inconvienience and get on with it!

Zoran Milosevic
I'm not a TT anti-fan but i agree.Some people makes money from those who have guts to race there. And it's present in many other sports and activities.It seems that human life has a price.Often life is just replaceable merchandise for some bigger machinery. Who's gonna stop it? Do you think that some matrix isn't possible?

Things i'm sick of hearing are "it's a manx tradition" when someone simply proposes a change in something to improve it or make it easier for others BUT it get's treated with disdain.I don't like how people who come over for the TT assume the island has the same atmosphere all year around (trust me, 2 weeks is all you need to see everything and unless you're a history buff OR into improving OTHER peoples lives, this island isn't worth it)Quite rightly said in main bit above, the TT isn't about glory anymore, just profiteering and disruption. The only people who benefit are the racers themselves, hotel/ inn owners/ tourism board OR shops.We used to have a decent Fairground atmosphere (which only existed during TT)- this was for locals and 'comeovers' (another lazy nickname for 'foreigners' which should be abolished) BUT the fair has become a place for underage teenagers with attitude problems, loud tuneless music, excessive drinking and ignorance. Families can no longer have a good TT together without fear of being set upon by drug and booze fuelled teenagers.R.I.P. The Isle Of Man-Your Ancient Traditions Are The Only Things That Live On.

britney clarke
i have never been here what is it like any comments on it please tell me as i am going there. thankuxxxx

Danny blanchard
I hate people slagging each other off just let me say this. If it was not for the TT1. I would never have met the fantastic people who live on the isle of man. 2. I would not be green with envy of the people who live on such a fantastic island. 3.Look forward all year to going to the island.$. if the TT finished bikers would still come for nostagia and without the TT in place more would probably be killed. I am sorry that some locals do not like the TT however let me say this I live in Barnsley. Sheffield had the for sight to install a tram system thsi cost too much money so the people in Barnsley were loaded on their council tax. I was very angry but couldnt do anything about it so now I just get on with life and let the people who use it enjoy it. Life is to short to complan and winge although I do sympathise with you anti TT residents. I think your greatest risk is the non Manxers who invade your Island to make a killing not only on TT fortnight.

Stuart gething
I've been a visitor to the TT for 25 years, and since taking up marshalling 3 years ago visit the MGP, too. I live in Scarborough,, where we get visitors all the year round. It can get very busy, even in january. We also have a road race circuit which, on occasion, has attracted as many fans as the TT gets. Without the visitors, this would be a ghost town, so we're glad of 'em. The traffic problems on the Island seem to be just around Douglas, which, even at peak times, doesn't get as bad as large towns anywhere in the UK. Maybe traffic management is to blame, rather than blaming the golden goose for your woes.

One can walk, ride a bicycle or even use the roads that are far from the circuit. And it's not 24/7.I hated to see Jun Maeda crash and die a while back, but he would be the first to say press on....Peter is a spoil sport, good riddance to him,and his ilk, I say....

TR - North East Scotland
I would like to remind every real TT Fan, of which I am one,that we owe a dept of gratitude to the residents of the IOM. Not everyone are bike fans but the hospitality we enjoy belies the fact that some residents are opposed to the races. As for the litter, well I think the same applies there as anywhere. Nail those responsible. Enforce compliance with litter laws and make the offenders fund the enforcement. Long live the TT and thank you IOM residents for making my holidays so special and memorable.

I am Manx and a huge TT fan. Been here all my life and the TT has been around for 101 years now. If you plan to come over to live and moan about the TT then don't bother your @ss coming here. It's a Manx tradition and we don't need comeovers telling us to stop!

I think the TT is a great thing we have where else in the world can you sit on your front steps and watch motor bikes.... i live on the course and really enjoy watching the bikes..these anti-fan!! well it just gives them something to moan about..typical manxie really... the TT is for 2weeks and it brings a lot of money to the island....

I was just watching the BBC's North West Today- they mention the deaths so flippantly- How can a death of a person just be cast aside because of the TT? It simply isn't justifiable whatsoever. Pete Shimmin's poignant remark says it all- The deaths are 'justified' by money. Pathetic. Although it attracts tourism to the IoM, the TT ought to be scrapped. It is too dangerous.

peter john robinson
This was the second TT my wife & i have attended it was a fantastic TT for us the only ???mark i have and would like to stress is of those bikers who cock up on none race days & are seriously hurt or killed or kill someone else,comeon lads we have a dangerous hobby as it is don't make it worse by riding like a idiot,2deaths on a mountain Rd that's one way?its done my head in God knows what the family feels STAY ALERT STAY ALIVE.

jd london
an hour to get 2 miles home. Walk? If you know there is going to be disruption, traffic then avoid it, i dont ride through Londo if there is footy or a festival on. Fair play to Peter though, he doesnt like it so he goes on his holidays. I associate the TT with smiley faces, and long may it be so.

martin phillips of portsmouth
i have to sit on the fence as i appreciate comments made by all parties.indeed the tt week is awesome and the racing fantastic, my only question is how does anyone who needs medical assistance[iom residents]get to the local hospital/doctors when the roads are shut down and quarantined! this must not just be a worry,but logistically extremely difficult.

gary peel
keep on going TT & by the way { RJ above } there is a mr quayle of 105 @ TT2008 who was at the first TT at the age of 4 so there.

Les Church
I have just come back from the TT. The IOM is a great place; the racing was fantastic to watch, even with the new restricted and prohibited areas in place. However,as a biker I was ashamed of some of my fellow bikers, who were blantently riding in a dangerous manor. I can completely understand the local's frustration when then see hooligans riding dangerously (by dangerous I mean 70+ mph is 30 zones, riding on pavements, overtaking on the wrong side of the road on blind bends, wheelying etc). Also, a great deal of bikes had non-legal very noisy exhausts; two weeks of screaming bikes from 05:30 until 23:00 everyday would annoy even the most ardent biker. The TT is unique event; all bikers attending should show more consideration for the other road users, pedestrians and other locals, especially in built up areas.

Neil Cresswell
i went for 10 days to watch the racing for the first time. But came back early as got fed up of the idiots on the roads/pubs, which took the shine of stopping to watch the racing.

I wonder how many of the ANTI-TT folk enjoy the events, burger vans and other wonderful pleasures the festival brings to the Island.

Iunderstand just how Peterfeels as the disruption to ordinary peoples lives is just so greatHe has the right idea

The TT (As it used to be !) was ace,but after last years "Lets empty your wallet week" rip of i will never come back againI had been comeing for years and from the mid 90's on have seen a steady decline in its no's they is nothing the "Isle-of-Man" can do about this its just a matter of time till people see the sense and reality of a once great sporting event reduced to a damp squib Enjoy it (at a price !) whil you can,as it wont last much longer ?

My Dad Was Borrnn In The Isle of Mann , Soo i Love The TT Its One Of the only things you see about the Wonderful irland, And Dont No Why Anyone Would Hate Such a Amzing Place And the TT Just Makes It That Bit Better x

good job the derby horse race is'nt still held in derby haven or there would be even more disruption in peoples selfish lives!general rule, come overs hate TT,locals love it,like hop-tu-naa,tynwald day, xmas ,part of the calender.i do wonder if people who live near sports statiums complain on-line like this about masses of people turning up to watch the best in the world doing what they do knowing there're going to do it on their doorstep.must be like being like a weslyan living in mecca,deaf ears etc... good luck to the riders this year ,its gonna be for mounteneering ,everest- over 200 dead in less than 50 years since first conquered similar to tt in 100 years but tt with many many more participants and man hours .BAN EVEREST !


You might want to stop and think about your fellow islanders and the benefits the TT brings to them,not to mention the revenue the island enjoys of wich you have obviously enjoyed a part off.Your tipe make me sick,its all about you.

i live in the isle of man, its a great place because you can get around so easily! in town, you'll always see someone you know!

Lorna -manx teen-
well i LOVE the tt and i LOVE the the fair and i cant reely blame u so sorry dude xXxXxXxXx

I am not an IoM resident yet, but may be soon..yeah..i dont like the idea of motorcycles buzzin around at 200mph causing death sometimes. Why not have a closed circuit instead of using public streets and closing down streets? As for courage ans skill, ok it's like saying why not have a public mass duel with swords..those brave enough can enjo some blood and gore, while some will get killed?

ray williams
sorry to hear you hate what comes with the TT,peter but unfortunately thousands of race lovers enjoy it too much to really care ,yes litter ,disruption and deaths are all part and parcel of festivals ,yes the public should do more as not to litter our island :I live in Ballaugh:the DOT do their best to try and avoid traffic jams ,you could leave work earlier I suppose,.Last but certainly not least the deaths during TT, death is a terrible thing especially under the circumstances during TT but lets be honest ,death happens to EVERYBODY, you can make life as secure and safe as we can humanly do but people will still die FACT OF LIFE so at least the people who this happens to public and racers die doing something that they enjoy,If you could pick a time to die wouldn't you choose to go whislt enjoying yourself .hope you get to read this peter and hope you have a safe journey to whever you are going to,did I mention that sometimes ships sink by the way ,only joking have a safe one mate and see u in 4 weeks

Geoff - Douglas
The one difference between mountaineering deaths and TT deaths is that mountaineering is not sponsored, promoted and organised by any government for tourist purposes. I have never heard of an innocent member of the public being killed by a falling climber or thousands of other people who have no interest in mountaineering not being able to get home. And please don't tell me that it is just for 2 weeks a year. We also have 2 weeks of closures for the Manx Grand Prix and have had at least 2 weeks of the Mountain Road being closed for TT preparation work with 2 more days of closures in May for the same reasons. Other roads on the Island are neglected in favour of the Course and worst of all we have to live with no speed limits all the year round.

Adrian lunnon
How many people die doing other sports? I love the TT and all that it brings. I go alot and the island has stated to feel like home. I do feel for the residents who have to put up with road closures and all the disruption but the two weeks that the TT must bring some welcome revenue to the islanders? As much as I respect the islanders, the TT needs to be encouraged and not slagged off.

A Tourist
My wife has never been to the IOM. I'd love to take her there for her birthday, which is in May. We dread being there duing the TT. What are the dates so we can avoid it?

Nick Mildenhall
2007 Was my first tt wow! it was great... the Island, the people..the races.. the bikers. It was just fantastic. I will come over to see the ttraces again and to your lovely Island.In this life you can not please everyone!

D. Mackay
Having been to watch the T.T.Races seven times,although not in recent years,I can understand how it can upset some residents. A couple of times I have stayed on the island after the event for a couple of days to persue my other main hobby 0f angling. The change is dramatic. The island changes from mayhem to total peace in a matter of hours.The towns then change to the idyllic rural and seafaring towns that other people like to visit for an enjoyable peaceful break.The scenery is fantastic and the people are very friendly. I would love to live there but circumstances do not permit.But who knows if I keep doing the lottery.....

