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Flight of the Earls

Flight of the Earls

Interactive site which follows in the footsteps of the Irish Earls between 1580 - 1620.

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The Swallow

Audio online drama for learners of the Irish language (intermediate level) - produced in 20 chapters. Written by Pól Ó Muirí.

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Cuidiú le Cuntas


Educational games for children. Click on a game to start learning. Visit the Science Safari to make your own game. Play counting games with the bird, the fox and the rabbit. Explore the influence we have on the world around us.

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Preab Suas Logo

Preab Suas

Visit the Preab Suas website to improve your Gaelic football skills and your Irish Language.

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BBC GCSE Bitesize

GCSE Bitesize

Visit the Bitesize site to get ready for your GCSE Irish exam.  It has information about every part of the course.

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Colin from Colin and Cumberland

Colin and Cumberland

Visit the multi-award winning Colin and Cumberland site to play Irish language learning games or watch short television animations and join in the weird happenings of Aberant. Ideal for complete beginners to the Irish language.

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