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Giota Beag Eile Lesson 8: Feelings, and ‘tá tuirse orm!’

Created 30/11/2000

Learn how to express feelings or emotions and find out what tá tuirse orm the phrase of the week means.
Mothúcháin Emotions
Tá tuirse orm I’m tired
Tá ocras orm I’m hungry
Tá tuirse orm mar…. I’m tired because…
Níl ocras orm mar…. I’m not hungry because…
Tá tuirse orm mar mhúscail mé ar a sé a chlog I’m tired because I woke at six o’clock
Tá ocras orm mar níor ith mé mo bhricfeasta I’m hungry because I didn’t eat my breakfast
Tá áthas orm I’m happy
Tá brón orm I’m sad or sorry
Fuair sé bás He died
Tá brón orm mar fuair sé bás I’m sad because he died
Tá fearg orm I’m angry
Tá iontas orm I’m surprised
Cad é atá ort? What’s wrong with you?
Tá fearg orm mar mhúscail an guthán mé I’m angry because the phone woke me
Cheannaigh sé bláthanna He bought flowers

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