David Ellis
Each to his own, but its spectacular and the atmosphere is terrific. I have been going on and off for twenty years and have family links to the Island. Try it.

Cliff Patten
Peter, I came to the TT Centenary this year and was knocked out by the atmosphere and the out and out friendliness of all the locals, (AND the police!) At the same time, in the back of my mind I was worried about the obvious disruption to the residents lives. This niggled away at me all of TT week, so when it was over, (and I had some time,) I asked some of them what they thought of it all. Every one of them had something positive to say, but one person summed it up with a smile, she said "oh well, only another 50 weeks to go!" However, I can understand that it's not for everyone, and if we as bike racing fans upset your life, then may I apologise to you. But can I also ask you to stand back and see the bigger picture? The perfect house/location simply does not exist, there is always some small or large down-side or trade-off, (ask Clarkeson!) Remember, MANY, MANY people would change places with you, believe me! And finally:To the people of the Isle of Man I would like to say "Thank you" for a fantastic welcome this year, as always. Now... just got to pack for '08 :-)

sam naughton
Shut up!!! The tt races are ace, everyone makes money and has a good time!!!

Rob Tonge
Race week is unique enjoy it

Kathryn Spencer
My dad has raced motorbikes since I was 4 until last year. I am now 23. thats 19 years. I would never change what we did for all those years. We did do the Isle of Man as well. I cannot explain my feelings when I talk of it as it holds so much for me. from the moment I can see Douglas from the boat until the moment we pitch our caravan and tents. The friends we made will last forever in an ever strong bond as the unspoken fear of "what if" was never spoken about but everybody understood. Everyone is there for each other even if it's for soap powder. It's a comradeship and a love that I cannot explain. the moment my dad sets off on his bike to practice I have a huge sense of pride and fear. I love it just as much as my dad and I'm not even on a bike. We know the risks involved we know what can happen but its a passion and a love that is unbreakable. I understand the locals point of view but lets face it for 4 weeks a year the TT and the Manx. it's not alot and the extra revenue must mean something?!Kat Spencer Brentwood, Essex

Sad fact is folks, if it wasnt for the TT the Isle of Man would be nothing to no one, as it is its the most famous race track in the world, i say to all the locals be thankfull for all the revenue its brought to you over the years.

Harley Davidson
Tom Halfwits comments about motorcyclists being likened to Nazi stormtroopers at one of Hitlers Nuremgerg rallies, all in black is a bit racisist and negative .Is this rant from another comeover/stopover who's on to a good job but can't stand living on the island or it's inhabitants i wonder? Why so down on everything TT?

haha! Peter, you moaner! I know you're a festival goer - Just not this festival. I love the TT, it's a mad, loud, and a raucous change from the beautiful, peaceful, island, just for 2 weeks. But i know what you mean about taking hours to get home - nightmare!

IOM Teen
I'm only a teenager and I can't see how anyone could hate the TT I consider it to be better than christmas and my birthday put together. My bike is the best way to get around, yes i can accept him not wanting to be on the Isle of Man at this time. But it still iludes me.

Hollie (Manx born)
Not every thing is about money. How about people enjoying themselves? Ok so it creates a bit of disruption to commuting to work and getting to places inside the TT track but get over it. It's only 1 racing week out of the year. Quite frankly I am glad that the people that dont like the racing leave each year for the whole duration. Do these people that dont like the TT say the same for every other sport even that occurs on the Island through out the year?Unfortunately, the deaths happen and it is very sad for all involved from the family, local people and tourists to see the loss of life. Each rider that enters the TT is fully aware of how dangerous the roads are and they still make the choice to race. Even each spectator makes a choice of where to view the racing from. Although, I do agree that the safety of the spectators needs to be improved. I dont think they should be allowed to sit or stand so close to the track. However, there will always be someone who will still stand to close to the road. The TT 2007 was the most spectacular I have seen. The atmosphere was amazing and everyone who travelled to the Island (including myself) would say they had a great time. I hope to see the racing for many more years to come, another 100 years and more. To the organisers what a fantastic job they did. Everything was very well organised. One day I will return to the Island to live and look forward to the disruption every year.

dave of Lincoln
I Know a guy like Mr Shimmin. He has no friends because all he does is moan all the time. I bet his family can't wait for him to go so they can get 2 weeks peace. haha. I'm sure 99% of islanders would be the first to complain if it were banned....

Michael Vaughan, Darwen, Lancashire.
I always thought I'd have liked to see th Manx TT racing, but of course there is just the noise and disruption, not to mention the crowds and all that go with it, its bad enough in Darwen when Darwen circus (town center) is taken over each year at Whitsuntide for the three day music festival???????. Noise litter filth everywhere, and that from only 8000 visitors. No these things look glamorous but its the real Isle of Man that I'd Love to see again, the week in Ramsey we had just after mum died in 1955. I just saw the Computer simulations of the course and wondered how it is that any of the riders survive the course traveling at such velocities.

Peter Butterworth
My Dad used to listen to the TT when I was a kid, must have been just after the war. Much later when I became an avid biker I remember thinking "How do the folk in Kirkmichael stand the noise of big bikes roaring through megaphone exhausts at around 5.30am". So it's not surprising some used to leave the Island and hated the TT. I do love the Island but the TT is just not "the Isle of Man" ie not like the natural Laid Back Manx style which is what atracted me back as much as the TT. Sadly the native Manx seem to have caught our "Hurry-up-itis".Life is full of risks and we all have responsibility for our actions and accept the risks. What would life be if it was all so safe and unexciting?Still a biker at 72.

NS, Hampshire
I'm reminded of my grandparents, who lived in Port Lewaigue, telling me (mid-1970's; I think)that Richard Adams, author of "Watership Down" had bought a house at Sulby Bridge; because he had fallen in love with the peace and quietness of life on the IoM; and wanted to write his next book there. Unfortunately one end wall of the house abutted straight onto the TT course!

Tristan Yates
I live in Castle Donington (Donington Park) and this is great for the economy of our village. We welcome all the visitors and feel proud to be in such a vibrant place....It's not like the island is constantly invaided with track days or other events.around the island and its only for x2 weeks?? I bet the local Kids and Landlords down the time down for it.I want to be there 2008.....Kind RegardsTristan Yates

David Ricemann
Dear Peter,I am sorry to read your comments. The acronym NIMBY is always difficult to accept. I accept that the TT is not a very safe thing to do. I am sure you will wish to contribute to the fecing around the Grand Canyon wher 8 deaths occur annually. The climbing of all mountains and rock faces will, of course, be proscripted. Skydiving, bungee jumping and flying of any kind must be banned and any kind of transport which takes people over the walking pace of 4mph is also madness. I cannot wait to live in the world you wish to create...Lundy is a nice place where little ever happens. Ailsa Craig may be more to your taste. Take the rest of the correspondents of a similar mind along. Please give us first refusal on your house. We all love the IOM and will accept the misery of living there willingly.

John McLaughlin
I am deeply sorry you feel this way. You sound like a man from Florida who wants rid of the theme parks. Perhaps you might wish to consider the fact that the IOM TT races were moved there as a matter of necessity because of the draconian speed limits on the mainland in the 1900's. It is also a sad fact that the TT had been running for 51 years on the day you were born. If you are so sad to see a piece of your island's heritage each year and regard it as a pain, maybe you might wish to relocate to the mainland where the taxes are significantly higher and the uproar goes on 365 days a year.

Peter B
I know a lot of Cariocas who leave Rio for Carnivale each his own...

Ramsey ioMAN
I am one of the residents who look forward every year to the TT. Its not just about the racing its about seeing people having fun. Sadly a small minority of people spoil it for the majority. Stupid speeds and overtakes in built up areas, the heavy drinking, the way the prices shoot up . My wife will not drive during this time. However she also loves it. As for the cost. Bassey how much indirect revenue does the TT bring in? I am sure many companies or visitors will not come over or invest on a small piece of granite in the Irish Sea if it was not for the history of the TT and the way it conjours heroic sports men/women. I love the way different nationalities can all meet as one with a common cause to enjoy the racing. I cannot think of any other meeting where there are so many differing nationalities all in one place for sport in such numbers. This year there were bikes from Dubai on the road also Nigeria, france spain italy german swiss austrian, dutch, swedish british, manx, american and many many more.As for the Health and Safety .. why should eveerything be ruined by health and safety? Where has personal accountability and choice gone from our lives? If someone wants to participate in a dangerous sport then let him. The government of the world are quite happy to go to war which forgive me if I am wrong, is not very health and safety concious but will stop a sport where people actually enjoy to ride and watch.Long may the TT continue with all its faults and hastles.

Gari, Isle of Man
Hate is a nasty word and somebody who hates must lead a pretty knarled life and isn't able to let others enjoy.NO - It isn't money but the love of the sport that keeps it going together with enough marshals to marshal the course. Having retired last year, I sadly am not one of them and I am not a biker but find them good guys and fun to have a drink with evenings.As to racing and risks, it is true that a guy with wife and kids at home shouldn't be exposing himself to such dangerous situations as 150mph just as mountaineer fathers shouldn't be so egoistic and clink to absurd rocks without ropes.However, if Peter doesn't like the TT then he is correct in leaving the island for two weeks but I don't see why he attempts to spoil the fun for the others.Yes, he must be full of hate!Chillax Peter and forget the idea of passing some health and safety law against biking.If you don't like it then don't watch itGari the viking(hardly heard or saw the TT this year and was on island the whole time)

Tom Halpin
I also hate the TT or the Manx equivalent of Hitler's Nuremburg rallies as I prefer to call it - they all dress in black, make lots of noise and cause horrendous disruption to the lives of others in pursuit of this so-called "sport". Peter does not mention 2 other extremely nasty effects of the TT : the amount of pollution generated and the fact that standards of motor vehicle driving, already abysmal on this island, get even worse during the TT. Tynwald should be encouraging greater provision and usage of public transport in order to improve the quality of life on the island, not encouraging even more treadhead selfishness.

