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Giota Beag Eile Lesson 12: Christmas

Created 07/12/2000

Learn all the vocabulary you need for Christmas!
Cheannaigh mé bronntanas Nollag I bought a Christmas present
Cad é cheannaigh tú? What did you buy?
Cheannaigh mé geansaí úr I bought a new jumper
Cheannaigh mé Crann Nollag I bought a Christmas tree
Cá mhéad a bhí air? How much was it?
Fuair mé cárta Nollag ó Una I got a Christmas card from Una
An bhfuair tú? Did you get?
Chuir mé cárta Nollag chuig Séamas I sent a Christmas card to Séamas
Cá bhfuil Oifig an Phoist? Where is the Post Office?
Gabh go dtí barr na sráide agus tiontaigh ar clé Go to the top of the street and turn left
Gabh díreach ar aghaidh agus tá sé ar dheis Go straight ahead and it’s on the right
Tá sé os do chomhair It’s opposite you/in front of you
Cinnte! Certainly!
Nollaig shona duit Happy Christmas
Beannachtaí na Nollag ort Christmas blessings
le grá with love
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