To Steve of London, now you know how it feels !!! yours is only for 1 Year, ours is every year, we too have no say in the matter EVERY YEAR, as for paying increased council tax,as the government won't tell us how much profit/loss the TT makes we don't know if it costs us anything,it will be alright, just think of all the money it will make the local business in your area (not in my back yard hey)you seem to have the same argument against the Olympics as we do against the TT. Never mind it is only for 1 year, you could move !!!

second time at the TT this year with the better half and had a fab time, so much so we're getting married there next year so will be spending a month on the isle of man to allow for the 15 days residency rule. it will be intresting to see the build up to the practice and race weeklong live the TTp.s this way i won't forget the anniversary

2 weeks inconvenience out of 52 weeks. Come on you haters learn a bit of patience its not for long. We all have to put up with things we dont like from time to time , its called life. It also inconveniences me I cant run my business but treat it as holiday and love it completely. Stop moaning and if you dont like crowds this Island is being built on or havent you noticed, the roads are about to get more congested every day of the year never mind 2 weeks...

Shania Garside
Where do you go for your holiday Mr Shimmin? Do you honestly think the people who live in the village/town you go to on your holiday really want you there? I mean, think about it. How good would your holiday be if you spent the whole time there being confronted by locals who whinged about you being there ruining their quiet little place? Not nice heh? Those people 'put up' with you for 'money I suppose'. Double standards don't you think?!

Steve East London
I live in East London and in 2012 the Olympics will be coming here. Compared to the T.T the disruption you get will be nothing compared to ours. We even have to pay higher Council tax to pay for it (which I doubt Peter does). The people of the East end of London dont want the Olympics here, why should I have to pay just so that some person can run as fast as they can over a short distance and then stand gasping for breath at the end of it. We dont want the Olympics but we have no say in the matter, so Peter if you are thinking of attending the Olympics in 2012 I suggest you stay away and think about all the local people who will be suffering just to let you watch people gasping for breath. I bet YOUR rates/council tax doesnt increase for the T.T every year..because we are even now paying increased rates for the Olympics which arent even here yet.

john drake farndon chester
more people are killed, climbing a mountain, than riding one...FACT..

I live on the IOM and don't look forward to the TT. However, I am as entitled to my oppinion as those who like the TT. This is a topic which no one will ever agree on

stupid attitude!...the TT brings money to the island and the visitors are discovering a wonderfull place to visit.I wonder if money has any part of peters life?..without cash injection how can the island survive?...i would suggest 2 weeks of traffic distruption is a small price to pay.

George in the South West..
I've spent a lot of my life living in the south west of England, and when the summer comes, dont I just hate it! Traffic Queues, Litter, Drunks. How I long for the endless rainy winters when I can have the place back to myself. - 2 weeks mate - you should think yourself lucky!

Lou Garside
If people want to complain about the TT here can they make it from their own viewpoint only please, not the riders or the spectators or the Marshalls. It's daft saying the bikes are too fast as this is the riders choice. Ask any of them, the whole buzz of riding in the TT is the feeling of riding flat out on a bike and the danger of the track itself in an age where health and safety has gone bonkers. So, having a super fast bike or the dangers of the TT course is exactly why they do it in the first place so not a reason to stop the races at all, rather precisely why they do it in the first place. So 'Dangerous Course' and 'Fast Bikes' not a good reason to scrap. John Lake is also correct below, do your maths, it may cost £10m (but I think that nonsesnse anyway), but just try and work out how much money comes IN to the island. It's WAY in excess of the cost. You whingers have to find a better reason to moan. More access roads is a good one, try your local MHK. Raised prices ripping off tourists, agreed, lets do something about that. But that's still not reason to scrap the TT for God sake!

David of Peel
Why do people climb Mt. Everest, sail round the world, cross the Atlantic by balloon, want to take the World Record in any field, run a Marathon, play Rugby, go to the Moon, ride the TT? Why? Because of the challenge to human endurance, courage and enterprise... and I think all of the above activities have involved inconvenience to others...and, dare I mention it, fatalities. Risk sport inevitably involves risk. Live life to the full and let the others safely grow old watching 'Coronation Street' or listening to 'The Archers'.

John Lake
Good point Jack, even if it is true that it costs £10m to stage (which I seriously douby anyway) try and work out how much money comes into the island for that fortnight. Think about each person spending a thousand pound for the week in travel, accomodation, food, drink, entertainment, etc. And this is a very pesamistic figure when you think about what it costs for homestay alone. Now take the number of tourists that came over this year, multiply it by how much they each spend and the score is ....... yeeees an absolutely enormous PROFIT to the Isle of Man. Even that's not taking into account the huge numbers here for two weeks, so times that by say one and a half. Do the people of London complain abou tthe cost of hosting Wimbledon. Come on people, did any of you go to school and do sums!?

Fair play to Peter for speaking his mind.He has a perfect right not to have to like the 2 week circus every year in and around his afterall is a democracy you live in is it not?I live in a 'road race' town and luckily only have 2 weekends a year to put up with middle-aged kids riding their bikes round the town like lunatics...still - as long as they don't harm anyone but themselves then well and good!!

Gary Quayle
John, Laxey - What on earth are you talking about? There is road racing all over britain and the world, especially Northern Ireland, but nothing will ever resemble the TT because it's on the Isle of Man. No one can recreate Le Mans, Monaco, Wimbledon, etc becasue of where they are. There's no other TT because there's no other Isle of Man. The nearest thing is Maccau which is equally dangerous, fast and popular. This TT was superb, but with the accidents on Friday and Saturday there'll no doubt be another debate opening up soon. I do bet this much though, the people complaning about these deaths wont be the relatives of the people who died, but small sighted folk of a similar ilk to this fabulous Mr Peter Shimmin. How was Torrmolinos?

Rich Bunce
For all these people sayin Peter Shimmin is a miserable git...This is his HOME. How would you like it if thousands of people invaded your town every so often...To tell him to move is selfish as hell. As long as its not in your back garden yea!!!!!!

Re David Quayles remark about Blackpool. Can we please all stop making nasty statements about where we all live and work! We totally enjoyed the TT in 2007 and will return next year as well as visiting IOM when TT is not on to enjoy a walking holiday and the peace and tranquility of the IOM. My only comment is that does Peter not want our tourism income for the IOM outside TT festival time or would he prefer we did not visit the Island at all?

well Peter Shimmin , it looks like you are a minority. buy a oneway ticket to the mainland and look for something else to moan about.

Nicola Burns
I travelled to the isle of Mann TT's for the first time this year. I too understand festival season as I live in the centre of Edinburgh and we get the tourists for four weeks over the Fringe. While I do understand and empathise the inconvenience it must bring to the residents of the island, it is not such a black and white story. Without the tourist trade the TT's bring to the Isle of Man the island would economically suffer. Originally coming from a small island myself I can say that, as I did, the youth of your island would inevitably leave to the mainland to find work. I agree that of course accidents terrible, but to the competitors the chance to race is the highlight of their year. Millions of pounds are spent in the build up, it's their life to race no matter the consequence.I have to say I found the people of the island to be very welcoming and accommodating. I would definitely recommend to my friends to follow my lead and return next year. Although this would lead to more of your troubles? Long live the TT races.

Agreed. It is mortifying to watch fans being ripped off by the sharks who wait 50 weeks to fleece visitors, fans or not. Those same sharks complain bitterly about being fleeced off when they themselves holiday abroad. Health and Safety will see the demise of TT, what will the sharks do then? Probably move away!

us manx have inherited staging the origional motercycle endurance race in history and what a joy it is .I'm a stonemason and my wife runs our B&B but this race week we have been sleeping on the floor with the kids to accomadate TT enthusiates from south africa,switzerland,germany,spain to southport!some were previous visitors and what a time we all had sharing our awe to the skill of the competitors and the event in general.there's a bunch of kiwi's and aussies in town town who brought their bikes in a shipping container ! this is a truley global event and millions will be watching the footage throughout the world wanting to have been there for the first 130 mph lap when history in motor sport was made ,again.great yarns will be told across the world after this week about the racing,(even by people who were'nt here !)the company and a good manx the few manx moaners and come-overs would you complain about the bull runs in italy or the relious gathrings in saudi or india if you lived there ? for the rest of us , its been a memorable week and i hope to see you all next year,long live the TT.So Mr Shimmin , get on line and tell us about your historic holiday and how they're looking forward to seeing you again

mat still
never been to the tt...should have been there this year-but my bike decided otherwise.i'm hoping to be there later for the gp and next year for the tt.i know the island becomes a nightmare for the locals, my pals cousin comes back to ayrshire for the fortnight (free digs for me then!!) for this reason.its like some people here during the golf...hey hate it and disappear. each to their own.really sorry about the deaths on the thoghts are with their families.

Of course they haven't been around as long as the races. I don't think thereare aany centenarians on the IOM

Keith Sutton
In my view, the inane comments about TT pre-dating all of us does nothing to further the reasoned arguments being put forward by some of those in favour of the event. I am not a supporter; equally, I wouldn't campaign for TT/MGP to be scrapped. I would welcome some honesty & transparency about the real financial costs. Unlike Peter Shimmin, most MHK's wouldn't have the bottle to raise pertinent issues, let alone express contra views.

personally, i think that the death rate is unacceptable, i think that these bikes have too much power and speed to race on such narrow roads which were clearly not made for racing the fastest machines craeted. the reason this event is held is simply for money.

Crazy Carol, Onchan
ps. i'm 47, manx dragged up loving bikes & will die loving them. i used to dream of riding in the TT, now i just dream of owning a bike. 'hurry up & pass your test hubby'.

Crazy Carol, Onchan
before i say anything i must send my deepest sympathy & condolences to Marc Warpoles family & friends & those of the other people involved in the tragic accident at the end of racing yesterday. i know i speak for all TT fans around the globe. OH BOY, what a week ~ Mcguinness was awesome! new lap record & cracking the 130! he said he would & boy did he deliver. sorry ALL the riders delivered whether they finished or not. fantastic entertainment once again, & that's just on the course! I am so glad i didn't bump into any whiners while my family (2 girls inc) & i were out enjoying ourselves these last 2 wks!If you feel that strongly do sumat about it ~ Tynwald Day is July 5th! TT hater(which i most definitely am not even after losing close friends to the Sport), or not i've really enjoyed this healthy debate. shall we meet again in say 8wks!! for the MANX GRAND PRIX?ps. safe journey home to all our TT friends & look forward to seeing you all next year god willing. age range 2-80 plus easily. you see they're on elastic & they're pulled back every TT so you aint ever gonna get rid! hi to my aunty & uncle in New Zealand & cousins in Canada who follow the TT avidly from home. see you in 8 xx

Chris Stephenson
I bet that he rents out his house during TT and holidays abroad! It's a mini industry in the IOM. An hour to travel to the promenade- do me favour, you can walk it in half an hour!

david thomass
Can I just say as a Manx person with Enlgish parents. The TT is the ONLY time I ever want to be trapped on this island.

If Mr Shimmin is so anti-TT, then maybe its time he moved elsewhere. Some of us have to pay a small fortune in order to visit the IOM to support this historic race. Where else can relatively ordinary people compete at such a level in a sport they love so much.

I can't believe that Bassey says the Island LOSES £10m a year just from the TT! Maybe it costs that much to put on, but 50,000+ people coming over on the boats alone didn't lose the island anything. Although i got completely ripped-off the whole centenery race week (as did EVERYONE else I spoke to) I still had a fantastic time. Plus the TT has been going alot longer than anyone can remember so it's more of a part of the island and it's culture than YOU are my friend!

Matt Qualtrough
I'm a Manxman and aswell as my normal 9-5 job, during TT I work as doorstaff in town. I can honestly say that I have NEVER felt inconvenienced or put out in any way by TT fortnight (apart from maybe the rediculous price increases in certain petrol stations in town!! you know who you are!!). I get the chance to earn some extra cash, watch some racing, go to the fair, see The Who, Madness etc and generally have a great time. I also see the amount of £££££ that some of these tourists spend here. Seems to me that some people just need something to moan about. When I'm working on a night, the only trouble we EVER see is from locals. The tourists are always polite friendly and respectful.And as for your comment about the inconvenience of road closures etc. You live on the course fella, who's fault is that?!? I live down south and have neighbours who aren't really interested in the whole TT 'thing'. That's why they didn't buy their houses on the course. Stop moaning and just move boy!

John, Laxey
Gary Quayle - the Monaco Gran Prix has been copied many times over in a variety of locations over many years as has the tournament at Wimbledon. I'm talking about copying the TT, and not the Isle of Man. But why isn't this type of racing permitted elsewhere? And by the way holly quayle, any other race of note charges admission fees for spectators. Quite substantial admission for Formula 1. It's not paid for by the local government. The TT life blood of the Island? Perhaps as I've said before, the government will provide us with a proper accounting to show whether the TT produces our 'life blood' or merely a lot of red ink.

Peter Beal
Thank goodness Peter Shimmin is in the minority, how selfish to deprive people from many foreign countries to experiance the courage required to ride the TT.

holly quayle
"John, Laxey fool"i am a manx girl, but i bet you are not a manxman.why should our guests pay to sit on manx soil. dont they pay enough as it is. come on johnny, thease guests are the life blood of my island.

Gary Quayle
John, Laxey - How can you copy the Isle of Man? Should people around the world all be trying to copy the Monte Carlo Formula 1 or Wimbledon Tennis too? It's beauty is that it is the location itself which is unique. It wouldn't quite work in Clacton or Dungeness, don't you see?

Money! there is very little money in racing in the TT and no one makes the riders do for you complaining about living inside the course.... chances are the races have been going on long before you bought your house so its your own fault for moving there.

john drake farndon chester
hi, this is john drake. i like the tt. i ride fast but its my choice. i like showing people how good i am. so leave us alone.

John, Laxey
Interesting the complaints I have been reading about spectators being charged to sit in the grandstand, at Bradden Church, etc. Very telling I would say. These people are happy enough to come to the TT so long as it is provided for by someone else's largesse. Not to mention the pure cheek of many riders from across telling IOM resident to leave the Island if they don't like the TT so that the foreigners can raise hell here as they like. I'm Manx, the Isle of Man is my home, I contribute to society and to the tax rolls here, and I don't need some quasi-Manxman from across telling me he has priority on my island. By the way, have any of you considered why, if the TT is such a great thing, it hasn't been copied elsewhere in the world?

Chris Williams
Personally, I think that Peter Shimmin is miserable.

hehhee now heres a thought ?how about draughting in some special's police give the anti TT gang a job bet they would make very vigilant policing on the IoM roads hehhe on second thoughts maybe not , they would prolly bring back public flogging to boot as well .i think in general most people on the island love the TT and all it brings, and i guess the anti TT mob would just find something else to moan about if the TT ever stopped .in life you cannot please all the people all of the time . so we just gotta make the best of what we got .

holly quayle
What is the average age of the anti TT brigade? I bet none of you have been on the Island as long as the TT races. If you bought a house boat, you would probley moan about the water. GET A LIFE.

Ramsey resident
Personally I think the TT is great. I'm not a biker, and don't have much of an interest in the racing (prefer 4 wheels to 2) but I will probably go and watch some of it to see the death defying antics of those brave enough that make the races what they are. So what if the races are not health & safety compliant - I think its great we have one thing that sticks two fingers up to the health & safety culture. The island comes alive and although it may make a loss overall in terms of branding it achieves more than the money wasted on the freedom to flourish rubbish. However there is a serious point made by those who are against the TT and that is safety of local residents during the times when the roads are open. Unfortunatley I think that is down to the very poor standard of traffic policing during the TT. I think the police do a great job with the prom etc, but have lost the plot when it comes to the roads. A while back they supported a national speed limit, yet for TT they supported turing the mountain road into an effective race track. We have had Derek Flint saying its good to open up, and articles where he's driving over 100mph on the mountain. All well and good (and I don't want a national limit!) but which is it to be IOM police? You hardly see a policeman on the coast road this year, despite the volume of traffic being so high, and as for 24 hr policing of the mountain - every time I have gone across there in the past two weeks they have been sat at the hairpin with a coffe and nowhere else on the mountain. In prior years they would have a heavy presence on the roads to remind the small element of bikers who have no respect for our roads that they could be caught and punished. Where are they this year?If the traffic police could put their coffees down and actually police the roads, then perhaps residents would feel safer, and support the TT.

I think the TT is the best thing that ever came to the Isle of Man. It's fair enough if the locals don't like it but its only on for 2 weeks so they can either live with it and get on or just leave for the duration of the TT. I've been to the TT at least 4 times and I'm only 15. I love it. As for people being concerned for the racers safty and that it's to dangerous, I think that's a load of rubbish because if the racers didn't want to race then they wouldn't do it. It's their choice to race even though its dangerous. I for one think they are as brave as anything.

i have just returned from the island my first time to watch TT i could not believe how good it was what an experience an what an island its a beautiful place if you live on the island you are one of the most luckiest people i know,The people are great i would gladly swap house with you TT brings a lot of money to the island it probably helps towards your kids wages or your relation to keep it goin ........

Bob Gambit
Roger Cleaverley - 'The bikes are getting too fast for the course' - isn't that the bikers decision if they want to ride a fast bike or even die riding it? And averages means exactly that. Five last year? Which races were you watching?! Or do you take any deaths taken in that fortnight as TT deaths even if they were pogo stick accidents, falling down the stairs, old age, etc?!

Darren, Braddan
For pity's sake, the TT is the only time the island comes alive. It goes back to it's traditional manx pace for the other 50 weeks of the year so why all the moaning and complaining. I live inside the course so have to use the access roads but so what! Also, there are probably more accidents caused during the other 50 weeks by people not knowing how to use a roundabout on the island than in the TT caused by bikers.I've lived on the island for 7 years and my wife is manx - the place is great but I've never been on as many holidays in my life until I met my wife because she has to get off the island - to shake off the island fever. The only 2 weeks she doesn't want to leave the island - TT fortnight. And before anyone says it - yes, there is a boat in the morning at 7am!!

Gary Proctor
I've done my fair share of travelling around the world and when people had heard of the Isle of Man it was normally for two reasons; cats with no tails and the motorcycle race. As far as our worldwide P.R. goes that's it, the TT and our little fury pets. I've found three places on earth I could live being Vancouver, Cape Town and this beautiful island. I choose here. I admit I'm a biker, but you don't have to be a biker to admire the spectacle of the TT. If you've ever been to a sporting event, a pop concert, etc there will always be a disruption. The TT is a massively positive thing for the Isle of Man in every sense. Where do you anti-TT fans go to on holiday? What would you do if Europe stopped British tourists coming to their resorts because of the inconvenience to the town? They have it for most of the year, we have a little inconvenience for two weeks. There have been some excellent and some mind-numbingly small minded comments made on this page, but the bottom line is this is without exaggeration one of the world's most utmost sporting events where men and women of undeniable talant and courage come to achieve one of the greatest tests of man and machine on this planet, giving the island a world-wide reputation to be proud of, so let's not get the thing stopped because it takes some people a bit longer to get home. The cost of running it is insignificant in relation to how other money gets thrown at our hospitals, sewerage systems and power stations so let's keep things in perspective and not forget how little tax we pay here. The tourists we get here are wonderfully mannered and well behaved people here to enjoy the races and see the island's beauty. I have been taking in people from the Swedish Motorcycle Club for years now and will share my house with TT tourists as long as the races continue and I hope that's for a very long time to come.

I Don't Beleve it....I have been of the Island for sometime now and I came back with my eldest who is 8.. And I have to say we LOVED IT. All the bikes, all the fun, I have to say it was great. I know it can be hard for some people who live on the track, but its only for 2 Weeks (end of May and the Start of June). Its good that you can get of the Island, so if it works for you going away then good on You. But for all the other people who don't get of the Island, I have one thing to say (GET A LIFE)

I'm sorry Mr Quayle, but such a view is completely closed minded and almost completely unjust.Most off those that come to the IOM for TT fortnight do love the island for the rest of the year. It's jsut a matter of getting across there during the rest of the year! Not everyone is able to travel and experience the island during the other 50 weeks of the year and the TT is a good way of doing two things at once, getting a good holiday and being able to ride. Just because someone isn't somewhere doesn't mean they hate it. If you holiday in Paris or New York, does that mean that you hate it for the remainder of the year? I think not and to make such a comment of those who visit the TT is unfair.As I mentioned earlier, both sides in this "debate" are dependent on the other for survival in many ways.As for Blackpool....why would people visit there instead of the IOM? There's no TT there!

Dave Quayle
All you pro-tt fans are just a bunch of whiners who clearly hate the Isle of Man for the 50 weeks of the year there is no TT. You should all just shut up and leave the VAST majority of us who love the Isle of Man the rest of the year, when it's peaceful and quiet, to enjoy it without you. There are plenty of noisey, congested, dirty, over-populated places full of tacky, over-priced tat where you can enjoy yourselves (try Blckpool - probably all your favourite holiday destination Ha!). Maybe the money the IOM make this year can be used to buy you all a ticket off the Island ASAP.

For crying out aloud ppl its the greatest show on earth, embrace it with open arms , its your true claim to fame it keeps the IoM on the map. And to help out with getting off the island (those that would like to) how about a home swap with people coming over to your truly wonderful island .The riders who compete are like super human hero's so brave, and so down to earth people . i bet all opposition is really down to a small minority, and yes I imaginethere is disruption and some inconvenience for 2 weeks of the year possibly even 4 weeks but as I said its your claim to fame, your known the world over , and its down to the TTraces and the warmth of the Islanders. how many other islands can claim such a spectical which has just hit its "FIRST" 100 years .I take my helmet off to you the Islander's who make this event possible "And here's to the next 100 years"

JEFF - The revenue from the TT used to be important in the days of tourism here, but not any more. This is a wealthy Island now and if anything stops the TT it's likely to be the Finance Sector if the road closures get in the way of their business.

A comment on Wendys statement of "No other 'sport' inflicts itself on others like the TT does, or carry the same risks to the many locals who still have to go about their daily business and have no interest in the racing whatsoever". Can I draw comparison from music, a small event called Glastonbury or another recent motorsports event, the Monaco GP?!Both of these events attract vast numbers of visitors to an otherwise quite quiet area (Monaco almost any other time is actually quite peaceful!) and yet, whilst there is disruption and inconvenience caused, a large number of the locals respect and honour the traditions and heritage of them. Whilst there are negatives, they are still proud that their home gets to host some of the greatest events ever!The heritage and presence of the TT for the last 100 years has shaped the island to what it is today. People come to take in that heritage and most will leave with a fondness that will bring them back again and again. A lot of them visit again OUTSIDE of TT fortnight.Whilst it can cause problems getting around, surely a bit better planning and allowing more time for journeys will reduce its effect. Better education of road safety (both for bikers and pedestrians) can help improve safety for both partiesTo all of the anti TT people, respect and attempt to embrace a major part of your islands history, it is an esteemed and legendary thing that many places would kill for. For the bikers, remember that there are people who live on the island all year round and respect the fact that you stay in or around their homes, ride your bikes outside of the UKs Health and Safety culture on their roads.Both sides need to exercise caution on this topic. For the residents need the bikes for the money and the bikes need the residents and their island to keep the worlds most famous bike race alive.

Andrew Osborn
If Mr Shimmin doesn't like the traffic maybe he should get a motorbike - he will cut straight through the traffic jams that way.

As an Island resident for 15 years I feel that the Islanders should stand proud of the TT. It does not just meet the standard for race festivals, IT IS THE STANDARD!

Roger Cleverley
It strikes me, Bassey, that the TT fans needent defend themselves when they have such easy defence in the other articles on this very site. The money aspect covered by the B&B lady, the medical by not one but two medical personell. Its not that there arent arguments, its that the anti-fans want to stay on their high horse, claiming that their opponents are somehow not worthy of the argument.

Gareth Parkinson said previously that on average 1 person dies each year from the TT. ON AVERAGE that is but wasn't there at least 5 people who died last year?!?Each year more and more people die and so far this year i have heard ambulance sirens going off at least 5 times within 5 consecutive days! The bikes are getting too fast for the course and the races should finish this centenary year and NOT carry on for another 100 years!

I enjoy the TT, but do identify with the problems for the "Locals"Just think, you could have "Cowes Week" to endureLuckily that is water based, but still the "Hangers on" turn the town into Hell for the locals!

I don't mind the actual racing - after all we all have the freedom to choose how we live our lives. I don't however appreciate the infringement upon my daily life by the people that come to watch. They are disrespectful of our roads and many many accidents and near misses take place during TT. My partner works in Douglas and we live in the North of the island so I dread TT when he has to travel & hope & pray that he remains safe. The whole island seems to forget those of us that love this island so much that we choose to live here and work and support the economy for every week of the year. The priority for the TT is the visitors and the attitude of those in charge or in favour of the TT is that we can leave the island if we choose. Unfortunately I can not afford to leave the island due to the inflated costs. I have to go to England on 12 June this year, for six days, due to a family bereavement and I have been told that the cost of the return ferry is £400+ for one car, 2 adults, a child and an infant because we are still in TT time! The TT finishes on Senior Race Day which is 9 June so I don't really understand why we are still in 'TT time' on 12- 18 June. I will be returning to the island following my six days across and will continue to work and support the economy along with the other residents of the Island. If we all took the advice to get the boat if we don't like TT then who would support the island's economy for the 50 weeks when there is no TT? I think there has to be acceptance that some people don't like TT - and some recognition and support for those of us that live here and are very positive about our lovely isle, only to get berated should we dare to voice unpopular views. Have the TT but ensure that those visiting remain respectiful of our isle, the residents and most definitely the roads and those in charge/favour of the TT remain respectful of all residents at all times.

Richard C
Simply the best. The racing, the visitors and all the bikes. Here's to the next 100 years.

matthew patton
the tt makes isle of man !!!the shops are steady for the fornight of the tt and some shops brings in more money in the fornight than the rest of the year !!! the people who race in tt chose to so it up to them and there really happy what they do !!!!

John, Laxey
Well said Bassey. I wonder as I said previously what the result would be if the TT were put up for vote by the IOM people --- especially after all cost factors/etc. were released by the government (I suspect we'll wait a long time for that). It's interesting that when I meet people during my extensive travels, mention of the TT brings the inevitable question 'how many were killed last year?'. What they don't realise is that there is an even bigger slaughter which takes place amongst the 'fans' and the victims of irresponsible bikers. Does the Isle of Man really need that kind of publicity?

As regular visitor to The IOM I am envious of The TT I also live on an island, Anglesey and wish we had a TT to add that psazzz to our otherwise picturesque, but quiet island. Our roads are more suitable for a TT so come on you bikers get us sorted!!

from when i can remember the tt has been part of my life i love it i think peter shud stop moaning and move tt belongs on the isle of man

Actually I'll take it all back. The TT is fantastic. I realise I am part of a minority and shouldn't ruin the majority's fun. I also shouldn't be making public confidential information I was privy to when I did the government accounts. Welcome all ye tourists into the motorcycle bosom which is the Isle of Man, I'm moving to Sark.

David Cretney (the plasterer!)
Christine, have a nice time in Torremolinos, while the MAJORITY of us have fun and enjoy the TT. All ten million quid of it. Jubbly

peter quayle
o, no not bassey again. everytime there is a forum about the TT good ole bassey has to add some anti TT comment. we the real manx people do not share basseys views, and the figures are made up. we make a fortune out of the TT.

ian phillips
I'm with Mr. Quayle. This is the type of Manxman that makes it worthwhile visiting the great Isle of Man. Long may the TT continue.

Okay, given that the TT fans seem so secure in the soundness of their arguments that, rather than present any, they feel they need only hurl insults and abuse, how is this to try and engender some actual discussion and debate?Anti-TTA) The traffic. Those of us who still have to work/go about our daily lives are hugely inconvenienced by the traffic. Indeed, many people, including my wife AND my grandparents, will not venture onto the road during TT as it is too dangerous. In fact, we can't even take my little boy to the park because the "Safety" measures have blocked the pavement and it is clearly far too dangerous to walk down the road.B) Health. Last year, my wife was due to give birth during the Manx Grand Prix. We were told that, if she went into labour, she would be asked to "hold on" until the roads re-opened. If it was an emergency, they would send the helicopter - if it was available. So, not only did we have to endure the incredible stress of preparing for and delivering our first child, but we had the added complications of not being able to get to hospital other than, potentially, waiting for a helicopter to land several fields away and for my wife, in labour, to be man-handled over several hedges to get there. Can any of you even begin to imagine what that is like?If someone has a heart attack on the course when the roads are closed, the same applies. More delays and more stress. Remember, the Island’s only hospital is INSIDE the course and inaccessible to many.C) Danger. A friend drives Lorries for a living. In the space of three days (ten years ago), two "fans" riding bikes came around a corner on the wrong side of the road (taking the "racing line") and went straight under his lorry. Both were tragically killed. He now has to live with the images of those two dead men and how they died for the rest of his life. He has no interest in the TT. He doesn't "accept the risk". He isn't looking for thrills, or to get away from the Nanny state. He was a bloke, trying to earn a living, who now has to put up with the nightmares every year TT comes around again and reminds him of those tragic days.D) Food. Can someone please tell me when I'm supposed to buy food? Seriously! I'm at work five days a week, rushing home early so I'm not locked out of my home until half nine. The roads close for practices at six but, due to the increase in traffic, it takes a good hour to get home. Then the roads are closed from 10am Saturday. It looks like I'll have to stick my little boy in the car at 8am on Saturday and head to the supermarket, running the gauntlet of thousands of bikes screaming around the course competing for the best viewing points, in order to actually get some food and get home before the roads close at 10am. Then we’ll be locked in the house until the roads open.E) Cost. Yes, some individuals make some money out of the TT. And I have great sympathy for the contributor who subsidises their farm with TT income - I worked in farming for 7 years myself. But the TT costs the IOM tax payer a fortune. I have the exact figures from the 1999/2000 audit, but the BBC won’t let me publish them for some reason.Now, does one of the "Pro TT" contributors want to get off their high-horse and actually present some arguments for the TT, or debate the arguments against, or do I have to be told a tenth time "their’s a boat in the morning" ('cause it's still funny y'know!)?

The TT loses the Island £10Million a year (audit 1999/2000) so it has NOTHING to do with money.

james marquis
the TT has been on the island longer than any of the moaners, so maybe its you who should move, and leave the TT alone. i will pay for a oneway ticket to the main land.

Jeff J
WENDY,you're forgetting the MOST important point,the Manx goverment decide to provide a venue for ever faster motorcycles to be "let off the leash" (where the English Authorities would not),mainly because of the massive increase in revenue for the island,so for the time being,the indiginous population have to endure the spectacle,like it or not.One cannot help but wonder what precisely "Mona's Isle" would be like,if it were'nt for the aforesaid revenue!!

Oh dear Mr Quayle, If you agree with something then that is ok. But if someone has an alternative point of view then they are a whingeing muppet and a member of the annoying vociferous minority who has no place on the island. Rarely have I witnessed such arrogance and narrow mindedness. I respect your right to have an opinion but not your right to insult those whose opinions you disagree with.

Roger Cleverley
We all have to make sacrifices to live in a liberal society. My mothers family are Yorkshiremen living in Whitby, and i have seen that place swell with ever more visitors every year, much to its detriment. But who am i to say "thou shalt not"? I have had the privelage since my birth, its easy for me to judge. I accept that the TT is an inconvenience for some people, measures probably need to be taken to engender greater responsibility. But as we become increasingly less tolerant "nimbies", Britain is becoming a drab cultural wasteland. If we banned the TT, i think one day we would all look back from our sterile island at the Northwest 200, or the Macau road races, and mourn the loss of what was the original.

I'm with Peter. No other 'sport' inflicts itself on others like the TT does, or carry the same risks to the many locals who still have to go about their daily business and have no interest in the racing whatsoever - and that includes all the kids who still have to get to school to sit their exams in TT week.

Dave Stevenage
I've been coming since 1979 to your beautiful island for the TT (and 1 MGP), missing a few TT’s due to recent family additions, but now we're all coming again in a sidecar. I have made several good friends on the island over the years and have spoken to many residents, all of whom have been very positive about the TT and the bikers. There is something quite magical about the whole TT experience, and I hope that many more people will be allowed to experience it in the future. To put the TT into context, I can fly my family of 4 to a warmer climate for 2 weeks holiday in a hotel cheaper than a week for 2 persons in the IoM. This year we will be travelling at 01:00 hrs until 06:00hrs (having previously completed a full days work). We are then left standing (possibly in the cold and wet – and in the early hours) for 2 hrs on the sea front waiting to board. Here, several thousand pounds of motorcycle (my well polished pride and joy) is precariously tied to the next bike in the ships hold, before we endure the 4 1/2hrs of cramped conditions in a ship rolling in the Irish sea, oh and my 18 month old and 3 yr old children will probably start playing up (if not be sick), whilst I’m trying to sleep. Then there’s the fight to find the bike, untie it (or pick it up if it’s a really rough sea) and get it off the carbon monoxide poisoned ships’ hold at the other end! But I keep coming, why? It’s like a holy crusade, if I could only capture and bottle the atmosphere, I’d make a fortune. So whilst it may be an inconvenience for some locals, and I apologise for that, its not necessarily a breeze for us (or a sound financial decision either), but I’m not complaining about it. I just thought you should understand a little about it, and I only come from the UK, not France or Germany etc. Safe riding to all visitors and riders, especially those in sidecars!

james marquis
I have always been made very welcome by the Manx people, so maybe you are a one off.

Gary Quayle
This is an important message for all you non-Isle of Man TT fans coming to the island shortly. Trust me, the Manx people are all very, very friendly people who welcome you all with open arms and wish you the very best of stays on our beautiful island. Do not be put off by the whinging muppets as they represent a pitifully small (but annoyingly vociferous) minority of our population and you probably wont see them anyway because they'll either be on the telephone all day to Manx Radio's Mannin Line complaining about some new roadworks somewhere or on holiday in Torremolinos wasting their lives eating an ice-cream with a 99 in it watching the sea. Don't come back I say. Have a great time here, ride carefully, treat our island with respect and see you all next year. As for Bassey and all you other bright sparks, don't you think there may well be a possibility that there is more than one David Cretney on this island?

Willie Shafter
Peter, perhaps next time you leave the Isle of Man for the festval you could stay over there and not come back? Motorsport is the blood of the Isle of Man, its a passion. You don't have passion. Forget the money, the TT is a great event in days when people like you have made the world too safe and too boring. Long may it live and long may people be passionate about pushing the boundaries. If the human race relied on people with your attitude it would die out. Nuff said.

just a thought,perhaps it would be possible to charge all the visitors to the TT A small tax to get all the people that don't like it off the island! the venue for TT fortnight IS the isle of manthe same as monaco(they still race through the streets there!) is the venue for the grand prix. p.s i am not a motorbike or racing fan!!!

Roger Harrold
I visited the TT twice in the '70s and saw, even then, what a total zoo it would become, and friends who still go confirm that. I prefer the more laid-back atmosphere of the Southern 100 which provides good racing without the crowds and doesn't inconvenience the local poulation to any great extent. The spectators generally seem to be more mature in their own riding and behaviour. TT? No, thanks.

Angela Wolfenden
I live in Lytham St.Annes and have been coming to the Isle of Man since 1979.I am a fan of the TT and initially, I was attracted to the Isle of Man because of the TT. I attended every TT from 1979 until 1985. But then, due to Work and other commitments etc was unable to attend. I started coming back in 2003 when circumstances allowed and because my Step-Father used to come in the 1960's and wanted to re-live part of his youth.I now visit the Island Twice a year, once at Easter for a Week and again in June for the TT. I enjoy the atmosphere of the TT but, I also enjoy the other the things the Island has to offer: its Heritage, the pace and quality of Life, the Manx People etc so much so, that I would like to settle on the Island to live and work. And I'm sure others would like the same.I don't enjoy the Traffic Congestion that comes with the TT. We get enough of that on the Mainland!My enthusiam for the Isle of Man has literally been born from attending the TT in 1979. If there are more like me out there who visit more than once a year not just to attend the TT or the Manx Grand Prix bringing money into the Island, surely 2 weeks of disruption during the Months of May / June isn't too much to ask?

"David Cretney". What an utterly ludicrous comment. The TT didn't exist for even longer before that.Are you actually suggesting that we leave the Isle of Man EXACTLY as it is now and never change another thing because we don't have the right to change things that are already here?What should be the cut-off point for this "Change Freeze"? Now? When you posted that comment? Last week? Last year?Absolutely absurd. Thank god the builders of the Laxey Wheel or Peel Heritage centre weren't such a bunch of obstinate traditionalists.How do you think the Isle of Man came to be what it is today? Through thousands of years of change Mr Cretney. The Island has a proud tradition of leading the world through changes to both our economy and in terms of government and democracy. Long may it continue to do so.There are many arguments both for and against the TT. In a modern democracy it is only right that these things should be debated. However, "It was here before you were" is just childish and not worthy of grown-up, informed debate. It's a shame that, of all the pro-tt postings on this site, the one opportunity those of us who don't like the TT have to discuss our opinions gets ruined by the "Don't rain on my parade" brigade.If you like the TT, fine. Say so. Say why. But don't question the rights of the rest of us to express contrary views. You just make yourselves look narrow minded and bigoted. Yes, there is "a boat in the morning", but only because of change and progress.

Gary Quayle
"How much does it cost the local tax payer?" !!!!! For God's sake man, we pay some of the lowest taxes on earth you nitwits! 'Mr Laxey Resident', name just one country that hasn't benefited massively from tourism. Spain? Mexico? Thailand? Vietnam? They all have. There are negative side-effects too, but not a single country would go back to how it was before tourism. I suggest you haven't travelled much. Everyone needs the tourists money otherwise before we know it we'd all be farmers and fishermen again. Some real low mentality going on here. Go and live ANYWHERE else in the world for two years, come back and grumble. I've lived in Canada, South Africa, Sweden, France and Australia and trust me, the quality of life here for the tax you pay is infinitesimally better than anywhere else. And for your information TT tourism has been going up for the last few years, it's tourism at other times of year that has dropped. And what do you think the police, emergency services and hospital do when it isn't TT? Are they closed or something? Please people, get your facts right before you whinge. From a real, Manx happy-tax-paying citizen.

Geoff, Douglas
I am a 50 something manxman who grew up with the TT and looked forward every year to its arrival. But like many other things in life I realise things are not as they once were. I am not an anti TT fascist, just a realist. The event has passed it's sell buy date. There should be a proper debate with true figures presented by the Government and not numbers trotted out every year by people who know no better. And it is not just 2 weeks inconvenience. Racing on the TT course affects us directly for over 4 weeks a year and indirectly for much longer taking into consideration such things as road repairs and improvements. Finally I always thought a manx crab was a persons resistant to change......hmmmmmmmmm

Louisa, Warwickshire
I am coming to the TT this year, as I have many years previously. If it wasn't for the TT I would never have been to the Isle of Man, as I'm sure many other visitors woudn't have been. I think the Island is a beautiful place and the locals have always seemed friendly, however this 'anti TT' feeling being aired here makes me feel very unwelcome! We spend a fortune coming to the Island, it's not exactly in-expensive accommodation and going out isn't cheap, but you know what... the spectacle of the fantastic road racing that takes place makes it all worth it.I can understand the disruption to residents and I'm sorry for that. I ride my own bike and I sometimes feel a bit nervous when riding among so many other bikes with mixed rider abilities and mixed mental attitudes, but it's all part of the thrill of the TT. As for the racing, no one makes the competitors race, they do it because they love it! I wouldn't do it for a million quid... but they do it for much less, because they want to.I'm sorry so many of you are anti TT and I hope I don't meet any of you when I am visiting the Island as it would be a shame for you to taint my always wonderful experience of meeting and drinking with residents of the Isle of Man.Happy and safe TT to you all.

John, Douglas
I was born on the IoM (the Jane...) and have lived here all my of my 50 odd years. I dread TT fortnight; I dread MGP fortnight. Why? Well if I could take a holiday, I would, but that's 4 weeks gone, all in the summer, and that's not usually possible. So I have to stay and endure the idiots who overtake me while I'm doing 30 in a 30 limit, or 40 in a 40, or 50 etc. I worry about taking my kids out in case those idiots suffer a lack of concentration when travelling at warp 10 in the opposite direction. I dread having to return to Douglas from the South on race days (I have no choice) because I know I'm going to sufffer a huge wait at after Fort North, no matter which way I turn.And as for David Cretney's comments:"And as a last note to all you anti-TT people just remember the TT was here a long time before you were." Well that has to be the most purile statement of the year. It is not suprising that our former minister of fun seems trapped in the stone age. (Lower case intentional.Yes I know there are a huge number of fans. Yes I know there are a huge number of riders who want to test their mettle. But in an age where Health and Safety intrude everywhere in our lives how can a responsible government continue to support motor cycle racing on the public highway?This year is the Centenary. Our government has allowed the Steam Packet and the airlines to transport as many bodies into the Island as they can. They care not about the consequences; the pressure on pour services, the lack of accomodation for all. They put out PR puff about these huge numbers as if they have achieved a miracle; other PR tells us hoe well prepared our Police are, our Fire Service is etc. I wish them all well.But after this Centenary blitz can our government please stand back and consider whether the TT is still appropriate in the 21st century? I think not. And I suspect I'm in a (until now) silent majority.

I agree with Rodders, I have visited the Isle of Man since the 1960 to see the TT and the MANX GRANDPRIX, the people that do the racing know what they are doing,they enjoy it, but what i will say is that the buisiness make a lot of money, over the years I have seen the price increase between the pratice week and race week this has been going on for years(just greed) I enjoy the Isle of Man and the Racing, I hold my head High to all that take part, I am very sorry if the Manx poeple don't like it but without the visitors money the Isle would not be where it is today,I am sure that the bikers that arrive on the Isle don't go to cause any discomfort the the MANX PEOPLE THEY JUST WANT TO ENJOY THE RACINGDeanna

what annoys me about the TT is trying to get to school for exams (which happen during the actual TT week) I live in Ramsey and go to QE2 in peel so it is quite a task especially if the exam starts at half 1 in the afternoon and the races start at 9 in the morning. it is a huge inconvenience. Also the buses get completely full, for example travelling from Ramsey to peel the bus is quiet but once in peel the bus fills up with old men in leathers so from peel to douglas the bus gets extremely cramped and it is just a nuisance.

Emma, Onchan
Those businesses who would go bust without TT, how did they cope in the year it was cancelled. Businesses who rely soley on 2 weeks of the year should consider changing tactics.The TT is like binge drinking for the island. It goes OTT for 2 weeks of the year and then spends the next 50 weeks recovering and getting ready for the next one.It makes me laugh that the roads which make up the course are better maintained than those which don't. Very bias!I can't wait til the day its over. As much as I enjoy seeing the Isle of Man when its high as a kite, I hate the massive comedown afterwards.

Steve from Port Erin
I live down South in Port Erin and apart from a couple of 'Fun Days' do not really get too tied up with the TT festival. No doubt I will go and stand at Quarterbridge during race week and watch an hour of the races, other than that, I tend to stay out of it. The income generated for the Island during the TT fortnight is immense, lets not forget that without this income, the island would be very quiet all year round albeit from the die hard vistors in their 70's and 80's reliving their childhood days....yawn !!I embrace the TT, it is only for 2 weeks of the year, stop moaning, leave the island, go on holiday and let the visitors enjoy themselves !!Cheers

Ian, Douglas
Where do you go when you leave the Island during TT fortnight, Peter? Maybe the locals there treat you with the same sort of enthusiasm with which you greet the 'invading' visitors/ competitors that come to the Island? I certainly hope not for your sake. Please stop whinging about the TT/ MGP; they bring a real buzz to the IOM and if you can't see the good that they do and the recognition they bring of our little island, you are quite blinkered. There is enough drudgery, sadness and political correctness every day in the papers without 'us' having to add more. Maybe you'd like to comment on some of that instead and leave the TT alone?!

ban the tt put tax up to 40% to pay for lost revenue then listen to people moan.if it wasnt for the tt no one would of heard of the isle of man

Dave from wigan
how many residents that dont like the TT profit from renting out their house when they leave the island for two weeks i bet its alot at leastyou only get traffic jams for two weeks a year we get them all year round i am coming over for TT and the MANX i am 35 years old i have a bike i will ride the island i will also treat your island with the up most respect by the way how much revenue will people like me make coming to your island ar we not better than big fat greedy offshore bankers GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE COMPETITORS STAY UPRIGHT

David Lewin
Dave Kinley and Gary Procter are both right.The TT is history, heritage, challenge, sometimes tragedy, mostly fun, mostly friendship all wrapped into (only) two intense weeks of the year.True, it is not everyone's cup of tea, but in this age of blandness and minority dictating terms to the majority, then please exercise your 'absolute' right to complain...and disappear for a couple of weeks to let the 'absolute' majority have a great time.Life is for living, being positive, pushing boundaries, and exploring what it has to offer. TT fortnight offers all of that - it's not just about money.To David Cretney - keep up the good work...the TT needs people like you.To Dave Kinley - hope to catch up with ya next week, when we fly over from NZ...

Crazy Carol, Onchan
I absopletely (my eldests fav word when little!) LOVE the TT ~ sight, smell & especially sound. Oooo those classic bikes ~ Nortons are my all time fav, but the Dukes! As for McGuiness' bike,music to my ears. Choices & Opinions ~ we all have them & are entitled to them!Have none of you anti TT moaners been across the water? They live our 4 week congestion 52 wks a year, so i don't blame you for staying on 'the rock' ha, ha. But you can get on your soap box as much as you like coz face it us TT FANS/RIDERS etc aren't going anywhere else but IOM. We've made our choice so make yours. As i said before the whole island is affected so stay or go, makes no odds to us. There's no doubt in my mind nothing will marr my enjoyment of the whole fortnight & beyond, my hubbys & girls (10&12)too & to share it with so many is nothing short of fantastic. One thing i would ask is don't spoil our fun coz, & i know i can speak for all Pro TT Fans, we wouldn't spoil yours! Keep up the healthy debate but lifes too short & you never know when your no's up so grab life by the horns & go for it! The minority of crazys drive/ride ALL vehicles & death's on the roads ALL year round x

Ken, Sussex
Fair do's. Everyone has a choice and a right to an opinion. I'd just like to add that all the Manx folks I've encountered are amongst the most hospitable, bike-friendly people I've ever met. Can't wait to get there!!! Only a few more days to go.

Actually, the government commissioned a full audit on the cost of the TT to the Isle of Man by (then) Deloitte and Touche in about 1999/2000 to prove once and for all that the TT made money for the Isle of Man.Strangely, it never got published. I worked for one of the other "Big 4" auditors at the time, so knew the people who carried out the audit. I can't remember the exact figures, but it was something like a cost of £250 for every man, woman and child in the Island.I would point out (however reluctantly) that the TT itself made a slight profit. It was the Manx Grand Prix (which the government always claims is vital to the survival of the TT and so was included in the audit) that created a huge loss and wiped out any small profit the TT might make.

Onchan Resident
Well Done John from Laxey, I quite agree, I have been asking the same questions for years HOW MUCH DOES IT COST THE LOCAL TAX PAYER ??Come on Mr Cretney stand up and tell us.

John, Laxey
I wouldn't expect David Cretney to say different than he has. But the government has yet to open its books to prove, as many of us believe, that the TT is not actually a net financial loss for the Isle of Man. What are all the actual costs, Mr. Cretney? Road repairs (not off the TT course, mind you), copious overtime, installing safety equipment, the grandstand renovation, policing and judicial costs with yet more overtime, disposing of extraordinary amounts of rubbish, medical expenses dealing with the dead and injured (since competitors are not required to provide their own insurance as they would be on any other racing circuit), real businesses on the Island being effectively shut down for at least 2 weeks,etc., etc. And businesses which have to depend upon the TT to survive must not have much on offer. What is wrong with offering quality tourism, Mr. Cretney ---- or is that too much effort? Poverty also existed in the Isle of Man a long time before we were here. Is it time to go back to kippers (oh sorry, we don't have those any more) and spuds? Perhaps, as someone noted a while back, the Isle of Man really is the poor man's Jersey. But that is hardly a recommendation for a serious financial centre.

Laxey Resident
Here are some more ANTI-TT FACTS MR. CRETNEY:1- you have 50.000 bikers taking up 100.000 locals water supply each year.What good is that on the islands economy, you can't seriously tell me you make a profit out of the TT!!!2- The taxpayers get to pay the hospital fee for wreckless bikers!!! Never mind locals needs, or investing in alternative 'quality' tourism!!!!3- Even 3rd WORLD countries realize that MASS TOURISM DOES NOT WORK!!! Now you tell me how much longer the TT will go on, there's been a bit of a decline in years hasn't there????So 'what' particular long term plans do you have in mind for the island economy, apart from running MOOCHERS ???????

Lyn Brew
im manx and proud of it; its people like Peter that give isle of man a bad name,i love the tt

Dave Picken
There is of course a great alternative place to live for all the anti-TT spods if they really are so worried about the dangers of the traffic; it's called Guernsey. Sure, you won't get a house for under half a million quid, jobs are thin on the ground and the economy isn't far off bankrupcy BUT they have a beautiful 30mph speed limit all year round. Try there!

I am not Manx born although I have lived here long enough to considered as such, my family did not move over here because of the TT, I don’t tend to watch a lot of the races and I am not a motorsport fan. I don’t like bikes (at least not riding them anyway), my job requires me to drive even during TT through bad traffic constantly, I have met and known people who have been hurt or killed during the TT. I hate the fair and am not a fan of some of the other entertainments, so why is it that I find myself supporting the Isle of Man TT?Some of the comments below believe that the death it causes is terrible and that it should be moved elsewhere (as long as it’s not your back garden aye?). Out of all the sports and destructive things humans do is the TT a big killer? Why aren’t you out picketing every race-track in Britain? Or erecting barricades around the bottom of Mount Everest? Or making skydiving illegal? Or is it you simply don’t care enough about them because you don’t have to know about it if you don’t want to.Some of you seem to believe that it causes disruption for many and profit for only a few, how many registered home stay this year? How many fans coming? How many businesses rely or use the TT to make money? (A FEW!?!?).Perhaps the biggest and most valid dislike however, is traffic and you have a right to complain, after 100 years of the TT festival the Isle of Man Government has provided us with ONE narrow access road. Quite frankly if you feel that strongly about traffic why not contact your MHK to start putting things in place that will alleviate some of the strain? Or perhaps move to Britain, then you can sit in a mile of traffic for an hour every day.In any case - it is two weeks people!! How many weeks do you intend to moan about them?


Phil Dean
To 'Douglas Resident' and all other Anti- TT dull, lifeless people.Your economy doesn't need the money? Every economy in the world needs all the money it can get. And if the Isle of Man is the same price as the rest of Europe, in all honesty who is going to choose the Isle of Man over Paris, unless of course the TT is there.David Cretney had it spot on when he said 'just remember the TT was here a long time before you were.' The reason the TT is still there is obviously because your government still needs the money, why else would they congest the roads, allow litter to overrun the island?We in England have to put up with this kind of congestion on a daily basis, so my advice to you is; move house, or deal with it and stop moaning.

Mark, Douglas
Living practically next o the course in Douglas and commuting daily to near Ramsey Bus station used to be a joy, 20 minutes each way against the flow was a joy with no holdups unless you include the traffic lights outside Albert Road School.When the practices or/and races were on I had the pleasure of the coast road, down to Douglas Prom, around to the TT Access road and then eventually to Watterson Lane. Big deal! There are only four race days (one's a Saturday) and the roads are normally open for most,leaving work unless there has been bad weather. So what if the Finance Sector puts funds into the ecconomy? They do very little for the community and yet take so much. Notice how the growth in the FS has coincided with the reduction in local facilities and the increase in social delinquency? If anyone is driving like an idiot at any time of the year, it is our duty to report them to the police. Those who watch on as others endanger lives are as bad as the ones committing the offences. To moan about the problems without being prepared to do something about it is hypocracy of the worst kind. Don't blame the TT competition for the behaviour of drivers and riders on public roads, blame yourself!

Dont talk tosh...! Without the T.T, alot of business's on the island would not continue to open.. B&B's, Hotels! Ferry cost's would go up even more for you lot wanting to come over, The T.T has been around for 100 years just incase you hadn't figured it out, alot longer than you moaning lot.! Without the T.T & Manx GP the Island would not be what it is today

Crazy Carol, Onchan
So it begins - Anti TT Syndrome! Good point Steve re congestion & sorry, I love the TT too much to swap! EVERYONE is inconvenienced including bikers. I work every other TT & yes it's murder getting onto the promenade but it's lovely seeing everyone, visitors, locals & anti TT peeps too, enjoying themselves. As an island we've always had a good reputation for welcoming visitors (with the exception of Mannanin!)lets not spoil their fun & who knows in the future they may return the compliment! I'd much rather be invaded by "Crazy Bikers" than in Iraq - the death toll's lower & it's just for two weeks! The riders are HEROES & i have deep admiration for them, so they've made their choice you can make yours -boats & planes leave daily! I,like many, have lost friends during the TT & MGP both on & off track & they wouldn't have had it any other way.

the isle of man would be a place just for pensioners, if the TT wasnt around. theres not much for young people to enjoy on the IOM, take the TT away and there is nothing.

David Cretney
And as a last note to all you anti-TT people just remember the TT was here a long time before you were.

Well the Manx Crab is obviously alive and well reading the comments from you miserable anti TT lot. For heavens sake it is inconvenience for two miserable weeks of the year. For those of you who came over here to live then "there is a boat in the morning" if you don't like our way of life and as for you so called Manxies my opening line says all.

I wholeheartedly agree with Peter Shimmin (and that is a first!!). I too wish that I and my family could get away from the island for the whole fortnight, but due to work commitments we are uable to leave. I am dreading having to negotiate the traffic, and this year will be worse than ever. The decision to make the mountain road one way for the entire fortnight will mean that those of us who live on the coast road (I live in Laxey) will put up with a hugely increased volume of traffic. It is not safe to let my children out to play, and their play areas (such as the local football ground) have been turned into campsites. When is the government going to realise that normal people need to go about their everyday lives and would prefer not to put up with the disruption, mess and sheer inconvenience of TT fortnight?

Douglas Resident
I am a born and bred Manx Resident and i too hate the TT. I wish they would go somewhere else, we don't need it, our economy is strong and if we brought down the prices of travel to the Island (it is just as cheap - or cheaper - to go anywhere in Europe than here) and introduced more attractions (instead of knocking them all down for flats) more tourists would come here. A few make money from the TT and a lot are seriously inconvenienced.

Gareth Parkinson
Well said Steve. Maybe if the locals appreciated what they had here they'd realise that it's not that big an issue. And if it is (Bassey) your choice is far from taken away from you. You can go and live somewhere else whenever you like. Honestly.

Steve Billson
Hi, I have just read Peters note. Whilst I sympathise with the disruption to his daily routine it wont stop me going to the TT again this year. It is a fantastic spectacle during which I have met and socialised with some wonderful people. I have memories of the beautiful island which will stay with me for ever. I live in Birmingham so I suppose my life is the opposite of Peters. I spent 50 weeks of the year with the congestion etc he has for 2 weeks, does he fancy swapping??

Gareth Parkinson;You're right, life is all about choices. Unfortunately, for many of us, the TT takes away that choice. THAT is why it is so unpopular with so many. As for Brian, if you're sick and tired of "all this anti tt rubbish" then I'll give you a quick tip. Don't read articles entitled "My TT: The Anti-fan". The clue is in the title!

I'm sick of hearing all this anti tt rubbish, if you don't like it go away on the boat for the two weeks but don't start knocking the tt which thousands, like myself, love

I used to enjoy TT but now I have children, every year I'm worried that a bike is going to come round a bind corner on the wrong side of the road and kill us all. It's happened too often. Why should I have to take my life in my hands every time I use the public roads this TT fortnight?

Gareth Parkinson
Life is all about choices. If you don't like the TT then don't watch. If you don't want to ride in it then don't. If you don't like the island then leave. Everybody has a choice, but don't tell people what THEY can and can't do. If you don't like something then find a way round it and get over it. More people die on this island from plain stupidity than TT crashes. If you want to save lives how about clamping down somehow on the reckless teenagers in their boy-racer cars, they're the idiots that kill themselves and innocent bystanders. In a hundred years of racing there has been an average of one person a year who has died in the TT. More people die from choking on food or electricuting themselves than this.

John, Laxey
I also will bless the day the TT is terminated. In addition to the extreme inconvenience, the disruption to what real business remains on the Island, the filth left behind and the danger posed by the racing 'wannabes' on public roads, the death toll is simply inexcusable. It would not be tolerated in any other civilised country. I do not consider the riders heroes. To me they are fools playing with their own lives and the lives of others. Certainly the Isle of Man has much better on offer than mass tourism appealing to the motorcyclists who come believing they can do whatever they please while they are here. And I think that if a genuine poll was taken of residents, the TT would not be on as firm a footing as its supporters tend to believe.

i'm afraid i agree with peter on this one. as much as i love the atmosphere, the thought of travelling to work during tt fortnight, this year more than ever, fills me with dread. queues, bikes whizzing round corners taking the racing line as if they own the road (and i am aware that this wont just be the riders who have come over for the festival, i live in ramsey and drive over the mountain daily, and for the past few weeks, local bikers have been acting as thought they are taking part in the race and disrespecting the safety of other road users. i live a point where spectators congregate and last year, during the fortnight, my front garden became a dumping ground for those who couldnt be bothered to walk to the end of the road to dispose of their rubbish. even when i attached a bin bag to my gate, they still chucked it over the wall. however, if i had two weeks off work, and didnt have to worry about getting to work on time, or getting stuck in traffic for an hour just to travel half a mile, it would be a different story, but sadly, for most of us, normal life has to go on and we have no choice but to work.harsh words mr kinley - messages like this just prove to demonstrate that not everyone is happy with the tt and the stress it brings many of us living here, we just never get the chance to say, or our view get poo-pooed by people like you.

Whether I am in the majority or the minority I still have a voice. That, Mr Kinley, is the basic concept of democracy. Something you seem unable to understand. Whether you like the TT races or not everyone has the right to express their opinion. And whether you like hearing opposition to the races or not, if you wish to be a balanced person then you have to listen to others. It's the stuff most of us learnt in Primary School.

Alan from Santon
I completely disagree with Mr David Kinley. The pro TT fans have had the stage for too long and it is about time someone gave a voice to those Island residents who dislike the TT races. I am really pleased to see some balance in the IOM press at last. Not everybody loves TT. THAT'S a fact and while the hype continues around the world there are some of us who just experience the whole event as an inconvenience. Mr have to appreciate not everyone shares your views.

Sarah Douglas
I'm afraid I really dread TT week. I am Manx and love living in the Isle of Man but every year in the build up to the festival, I find myself getting tense and nervous about the races. To drive on roads on which, only hours before, someone has lost their life is rather traumatic and I have to do it every single year. I know and understand the importance of the TT but this doesn't mean I have to enjoy it. I sadly won't be leaving the Isle of Man this year as the prices have been inflated beyond all reason so I will grin and bear it and hope it passes quickly without too many families losing their husbands, fathers and sons.

Mark, Douglas
Since time began humans needed to challenge and be challenged whether it be at work, home or in sport and leisure activities.Those who are successful in life are so because they had goals and took risks en route, sometimes financial, sometimes with their families and sometimes with their lives.Motor racing is dangerous full stop, just ask the fans of Ayrton Senna. In a world where websites such as You Tube and TV channels such as Fame.TV are seen as places to 'become famous' for acting like a fool I would rather see real heros who actually achieve something in their lives.The Isle of Man enables this to happen for the section of the two wheeled fraternity who seek what many see as the ultimate challenge in their chosen arena. Racing on the roads can never be 100% safe no matter what the riders experience or what measures are taken. The important factor is that all possible means are available and taken to make the event as safe as possible. This enables the individuals to take the challenge, spectators to witness and marvel at the feats of skill, daring and harmony of man, machine and track.The TT is one hell of an event made up of many components, an event that still doesn't receive the global recognition that it deserve.Residents like Bassey who live on the Island (as I do) benefit from many facets of Island life. Those who live inside the course are not prisoners in their houses unless it is of their own making.I'm not a TT fan and will be avoiding Douglas promenade and certain other locations as much as work (outside the course)and home life (inside the course) enable me to.

When the TT /Manx and other motor sport races finally stop on the IOM. The big money will still get made by the offshore Finance industry but all the smaller buisness will go to wall.Maybe Jurby will get the development needed for a proper race circuit able to stage SUPERBIKE rounds and other racing such as THRUXTON,also a former RAF airfield circuit.

Again I agree with Peter, I exit the Island when I can to get away from the chaos, but that is my choice. I have in the past (as I have lived on the island all my life) enjoyed the atmosphere and the racing, however, there is a dark side to the races and that can and does effect all that live on the Island. The TT course is like a dive through cemetery with flowers on every corner. Now I know that’s their choice, they know the risks, but it’s not just the spectators, or the rider who loss their life on the course, but people just trying to get home to there family. Some day the death toll will be to high, I think that day has come and gone, I think it is part of our history but should remain so HISTORY.

Geoff Smith
I completely agree with Peter and I leave the Island for the TT period too. I worked in the Island Intensive Care Unit for many years and I have seen far too much death and misery associated with the TT. If a rider comes off on a short circuit he usually just slides over the grass and walks away. If they come off in the TT they hit a stone wall at over 100mph - you don't survive that no matter how much protection you are wearing. If people died at every race meeting at a short circuit the circuit would be closed. Why is this allowed to continue on the Isle of Man? Peter is right - profit! The Isle of Man Government and the TT organisers are putting profit over peoples lives and it is time this madness was stopped.

Mr David Kinley
we really are getting bored of listening to minority comments like this when the rest of us islanders look forward to the tt imensly.also tiring of journalists picking up on this moaning,its of no interest to the majority.try harder bbc.

Gary Proctor
The incredibly brave men that race on the island are well aware of the dangers and do it for the love of racing bikes. Similarly the people who watch the races must take responsibility that it is dangerous too. Nobody makes the racers compete and nobody makes a spectator watch. I suggest you are doing the right thing during TT in getting away if that is how you feel. The TT is as much a part of the Isle of Man as anything else in its history. If you used to be in such a rush to get home along the promenade did you ever consider doing your bit for the planet and walking or cycling home? You'd have been home in four minutes. The TT is a large event and of course there will be disruptions. A lot of local businesses would go bust if it wasn't for the TT so as long there are people willing to race their bikes and tourists willing to come over, spend their money and have a good time then I think the odd person who can't see the good it does the island should do as you do, make like a tree and leave.

Well said Peter. And lucky you for being able to get away. Some of us are not so fortunate and are trapped here for the fortnight. Even worse, I live inside the course and so, for the duration of the road closures, am a prisoner in my own home.The TT is an appalling infringement on the lives of us all and thank goodness that it won't continue for too much longer.

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